The 2014 Product Showcase


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A showcase of new products for 2014

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The 2014 Product Showcase

  1. 1. Digital Re-print - March | April 2014 The 2014 Product Showcase Grain & Feed MillingTechnology is published six times a year by Perendale Publishers Ltd of the United Kingdom. All data is published in good faith, based on information received, and while every care is taken to prevent inaccuracies, the publishers accept no liability for any errors or omissions or for the consequences of action taken on the basis of information published. ©Copyright 2014 Perendale Publishers Ltd.All rights reserved.No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior permission of the copyright owner. Printed by Perendale Publishers Ltd. ISSN: 1466-3872
  2. 2. VEGA HIGH PERFORMANCE GRAIN CLASSIFIER Efficient cleaning, high throughput rate, and low energy consumption. With its new solution for cleaning and classifying of wheat, rye, oat, rice, maize, and barley Bühler combines several advantages in a single machine: a high throughput rate, a compact and robust design as well as an easy exchange of sieves. Furthermore, the machine has a considerably lower energy consumption than comparable solutions on the market. XTREME DUTY (CC-XD) ELEVATOR BUCKET Tapco Inc.’s 508mm x 254mm (20" x 10") Xtreme Duty (CC-XD) elevator bucket — with 26,837.64mm (1,056.6 cubic inches (rated at industry standard of 110% of water level) of actual capacity — runs at speeds up to 940 fpm. The 508mm x 254mm (20" x 10") CC-XD features a 15.875mm (5/8") thick rounded front. The buckets are made with 35%- 50% more resin throughout, and are available in nylon, urethane and polyethylene. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-compliant resins are standard in polyethylene and urethane. FDA-compliant nylon resin is available by special request. For more information, contact Yassine Abbad at +1 314 739 9191 or +1 800 288 2726 or visit PRODUCT SHOWCASE 2014Milling Technology CLOUD-BASED HAZARD MONITORING is a secure cloud based industrial monitoring solution that allows any registered user to login and see all their facilities in real-time from anywhere in the world. This product offers seamless integration with 4B’s communication BUS system – the T500 Elite “Hotbus”. The T500 multifunctional hazard monitoring system for bucket elevators and conveyors can monitor up to 256 sensors for combined belt alignment, belt speed, continuous bearing temperature, pulley alignment, level indication (bin / silo) and plug conditions.” BRABENDER GLUTOPEAK The GlutoPeak® process by Brabender® offers a quick, but precise technical solution to describe the functionality of flours, bruised grains, baking mixes or vital gluten measuring the aggregation behaviour of the gluten component in a sample. The device first separates the gluten, and then aggregates it into a characteristic network before destroying it with the rotation of its mechanical measuring paddle. Time and torque curve of the physics of the gluten is recorded and displayed as a graph. The time to reach the maximum point on the curve, the peak, its height, and the following decline of the curve provide essential information on gluten quality. CONSERFRÍO® GRAIN CHILLER Consergra, S.L. is a specialist in grain conservation, and manufactures the CONSERFRÍO® grain chiller. It’s a modern, highly energy-efficiency cooler which helps to conserve a wide variety of grains, seeds, oily and granulated perishable items stored in silos and warehouses. Its use, independently of climatic conditions, prevents shrinkages of weight, rotting, insects damage and toxin build up. The conservation with the CONSERFRÍO® is natural and highly cost- effective, the pay-back on the investment is extremely fast. Our units, installed all over the world preserve millions of tons of grain every season. Our product range covers from 40 up to 500 ton per day, per machine. Consergra, S.L. puts their 50 years experience at your service!
  3. 3. CROCODILE + When designing its new Crocodile+ roller mill, Genç Değirmen said it took into consideration energy savings, technological developments and changes, labor and production costs and product quality. The Crocodile+ roller mill features rolls that are independent and can be removed in pack in a short time and can be changed within 20 minutes. The feeding cylinders are independent and can be removed in short time. It has machine front covers that can be opened and are made of aluminium fibreglass material. VIGAN manufactures dry agribulk materials handling systems: • Portable Pneumatic Conveyors or Grain Pumps (150 - 250 tph); • Pneumatic Continuous Barge & Ship Unloaders (160 - 800 tph); • Mechanical Continuous Ship Unloaders (up to 1,500 tph); • Mechanical Loaders (up to 1,200 tph). as well as complete storage systems in ports and the agricultural industries. From project design to complete turnkey bulk handling solutions and port terminals with mechanical and/or pneumatic reliable and cost effective equipment. The main trends in the grain storage industry are: Increase in demand for grain storage, increase in demand for silos of bigger capacities, flexibility in design, growing importance of safe storage, government-becked silos and competitive prices. Therefore, Silos Cordoba use a new coating, Z-600, and has developed a new model of silo, the model 41.25. These are the biggest silos that has ever been assembled by Silos Cordoba and the biggest silos assembled in Europe. GD HAMMER MILL RANGE The GD Hammer Mill range covers capacities ranging from 10 - 100 tons per hour, dependent on type of raw material, formula and required grinding structure. The Hammer Mill can be incorporated in a pre-grinding as well as a post-grinding system as a complete grinding solution including pre-bin, feeder, magnet cleaner, hammer mill, discharge hopper, aspiration filter, fan and control system. STEEL SILOS Symaga, a Spanish company specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of steel silos for storing seeds, cereals, malts, oilseeds, grains and pellets, rice and, in general, for the agriculture, agro-industry, biofuels and biomass, and with more than 30 years’ experience and over 15 million m³ of storage space worldwide, ensuring our capacity to tackle any project. Symaga supplies a wide range of silos, flat bottom up to 25.000 m³ and hopper silos, reaching 12 m. diameter with 45° hopper and 2.649 m³ capacity, completely galvanized and the double welded compression ring. We provide Z600 gr/m² galvanization ensuring the highest service life of the market, we continue investing in research and development, allowing us to develop new products as ventilated cones and fully perforated floor, to reach customer needs. DV Hydraulic Grain Sampling Spear Cropmech Ltd have successfully installed the first DV hydraulic grain sampling spear in the UK, using the double suction Stork 440 Compact sampler at their grain storage site situated at Risdon Mill, near Okehampton, Devon. The DV grain sampler is the fastest, easiest & safest way to sample grain from an open trailer, essential for large farms, grain stores and Mills. The sampler allows safety & ease of testing all cereals, flours, rice, seeds & straights with extreme rapidity without altering the quality of the product during sampling. With an option of two different probes, double suction & spiral, you can install the type of sampler suitable for your business needs. CropMech Ltd, now the UK agents for the DV Grain Spear, can supply, install & maintain your spear anywhere in the UK. ‘At an unbeatable price, with fast & easy installation, the DV grain sampler has already proven to be a brilliant asset to established & developing sites.’
  4. 4. LINKS • See the full issue • Visit the GFMT website • Contact the GFMT Team • Subscribe to GFMT A subscription magazine for the global flour & feed milling industries - first published in 1891 INCORPORATING PORTS, DISTRIBUTION AND FORMULATION In this issue: • Researching and reporting: the roller flour milling revolution • What is Fumigation? A technique of pest control using a toxic gas • VIV Europe preview Our pull out centre section March-April2014 • Bread is the foundation of civilization • Conserving grains: through drying • Flour miller values weighbridge technology on the island of Zanzibar first published in 1891 This digital Re-print is part of the March | April 2014 edition of Grain & Feed Milling Technology magazine. Content from the magazine is available to view free-of-charge, both as a full online magazine on our website, and as an archive of individual features on the docstoc website. Please click here to view our other publications on To purchase a paper copy of the magazine, or to subscribe to the paper edi- tion please contact our Circulation and Subscriptions Manager on the link adove. INFORMATION FOR ADVERTISERS - CLICK HERE Article reprints All Grain & Feed Milling Tecchnology feature articles can be re-printed as a 4 or 8 page booklets (these have been used as point of sale materials, promotional materials for shows and exhibitions etc). If you are interested in getting this article re-printed please contact the GFMT team for more informa- tion on - Tel: +44 1242 267707 - Email: or visit