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So are you looking for a finance
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So are you looking for a finance


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So are you looking for a finance?

So are you looking for a finance?

Published in: Career, Business

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  • 1. in
  • 2. So are you looking for a job ? In Finance…
  • 3. Google Search “ Find a job” 1,400,000,000 results “ Finance jobs” 85,600,000 results “ Finance job” offer 55,500,000 results “ Finance and banking jobs” 29,600,000 results “ Banking jobs” 27,000,000 results “ Accounting jobs” 28,700,000 results …… .. …… .. “ Just Get Me Hired” …. 13,300,000 results
  • 4. It looks Good!! but..Wait a minute…. What exactly?!
  • 5. This is what they told me..
  • 6. And this... JOB LOSS
  • 7. But the bad news is….. In the U.S., the Department of Labour reported in the beginning of 2010 that the job seekers outnumber reported job openings by 5 to 1 In London, big banks added fewer than 1,500 jobs in the third quarter of 2009, 2,800 jobs were lost in the nine months of this year.
  • 8. That explains..why you hear from the RECRUITERS so rare
  • 9. Report Shows:
      • That a recruiter receives 30 to 50 calls on a Daily Basis
      • In any Major job sites there are usually more than 100 people applying for 1 job
      • For every 1,470 resumes, there is 1 job offered and accepted
  • 10. All this means.. A CV’s is immediately rejected based on the requirements, or it moves to the next step! Recruiters do not have time to give a second chance to the unsuitable CV’s
  • 11. So…When you send your resume, Never give a recruiter the chance to say: “ This resume is missing this and that…… “ Because then it doesn’t take long..
  • 12. Bang…. You are OUT
  • 13. BUT! Don’t Panic We also have GOOD NEWS
  • 14. According to a new study of a major career service firm:
      • 51% of workers who had been laid off in the past 12 months- have found new full-time jobs . Which shows an increase from June 2009’s study which showed 48%
      • Counting part-time re-employment, the number increases to 58%. These numbers aren’t nearly as high as they have to be, but the important sign is that they are increasing
      • 90% of candidates have not given up in their search
  • 15. So what does it all mean for you?
  • 16. Keep trying:
      • Don’t forget people are still getting hired, even in the worst employment situation in our lifetimes
      • Do not throw your CV’s into an ocean of CV’s and forget about it, choose well specialized job boards for you and check the updates in regular bases
  • 17. Choose well your Tools
      • Do not rely only on big generalist job boards , choose well specialized job boards to avoid massive competition
      • Professional networks can give you a great push on the way of job hunting
      • Build connections with people who are recruiting
  • 18. Have a realistic timeframe :
      • The majority of candidates have an unrealistic timeframe of 2-3 months. It’s great to be positive, just be rational in your planning.
      • On average, it takes about 6 months for a new position, and 9-12 months for an executive role.
  • 19. Consider changing careers:
      • Diversify . If you’re in a dead industry, you’re going to have a rough time searching for your next job in a crowded market. Maybe it’s time to look for something new other than a job outside of the real estate industry?
  • 20. Try not to abuse your CV:
      • Ensure that you have the experience and qualifications required before you apply
      • It is better to apply for 1 job you are suitable for, than apply for 50 jobs that you are not suitable for, don’t give the impression to recruiters that you are desperate for a job
      • Build up different CVs and choose the most suitable CV when you apply for a job
  • 21. Put more lines in the water:
      • Personal network is good, but do not rely on it as the only way to find a job. 
      • Build up your profile in different networks , job sites and choose well the special ones for you which you should check on a regular basis
      • There are many potential ways, and you won’t know which channel will deliver the opportunity that’s right for you.
  • 22. What innovative job search strategies are you using to improve your own opportunities? The competition today has made job seekers keep improving their strategies
  • 23. Grow with us…