Task 9 - My Focus Group


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Task 9 - My Focus Group

  1. 1. 1. Do you think it is important for the price to be displayed largely on my front cover?They said: No, as long as it is featured on there, perhaps at the bottom of the page, it does not have to be big as we are young we can read smaller fonts. Also we would prefer to see images and interesting cover lines rather than the price in a massive font wasting space on the page. Unless of course the magazine is on special offer and then there may be cause to advertise it in a large font.2. What type of image would you prefer to appear on the front cover of my Rock/Punk magazine?They said: An image of a Rock/Punk related artist/band as that would entice us to buy the magazine. The people on it should have a smiling or excited facial expression to connote welcome or a loud atmosphere. We would also prefer the artist(s) on the cover to be looking straight at them to make it seem more direct and personal and to attract their attention. Finally, an image that stands out – so perhaps in front of the mast head making the page image led which would attract our age range more.3. What type/style of writing/font would you prefer to see on the front cover?They said: A font that relates well to the Rock genre e.g. connoting rebellion similar to Kerrang!. Also a bright, bold and big font used for the masthead so that it is eye catching and smaller but still noticeable fonts/writing styles used for the cover lines to intrigue us. Finally, as we want it to connote rebellion, we believe rebellion relates to youth and as we are young this would suit us best.
  2. 2. 1. What format/layout would you prefer on my contents page?They said: The different pages clearly displayed under suitable headings so it is easy to follow. Images spread in between sections of text so that it is not always text in one big section. A little summary under each page to entice us to read on. The more important pages to our age range/interests perhaps highlighted/circled so that they stand out and are easy to then find in the magazine.2. What do you think about the use of an editorial on the contents page?They said: It is a good idea if it is clear and not too long otherwise it would put us off. It is also good as it makes the magazine more welcoming and feel more direct/personal. It would be better if it is written by another young person (in the age range 16 -20) as they will understand us and relate to/attract us with youth humour. Also humour could be used in it to make it more informal and relate to my interviewees as that is what they said they would enjoy.3. How big should the images be compared with the font?They said: Although we are young we cannot read tiny font sizes and so an average sized font for text would be best. Also the images should be an average/medium size so that they still attract attention but are not too big that they dominate the page and make it look too cramped but also so they are not too small and unclear/fuzzy to see as that would dis-interest readers.
  3. 3. 1. How much text do you believe should dominate the page?They said: Perhaps three average columns in an average font size would be suitable as too much text can put readers, especially of our age range, off. However, too little text could leave the reader wishing that there was more information to read if it is an interview on their favourite Rock artist, for example.2. How do you think the background on my d.p.s. should appear?They said: The background should only appear on the page of text and either be one block colour or a faint patterned one related to Rock so that the page does not appear too crammed and put people off. However, there should not be a background on the page with the main image and instead that should be quite large to dominate the page as that is what suits the target age/audience best.3. What would you think if there were more smaller images displayed on the same page as the text with the text wrapping around them?They said: It would be an important/effective feature because young people (the target audience) relate to and have interest in images more and so that would be a good reason to have an image dominated article. This could be shown by the text wrapping around the images suggesting that they are more important. Also this could be shown by having more smaller images and not just a large main image which then again relates to the name of the magazine ‘Intense!’ suggesting the page is packed full and in this case, packed full of images.
  4. 4. 1. What do you think about the name of my magazine ‘Intense!’?They said: It is good because it is short and catchy and so easily recognisable. It represents/relates the genre of Rock/Punk. It gives the impression that the magazine is going to be packed full of interesting, Rock related topics. Also the name connotes that it is very focussed on the genre of Rock/Punk and it’s target audience. It seems informal and like it would relate/attract our age range. Also the exclamation mark adds drama and excitement which is associated with not just young people but the Rock/Punk genre as well.2. What do you think about my house style using the colours of Black, Purple and Blue?They said: It is very suitable as they are current colours and so relate to youth. Also the black colour is gender neutral, with purple being associated with females and blue associated with males so it suits both genders of the target audience. Also we believe they are colours that stand out and as they are darker colours they all have connotations of and suit the genre of Rock/Punk.3. What other conventions draw you to a music magazine/do you think are important?They said: Flashers as they are bright and bold so attract attention to that area and make the reader intrigued. Catchy slogans/sell lines as they sometimes use play on words which add interest and may be appropriate to the target age range. Also what we think is important is the fact that a magazine has a lot going on in it, but not too much to put you off, as it engages you and adds excitement as you do not know what to look at/read first and you know it is value for money as you are getting a lot of content.
  5. 5.  The summary of my findings from my focus group for the front cover are: that the price should be featured as it is important but should not dominate too much of the page, that the image should be of a band/group of people who appear as a rock band with excited facial expressions or smiles and they should be staring at the readers, that the masthead is bold, big and bright and is in a Rock related font but does not intrude on the image. The summary of my findings from my focus group for the contents page are: that pages should be summarised and with images occasionally placed in a convenient part in the text, that there should be an informal editorial that includes humour and that the text and images are a reasonable size so they are clear to see/read. The summary of my findings from my focus group for the double page spread are: that there should be three average and equal length columns that use an average sized font e.g. 12, that there should only be a background on the page of the text/article and it should either be one block colour or a faint Rock related pattern and that the page should be image led by having more smaller images, than just the main image, and the text should wrap around them. The summary of my findings from my focus group for the extra/other questions are: that the name ‘Intense!’ is effective and easily recognisable for a Rock magazine, that the colours are suitable as they relate to Rock, youth and both genders and that catchy sell lines/slogans, flashers and content should be used to attract attention/stand out.