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Gregory's Gift of Hope - Dogs available for adoption

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Ggoh dogspart2 06142012

  1. 1. Odie• Breed: Cairn Terrier• Approx. DOB: 1/1/2007• Personality: Odie is energetic and loves kids. With proper introduction, Odie is good with other dogs.• Situation: Odie came to GGOH from a foster home from another rescue.
  2. 2. Paco• Breed: Papillion• Approx. DOB: 9/1/2002• Personality: Paco is very energetic, loves to play with people and dogs, and loves to cuddle and snuggle.• Situation: Owner surrender
  3. 3. Patrick P. Bull• Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier• Approx. DOB: 10/23/2010• Personality: Patrick loves people and loves to play. Patrick enjoys going for walks.• Situation: Owner surrender
  4. 4. Shaney• Breed: Red Heeler• Approx. DOB: 2/2/2007• Personality: Shaney is timid to strangers. Once she warms up, she loves to cuddle. Shaney is very playful and energetic.• Situation: Shaney was abused by kids with a baseball bat. She was rescued by GGOH with her daughter, Miley, and her pal, Bandit.
  5. 5. Solstice• Breed: Lab/Shepherd Mix• Approx. DOB: 10/2010• Personality: Solstice is very playful. Solly likes to run and play fetch. Solly likes other dogs.• Situation: Solstice was brought to GGOH when his owners wouldn’t take the time to train him
  6. 6. Tilly• Breed: Mastiff Mix• Approx. DOB: 12/31/2011• Personality: Tilly is full of energy and very loveable.• Situation: Tilly and her sisters were brought in after GGOH was notified of a neglect situation where they were going to be shot by their owner. *invisible fencing allowed
  7. 7. Trevor• Breed: Mastiff mix• Approx. DOB: 6/5/2010• Personality: With proper introduction, Trevor is good with dogs. Trevor is very energetic and playful and loves people.• Situation: GGOH rescued Trevor and his pal, Willis, from Death Row at another shelter.
  8. 8. Tucker• Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier• Approx. DOB: 07/2009• Personality: Tucker is Deaf. He does know some sign language. Tucker loves to play with toys.• Situation: Tucker was going to be euthanized because he is deaf.
  9. 9. Turner• Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier• Approx. DOB: 11/1/2009• Personality: With proper introduction, Turner is good with other dogs. He’s very sweet and playful.• Situation: Turner was abandoned at a vacant house with an open gash to his front leg. His leg healed well.
  10. 10. Willis • Breed: Rottweiler/ Lab mix • Approx. DOB: 11/30/2007 • Personality: With proper introduction, Willis is good with dogs. He is very sweet, cuddly, loveable, and loves to play with toys. • Situation: GGOH rescued Willis and his pal, Trevor, from Death Row at another shelter.*invisible fencing allowed
  11. 11. Willow • Breed: Yellow Lab • Approx. DOB: 03/2011 • Personality: Willow loves to play and be petted. Willow likes other dogs and enjoys going for walks. • Situation: Willow was starving when she was found wondering the streets in Hudson. Her pads were all worn and torn.*invisible fencing allowed