EXTRUSION: an ever growing aspect of the Indian food processing industries


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Today, we are witnessing dramatic changes in lifestyle which in turn is resulting in changes in consumption patterns of consumers across the world. The lifestyle change of the consumers, across demographics, is associated with demand for more convenience and healthy foods. The demand for convenience foods has been addressed by the food industry through adoption of innovations of food scientists, technologist and packaging experts. This has resulted in a range of convenience foods across all categories of the food industry. The growth in the processed foods segment has been one of the most noticeable trends in the recent years in the Indian market.

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EXTRUSION: an ever growing aspect of the Indian food processing industries

  1. 1. Digital Re-print - November | December 2012EXTRUSION: an ever growing aspect of the Indian food processing industries Grain & Feed Milling Technology is published six times a year by Perendale Publishers Ltd of the United Kingdom. All data is published in good faith, based on information received, and while every care is taken to prevent inaccuracies, the publishers accept no liability for any errors or omissions or for the consequences of action taken on the basis of information published. ©Copyright 2010 Perendale Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior permission of the copyright owner. Printed by Perendale Publishers Ltd. ISSN: 1466-3872 www.gfmt.co.uk
  2. 2. FEATURE EXTRUSION: an ever growing aspect of the Indian food processing industries by Raj Kapoor, Managing Director, Assocom-India Pvt. Ltd, IndiaT oday, we are witnessing dramatic increasingly being recognised as important tion, but also in infrastructure development, changes in lifestyle which in turn is in India too. marketing, inspection and testing services, resulting in changes in consumption Food retail is taking-off and as it increases, technology development and so on.patterns of consumers across the world. the availability of processed foods will widen. Given the skew in income distributionThe lifestyle change of the consumers, The process of disintermediation has begun among the population, there will be demandacross demographics, is associated with and supply chain efficiencies are set to for processed foods at every price point –demand for more convenience and healthy improve. from low-end product to high-end product.foods. The demand for convenience foods A prominent feature of the processed This is a big advantage to producers whilehas been addressed by the food industry foods industry is the presence of multi- examining market size and investment.through adoption of innovations of food national corporations. Many have alreadyscientists, technologist and packaging identified the potential of the Indian market. Nutrition securityexperts. This has resulted in a range of While our country’s economic growthconvenience foods across all categories Government backingof the food industry. The growth in the The Ministry of Food Processingprocessed foods segment has been one Industries has a number of incen- Table 1: India - Area and Production of Agricultural Productsof the most noticeable trends in the tives schemes that entrepreneursrecent years in the Indian market. can benefit from. Given the huge India’s market potential, the Indian gov- (Production in million tons) India Rank in ernment considers food process- WorldTapping India’s potential ing as ‘sunrise’ industry. India’s humungous market size, ravenous Major trends in the Indianappetite for food (given the existing low per food processing industries reveal Arable Land (million ha) 151 2capita consumption) with growing incomes an expanding product variety andand changing lifestyles create incredible improved packaging. Interestingly, Irrigated Land (million ha) 55 1market opportunities for food producers, regional brands are coming to the Cattle (million heads) 186 2machinery makers, food technologists and fore. Improvements are seen inservice providers. In addition, the policies food retail environment. Wheat 93.9 2of the government are investor-friendly Mergers and acquisitions are Rice 104 2and, importantly, financial, technological and beginning to happen. This trend,human resources are readily avaliable in the currently nascent, will eventually Coarse grains (including maize) 42.22 3country. lead to consolidation of capaci- The sector has grown at seven percent ties and modernisation. Beyond- Milk 100 1a year until the Tenth Five Year Plan. With border investments take place Fruits 47 2rising incomes and demographic pressure, from India.growth is set to register 10 percent and The Indian government allows Vegetables 82 2more. 100 percent foreign direct invest- As demand for foods including conven- ment in the food processing Edible Oilseeds 30 3ience foods, packaged and branded goods industry. A number of overseasincreases, so does awareness about health businesses are currently looking at Pulses 18 1and food safety. While food standards India as an investment destination. Sugarcane 350 2and labelling laws are becoming stricter by Investment opportunities are avail-the day in developed economies, they are able not merely in food produc- Tea 0.85 122 | november - december 2012 Grain &feed millinG technoloGy
  3. 3. Events FEATUREstory is real in terms of human development large quantities. One of theindicators, the performance has been a cause ‘One show, 2: unique features of this tech- Table once a year…endless opportunities’ aboutfor concern. India is way down in the Human nology is to fortify processed January 28 - February 1, 2013, Atlanta, USA Size Size technoDevelopment Index and very high in Global food products with micro- Growth expos T Category (Million (MillionHunger Index. As per National Family Health nutrients. here is nothing quite Rupee) vice US$) Novak, (%) president, membership opporSurvey, 42.5 percent of children under the As extrusion process is like IPPE. The integra- and public relations, American Feed purchaage of five are underweight and 69.5 percent a high temperature short tion of three interna- Industry Association, USA to talk makeranaemic. Pervasive malnutrition and under- time process, it can retain tionally recognised Packagedshows 11000 her involvement with7the event. trade Milk about 220 from anutrition is reported across the country. the micronutrients efficiently. brings suppliers and buyersSerious calorie and protein deficiency is seen Some of the most promis- Biscuits 6500 130 together for education, technol- What is your role at IPPE? 17 Withespecially in rural areas. The risk that the ing products that can allevi- exchange and Edible Oil ogy network- 6100am one 122three points of con- I of 13 showcountry may rapidly move towards nutrition ate both micronutrient and encompassing the entire tact for the International Production ing peop Tea 3700 74 8insecurity is real. macronutrient malnutrition spectrum of farm to table. and Processing Expo, who also Th Given the age profile of the population are, textured protein prod- Savory Snacks * 2100 42 19 include Dr. Charlie Olentine, U.S. oppor(31 percent below the age of 15, and 53 per- ucts, lentil analogue, recon- This year, the combination of Poultry & Egg Association and Anne work Confectionery 2100 42 12cent below the age of 25 representing the stituted rice, snack products International Feed Expo (IFE), Halal, American Meat Institute. the grain infuture of India), the implications are serious. etc. All these products can International Poultry Expo (IPE), Olentine and39 team focus on the the Vegetable Oil 1950 his 7 nologicMalnutrition exerts long-term adverse effect be efficiently fortified with the American Meat Institute’s International Poultry Expo part of and and to Milk Food Drinks (MI Ds) 1450 29 2on human health, labour productivity and various micronutrients. International Meat Expo (IME) will IPPE; Halal and her team focus on technicgeneral wellbeing. It is recognised that per- attract over Ghee (Clarified Butter) 25,000 attendees from the International Meat Expo and I, 1300 26 17 developetual under-nutrition results in low resist- A variety of over 100 countries and over 1,100 along with the staff at AFIA, focus Salt 1300 26 13ance to infections and increased morbidity. applications exhibitors. on the International Feed Expo. Wha One further advantage of While the IPE focuses on poul- 1100 Baby Foods 22 1 makeVersatile processing this technology is to reduce and egg producers1000 the IME (Indian Rupee) the themes of try and million What are = 20 million US$ Iw Extrusion technology is one of the most the cooking time of the proc- processing, the IFE is designed IPPE? meat the Teversatile food processing techniques with essed products. This has an manufacturers of feed, pet food, All India (Urban + Rural), MAT Dec for Source – AC Nielsen retail audit, ‘One Show, Once A Year… Producwide range of applications. One of the most economic advantage while ingredients and equipment. feed 2006 Endless Opportunities’ sums it up will primportant applications of extrusion technol- using these processed prod- In addition to the mammoth well. With three partners this year, presenogy is to produce healthy and nutritious ucts in the feeding programmes. Thissquare feet and nutrition securityare India include: micro- for 400,000 technol- trade show, there in endless opportunities producalternates /analogues to some staples. Also, there will number nutrient fortification of basic commodities; ogy can be used to manufacture a also be a full education attendees in all the feed and protein Producextrusion technology can help in utilising low of processed and value added food products manufacturing reconstituted rice; production programme with sessions in English, sectors. exhibitocost raw materials as well as underutilised in large volumes. Some of Spanish and Portuguese. textured soy proteins in large volumes; for the products and of The IPPE offers one location new pgrains to manufacture these analogues in applications which have relevance to food up manufacturing high feed industry to network, learn GFMT caught with Sarah the protein snacks. feed, p NNAI, INDIA HE 1 C GLOBAL MILLING CONFERENCE st 7- 9F 3 ebruary 201 ATEX LEvEL swiTch India The capacitive proximity switches in the DOL 40R series are now available with ATEX approval for use in areas with constant danger of dust explosion. the world’s second largest market Safety, sustainability and food supply in milling for the 21st Century • Raw materials - demand & supply trends     • Food & food safety     • Milling technology developments     • Nutrition & formulation     • Environment & sustainability     • Food security • • Designed & transportation Storage for detection on grain, feed and granules • Zone 20 approved - for use inside bins and hoppers • Find out more at: amplifier and change-over relay With integrated • • http://bit.ly/QpgZGW Reliable and resistant Easy to mount dol-sensors Jointly organised by 55 55 Tel. +45 72 17 Assocom www.dol-sensors.com and Grain & Feed Milling Technology magazineGrain &feed millinG technoloGy 48 | november - december 2012 november - december 2012 | 23 GMC_90x132mm.indd 1 16/10/2012 16:50
  4. 4. Mixing at the highest level. Whether you mix powders, flakes, or granular materials– the horizontal mixing process of the Bühler Sanimix is synonymous with anunrivaled homogeneous product mix within extremely short mixing and dischargetimes. Available in the form of a paddle- or chopper mixer, the Sanimix is optimallyequipped to handle both dry and specialty mixes. The unique geometry of themixing trough and tools ensures a consistent and repeatable mixing accuracy.And needless to say that all this comes in the tried and true, rugged Bühler designof sanitary stainless steel. Sanimix – mixing at the highest level.www.buhlergroup.com/sanimixBühler AG, Grain Milling, CH-9240 Uzwil, Switzerland, T +41 71 955 11 11, F +41 71 955 66 11milling@buhlergroup.com, www.buhlergroup.com Sanimix MRMA. Highest mixing performance. Outstanding homogeneity. The perfect match between the mixing trough and the mixing tools ensures homogeneous mixing results. Ultimate sanitation. Stainless steel and an inner surface without gaps satisfy the most rigorous sanitation standards. Tailor-made. Four machine sizes, two surface finishes, and numerous options allow an optimal adjustment to individual requirements. High throughput capacity. High mixing capacity thanks to extremely short mixing and fast discharge times. Easy maintenance. Easy to operate, easy to clean.Innovations for a better world.
  5. 5. FEATURE Modern food processing methods offer typical combination of pulses and cereal. As starches, precooked pasta, protein enriched an economic, nutritious and healthy alternate far as cost of protein is concerned, protein foods. There are more 5,000 manufactur- to this crisis without compromising the taste cost from dal analogue is almost one third of ers of extruded snacks including 10 major and food habits. protein from tur/moong/urad dal. corporate like Britannia, PepsiCo, ITC Foods Another unique characteristic of this and Parle Agro. Cooking dal by extrusion product is it is very easy to cook. As it is But it not just foodstuffs that can benefit Extrusion cooking, one of the versatile a pre-cooked product it takes less than 10 from extrusion; there are also a variety of food processing technologies can be put to minutes to cook on open flame compared options for animal feeds such as pet foods use to manufacture soy-based dal (lentil) to more than 25 minutes for other dals. and treats, aquafeed, hygienic animal feeds. analogue using locally available raw materials. This characteristic is of utmost economic value especially in saving Guiding principles fuel costs during cook- In view of the emerging challenges to fine"India has a predominantly young ing for the mid-day meal cereals rice and wheat as well as emerging programs. Also, this nutrition security challenge facing hundreds ofpopulation with 53 percent of citizens product can be a per- millions, extruded foods offer lots of opportuni- fect vehicle for micro- ties to tackle and food and nutrition security.below the age of 25 and 31 percent below nutrients fortification to Moreover, it is need of hour that food, more15; the nutrition status for this young combat deficiencies such specifically nutritious food, should become a as iron, zinc and vitamin basic human right. The threat of nutrition insecu-demographic deserves to be improved" A. Above all this prod- rity and pervasive malnutrition / under-nutrition uct which has a good needs to be addressed with great urgency. amount of protein from India has a predominantly young popula- Dal analogue is made from edible grade soy can certainly help in reducing certain tion with 53 percent of citizens below the defatted soya flour, whole-wheat flour and diet related degenerative diseases like heart age of 25 and 31 percent below 15; the turmeric powder. As dal analogue is made disease and osteoporosis. nutrition status for this young demographic from in expensive raw materials, it is less deserves to be improved. than half the price of Tur dal to the consum- Expanding extrusion Several welfare programmes (in which ers. Dal analogue has more than 30 percent The Indian extruded food and snack food is an integral part) currently in opera- protein which is more than 30 percent food segment has been growing at 15 per- tion must aim to include locally grown / avail- increase in protein content compared to cent per year. Opportunitites for extruded able cereals that are at once economical and some of the traditional dals like Tur, Moong food products include textured vegetable nutritious. In addition, the millions of growers and Chana. The quality of protein is superior proteins, ready to eat breakfast cereals, need improved crop marketability and more to any of the dals as this product has the expanded snacks, infant foods, modified remunerative returns. AB IG thank you O&J HØJTRYK A/S Obial Orffa Additives BV Paglierani to all of our advertisers and supporters and readers in 2012 PARANTEZ INTERNATIONAL FAIRS INC Perstorp Performance Additives Pixie Consulting Solutions Ltd. 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  6. 6. Since 1923Laboratory extruderKEDSE 20 /40 DLaboratory extruder KEDSE 20 /40 DRevolution in product development - money and time savingsDevelop your products more effectively Efficient optimisation and new development of recipes Quicker change of experimental conditions Reduction of development costs Simple and easy cleaningSimulate your production more efficiently Product manufacture on a laboratory scale Ensuring a constantly high product quality Minimisation of production losses No disposal costs for rejectsAgency in India:Toshniwal Bros. (S.R.) Pvt. Ltd.Telephone: +91-80-2341-7983E-Mail: anuj@toshniwalbros.com www.brabender.com
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