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Market Intelligence for Russia and CIS

Market Intelligence for Russia and CIS



“Now it is a very good time to enter into the Russian market. There are some niches and free space in the market due to the crisis. There is market share to be captured. According to my estimations ...

“Now it is a very good time to enter into the Russian market. There are some niches and free space in the market due to the crisis. There is market share to be captured. According to my estimations this easy-to-enter market situation will last a year or two...”

The wealthiest market per capita of all BRIC countries, Russia combines the best of Europe and Asia. Together with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), it offers rich mineral resources as well as intellectual and creative potential. How does one conduct Market Intelligence on its opportunities while avoiding its risks? Download the white paper to find out more about doing business in Russia.

This presentation shows selected slides from a GIA white paper. To download the entire white paper that you are interested in, please visit http://bit.ly/GIAinsightWP



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    Market Intelligence for Russia and CIS Market Intelligence for Russia and CIS Presentation Transcript

    • Market Intelligence for Russia & CIS Webinar presentation March 31, 2010 www.globalintelligence.com
    • Webinar Content Outline This document contains excerpts from GIA’s “Market Intelligence for Russia & CIS” White Paper. For the free white paper, please visit www.globalintelligence.com or email info@globalintelligence.com. 1.  Introduction and background 2.  Economic overview of the region 3.  Russian Federation 4.  Overview of other countries 5.  Business opportunities in Russia & CIS 6.  MI challenges and solutions 7.  Business cases (not included here) www.globalintelligence.com - page 2
    • Introduction to the region www.globalintelligence.com
    • Introduction to the region •  CIS – Commonwealth of Independent States, created 1991 •  12 former Soviet Republics: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. •  The most practical way to think of CIS is to consider these 12 countries as a region, formed by countries with very close historical and political ties. www.globalintelligence.com
    • Basic figures •  300 million population •  22 million km2 •  12 countries •  $ 3000 bln. GDP by PPP www.globalintelligence.com - page 5
    • What unifies CIS countries? •  A part or Russian Empire not only in 20th, but in 18-19th centuries and earlier •  70 years of Soviet Era •  Russian language www.globalintelligence.com - page 6
    • What differentiates them? •  Orthodox VS Islam •  Very poor VS very rich •  Industrial VS agricultural www.globalintelligence.com - page 7
    • Countries overview •  Russia ~
80% of regional GDP •  Ukraine and Kazakhstan - two other Majors •  3 country groups: European Caucasian Middle Asian www.globalintelligence.com - page 8
    • Some statistics www.globalintelligence.com - page 9
    • Countries overview www.globalintelligence.com
    • Overview of the key countries www.globalintelligence.com
    • Russian Federation – basic facts •  Largest country in the world, 11 time zones, 7th economy in the world •  Moscow and Saint-Petersburg + 12 big cities www.globalintelligence.com - page 12
    • Russia and BRIC Similar: But, different: •  Big market •  Relatively wealthy •  Growing •  More developed •  Unstructured and and educated non-transparent •  Europeans www.globalintelligence.com - page 13
    • Key characteristics of Russian market and economy 1.  Vast regional disparities in development and income distribution 2.  Rich with natural resources, but highly dependant commodities markets 3.  Poor logistics 4.  High role of government 5.  “chaebols” 6.  Specific mentality www.globalintelligence.com - page 14
    • Ukraine 1.  Second economy with 40 mill. people 2.  Deep historical roots with Russia 3.  Volatile democracy 4.  Poor economic situation due to the crisis 5.  Hostess of the Euro-2012 www.globalintelligence.com - page 15
    • Kazakhstan •  Vast country, 2,2 mill. km2 •  Rich with mineral resources •  Eastern traditions •  State corporation, Samruk, owns 400 companies, which count for 40% of GDP •  Stable autocracy, President Nazarbaev •  New capital – Astana, like new Dubai www.globalintelligence.com - page 16
    • European group: other countries Belarus •  Deep roots with Russia •  Autocracy, Mr. Lukashenko •  Developed machinery, agriculture, fertilizers Moldova •  Small, relatively poor country in South- East Europe •  Agriculture, famous with its wines •  Around 25% of labor force works abroad www.globalintelligence.com - page 17
    • Caucasian group of countries Georgia •  Mountain country with 5 mill. population •  Famous with its wine, resorts and agriculture •  Tense relations with Russia Armenia •  3 mill. orthodox country, rich culture and history •  Famous cognac, monasteries; •  Growing IT (more than 2% of GDP) Azerbaijan •  Largest Caucasian country, 8 mill. •  More than 50% of GDP comes from oil •  Oriented for the Muslim world www.globalintelligence.com - page 18
    • Middle-Asian group of countries Uzbekistan •  30 mill. poor Muslim country •  Cotton, Grain, gold Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan •  7 mill., one of the •  5 mill. country of poorest in CIS breeders and •  Nearly 50% of GDP – riders transfers from outside •  Gold mining and workers breeding Turkmenistan •  5 mill., least transparent and most totalitarian country •  Gas & oil – key industries •  Totalitarian regime www.globalintelligence.com - page 19
    • Business opportunities in Russia & CIS www.globalintelligence.com
    • Probably, now it is the best time to enter CIS countries Some international brands entering •  Interesting niches and Russian market in 2009-2010 segments due to the crisis and turmoil period •  Relatively low costs for starting business (salaries, real estate, advertising etc.) •  Low P/E ratios within potential partners www.globalintelligence.com - page 21
    • Business opportunities in B2C Some international brands entering •  Consumer market: luxury Russian market in 2009-2010 or value-for-money •  Established retail and distribution channels – chance for niche players •  Service sector – enormous potential www.globalintelligence.com - page 22
    • Business opportunities in B2B •  Logistics and infrastructure –not only a problem, but opportunity •  Advanced processing technologies •  Energy-saving technologies •  Components, parts and supplies www.globalintelligence.com - page 23
    • Not only market, but intellectual and creative partner For the last 10 years Russia has won 6 times in the International IT Championship The ‘Fields Medal’ (‘Nobel Prize’ in maths) •  High rate of higher ceremony takes place every 4 years and education Russian specialists have been awarded in the last 5 ceremonies. Companies which have opened R&D •  Inventive nation, culture of centers in Russia breakthrough creative teams and ideas •  Innovative capital: government and private investors www.globalintelligence.com - page 24
    • Challenges and solutions in conducting MI in Russia and CIS www.globalintelligence.com - page 25
    • Challenges of conducting MI in Russia & CIS •  Poor secondary information structure •  Regional diversity requires several regions to be studied separately •  Relations and contacts important to get expert interviews and opinions www.globalintelligence.com - page 26
    • Challenges of conducting MI in Russia & CIS •  Existence of specific industry structures and business models requires deeper analytics •  Role of government to be studied separately •  Tough competition calls for sophisticated strategies www.globalintelligence.com - page 27
    • Thank You for Your Attention These slides are excerpts from Contact Us the GIA White Paper: “Market Intelligence for Russia & CIS”. For additional information about the Global Intelligence Alliance and our services, please send email to Download the entire White Paper info@globalintelligence.com or log on for Free to the GIA website for the contact information of the GIA company nearest to you. The report has been published under the GIA White Paper series and is available for free download at www.globalintelligence.com. www.globalintelligence.com
    • About GIA www.globalintelligence.com
    • GIA is a strategic market Intelligence and advisory group Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) was formed in 1995 when a team of market intelligence specialists, management consultants, industry analysts and technology experts came together to build a powerful suite of customized solutions ranging from outsourced market monitoring services and software, to strategic analysis and advisory. Today, we are the preferred partner for organizations seeking to understand, compete and grow in international markets. Our industry expertise and coverage of over 100 countries enables our customers to make better informed decisions worldwide. www.globalintelligence.com GIA Industry White Paper 2 / 2010: Native or Web Application? How best to deliver content and services to your audiences over the mobile phone
    • Access local knowledge in over 100 countries GIA Group has 12 offices on 4 continents. Together with affiliated GIA Member companies, certified GIA Research Partners and consultants, GIA provides access to local knowledge in over 100 countries. All GIA Network companies adhere to GIA’s Research and Analysis Quality System as well as the SCIP Code of Ethics. www.globalintelligence.com - page 31
    • We understand your business With a track record of supporting thousands of clients Industry Practices around the world, we bring you practical expertise in your Automotive Chemicals markets, as well as knowledge from our practices covering Construction & Property Development 11 industries and all the key business functions. Consumer & Retail Energy, Resources & Environment Financial Services Private Equity Logistics & Transportation Manufacturing & Industrial Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Telecommunication, Technology & Media Functional Practices World Class Market Intelligence MI for Strategic Planning MI for Marketing & Sales MI for Product & Innovation Management MI for Supply Chain Management M&A and Partnering www.globalintelligence.com
    • International Global Intelligence Alliance Group info@globalintelligence.com Baltic Region Gateway Baltic baltics@globalintelligence.com Belgium Global Intelligence Alliance Belgium belgium@globalintelligence.com Brazil Global Intelligence Alliance Latin America brazil@globalintelligence.com Canada Global Intelligence Alliance Canada canada@globalintelligence.com Central & Eastern Europe EasyLink Business Services cee@globalintelligence.com China Global Intelligence Alliance China china@globalintelligence.com Finland Global Intelligence Alliance Finland finland@globalintelligence.com France RV Conseil france@globalintelligence.com Germany Global Intelligence Alliance Germany germany@globalintelligence.com Hong Kong Global Intelligence Alliance Hong Kong hongkong@globalintelligence.com India Global Intelligence Alliance India india@globalintelligence.com Japan McRBC japan@globalintelligence.com Netherlands Global Intelligence Alliance Netherlands netherlands@globalintelligence.com Russia ALT R&C. russia@globalintelligence.com Singapore Global Intelligence Alliance Singapore singapore@globalintelligence.com South Africa Butterfly Effect Intelligence southafrica@globalintelligence.com Tunisia Tunisie RV Conseil tunisia@globalintelligence.com UK Global Intelligence Alliance UK uk@globalintelligence.com United Arab Emirates GCC Consulting uae@globalintelligence.com USA East Coast Global Intelligence Alliance USA East Coast usaeast@globalintelligence.com USA West Coast I.S.I.S. – Integrated Strategic Information Services, Inc. usawest@globalintelligence.com www.globalintelligence.com