M3 En 03 2009 Selected Projects


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Selected project experience of Management3 founders

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M3 En 03 2009 Selected Projects

  1. 1. Selected Projects and Experiences March, 2009 1
  2. 2. Our experience and expertise is based on a large set of assignments in different functions, companies and geographies Management3 Partners Project and Experience Portfolio Strategy Project and Management Experience • Corporate & BU Strategy • Mergers & Acquisitions Strategy • Contract Negotiations • Product Line Strategy • New Product Development Sales & Marketing • Sales & Marketing B2B – Key Account Management Branding Strategy • Brand Equity Management • Brand Communities • Customer Relationship Management • Multichannel Strategies – Internet Channels Customers Markets • Channel Strategies – Retail Marketing • After Sales – Customer Service • International Business Operations Operations • Business Process Reengineering Organization and Technologies • IT Strategy – IT Outsourcing Execution • Large Scale Program Management 2
  3. 3. Corporate and Business Unit Strategy: business to business and business to consumer industries SELECTED PROJECTS “Hardware, Software & Services Customer Service Division at Country level ” Design and execution of the Italian customer service division restructuring plan quot;Regain Competitivenessquot;. Operated within the framework of Pan European turn around plan. “I/T and Outsourcing Services at EMEA Region level” Development of three years strategic plan with a Pan European team detached at UK HQ; reporting to the Executive Board. “Grocery Retailer at Country Level” Strategy design: led the President and the executive board in strategic planning work. Prepared and led the discussion sessions and residential off-site seminar, guided the decision process to completion. Prepared presentation for the shareholders board. Led communication effort to stakeholders. “Business Consulting Division at Country Level” Start up of a consulting division for a leading system integrator and Internet services provider, defining marketing strategy, service offering, go-to-market model, sales planning and control, account management 3
  4. 4. Mergers & Acquisitions : Business Due Diligence and Venture Capital experiences SELECTED PROJECTS “Business Due Diligence”. Led business due diligence management consulting assignment to evaluate target manufacturing company. Analysis of virtual data room documents, target company CEO and CFO face to face interviews, market research, business model valuation, scenario analysis, reporting to co-investors (deal was approved: largest size PE deal in country in the year). “Acquisition Opportunity Business Due Diligence”. Lead business valuation for an acquisition and a JV opportunity for I/T services companies. “Goodwill Amortization” . Prepared document for auditors to verify revenue generation expectations to justify goodwill amortization for the acquisitions of two large I/T services companies (execution of market entry strategy by acquisition) “Angel Investing” . Led several investment opportunity evaluations and participated in several screening groups, examined over 100 business plans. 4
  5. 5. Product Strategy: make vs. buy and supply chain strategies SELECTED PROJECTS SELECTED EXPERIENCES AND PROJECTS 00/00 00/00 00/00 “Product Range Supply Chain Strategy ” For a leading automotive components manufacturer, reviewed manufacturing, logistics and sales and marketing activities for Review Reengineer Restructure Re launch a product range where the market had contracted by 30% in 10 years. Closed one manufacturing plant, reengineered • Manufacturing logistics processes, restructured organization to reflect requirements in smaller size market. • Logistics • Marketing “Sourcing for Competitiveness” . For a leading automotive • Sales components manufacturer identified lack of competitiveness of in-house produced products and urgent need to become more competitive. Since development and production of new in- house products would take a long time to achieve, won BUY agreement to source a range of products from 3rd party suppliers. This meant the company could become competitive rapidly and avoid losing ground to competitors who already had aggressively priced products available. Identified a suitable supplier, tested products for quality conformance, negotiated supply agreement, organized product homologation, produced marketing materials and launched new range within 3 months. MAKE 5
  6. 6. Contract Negotiation: complex operations agreements within extraordinary finance deals SELECTED PROJECTS SELECTED EXPERIENCES AND PROJECTS “Termination of Pan European JV ” For a leading vehicle JV manufacturer negotiated agreement to dissolve Joint Venture covering all aspects of after sales. Reviewed original JV agreement and identified all issues to be addressed. Articulated and agreed company position on contentious issues time and negotiated agreement with partner representatives leading all discussions and involving specialists as necessary. Negotiation completed within 3 months to meet timescale for overall unwinding of JV. “Negotiation of outsourcing of manufacturing division” time Negotiated contract with buyer of manufacturing division which allowed company to purchase and continue to sell products carrying its brand alongside products produced in the Buy Products same factory but carrying the brand of the acquiring company. Negotiated directly with purchaser and provided detailed input to lawyers to write contract. Created marketing materials explaining new agreement for internal use and for Sold communication to customers. Executed communications Manufacturing strategy. 6
  7. 7. New Product Development: Innovation and development of new products and services SELECTED PROJECTS G1 “Service Diversification”. Developed diversification strategy G2 G3 option in the emerging energy trading and carbon finance G4 Inherent G5 Inherent markets for a leading service provider to the banking and Costs Costs financial markets industry “Product Extension” . Product extension option for a leading service provider to the credit card industry. Evaluation of A B C D F E partnership options and service innovation based on smart card Structural VALIDAZIO PROTOTI LANCIO Structural NE PO DIFFUSIO technologies. VALUTAZIO SPERIMENTAZIO IDEAZION CONCETTO NE Costs Costs NE NE E PILOTA PROGETT “New Product and Process Development”. Study on O systems support for the implementation of NPSP (Focus on Engineering Change Order Process, Target Costing) for a leading vehicle manufacturer. Systemic Systemic Costs “Automotive Niche Products Financing” . Development Costs together with ING Bank of innovative structured finance approach to support niche new product development and negotiate with partners and capital market. Concept feasibility tested with low volume coupé model. Realized Realized “Mobile Virtual Network Operator” . Contributed to launch Costs Costs of MVNO services in grocery retail chain (100 stores) liaising with national program office. Analyzed results and implemented changes to increase sales. 7
  8. 8. Sales and Marketing Management in Business to Business: Strategies, Processes and Systems SELECTED PROJECTS SELECTED EXPERIENCES AND PROJECTS Total Attribute Ratings by Knowledge Buyers Above average REPRIORITISE REPRIORITISE STRENGTH STRENGTH EFFORT EFFORT “International Business Development” Account marketing Assigns an account and sales plan definition, negotiation of International Master manager to service my needs Below average Agreements and international deals, coordination of international Above average Importance of Attribute Has well trained service personnel Guarantees the performance sales force and distributorships agreements for a European Provides leading hardware, software and services provider Offers timely maintenance and consultan Lead time cyOffers spare parts from order to Provides diagnostic services solutions delivery “International Business Development” Customer account minimising cost per unit planning and sales plan definition, negotiation of international CRITICAL TO volume CRITICAL TO LESS LESS IMPROVE IMPROVE IMPORTANT IMPORTANT master sales agreements, negotiation of national sales Below average Satisfaction with Company agreements, management and coordination of international sales force to achieve both national and international targets for a leading global automotive components manufacturer Segment VALUE BASED MARKETING “Key Account Management” Experience in implementation attractiveness and management of several structured account management and strategic selling approaches with applied knowledge of Miller Heiman, Siebel (ON Target) and SPIN Selling methodologies. Segment One One “Industrial Marketing” Developed industrial marketing plans needs segment segment for hardware and service providers. Adapted to Italian market and implemented “Value Based Marketing” methodology and PMSO “Plan Marketing Sectoriel Opérationnel” approach Performance 8
  9. 9. Brand Equity Management in Automotive: define, measure and influence brand equity in Europe SELECTED PROJECTS Awareness and purchase intention measurement SELECTED PROJECT MEASURE “Brand Equity”. A leading Japanese automotive manufacturer from EBITS Phase 1 in Europe faced a substantial price gap in blind tests comparing 1. PURCHASE INTENTION badged and unbadged versions of a new vehicle model. The 2. RELATIVE PURCHASE project defined the framework for Brand Equity measurement INTENTION PURCHASE (PURCHASE INTENTION / AWARENESS) INTENTION and development to answer the following strategic questions: 1. PURCHASE CONSIDERATION 2. RELATIVE PURCHASE BRAND •What is brand equity? CONSIDERATION CONSIDERATION (PURCHASE CONSIDERATION / AWARENESS) •How can brand equity be measured? SPONTANEOUS AWARENESS BRAND RECALL = AWARE •What is the VMs brand equity at this moment? SPONTANEOUS AWARENESS UNAWARE OF BRAND = NOT AWARE •What instruments are available to influence brand equity? Attribute Specific and Image Oriented Advertising roles •What strategies can VM formulate to increase its brand equity? ATTRIBUTE - SPECIFIC ADVERTISING •What are the implications of these strategies in terms of CAN CREATE THE ATTRIBUTE BASED COMPONENT OF BRAND EQUITY communication strategies on a pan-European basis ? The project was based on extensive data analysis to define BRAND EQUITY THE ATTRIBUTE BASED EQUITY INCORPORATES THE ATTRIBUTE BASED DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUBJECTIVELY PERCEIVED drivers of consumer behaviour and provided the client with AND OBJECTIVELY MEASURED ATTRIBUTE LEVELS. COMPONENTS tools to apply corrective actions and measure results. Brand BRAND EQUITY Equity progress measures were defined to increase relative THE NON-ATTRIBUTE BASED EQUITY CAPTURES BRAND ASSOCIATIONS UNRELATED TO PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES . NON ATTRIBUTE BASED pricing and improve communication spending effectiveness. COMPONENTS Within the project a new briefing framework for the marketing communication agency was developed to increase the link IMAGE - ORIENTED ADVERTISING between creativity and marketing business objectives CAN CREATE THE NON- ATTRIBUTE BASED COMPONENT OF BRAND EQUITY 9
  10. 10. Brand Communities Marketing in Automotive: identify and act on new opportunities and threats SELECTED PROJECTS The time of Tribes: the decline of individualism in mass societies new tribes (urban nomads, computer networks, clubism, etc.) “Brand.com” Design and implementation of the on-line strategy techno(logical) culture for a leading luxury and sports car manufacturer. The assignment consisted in defining the strategy for the brand on- games and amusement (homo ludens) line presence for different targets (institutional, fans, owners) new developments and aspects of an urban city, technology and and the strategy and business case for e-commerce and the human beings development of merchandising and licensing real life / digital world “Share of Dream and Share of Market” Design and implementation of brand community strategy for a leading motorcycle manufacturer and racing team, to create a gravity attraction force for the communities of interest of owners, riders, INVISIBLE & UNCOUNTABLE pilots, sport fans, sponsors, dealers, and develop new business Imaginary “Tribal Marketing” Study of Tribal Marketing and Brand (Trends) Communities Marketing experiences and frameworks to develop Sympathize brand loyalty and dialogue with community members VISIBLE & COUNTABLE rs “Marketing 2.0” Study on the role of social networks and new Institutions Occasions Adherents Participant (Associations & issues of brand reputation, the impact on communication and the or Devotees (Gatherings) Sects) s quest for speed in the on-line world Practisings Everyday Life (Day-to-Day Practices) 10
  11. 11. Customer Relationship Marketing in Automotive and Retailing: Strategies, Processes and Systems SELECTED PROJECTS SELECTED EXPERIENCES AND PROJECTS “CRM - Marketing Information Database”. Analysis of the CRM Business Requirements or the different Business Units of an automotive Vehicle Manufacturer (including B2B fleet sales and Light Commercial Vehicles) and identification of guidelines for the IT Systems Support Strategy, with focus on cost/performance. “Automotive Brand Customer Satisfaction” For a leading VM top brand, took broad customer satisfaction measurements and broke them down to understand real causes of dissatisfaction with Aftersales performance. Analyzed business processes using six VM sigma, identified areas for improvement, developed and implemented action plans. Checked improvements using monthly CSI research and implemented corrective actions as necessary. “Loyalty Card”. For a leading grocery retailer analyzed DEALER competitive positioning, quantitative and qualitative information on customer base and results of loyalty program to develop business intelligence platform for CRM and implement changes to increase loyalty “CRM Study”. Lead research teams performing market surveys, CUSTOMERS PROSPECTS Data & Data & literature research and software analysis to produce strategy report Information Information on Customer Relationship Marketing opportunities and pitfalls. Analyzed feasibility, ROI, organization requirements . Relazioni Archivi dati Scambio dati 11
  12. 12. Multi Channel Strategies: Role and opportunities of Internet as a distribution channel in Retailing SELECTED PROJECTS Cucinare “Industrial Association Service Delivery”. Internet role in Casa e famiglia the service delivery strategy for the Association of Builders and Gestione Curiosità Interesse Preferenza Acquisto Fedeltà risparmi Construction Companies (national 101 local associations, a Viaggiare publishing house and a professional schools system). Analysis of Intrattenimento the value proposition, definition of the services for the members, Attualità Ambienti di vendita business case. Contenuti / Servizi “FMCG Food” Study on e-business opportunities for a leading a supporto della vendita Livello Italian FMCG producer and study on a food & tourism portal. di Servizi mappati Siti analizzati servizi “Multi Channel Grocery Retailing” . For a leading retailer o analysis of strategic options and associated value of developing e-commerce capabilities. Analysis covered the integration of physical and on-line channels and formats, customer relationships impact and profitability. “Station Opportunities” For railway stations real estate company analysis of the business model and identification of top line growth opportunities and possible business synergies DIREZIONE GENERALE AMMINISTRAZIONE between on-line and off-line (click & mortar). PROCESSI PERSONALE DI SUPPORTO VALORE PER SISTEMI INFORMATIVI LE IMPRESE “Media Retail Chain” For a books, music and videos retail ASSOCIATE chain, marketing strategy and technology opportunities and PROCESSI SERVIZI ALLE RAPPRESENTANZA PRIMARI IMPRESE threats. Analysis of competitors, customer segmentation, usage POLITICA E SINDACALE of Internet and emerging alternative distribution channels. 12
  13. 13. Channel Strategy and Dealers Management in Automotive: Cars, Agricultural Tractors and Motorcycles SELECTED PROJECTS SELECTED EXPERIENCES AND PROJECTS Unit DEALERS POSITIONING Sold “International Distribution Strategy”. Distribution strategy and dealer profitability model in international markets for a world leading agricultural machinery manufacturer. “Pan-European Distribution Process and System quot;.Sales and distribution systems application selection and program implementation for a leading agricultural tractors manufacturer. Market Size “Multi Channel Strategy”. Development of channel strategy for a motorcycle manufacturer, defining Internet and Dealers roles to achieve sales growth and extend geographic coverage. “DMS and DCS: Dealer Management and Communication OPERATING MODEL E-COMMERCE Customer BIKE.com Systems” Requirements analysis and dealer segmentation, Auction fees • Manages • Pays for on-line services services • Pays for evaluation of make or buy options for a leading VM. .com branded product full price • Manages goods on-line delivery catalogue s of .com “DMS Marketing Strategy”. Strategic Plan for a DMS software • Sponsorship branded • Referral Products • Permission E-Mail products • e-Tickets • Buys the • Financing Services solutions provider. Evaluation of strategic options and market goods to • Insurance Services be sold Other web-sites on-line scenario, analysis of OEM and dealers policies and requirements. (Affiliate Program) Referral Products Affiliation fees / services “DCS Emerging Markets” Design of a web based solution to BIKE Logistic support dealer integration with Fiat Auto India. Operator Dealers BIKEMotor • Keeps .com & BIKEStores branded products • Ships .com “EU Competition Law Change Impact”. Implications for IT branded products Delivery fees Business Support of the changes in the EU Competition Law Block Stock keeping and fulfilment fees .com branded products for BIKEcom branded products Exemption Regime for car distribution. Who delivers what to whom Who pays what to whom 13
  14. 14. Channel Strategy in Automotive After Sales: alternative, innovative channels for part sales SELECTED PROJECTS 100% “Older Vehicles Spare Parts Sales”. For a leading VM, identified opportunity to increase sales of parts for older vehicles outside the dealer channel. Developed programme to exploit this opportunity by encouraging dealers to sell to independent garages. Identified specific product range, developed pricing strategy, implemented specific standards for participating dealers, hired specific sales and marketing team to launch 0% initiative. Result: increased sales to independent garages by Highly Competitive Semi Captive Captive 40% over 2 years. Competitive Parts Parts Parts Parts VM Market Share IAM Market Share “Alternative Incremental Sales Channel” . For a leading car parts manufacturer, identified attractive market opportunity to sell a product range outside the channel traditionally used by the company into a new channel which had grown up and was gaining a dominant position. Competitors were already using the new channel and company had lost its market leading position. Overcame internal resistance to open the new channel and develop customer relationships. Result: Increased sales by 35% in first year, without losing sales or customers in the traditional channel. 14
  15. 15. After Sales in Automotive, Hardware and Retailing: Strategies, Processes and Systems SELECTED PROJECTS Car Component Car Component “Product Maintenance Delivery” . For a leading hardware, Manufacturers Manufacturers Manufacturers Manufacturers software and services provider, review of economics of mass Market Share Market Share Market Share Market Share products (PCs and Printers) maintenance operations based on geo-marketing data analysis; design and execution of spin-off of the operations to mixed model of controlled and franchised operating units. Car Independent “Fiat Auto India After Sales” . Study of business process and Car Independent manufacturers Wholesalers I/T solution for spare parts management in India World Car manufacturers Wholesalers Market Share Market Share Market Share Market Share Program 178. “Distribution Model Redesign” . For a leading Vehicle 40-50% margin Manufacturer. The project objective was to define and implement a new Pan European logistics vision for after sales parts to improve both cost and service level: reduce inventory Authorized Independent Authorized and logistics-related costs by optimizing the entire logistics value Independent dealers repairers chain from supplier to dealer: inbound, warehousing, and dealers repairers Market Share Market Share Market Share outbound and improve service levels, in terms of parts Market Share availability, lead times measured at the dealer site. margin “Customer Care” . For a leading grocery retailer process and organization design of customer care services and after sales End customers End customers products management: warranty and repair for durable 44 Bln. Euro at retail price 44 Bln. Euro at retail price consumer goods, quality and recall of perishable products. Multi channel communication and customer satisfaction monitoring. 15
  16. 16. Retail Marketing: strategic management of retail mix levers in grocery retailing SELECTED PROJECTS For a leading multi format grocery retail chain (over 1.2 Billions € 2 3 1 turn over and 100 stores): Location and Point of Sale Format and New Openings Network Development Plan. Led introduction of geo- Communication Product Life Cycle marketing tools and techniques and developed the long term plan and the budget for network development. Conducted field visits and assessed competitive situation. New Stores Opening. Led design of several new stores 6 4 (different formats from Hypermarkets to Mini Markets) to be 5 Strategic Competitive Clients opened. Introduced innovations in format, layout and in-store Pricing Positioning Loyalty and Commercial communication. Adopted space management software tools. Analysis Policies Pricing Management. Led competitive analysis and major price repositioning, analyzed best practice and conducted software selection for introduction of state of the art pricing and promotion optimization systems. 8 7 Decision Non Food Assortment. Led project to redefine assortment of Private Label Support and Tools Sales non-food in a multi format environment considering variables of Innovation profitability, market positioning and inventory management. Private Label. Development of strategic role for private label products in loyalty and profitability management. Analysis of price scale positioning, sales, assortment role, contribution to sales and margin. 16
  17. 17. International Business Operations in Automotive: World Car program implementation of Fiat Project 178 178 Complex Logistics – Multi Model Platform SELECTED PROJECTS SELECTED PROJECTS “178 Argentina Turnaround”. Process and systems mapping, POLAND RUSSIA business assessment in Fiat Auto Argentina. Recommendation for ITALY systems project turn around. quot;Organization readinessquot;. Business transformation of Premier MAROCCO INDIA VENEZUELA Automotive Ltd. (Mumbai, India) into a fully functioning Fiat Auto TURKEY subsidiary. quot;Reportingquot;. Analysis of the reporting requirements to Fiat aAto EGYPT BRASIL SpA for sales and marketing and finance functions of Fiat Auto India. quot;RSV Localisationquot;. Analysis of the localization processes and ARGENTINA design of a prototype for Tracking and Reporting localisation. SOUTH AFRICA quot;Starting Kit Conceptquot;. Design of business process model and PRODUCTION & ASSEMBLY Year: 1999 I/T application portfolio for start up of operations in new PURCHASING (CKD) markets. quot;After Sales Spare Partsquot;. Study of business process and I/T solution for spare parts management in India. World Material Flow (WMF). quot;Indicators WMFquot;. Design of reporting system (Planning, Sourcing, Packaging, Shipment, Invoicing and Custom). Analysis of quot;EVA Economic Value Addedquot; Palio Siena Strada Palio Week End drivers 17
  18. 18. International Business Operations in Automotive: market entry strategy and logistics infrastructure design SELECTED PROJECTS SELECTED PROJECTS “China Aftermarket” For a leading car parts manufacturer after market division ccarried out review of the Automotive Aftermarket in China. Identified gaps in market, key players and customer needs. Developed market entry strategy and implementation plan. “Parts Logistics Infrastructure re-design”. For a leading car parts manufacturer, reviewed logistics infrastructure in Western Europe and designed a new infrastructure in line with needs in a market in which volumes had contracted by 50% in 10 years. Closed warehouses. Created alliance with non competing company in the same industry to combine logistics, reducing cost and saturating available capacity. As a supplementary benefit a commercial alliance was created which enabled the company to sell new products and improve its competitive position. RESULT: reduced logistics costs by 10%. 18
  19. 19. Business Process and Organization Reengineering: reinvention of business models and organizations SELECTED PROJECTS PIATTAFORMA DEDICATA DI IPER (riserva remota) P1 IPER “Business Model Strategic Change”. For an Italian apparel FORNITORE D1 RISERVA AREA VENDITA manufacturer analysis of business model strategic change D2 following acquisitions: from outsourcing to contract P2 manufacturers, to vertical integration including direct PIATTAFORME MULTICANALE e PIATTAFORMA NAZIONALE manufacturing in Romania and franchising sales. (NO FOOD) “Format Reengineering in Retail” . Led redesign of product BALANCING DEMAND AND SUPPLY OBJECTIVES and processes for the hypermarkets format applying “lean FOCUS ON DEMAND STRATEGIC BALANCE manufacturing” concepts. Moved from vertical category oriented High • Maximize value with • Balance between value customized solutions creation and cost of service organization to an horizontal process organization. Decreased Increasing Focus on Business Needs • Operates at high cost / does • Equilibrium based on the not allocate resources separation between demand costs, increased control, quality and responsiveness. optimally and supply of IT services BUSINESS DEMAND FOCUS “Post Merger Integration of I/T organization of JV operating in EMEA and South America”. For JV of two FOCUS ON SUPPLY • Standardization of IT services leading vehicle manufacturers. Post merger integration support • Objective of cost reduction to CIO. This assignment consisted in PMO support to the CIO in post merger integration activities for the governance of Increasing Focus on IT Supply Optimization Low programs, activities and tasks leading to successful Low IT SUPPLY FOCUS High implementation of the “I/T Vision” that was previously defined with the consultants support. MOVIMENTAZIONE MOVIMENTAZIONE MOVIMENTAZIONE E SCARICO IN RISERVA IN AREA VENDITA “Management Change” . Following the appointment of a new CIO the assignment aimed at redesigning the IT organization scope and mission. Recommendations where defined with the Organization Director and presented to the CEO. PRELIEVO DA RISERVA RICEVIMENTO E ACCETTAZIONE RIFORNIMENTO IN AREA VENDITA STOCCAGGIO IN RISERVA RITORNO IN RISERVA 19
  20. 20. Information Technology Strategy and Governance : strategic support to Chief Information Officer SELECTED PROJECTS IT – Business Objectives Alignment “Demand Supply Model for I/T”. For CIO of a leading aerospace components manufacturer, Business Process Reengineering of Information and Communication Technology Applications Applications based on IT business value approach and Demand - Supply model for IT Organization. “International Developments BU IT Strategy”. For a Business Objectives Business Objectives leading vehicle manufacturer, development of the IT Strategy IT Implications IT Implications Strategies and Strategies and and support to implement priority actions for the CIO of the International Developments BU (responsible for emerging markets and world car platform). Architecture Architecture “Organization transformation” . For a leading vehicle manufacturer CIO in the light of the business re-organization from functions to business units. The assignment consisted in redesigning the IT organization and updating IT Systems Plan. “Strategic Systems Plan”. For an automotive metal stamping leader, analysis of strategy, markets, client, capabilities and processes to define priorities for process and systems evolution. IT Organization IT Organization “IT Strategic Roadmap” . For the newly appointed CIO of a leading directories service company design of the strategic three years systems plan in a changing business environment impacted by the digitalization of the industry 20
  21. 21. Information Technology Outsourcing: buyer and seller sides experience in management and consulting SELECTED PROJECTS K euro 5000 Mainframe IBM Datacenter 4500 “I/T Outsourcing bid manager – sell side”. Led the bid Mainframe Unisys 4000 management for large scale I/T outsourcing program for a 3500 Midrange 3000 strategic prospect (holding organization with four sub-holdings VAX/Unix/NT 2500 4528 operating in Media, Publishing, Financial Services and Retailing). HW Maintenance 2000 1500 Led bidding team consisting of specialists (Technology; Human SW Purchase 1000 1804 Resources; Finance; Real Estate; legal; Tax ..) and account 500 811 34 776 384 268 191 127 20 47 0 management (interface with Holding Group and Sub-Holding CEO Country Country Country Country Country Country Country Country and negotiation team). Preparation of client proposal and Board A B C D E F G H of Directors bid approval package preparation and presentation. EDS HQs Plano (TX) “I/T Outsourcing advisory”. Management consulting 1. assignment for a leading publisher of newspapers, magazines Scope & and books consisted in the negotiation support of an application Objectives management outsourcing contract and the issue and management of the tender (RFI, RFP, Evaluation) for an 2. infrastructure outsourcing contract. Internal Preparation “I/T Strategic Sourcing”. Management Consulting assignment 3. to define the strategy for outsourcing I/T services in a complex Negotiation & Transition Plan post merger shared services environment, and conducting the selection of the ESP (external service provider) from the RFI Program Management & (request for interest) to RFP (request for proposal) and Value Capture negotiation phase 21
  22. 22. Large Scale Programs : program management office design and implementation set up SELECTED PROJECTS Issue Communication Issue Communication “Program Management Office”. For an automotive Management Plan Management Plan components manufacturing JV. The assignment consisted of PMO support to the Program Director in the execution of a major SAP Project implementation program. The Program was aimed at realizing a Project Risk Plan Risk Plan PMO Progress package enabled post merger integration in a very complex Progress Management Management Reporting international post merger integration environment. Reporting “ Program Management Office”. For a retailing JV. Set up Economic and Change Economic and Change and leadership of PMO for implementation program (project Financial Requests Financial Requests planning and control, budget control, risk management, Control Management Control Management communication plan, issues management, change requests management) of JV buying office. War Room of the program office War Room of the program office “Competence Centre” . For an automotive components manufacturing JV. The assignment consisted in analyzing alternative governance models for a Pan European SAP Customer Competence Center, preparing workshops to select the preferred solution, weighting pros' and cons'. “Buying Office set up” . For a leading retailer, coordination of the organization, processes and systems design specifications of Compile information for decision makers Compile information for decision makers a commercial shared services organization (master data, Monitor progress against targets Monitor progress against targets purchasing and master agreements, assortments, promotions) Collect data Collect data Collect environmental information Collect environmental information 22
  23. 23. We welcome your questions Marco Bicocchi Pichi Neil Fryer Languages Languages Italian English E Mail: marco@management3.com E Mail: neil@management3.com