The Market Place for Grain & Feed related products & services
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The Market Place for Grain & Feed related products & services



The Market Place for Grain & Feed related products & services

The Market Place for Grain & Feed related products & services



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The Market Place for Grain & Feed related products & services The Market Place for Grain & Feed related products & services Document Transcript

  • Additives AnalysisR-Biopharm Rhone LtdR-Biopharm is a leading developer of test solutions for clinical diagnostics andfood & feed analysis. In both sectors, the R-Biopharm test kits offer high precisionand accuracy, key requirements where patient and consumer health is at risk.R-Biopharm has earned high accolades for its business performance. In 2004the company achieved a double success, being nominated as a finalist for‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2004, 2005 and 2006’ as well as being placed in 2004and 2005 in the ‘Technology Fast 50’, a ranking of Germany’s 50 fastest-growingtechnology companies.In both fields, the products have been designed and developed primarily for Block 10 Todd Campusimmunoassay platforms. Nonetheless, there is also a great emphasis on other West of Scotland Science Park Acre Road, Glasgowtest formats such as PCR, Lateral Flow, Immunoblots, Immunofluorescence Scotland G20 0XAAssays or Card Tests. RIDASCREEN®, RIDA® and PentoCheck® were world-wide Tel: +44 141 945 2924recognized trademarks of R-Biopharm. www.r-biopharm.comR-Biopharm’s distinctive policy of partnership and teamwork is an approach Competence in Food and Feed Analysis R-Biopharm Rhône Ltd, Unit 3.06 Kelvin Campus, West of Scotland Science Park, Maryhill Road, Glasgow, G20 0SP Scotland Tel: +44 (0) 141 9452924 Fax: +44 (0) 141 9452925valued by its customers and research partners alike. The company’s key objective, www.r-biopharmrhone.comis to be a dependable point of contact for customers, providing competent advice R-Biopharm Rhone Ltdon every sector it serves. An der neuen Bergstraße, BiopharmRhoneClass.indd 1 31/03/2010 15:36At R-Biopharm the future looks set to offer further exciting prospects in the 17, 64297 Darmstadtfields of clinical diagnostics and food and feed analysis. The foremost challenge is Germanyto advance the development of new and versatile fast tests. These will shortenthe time it takes to obtain results from a wide range of analytical procedures. Phone: +49 615181 02-0 Fax: +49 61 51 810220 Email: Web: R-Biopharm Rhône Ltd.R-Biopharm products R-Biopharm – an integrated approach to qualityFor a full list of products for this company, please visit: mycotoxin analysis Immunoaffinity Columns AFLAPREP® EASI-EXTRACT® Zearalenone EASI-EXTRACT® Aflatoxin FUMONIPREP® AFLAPREP M® DONPREP® AFLAOCHRA PREP® DZT MS-PREP® OCHRAPREP® EASI-EXTRACT® T-2 & HT-2 Enzyme Immunoassays RIDASCREEN®FAST Aflatoxin M1 RIDASCREEN®FAST Zearalenon SC RIDASCREEN®FAST Aflatoxin RIDASCREEN®FAST DON RIDASCREEN®FAST Aflatoxin SC RIDASCREEN®FAST DON SC RIDASCREEN®FAST Ochratoxin A RIDASCREEN®FAST T-2 Toxin RIDASCREEN®FAST Citrinin RIDASCREEN®FAST Fumonisin RIDASCREEN®FAST Zearalenon Lateral Flow Tests RIDA®QUICK DON RIDA®QUICK Aflatoxin RIDA®QUICK Fumonisin Test Cards AFLACARD® Total AFLACARD® T20 AFLACARD® B1 OCHRACARD® R-Biopharm Rhône Ltd. Block 10 Todd Campus West of Scotland Science Park Acre Road, Glasgow, Scotland. G20 0XA
  • Additives ExtrudersBuhler GroupThere are plenty of good reasons for Buhler’s success: Personal commitment,clever entrepreneurial decision-making, a high level of sensitivity to the changingneeds of the market, and a core business that has become a byword forquality and consistency, founded on the distinct power to innovate. Tacklingthe challenges of the period and of the market have always played a role inshaping the direction of the company. This is simply something that Buhler hasalways done, and when it comes to generating benefits and added value for ourcustomers, we have always been a step ahead.Bühler is a specialist and technology partner for plant and equipment and relatedservices for processing basic foods and manufacturing highgrade materials. TheGroup is a global market leader in the supply of flour production plants, pastaand chocolate production lines, animal feed manufacturing installations, andaluminum die casting systems.The core technologies of the Group are in the field of mechanical and thermalprocess engineering. With its expertise and over 150 years of experience, Bühlertime and again rolls out unique and innovative solutions for its customers, helpingthem achieve success in the marketplace. Over the decades, Bühler has come Buhler AGto be acknowledged as a reliable partner, thanks to its distinct commitment to Feed and Oil Milling FU38quality and its global presence. Uzwil, CH-9240Bühler Group operates in over 140 countries, has a global payroll of 7,860, and Switzerlandgenerated sales revenues of CHF 1,907 million in fiscal 2010. Tel: +41 71 9551111 Email: Web: www.buhlergroup.comBuhler productsIndustry solutions / process technologiesFor a full list of products for this company, please visit:
  • Additives Elevator bucketsTapco IncTapco was conceived in the early 1970’s by Paul D. Taylor, President and Ted W.Beaty, Retired, to fill a void in the elevator bucket industry. At that time, there wasonly one manufacturer of nonmetallic buckets in the U.S.A. All the other bucketswere made from fabricated steel. With the inherent problems of steel buckets andthe limited range of the existing polyethylene brand, the time was right for Tapco.Tapco factory floorThe company has been in its own 92,500 square foot facilityfor over 25 years. This has allowed us to bring our injection molding “in house” forbetter control and cost effectiveness. Tapco has nine injection molding machinesranging from a small 150 ton to a very large 1,000 ton press. This allows us to makeour entire range of buckets in the most expedient and quality controlled manner.Tapco stocks the largest inventory of elevator buckets and bolts in the world,some 900,000 buckets and 14 million bolts. We also have the largest inventory ofabrasion resistant sheeting, drag flights and hanger bearings in North America.Our exporting is growing every day. We have exported to more than fifty differentcountries around the world. Stocking distributors are located strategically in NorthAmerica, Central America, South America, Australia, Western Europe and the PacificRim. This segment of the market is keyed for further growth. Tapco IncTapco is continuously researching new technologies to better serve our customers. 225 Rock Industrial ParkProduct research has been a priority for many years. Innovations in the company’s Drive, St Louis, MO 63044state of the art processing enables Tapco to meet the customized needs of its USAdiverse customers. Tapco uses the highest quality material for their buckets; Tel: +1 314 7399191100% prime virgin high density linear polyethylene, impact modified nylon and Email: info@tapcoinc.comthermoplastic urethane. Web: www.tapcoinc.comOur mission at Tapco is to provide the highest value products and service at thebest price. The company’s focus is on building and maintaining “Solid and Reputable”relationships with its customers. With our high quality staff, we are able to serveyour needs promptly. Most importantly, we appreciate and are proud of you, ourcustomer. WorldOfDiffSEB_HD_Oct2010 10/25/10 11:40 AM Page 1 I Precise Discharge I Tough & Flexible Consistent profile shape assures uniform discharge Injection molded polyethylene “gives” or “yields” to characteristics over the entire bucket range. bypass obstructions in your elevator, allowing theTapco products bucket to return to its original shape. I Perfect Fit Direct replacement of existing steel and plastic I Unequaled Strength buckets. No modifications to your elevator Thick walls and prime virgin engineered are needed. resins provide exceptional strength.Elevator buckets / Bolts, nuts & washers / Belt splicers / Sheeting / Drag flights & I Profitable, High-Speed Handling Tested and proven I I Accurate & Reliable Capacity Ratings Equal or greater carryinghangar bearings designs allow a capacity of direct, compact equivalent discharge path for size steel improved, high-speed buckets. performance. Rounded front lip aids in filling of I Increased Safety bucket. ® Non-metallic materials eliminate the possibility of explosion-causing sparking from bent and torn I Cost Efficient steel buckets. Prime virgin resins give unsurpassed bucket life for maximum return on investment. I Ease of Installation Lighter weight aids in mounting buckets and reduces load on belt and running components. I Ordered Today, Shipped Today Nonmetallic materials eliminate hazardous sharp 900,000 buckets in stock worldwide in more than edges of steel buckets. 64 sizes, 12 styles & 6 materials for fast delivery. STYLE SUPER EUROBUCKET ™ and STYLE CC-HD Polyethylene Elevator Buckets (pictured) How Tapco Buckets Make a World of Difference in Your Elevator Facility Only from Tapco, the two most popular 25% more capacity than the 8" buckets at a Tapco elevator bolts have been specifically bucket designs in the world! very cost effective price. designed to work with nonmetallic buckets. Wear and tear is a fact of life in many To achieve the most secure assembly, use For North American style elevators: the elevators. Tapco urethane buckets are known Tapco fanged elevator bolts and self-locking classic CC-HD design. For European style for their exceptional wear characteristics. nuts. Tapco stocks over 14 million bolts elevators: the Super EuroBucket. Our nylon buckets are extremely strong, in six styles. If you would Do you need more capacity? Consider the like to improve your yet lightweight. If you are not using Tapco Tapco 8" and 9" CC-HD Super Capacity elevator performance, buckets, you are not getting the most out of FLAT buckets. Our 9" projection cups provide contact Tapco or visit COUNTERSUNK your elevator! HEAD FANGED HEAD Elevator Bolt Elevator Bolt ELEVATOR BUCKETS - ELEVATOR BOLTS St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A. Tel.: +1 314 739 9191 • +1 800 AT-TAPCO (+1 800 288 2726) • Fax: +1 314 739 5880 • The color blue, when used in connection with elevator buckets, is a U.S. registered trademark owned by Tapco Inc. Super EuroBucket ™ is a registered trademark of Tapco Inc. © 2010 Tapco Inc.® All rights reserved.
  • Additives for sale EquipmentExtru-tech IncFounded in 1985, Extru-Tech® has installed numerous extrusion systemsworldwide designed for the production of human food, pet food, aquatic feed andanimal feed products. Extru-Tech® also maintains the reputation of supplying theextrusion industry with superior quality replacement parts.Extru-Tech® currently produces and markets one of the industry’s most completelines of extrusion processing systems. In addition, they offer a full line of ancillaryequipment and customized equipment solutions for specialized processesExtru-Tech® is involved in a continual research and development effort that isdriven by an experienced engineering staff. This staff is constantly looking fornew metallurgical advances that will increase the performance of the processingsystems and their replacement parts. Extru-Tech Inc 100 Airport Road Sabetha, KS 66534 USA Tel: +1 785 2842153 Email: Web: www.extru-techinc.comExtru-tech productsSingle Screw Extruders / PDU/Densification Equipment / Sphere-izerAgglomeration SystemsTM / Dual and Triple Pass Dryer/Coolers / VerticalCounter-Flow Coolers / Pneumatic Conveying Systems / Liquid and PowderCoating Systems / Meat Inclusion Systems / All Related Ancillary Equipment
  • ExtrudersOttevanger Milling Engineers BVFor Ottevanger Milling Engineers the jubilee year starts on 5 July 2009. Thecompany, which has been established in 1909, exists 100 years by then. In thoseyears Ottevanger became an internationally operating company, specialized indesigning and building a complete range of feed milling machinery.On 5 July 1909 Dirk Ottevanger founded his mill constructing company inMoerkapelle. His work area, the many windmills in the surroundings, he couldreach by bicycle. Hundred years later there is no more employ for the bicyclewith consumers in the whole world, from Jamaica to New Zealand. A hundred-years-old company jubilee is already an exceptional event, but this centenary of afamily company which is now conducted by the fourth generation Ottevanger isa unique fact.Ottevanger Milling Engineers are one of the leading European companies whohave specialised in the design and manufacture of equipment and complete plantsfor the grain processing and compound feed industry.In our modern and newly equipped production facilities at Aalten andMoerkapelle we design and build our comprehensive range of machinery usingthe latest technology.Ottevanger installations are world-wide and those which are computer Ottevanger Millingcontrolled can be provided with technical support by modem- and internet link Engineers B.V.with us in Holland. PO Box 3, Moerkapelle, NL-2750 AA Netherlands Tel: +31 79 5932221 Email: Web: more than 100 years a reliable partnerOttevanger products Feed mills Silos Flourmills Bulk handling systemsFeed milling machinery / instalations Pet Food plants Electric control & Automation systems Aqua feed mills Premix & concentrate plants Cereal Processingfor a full list of products please visit: plants Oil seed processing WWW.OTTEVANGER.COM Aalten - Holland Moerkapelle - Holland T +31 (0)543 47 26 88 T +31 (0)79 593 52 97 F +31 (0)543 47 54 75 F +31 (0)79 593 11 47 E E CRAFTMANSHIP IN THE ANIMAL FEED AND FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY
  • Bulk StorageCroston Engineering LtdFrom its inception in 1976, CROSTON ENGINEERING LTD has providedproject management expertise and contracting facilities associated with the bulkstorage and handling of powdered and granular materials throughout the Animaland Human Food Industries.Since inception our clients have increased year on year with the result that wecan now boast a client base which includes many of the most well known and Croston Engineering Ltdrespected household names within the industry. Tarvin Mill Barrow Lane,It has always been our aim to provide a highly efficient and cost effective service Tarvin Chesterwhich in addition to being valued by the client is also personal and friendly. We CH3 8JFare confident that the repeat business we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy, Tel: 01829 741119 Fax: 01829 741169is an appreciation of the effort we make in meeting the requirements of our E-mail: Website: BULK STORAGE, HANDLING, ANDAs Project Managers and Engineers we understand and accept the importance of PROCESS ENGINEERS FOR THE ANIMAL FEED, GRAIN, FLOUR, BAKERY,the following: HUMAN AND PET FOODS INDUSTRIES• Setting accurate and realistic budgets and programmes.• Health & Safety and Employee relationships. Croston Engineering LtdBy incorporating and observing the requirements of these basic precepts, we Tarvin Mill, Barrow Lane,know from previous experience that the end result will be client satisfaction and Tarvin, Chester, CH3 8JFultimately repeat business. UKTo meet the requirements of our clients we offer a complete mechanical, civil Tel: 01829 741119and electrical engineering design service incorporating in house CAD. facilities. Fax: 01829 741169The scope of this work involves not simply the bulk storage and handlingcontent of a project but also such peripheral activities as pneumatic conveying, Email: adminweighing, metering, dust control, filtration, liquids addition etc. Site installation and services are carried out by our own highly experienced teams of Web: www.installation engineers reinforced by qualified site engineers. Engineering Ltd productsProject management / Contracting facilities / Bulk storage
  • Animal HealthCenzone Tech IncCenzone Tech Inc. was established in 1991. With headquarters nestled in thebeautiful hills of northern San Diego, California, USA, Cenzone produces, mixes,packages, and ships its own or custom-made products to over 50 countries.By utilizing our extensive background in animal science, microbiology andimmunology, we have developed products that not only help to boost animalhealth, but also enhanced performance. CENZONE TECH INC.Cenzone’s products are always crafted from only the finest all-natural ingredients 2110 Low Chaparral Driveselected to suit the needs of your animals. San Marcos CA92069 USAThe key to Cenzone’s all-natural approach lies in our use of probiotics and Tel: 760 736 9901prebiotics. Fax: 760 736 9958In the year 2000, Cenzone’ Yeasture-W was the first product from the US to be Web: E-mail: by the European Union to be distributed as a high-performance feedadditive for cattle, swine and poultry.Our MissionAfter over 16 years, the philosophy that Cenzone was founded on has remained Cenzone’s Globalthe same. HeadquartersThe company’s goal is to make farming more profitable and to keep meat, eggs 2110 Low Chaparral Driveand milk free of hormones and antibiotics. Cenzone’s line of animal feed additives San Marcos, CA 92069is directed towards this goal. USAWe cater directly to the customers, and each product is expressly formulated totarget the needs of animals. Cenzone offers a comprehensive range of products Tel: +1 760 7369901to all sectors of the animal feed industry. Email: cenzone.techAll of our products are specifically developed and formulated to optimise animal @worldnet.att.nethealth and productivity as well as to enhance the profitability of your operations. Web: ALL NATURAL PRODUCTSCenzone Products MICROBOND: Reduction of microtoxins, enhanced by β-Yeasture / Microbond / Cenmos / Lacture / Cenzyme / Bioglucan / Aquaculture / Glucan to improve immunityOdor-None / Cenplex / Cen-Se / Acid Way YEASTURE/LACTURE: DFM,MOS, immune enhancing β-Glucan, enzymes for all species CenMos: Unique Mannan-oligosaccharide to reduce pathogenic infections CenSe: Organic microencapsulated granular Selenium yeast with minimal dust Cenzone Tech Inc. 2110 Low Chaparral Drive San Marcos, California 92069 USA Phone: (760) 736-9901 Fax: (760) 736-9958 E-mail:
  • Bulk StorageSilo Construction & EngineeringSCE is active in all branches of industry where bulk goods are to be stored.Since its establishment in 1988, the company produces and assembles entire turn-key silo buildings. Hence our name Silo Construction and Engineering.Because of long experience and know-how, our team of engineers has becomewell-known all over the world. SCE now exports worldwide. Silo Construction & Engineering Industrielaan 17a, Industriezone Kwakkel zone C2, 8810 Lichtervelde Belgium Tel: +32 51 723128 Fax: +32 51 725350 Email: Web: www.sce.beSilo Construction & Engineering productsEngineering / Silo Construction
  • Bulk StorageSymagaSymaga was created in 1985, by a group of professional experts, as a companydevoted to the manufacture of silos and livestock equipment. The companypossesses modern, totally automated machinery, which enables us to manufacturehigh quality products at a reasonable price.The company possesses 30,000 m2 of buildings and is located on a 150,000 m2plot belonging to the company.Our professionals will advise you on the design and engineering of any project,providing you with suitable information for fast, safe installation. Symaga Ctra. De Arenas, km, 2,300 13210 Villarta de San Juan Spain Tel: +34 926 640475 Fax: +34 926 640294 Email: Web: www.symaga.comSymaga productsfor a full list of products please visit:
  • Bulk storageTop Silo ConstructionTSC has been involved for many years in the design and construction of steel silosystems. TSC has numerous projects around the world and our knowledge andexpertise in bulk storage is evident in everything we do.As a specialist in silo construction, focusing on continuous innovation and amarket-oriented institution, we deliver a finished product that meets high qualitystandards. With our expertise, we design the appropriate silo installation for acompetitive price. Summit Silo Constructions Ltd Second Broekdijk 7 7122 LB Aalten Netherlands Tel: +31 543 473979 Fax: +31 543 474472 Email: Web: www.tsc-silos.comTop Silo Construction productsSilos / Construction
  • ConveyorsViganWe manufactures bulk material handling systems such as:• Mobile pneumatic conveyor or vacuvators.• Pneumatic continuous barge unloaders and mechanical barge loaders.• Mechanical and pneumatic continuous ship unloaders for vessels up to post- Panamax.• Mechanical loaders for any size of ships as well as complete storage systems in ports and the agricultural industries.From project conception and feasibility studies to turnkey delivery of completeinstallations,VIGAN is your reliable partner. Vigan Rue de l’Industrie 16 Nivelles B-1400 Belgium Tel: +32 67 895045 Fax: +32 67 895060 Email: Web: www.vigan.comVigan productsMobile machines / Loaders / Unloaders on gantries / Tower type unloaders
  • ExtrudersAlmex B.V.Almex specialises in single screw extrusion equipment, from the extrusion unit tocomplete installations. We are a family owned, independent company.Almex extruders and Contivar Expanders are in use worldwide at fishfeed-, oilextraction-, petfood-, animalfeed plants, the foodindustry and the processing andchemical industries.Almex started early 1970’s with repair and installation of extruders. WWW.EXTRUDER.NL / WWW.EXPANDER.NLFor use in Europe these units needed much modifications, so we decided todesign and built in the Netherlands a complete range of extruders for 500 to15.000 kg/hour capacity. These extruders did find their way to clients worldwide.Today the largest extruder has a diameter of 400 mm, a barrel length of 4800 mm Almex b.v., Verlengde Ooyerhoekseweg 29 7207 BJ Zutphen, Netherlands, tel.: +31 (0)575 572666and a drive of 500 kW. e-mail:, internet: www.almex.nlThe same quality extruder parts are used to manufacture Contivar™ Expandersfor the feed industry, as a popular machine to improve feed quality.The robust, basically simple design of the Almex equipment guarantees years Almex B.V.of trouble free service. Almex was the first company using DC drives on single Postbus 150, NL-7200 ADscrew extruders in order to select the extrusion shaft speed to match the Zutphenproduct and selected die specifications. Using DC drives the extruder becomes a Netherlandstool that can be precisely tuned in order to assure quality of the product. Tel: +31 575 572666 Fax: +31 575 572727 Email: Web: www.almex.nlAlmex products MADE IN HOLLANDExtruders / ExpandersFor a full list of products for this company, please visit: AL30O High capacity extruders and expanders. Almex b.v., Verlengde Ooyerhoekseweg 29, 7207 BJ Zutphen The Netherlands, tel. +31 (0)575 572666, fax +31 (0)575 572727 E-mail,
  • ExtrudersJS ConwellJS Conwell Ltd is a New Zealand based company which provides a range of highquality extrusion technology solutions to you and your customers worldwide.Our range includes Single Screw Extuders, spare parts/wear components andancilliary equipment to support your needs relating to the production of Petfeed,Aquafeed, Full Fat Soya etc.We are the official supplier of spare parts for JSC Extrusion, Millbank,Buhlermillbank And Miltenz machines due to our years of experience withthis equipment. We can offer you technical advice and support including barrelconfigurations, trouble shooting, commissioning and process design for thesemachines.JSConwell Ltd prides itself on producing equipment to the highest standardand specification so you can be assured of the best quality and value partsthus giving a long service life which aids to increase your productivity. All partsare manufactured in New Zealand using the latest technology, highest qualitymaterials and manufacturing standard. JS Conwell PO Box 12051 Palmerston North New Zealand Tel: +64 21 0431027 Fax: +64 6 3552958 Email: Web: Conwell productsSingle-screw extruders / Extruder parts / Ancilliary equipmentFor a full list of products for this company, please visit:
  • Feed processingWynveen InternationalThe history of Wynveen International goes back to the two brothers Wynveenselling milling stones at 1795. During 1945 with the growth in Dutch agriculturalIndustry, Wynveen began to dominate the feed mill production. We are proud tosay Wynveen has installed many of the feed mills, which are in operation in theNetherlands today. Approximately 3.000 Wynveen sifters are being employed allover the world now.Wynveen is located in Heteren in the Netherlands, close to AgriculturalUniversity of Wageningen. All the primary functions of Wynveen such as sales,engineering, manufacturing, service, R&D, testing and administration are beingexecuted from Heteren.Main product line of Wynveen contains hammer mills, 3000 and 1500 rpm,ribbon- and paddle mixers, double shaft paddle mixers, rotary sifters, coaters forliquids (vacuum or atmospheric)To ensure its quality standards Wynveen assembles and tests all key equipment inits own plant. Wynveen exports roughly 80 % of its current production outsidethe Netherlands. Wynveen International BVWith an expert, experienced and enthusiastic team, we are focusing solely on Poort van Middenthe development and construction of high quality innovative machines and Gelderland, Groen 2, 6666installations for manufacturing livestock, fish feed and pet food. Our motto LP Heteren, PO Box 38‘versatility in feed processing’ will continue to apply and we wish to distinguishourselves by quality, innovation, client focus and added value. HollandNot only do we execute the orders, we actual think with you! If we have an Tel: +31 26 4790699agreement with you, we will fulfil it. This is possible, because we believe in what Fax: +31 26 4790698we are doing. Email: info@wynveen.comThe most innovative technological solutions guarantee unique possibilities. Web: www.wynveen.comQuality is a high standard at Wynveen.Wynveen International productsHammer mills / Mixers / Sifters / Coaters Your partner in technology, equipment and plants forFor a full list of products for this company, please visit: animal- and aqua feed and petfood. Wynveen for: • osing and weighing of raw D materials • Grinding and mixing • Pelleting lines • Extrusion lines • Finished product handling Wynveen International b.v. P.O. Box 38 6666 ZG Heteren The Netherlands Tel : +31 (0)26 - 479 06 99 Fax: +31 (0)26 - 479 06 98
  • Flour improverMuhlenchemieEstablished way back in 1923 and a member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe since1990, Mühlenchemie is one of the world’s best-known enterprises in the field offlour improvement.Mühlenchemie’s core field of competence is developing solutions forstandardizing and optimizing flours – from classic flour treatment to concentratesfor ready-mixed flours.Mühlenchemie puts great effort into maintaining and strengthening its leadingposition in the market. We are constantly widening our know-how to ensure thatwe are always among the leaders in technical development.As a member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe we are an owner-managed companyindependent of the big organizations. That enables us to give all our attentionto our customers. We are proud of our short routes, quick decisions andentrepreneurial courage, the pillars of our corporate philosophy.Mühlenchemie regards itself first and foremost as a customer-oriented serviceprovider, and only secondly as a manufacturer. We are constantly developing new,innovative products and functional systems in response to customers’ requests. In Mühlenchemie GmbHpersonal meetings we ascertain their wishes and requirements in respect of new & Co. KGproducts and improvements to existing brands. We define the frame of reference Kurt-Fischer-Straße 55and work out a solution with our specialists. 22926 AhrensburgMühlenchemie’s employees are the driving force behind our innovations. Each of Germanythem has a very wide scope for decision-making and bears the responsibility thatgoes with it. That enables us to act quickly in our customers’ interests. Tel: +49 41 02 202001Our dealings with each other are open, frank and highly communicative. This Fax: +49 41 02 202010team spirit across the limits of the individual specialist firms is one of the decisive Email: info@muehlenchemie.defactors that makes us just that much quicker and better than the rest as a Web: www.muehlenchemie.demanufacturer of food ingredients.Muhlenchemie productsFlour improvmentFor a full list of products for this company, please visit:
  • MeasurementVega Controls LtdVega controls manufacture specialist level measurement instruments and controls,mainly for tank gauging, level indication for the quantity or level detection formany products and processes in manufacturing, storage and service industries.World leaders in process radar level measurement and radar transmitters andmany other technologies,VEGA innovate continuously to provide customerswith the best level solutions. Our company, engineers and service teams have anexcellent reputation for good service, before and after your purchase.In manufacturing processes,VEGA instruments can monitor and control vessellevel during the reaction and mixing of hazardous chemicals. Level indication ofmolten metal poured in a mould, or chocolate levels in a sweet factory to giveyou some extremes of our applications!When safety is paramount,VEGA have certified self-monitoring high and lowlevel alarms which can prevent tanks overfilling with explosive fuels, expensivefinished products or leaking hazardous materials or waste.VEGA systems arethere protecting the environment and safety of people.VEGA provide VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) instruments, systems and Vega Controls Ltdsolutions to remotely monitor tanks and vessels on your or other remote sites Victoria Way, Burgess Hill,– by networking information on pc, remote modem or Internet.VMI saves time West Sussex RH15 9NFand money by making sure customers don’t run out, automating supply, reducing United Kingdomordering processes and paperwork, anticipating demand or simply ensuring thatthere is enough room for the next delivery. Contact us to discuss your needs, Tel: +44 1444 870055details of the system and commercial arrangements we can offer. Fax: +44 1444 870080 Email: Web: Controls productsRadar and Nucleonic measurmentFor a full list of products for this company, please visit:
  • MeasurementSatake Europe LtdSatake are specialists in engineering processes for cereal grains and relatedpowdered and granular materials. We design, supply , instal and commissionboth equipment, and complete plants. We supply parts, consumables, new andrefurbished rolls and contract maintenance and also provide colour Sorting forgranular materials.Satake Europe was established in 1998 in Bredbury, having transferred thebusiness from its former site in Cheadle Heath, Stockport.The Satake Corporation has even sponsored the establishment of a Centre ofGrain Processing Engineering at the University of Manchester.Satake places emphasis on community welfare. In addition to the Centre at theUniversity of Manchester, the company is involved in local organisations relevantto the core business and Japanese heritage. It actively supports the InwardInvestment Association and the North West Development Agency, the Northof England Group of Millers, Hull & District Milling Society and the London andSouth East Milling Society and was a founder member of the UK Japan Society inthe north west. Satake Europe Ltd PO Box 53 Horsfield Way Bredbury Industrial Park Stockport SK6 2FG United Kingdom Tel: +44 161 4063800 Fax: +44 161 4063801 Email: Web: www.satake-europe.comSatake Europe productsSeparation / Size Reduction / Sifting / Debranning / Weighing / Dust Control /Materials HandlingFor a full list of products for this company, please visit:
  • PackagingC B PackagingA Company with focus – delivering the best packaging ideas and solutions everytime. A Clondalkin CompanyCB Packaging is a major manufacturer and market leader of multi-walled paper FLEXIBLE PACKAGINGsacks for the Irish, UK, and European markets.CB Packaging is a truly flexible, creative, and customer-focussed supplier, tailoringsolutions to meet the demands and challenges of our customers. Our focusedattention and interface with our customers is how we differentiate our products Packaging is a market CB A Clondalkin Companyand services. leader of multi-walled paper FLEXIBLE PACKAGING sacks. With over 50 years of experience, we offer solutions for a wide range of industries, CB Packaging is a market including leader of multi-walled paper animal feeds, pet sacks. With over 50 years of food, seeds, milk powder, experience, we offer solutions flour and for a wide range of industries, root crops. including animal feeds, pet For more information, please call food, seeds, milk powder, Tim Stallard:flour and root crops. +44 (0) 7805 092067 For more information, please call Tim Stallard: +44 (0) 7805 092067 C B Packaging 15 Balloo Drive, Bangor, BT19 7QY Co. Down Northern Ireland Tel: +44 2891 463015 Fax: +44 2891 270048 Email: Web: www.cbpackaging.comC B Pacaking productsValve Sacks / Open Mouth Block Bottom Sacks / Open Mouth Double FoldBottom
  • Process controlSuffolk Automation LtdEstablished in 1998 Suffolk Automation is a UK based company specialising inthe design and installation of process control systems. We contract directly withmanufacturing companies throughout the UK and Europe and to the suppliers ofplant and equipment used in the processing of materials.In providing a quality service, Suffolk Automation has earned an excellentreputation for delivery of all aspects of electrical engineering and automation,working to high standards and competitive rates.The advancement of technology continues to drive our business forwardallowing us to provide bespoke solutions to most manufacturing sectors. All ourdevelopment work is designed to meet the individual needs of companies wishingto increase efficiency and reliability of their production facilities.Services include; Design of Control Systems, Supply and Build of Control Panels,PLC Software and Installation, SCADA Systems, MES Systems, Industrial Wiring,Project Management, Commissioning, End User Training, Maintenance and CriticalSupport. Suffolk Automation Ltd Unit 4, Hadleigh Enterprise Park, Crockatt Road, Hadleigh, Suffolk IP7 6RJ United Kingdom Tel: +44 1473 829188 Fax: +44 1473 829198 Email: mail Web: www. Automation productsControl systems / design & installationFor a full list of products for this company, please visit:
  • RecruitmentJCB Consulting LtdWe specialise in recruiting the right candidates for the Milling, Pasta, Baking andassociated industry. Our extensive experience worldwide puts us in an idealposition to match skills to job opportunities. With our database of companies andapplicants both employers and employees can find the right solution through us. Milling IndustryMost recruiting is traditionally carried out by word of mouth or by the Recruitment Specialistoccasional use of general non-specialist Recruitment Consultancies.JCB Consulting Ltd is different…… Milling Industry +44(0)161 427 2402“We Know the Industry” and are able to pre-qualify applicants for many of the Recruitment Specialistpositions we are asked to fill. This saves clients a considerable amount of timeand financial outlay, as we provide qualified candidates for you to Interview. recruit and source the highest calibre candidates through our extensive +44(0)161 427 2402contact networks around the world. Everything is confidential• Generally fees are only payable once a satisfactory candidate that we have JCB Consulting Ltd submitted starts in their new position. 48 Beacon View Marple• We operate in complete confidence and pride ourselves in providing a Cheshire, SK6 6PX discreet, and personal service. We have a portfolio of candidates that may match your needs. We also carry out searches for clients with detailed specific United Kingdom niche requirements, including multi-lingual candidates. Tel: +44 161 4272402• We operate outside normal office hours and are in a position to respond to Email: phone calls and e mails in the evening and at weekends. We will do our utmost Web: to provide you with the candidates you need.• If you are looking to change your career please contact us or use the form to submit your C.V. (resume)…we will then contact you to discuss career options.JCB Recruitment productsRecruitment
  • SilosShandong Yingchun Steel & Silo Mfg Co LtdYingchun Group is the high-tech enterprise in steel silo and related equipmentIn the past 15 years, great strides have been made in belt conveyor researchby foreigners, a marked advance has also been made on performance of beltconveyor main parts, which lay the foundation for the long distance and large-scale development of belt conveyor.We cooperated successfully with Fujian Longyan Minxiong Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. TRUTH - INNOVATIONon 14th, April, 2008.The signature ceremony was held in the meeting roomof Fujian Longyan Minxiong Biotechnology Co.,Ltd..The chairman Liumin, vicechairman Zhangjunxi, vice general manager Languiqin of Minxiong BiotechnologyCo.,Ltd.and vice general manager Renhuawei and sales manager Lidexin ofShandong Yingchun Steel Silo Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. attended the signature “With over 50 years ofceremony.Adopted the production technology and equipments of Shandong Yingchun Steel This reputation is basedSilo Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.,the project will improve the development of green and excellent after saleagriculture and organic agriculture. Shandong Yingchun Steel & Silo Mfg Ltd to our ten We will stick No. 101 Beiyi Road, Dongying development” and prov Development Zone, Dongying City, Shandong Province China Tel: +44 86 546 8313068 Fax: +44 86 546 8057885 Email: Web: Shandong Yingchun Steel Silo MaShandong Yingchun Steel & Silo Mfg Co Ltd Shangdong Yingchun Address: No.101, Beiyi Road, Dongy Steel Silo ManufacturingSilos, feed silos, Hopper silos TRUTH - INNOVATION - PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE - QUALITY - PEOPLE ORIENTED - PROFOUND KNOWLEDGE Tel: +86 546 8313068 “With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we have built a solid reputation for “Yingchun”. This reputation is based on our scientific management, advanced processing, strict quality control Email: and excellent after sales service. We will stick to our tenet of “Quality first, credit uppermost, customer guided, common development” and provide the best products and services for you” Shandong Yingchun Steel Silo Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Address: No.101, Beiyi Road, Dongying City, Shandong Province Tel: +86 546 8313068 Email: Shangdong.indd 1 01/06/2010 11:35 Shangdong.indd 1
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