GFI WebMonitor - Internet Monitoring and Web Filtering and Web Security Software for Business
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GFI WebMonitor - Internet Monitoring and Web Filtering and Web Security Software for Business



If not managed correctly, Internet use at the workplace can result in lost productivity while also posing a huge security threat to your business. With the Internet usage monitoring capabilities it ...

If not managed correctly, Internet use at the workplace can result in lost productivity while also posing a huge security threat to your business. With the Internet usage monitoring capabilities it provides, GFI WebMonitor™ helps you boost employee productivity without shutting off their Internet access. It simultaneously enables you to proactively protect your network. GFI WebMonitor is the only Internet usage monitoring software solution you need as it provides multiple layers of protection, giving you peace of mind.



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  • Malware keeps evolving to outpace anti-virus vendors. New security issues are discovered every month and immediately exploited with automated “Hacker for hire” programs such as the Black Hole exploit kit. Drive-by downloads are infections by malware without the user even having to even download anything, by making use of unpatched software such as Java, Adobe or others.
  • Increase productivity and reduce cyberslacking (time wasted by employees online) through granular monitoring and management of employee web browsing habits
  • Monitor and manage your Internet connection without blanket blocking. Control the problems without creating distress.
  • Maximize available bandwidth by controlling what type of sites can be visited, setting time and bandwidth thresholds, and through proxy caching
  • Benefitting from multiple security engines to scan for viruses and block other types of malicious content like exploits, keyloggers, Trojans, adware and spyware
  • Block socially-engineered phishing scam websites and prevent data leakage through such sites Scan HTTPS-encrypted traffic for additional security
  • Block or control users from downloading potentially copyrighted music or cracked software. Block adult websites and ensure no hacking tools or other malicious content is downloaded or used on the network
  • Control Internet resource usage through web browsing policies based on time and bandwidth quotas Restrict access to sites according to category, such as adult, online gaming, personal email, travel websites, P2P, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many more, using the WebGrade database – a web-filtering database which provides URL coverage across multiple languages and over 280,000,000 domains Configure filtering policies based on user/group/IP Quotas for bandwidth and surf time, to manage problems rather than block. Block embedded videos in news, sports and other sites
  • Create multiple user/group/IP-based download control policies to control what type of files your users can download Scan downloaded files with multiple antivirus engines - Norman and BitDefender included by default, Kaspersky available as an optional third antivirus engine Check all websites that users try to access against an auto-updatable phishing database - any website found on the phishing URL list will be blocked. All websites are also automatically checked against a list of “known bad websites” via the ThreatTrack engine and anything potentially malicious is also blocked. This list is updated very often, every 30 minutes approximately. Problems with single antivirus engines? No single antivirus engine is always the quickest and the most effective at reacting to ALL viruses No single antivirus engine is considered the best in combating every area of malware – viruses, spyware and so on Multiple antivirus engines will ensure: Quicker lead time from virus-to-signature – as you get updates from the first company to react to a virus Powerful antivirus technology – maximizing on the strengths of each antivirus engine
  • Combines the functionality of each edition and includes other features which are common to all editions, such as: The ability to monitor or block a connection in real time The ability to drill down into browsing activity by users, categories, domains and sites through interactive reports User and site bandwidth monitoring features to track download and upload traffic The ability to monitor and block applications’ hidden downloads URL/user/IP-based whitelist and blacklist
  • Brand new look A completely redesigned, smart new look which feels much more comfortable to use and interact with Updated policy screens The new version of GFI WebMonitor facilitates the creation of policies by centralizing them in a single screen In-built reporting engine The completely revamped interface now allows you to create reports based on the information you require without ever having to leave the main program Smart dashboards GFI WebMonitor 2012 makes it easy to give permission to certain carefully selected users outside the IT department to generate and access reports thanks to the brand new Smart Dashboards: The activity dashboards present an interactive report showing browsing activity and surfing time. Bandwidth dashboards reveal download and upload volumes to identify whether certain websites, categories or users are creating download or upload bottlenecks Real-time traffic Dashboards introduce an interactive display and filtering of data on real-time connections to give you the ability to drill-down to categories, websites or users which are causing specific issues. SQL Server Support The new version of GFI WebMonitor makes it possible for you to receive alerts when specific issues arise Real-time activity/bandwidth/security alerts You can get alerted when a user has downloaded an excessive amount of data from a “Streaming Media” website, when somebody has been browsing non-productive websites, or when a user has browsed repeatedly to a malicious content website or hacking website. With this new feature, you are immediately alerted to problems as soon as they happen – such that you can take immediate action without letting the issue escalate. Search engine monitoring (WebFilter edition) Monitoring what users are searching for in major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) gives you a good insight into what’s happening within your company

GFI WebMonitor - Internet Monitoring and Web Filtering and Web Security Software for Business GFI WebMonitor - Internet Monitoring and Web Filtering and Web Security Software for Business Presentation Transcript

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  • So...what canI do?
  • webmon
  • G FI Web Monit hel or ps…increaseproductivityand red uce cyberslacking webmon
  • G FI WebMonit hel or ps…formulateand enforcean effect Int ive ernet Usage P ol icy webmon
  • G FI WebMonit hel or ps…maximizeavail e band wid t abl h webmon
  • G FI WebMonit hel or ps…protect yournetworkfrom dangerous d ownl s oadand websit in real t es ime webmon
  • G FI WebMonit hel or ps…blocksocialy-engineered lphishing scam web sites webmon
  • G FI WebMonit hel or ps…protectagainst l egal l it iabil y webmon
  • comes in threebusinessWebFilter ed ition editions WebS ecurit ed it y ion Unified P rot ion edit ect ion webmon
  • WebFilter edition» C onfigurabl pol e icies on over 280,000,000 websit in 77 cat es egories» S earch engine monit oring» Real ime monit -t oring, terminat of connect ion ions, b and wid t chart and al s h s ert» Bl ocks Faceb ook C hat G mail C hat and ot chat ing port s , her t al» Bl ocks pot ial probl ent emat websit based on t ic es heir web reput ion at webmon
  • WebSecurity edition» Bl ocks hund red s of thousand s of malicious websit before esthey can become a probl (Threat em Track)» P rot s d ownl s and websit visit from viruses, ect oad e sspyware, mal ware and phishing at acks t» S cans al d ownl s wit mul ipl virus engines l oad h t e(Norman, B it efend er, Kaspersky) D» Mul ipl securit engines working in t em t e y and webmon
  • Unified Protection edition Ad d resses al web monit l oring needs in one packageC omb ines Web Fil er and WebS ecurit ed it t y ions webmon
  • GFI WebMonitor… is simpl t inst l and easy t use e o al o* Al avail e as IS A/ so abl TMG S erver pl ug-in webmon
  • GFI WebMonitor… gives t right informat t t right peopl immed iat y he ion o he e, el* New G FI WebMonit dashboard or webmon
  • What’s new inversion 201 2?» B rand new l ook» Updat pol screens ed icy» B uil in report engine t ing» S mart dashboard s» S Q L S erver support» Real ime act y/ -t ivit band wid t securit al s h/ y ert» S earch engine monit oring (WebFil er ed it t ion) webmon
  • Awards andtestimonials“G FI gave us t feat set t we were l he ure hat ooking for at thegreat val by far. It is a cost est ue -effect sol ion and it has ive utsaved us operat ional time.”Mr Laskowski - AegisoftAl product and company names herein may be t l rademarks of their respect owners. ive webmon
  • Awards andtestimonials“I use G FI WebMonit or™ in a school net work environment O ur .servers l me hand l int et e ernal int ernet t raffic for our st ent and st ud s aff,but they al hand l ab out t d ozen websit The prod uct l s me so e wo es. etget a quick snapshot of internet traffic on those servers. As far as Iknow, short of going int t IS A server t o he raffic logs t hemselves,there’s no ot way t get such a snapshot in what essent l real her o ’s ialy -time.”Pet Vogel - Not D ame Regional S econdary S chool er reAl product and company names herein may be t l rademarks of their respect owners. ive webmon
  • A» bout GFI O ffices locat around t gl ed he obe: US A, UK, Aust ia, Aust Romania and Mal a ral ria, t» H undreds of thousands of inst l ions worl alat dwide» Trust by t ed housands of companies around t worl he d» G FI product are sol by a gl s d obal network of thousands of partnersE mail s ales : Visit webmon : webmon
  • Download the freetrial, start monitoringand see if you have a probl you are not aware of… emhttp:/ / webmonitor webmon
  • www.gfi.comThe software specialists for S MBs