SharePoint 2010 - Was ist neu, was wird besser!

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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 hat sich als ernstzunehmende Plattform für Portale, Collaboration und Content Management System (CMS) am Markt etabliert und gehört laut Gartner Group …

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 hat sich als ernstzunehmende Plattform für Portale, Collaboration und Content Management System (CMS) am Markt etabliert und gehört laut Gartner Group neben IBM WebSphere Portal Server und SAP NetWeaver Portal zu den Marktführer dieser Kategorie Software. Ab Mitte 2010 wird die nächste Version der Microsoft SharePoint Server (MSS) 2010 erscheinen. Nach dem schon hohen Grad Alltagstauglichkeit der Version 2007 folgt der Server 2010 mit vielen produktiven Verbesserungen. Diese sind im Bereich der Bedienbarkeit (Usability), der Administration und auch der Entwicklung zu finden.

* Vorstellung der neuen SharePoint Produktpalette (Server, Suche, Designer, Visio, InfoPath, Excel, Oberfläche, Workspace)
* Demonstration der neuen Administration - Konzeptionelle Änderungen zum Vorgänger
* Demonstration der neuen Web-Oberfläche (Ribbons)
* Demonstration des neuen SharePoint Designers (Wiederverwendbarkeit von Anpassungen)
* Zusammenfassung der weiteren Neuerungen

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  • 1. SharePoint 2010 Overview © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 2. *Disclaimer* o All of the information gathered and presented today is based on versions of the software prior to final release. o Features and functionality *may still change* before the RTM versions are available. o Many of the slides and graphics presented today are based on content released and presented at SPC 09. © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 3. Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Collaboration Business Intelligence Outlook Integration Server-based Excel Groove Integration spreadsheets and data Docs/Tasks/Calendars visualization, Report Blogs and Wikis Center, BI Web Parts, Project Manager lite KPIs/Dashboards Business Processes Enterprise Portal Rich and Web forms Templates, Site based front-ends, Directory, My Sites, LOB actions, social networking, pluggable SSO privacy control Content Management Enterprise Search Integrated document management, Enterprise scalability, records management, and Web contextual relevance, rich content management with policies people and business data search and workflow © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 4. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 5. SharePoint 2010 Timeline o Summer 2009 Early previews given to partners o Early Fall 2009 First public disclosure at #SPC09 o November 2009 PUBLIC BETA: “Beta 2” … o Q2-ish 2010 Estimated RTM © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 6. SharePoint Evolution o SharePoint Team Services o SharePoint Portal Server 2001 o Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 o Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 o Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 o Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 7. And now in 2010: © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 8. More SharePoint 2010… Enabling Technologies © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 9. Internet / Extranet © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 10. Enterprise Search (Requires SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Enterprise CAL) © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 11. SharePoint Online Intranet Internet/Extranet © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 12. SharePoint Server 2010 Ribbon UI Business Connectivity Services SharePoint Workspace InfoPath Form Services SharePoint Mobile External Lists Office Client Workflow Office Web App Integration SharePoint Designer Standards Support Visual Studio API Enhancements REST/ATOM/RSS Tagging, Tag Cloud, Ratings Social Bookmarking Blogs and Wikis PerformancePoint Services My Sites Excel Services Activity Feeds Chart Web Part Profiles and Expertise Visio Services Org Browser Web Analytics SQL Server Integration PowerPivot Enterprise Content Types Metadata and Navigation Document Sets Social Relevance Multi-stage Disposition Phonetic Search Audio and Video Content Types Navigation Remote Blob Storage FAST Integration List Enhancements Enhanced Pipeline © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 13. IT Pro Investments Scale with Governance Deployment Flexibility IT Productivity © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 14. Developer Investments Developer Productivity Deployment Platform Solution Hosting © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 15. Upgrade Overview © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 16. Upgrade Overview What’s New o Upgrade Preparation Tools o Windows PowerShell Upgrade Cmdlets o Feature Upgrade o Visual Upgrade o Patch Management o Downtime Mitigation Processes:  Parallel Upgrade Pipelines  Content DB Upgrade with AAM Redirection © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 17. Upgrade Overview What’s Different Changed o Upgrade Methods Improved o Upgrade Status Reporting o Upgrade Logging o Read-only DB Support Removed o Gradual Upgrade o Side By Side Installation © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 18. Upgrade Methods Supported Scenarios In-Place Upgrade o Single Click Install - SQL Migration  Windows Internal Database (WID) -> SQL Express 2008 + File Stream RBS Database Attach Upgrade o Content Database o Profile Service Database o Project Service Database Hybrid o In-place o Database Attach Alternate Access Mapping Redirection o Complex o URL Modification © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 19. Upgrade Methods Unsupported Scenarios o Upgrade from earlier than WSS v3 SP2/MOSS 2007 SP2 o Direct upgrade from WSS v2/SPS 2003 or earlier o Side by side installation o Gradual upgrade © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 20. Upgrade Preparation Tools WSS v3 / MOSS 2007 SP2 Farm insight o Pre-Upgrade Checker o stsadm -o EnumAllWebs o SPDiag V2 Customizations gathering o stsadm -o ExportIPFSAdminObjects © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 21. Pre-Upgrade Checker Command stsadm -o preupgradecheck [-localonly] Details o Reports farm and server data  Identifies useful farm information  Identifies current or potential issues o Modes  Local server + farm databases (default)  Local server only o Makes no changes to environment or data o Introduced in SP2; improved in October 2009 CU o Large amounts of information © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 22. Pre-Upgrade Checker Command stsadm -o preupgradecheck [-localonly] Rules Files (Partial List) o Informational  Farm Servers, Databases  AAM Configuration  Lists Site Definitions, Features, Web Parts, Event Receivers  Installed Language packs  CAML views/CAML content types o Issues  Missing Site Definitions, Features, Assemblies  Data orphans  Modified content databases © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 23. © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 24. Upgrade Preparation Tools SharePoint 2010 o Farm insight  stsadm -o EnumAllWebs  SPDiag 2010 (TBD) o Content database insight  Test-SPContentDatabase © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 25. SharePoint Architecture © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 26. SharePoint 2010 Architecture SharePoint 2007 Architecture © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 27. SharePoint 2010 Architecture SharePoint Service Applications Project Server 2010 SharePoint Foundation © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 28. SharePoint 2010 Architecture © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 29. Break © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 30. Upgrade Planning © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 31. Upgrade Planning How to manage a complex process o Customer Communications o Farm / Customizations Surveys o Upgrade / Customizations Testing o Environment Cleanup o Hardware Build-out o Customizations Deployment o Backups Before Upgrade o Operations Scheduling o Rollback / Restore Plan o Post-Upgrade Activities o Ongoing Support Calls © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 32. Upgrade Planning Customer Communications o Communicate o Upgrade Group / Committee o Customer Survey’s o Status updates o Unknown breeds unrest o Closer to launch = more communication © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 33. Upgrade Planning Farm / Customizations Surveys o Gather Information  Pre-upgrade checker (Updated in Oct 2009 CU)  Manual inspection process  Comparison process (WinDiff):  New server with same version and patch level  Web Server Extensions directory  IIS directory  Global Assembly Cache (GAC) o Determine impact  stsadm -o EnumAllWebs (Updated in Oct 2009 CU) o Collect customizations  stsadm -o ExportIPFSAdminObjects © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 34. Upgrade Planning Upgrade Testing / Customizations Testing o Upgrade Issues  Over wide lists  Modified Databases  Customizations  Authentication Providers o Recommendations  Complete survey first  Test server side customizations  Verify in multiple upgrade modes  Preview environments  Similar hardware  Use subset of real data  Don’t ignore warnings © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 35. Upgrade Planning Upgrade Testing / Customizations Testing Will it work after Upgrade? Modified OOB Features Modified Databases Modified OOB Site Definitions © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 36. Upgrade Planning Environment Cleanup o Delete Stale Sites and Webs (Backup) o Remove Extraneous Document Versions o Review Quotas and Locks o Cleanup Templates, Features & Web Parts o Repair Data Issues o Verify Healthy Environment © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 37. Upgrade Planning Hardware Build-out o Virtualization o Image / Snapshot base OS o Storage o Service Accounts o Service Applications o Use Wizards © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 38. Upgrade Planning Customizations Deployment o Solutions o Features o Site Definitions o web.config modifications o Custom Files / Images o IFilters o What did your preupgradecheck say? © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 39. Upgrade Planning Backups Before Upgrade o In-place Take virtual snapshot (SP & SQL) Backup customizations Backup web.config o Attach DB Keep database .bak files o Keep backups close and up to date © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 40. Upgrade Planning Operations Scheduling Microsoft Benchmark operations schedule Schedule Operation Friday Start backups 2200hrs Saturday Start upgrade of content farm/databases 0000hrs Sunday Upgrade must be effectively complete, or rollback of 1200hrs environment must begin Monday Environment must be completely working, either as original 0600hrs version or new version Note:  Planned 36 hours outage.  Up to 54 hours emergency outage if rollback is required.  Downtime mitigation processes such as read-only databases can be used to reduce outage time. © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 41. Upgrade Planning Rollback / Restore Plan o Rollback OR Restore DNS / Load Balancer SQL Restore Virtual Snapshot Restore o Point of no return How long does it take to implement? o Test, Test and Re-Test procedures o Prepare communication © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 42. Upgrade Planning Post-Upgrade Activities o Find and Fix Issues Missing Templates / Definitions Deprecated Templates / Definitions  SSP Admin Site (OSRV)  Great Plains (STSPKPL) Missing Solutions / Features Deprecated Features  PortalLayouts Missing Assemblies  Office Web Parts (STSPKPL) © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 43. Upgrade Planning Post-Upgrade Activities o Forms Based Authentication (FBA)  Modify web.config files  Central Administration  Secure Token Service (STS)  Content Web Application  Fix user identifiers (In-Place upgrade) o User Experience  Unghosted pages  Non-reghostable pages  Incompatible HTML o Content Issues  Large Lists  Wide Lists © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 44. Upgrade Planning Ongoing Support Calls o They WILL happen o Who receives support calls? Can they solve the problems? Do they have permissions? Escalation process o Proactive vs. Reactive o Turn support calls into opportunities o Center of Excellence o Offer more than support … Training © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 45. Upgrade Cycle © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 46. Upgrade Cycle Learn • Read upgrade documentation Prepare • Use pre-upgrade checker command on existing environments • Test upgrade using Beta 2 bits Test • Try proof of concept with current/upgraded customizations Implemen • Upgrade to O12 SP2 (with October 2009 CU a plus) * t • Move to 64 bit hardware, operating system, and SQL Validate • Find issues in Beta © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 47. Upgrade Cycle Learn o Prerequisites - x64 hardware  SharePoint  SQL o Common Issues  Customizations  Space o Upgrade Methods  In-Place  DB Attach © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 48. Upgrade Cycle Learn o Everyone  (General) o IT Pros  (TechNet) o Developers  (MSDN) o Webcasts  © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 49. Upgrade Cycle Prepare o Reconnect with users Ask your users how they are using your solutions Determine dead sites Remove data clutter Prioritize items that are fixed in 2010 Re-visit information architecture Build internal buzz Start communication early!! © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 50. Upgrade Cycle Prepare o 2007 Environment Inventory  Farm architecture (Servers & Services)  Services Accounts  Web Applications (AAM / Auth. Providers) & Databases  Customizations  Solutions  Features  Manual web.config modifications  Manual file changes (DocIcon.xml, icpdf.gif)  3rd Party Solutions  Vendors migration strategy  Shared Services Provider  Profile Import Connections  IIS  Manual Bindings (SSL / Host Headers / IP Bindings) © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 51. Upgrade Cycle Prepare o Upgrade Strategy Upgrade order  SharePoint (different roles)  SQL Upgrade Operations Downtime SLA limits Rollback Plan © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 52. Upgrade Cycle Prepare o Hardware Upgrades / Disk Space ALL hardware must be x64 SharePoint Servers  Windows Server 2008 SP2 + KB 971831  Windows Server 2008 R2 + KB 976462 SQL Servers  No Windows Internal Database  SQL Express (4GB Limit)  SQL Standard / Enterprise  SQL 2005 SP3 + KB 967909 (CU 3)  SQL 2008 SP1 + KB 970315 (CU 2) © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 53. Upgrade Cycle Prepare o Environment Cleaning Details  Delete Stale Sites and Webs (Backup)  stsadm -o DeleteSite [-force] [-gradualdelete]  stsadm -o DeleteWeb [-force]  Remove Extraneous Document Versions  Mostly user driven, PowerShell operations help  Review Quotas and Locks  Sync Quota Settings: settings-via-stsadm.html  Cleanup Templates, Features & Web Parts  Mostly user driven, PowerShell operations help  Repair Data Issues  stsadm -o DatabaseRepair [-deletecorruption]  stsadm -o ForceDeleteList  stsadm -o VariationsFixupTool  Verify Healthy Environment  SharePoint Administration Toolkit – SharePoint Diagnostics Tools (x86 | x64) © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 54. Upgrade Cycle Test o Build POC Farm  Show users new functionality  Use similar hardware / software o Use Real Data  Provide internal benchmarks  Test different upgrade strategies o Upgrade in sections for focused testing  Branding  Customizations  Downtime o Attempt different Methods  Troubleshooting / Validation  Better estimate downtime  Document repeatable process o Don’t forget to test your rollback plan © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 55. Upgrade Cycle Implement o Prep 2007 Environment  stsadm -o preupgradecheck [-localonly] o Build / Upgrade Farm  Determine new architecture  Service Applications  Service Accounts o Deploy Customizations (solutions) o Monitor Upgrade  Benchmark YOUR environment © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 56. Upgrade Cycle Validate o Validate New Functionality o Upgrade Failures  Most upgrade issues are due to customizations  Prepare for failures to prevent them o Data Integrity  Orphans / DB issues  Missing data o User Experience  Ghosting  Branding  Browser Support © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 57. Migration Demo © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 58. Q&A © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 59. References o Sean Livingston’s SPC09 presentations… o SPC09 Beta book o o m o © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 60. Erklärung: Diese Präsentation wurde basierend auf Infos von Microsoft und zum Zeitpunkt der November 2009 Beta 2 von Sharepoint 2010 erstellt. Sie wurde ursprünglich zusammengestellt von: Sean Livingston Und bezogen von der Minnesota Sharepoint User Group © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010
  • 61. Thanks for attending! © Lechtenbörger und Partner 2010