N-11015/107/2012-DPE                                         Government of India                                       Min...
according to the spirit of the Constitution and PESA Act; (v) strengthen Gram Sabhas to          function effectively as t...
serviceA.             Rs. 25,000 to 40,000     Having qualification as mentioned in Retired               Under           ...
Consultants shall be allowed TA/DA for their travel inside the country in connection         with the official work. The e...
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Category a for support for improving panchayat processes


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Category a for support for improving panchayat processes

  1. 1. N-11015/107/2012-DPE Government of India Ministry of Panchayati RajSubject : ToR for Appointment of Consultant (Category ‘A’) for Support for Improving Panchayat Processes under the Resource Support to States (RSS) and Rajiv Gandhi Panchayat Sashaktikaran Abhiyan (RGPSA) being implemented by Ministry of Panchayati Raj (MoPR).1. Essential Qualification and Experience (i) Master Degree / MBA from a reputed Institution (ii) At least seven years’ experience of working for Panchayats for preparation /implementations of schemes / guidelines / manuals / handbooks (iii) Basic Computer skills (iv) Good communication skill2. Desirable Qualifications (i) Possess extensive knowledge of Panchayat Raj Systems in States (ii) Possess experience in public service delivery through local bodies (iii) Possess knowledge and experience of working in social sector schemes (iv) Degree / Diploma in the field of Rural Development / Management3. Terms of Reference for engagement of Consultants I. Indicative Tasks to carried be out A. General The Rajiv Gandhi Panchayat Sashaktikaran Abhiyan (RGPSA), a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) proposed to be implemented by MoPR during the Twelfth Plan Period seeks to strengthen the Panchayati Raj system across the country and address critical gaps that constrain it. The Scheme inter alia aims to (i) enhance capacities and effectiveness of Panchayats and the Gram Sabhas; (ii) enable democratic decision-making and accountability in Panchayats and promote people’s participation; (iii) strengthen the institutional structure for knowledge creation and capacity building of Panchayats; (iv) promote devolution of powers and responsibilities to Panchayats
  2. 2. according to the spirit of the Constitution and PESA Act; (v) strengthen Gram Sabhas to function effectively as the basic forum of people’s participation, transparency and accountability within the Panchayat system; (vi) create and strengthen democratic local self government in areas where Panchayats do not exist; and (vii) strengthen the constitutionally mandated framework on which Panchayats are founded. Budgetary support under RGPSA is based on perspective and annual State plans. Consultants are required to provide support to MoPR to assist in the scrutiny of State plans and build the capacity of State teams in implementing their plans. B. Specific The specific task / area of work assigned to individual Consultant are as below: Analyze and prepare documents as under:- (i) Train State teams in facilitating appropriate Panchayat processes such as Panchayat and Gram Sabha meetings, planning, social audit etc. (ii) Assist States in assessing the present status of Panchayat processes as in their State and problems therein. (iii) Assist States in bringing about improvements in Panchayat processes by sharing of best practices, networking with resource institutions, preparing guidelines, manuals etc. II. Schedule for completion of Tasks : Tasks will have to be completed by the Consultant within the time frame specified by the Controlling Officers / Divisional Heads looking after the Scheme III. EntitlementConsultants would be paid monthly consolidated fees depending upon their qualifications andexperience, co-ordination, communication and analytical ability. In addition they will be paidlocal conveyance as mentioned below:Category Monthly Consolidated Qualification of Consultants other Qualification of Amount of Fee* than retired Consultants Consultant retired from Government
  3. 3. serviceA. Rs. 25,000 to 40,000 Having qualification as mentioned in Retired Under + para 1 & 2 above with atleast 3 years Secretary or Rs. 1,500/- p. m. as of experience in the relevant field. equivalent local conveyance The amount of fee in the case of retired Government officials appointed as Consultantsshall be decided in such a way that fee + pension drawn shall not exceed the last pay drawn. Aretired Government Official appointed as Consultant shall continue to draw pension and thedearness relief and pension during the period of his engagement as Consultant. His / herengagement as Consultants shall not be considered as a case of re-employment. IV. Other Conditions (i) The appointment of Consultants would be on full time basis and they would not be permitted to take up any other assignment during the consultancy with MoPR (ii) The maximum period of engagement of Consultant will be of five years with performance to be reviewed on completion of every year for further continuance. As and when the scheme of RSS terminates the services of the appointed Consultant may be continued under the newly proposed Scheme of RGPSA subject to satisfaction regarding job performance and other relevant considerations. However, the maximum tenure of working in both the schemes will not exceed five years in total. (iii) The Consultants shall not be entitled to any allowance such as dearness allowance and facilities / use residential telephone, transport facility, residential accommodation, personal staff, CGHS, medical reimbursement etc. (iv) Consultants shall be eligible for 8 days leave in a calender year on pro-rata basis. Therefore, the Consultant shall not draw any remuneration in case of his / her absence beyond 8 days in a year (calculated on pro-rata basis). Also, unavailed leave in a calender year will not be carried forward to next calender year. MoPR would be free to terminate the services in case of absence (of a Consultant) of more than 15 days beyond the entitled leave in a calender year. (v) No TA / DA shall be admissible for joining the assignment or on its completion. Consultants will not be allowed foreign travel at Government expenses. However,
  4. 4. Consultants shall be allowed TA/DA for their travel inside the country in connection with the official work. The entitlement will be as under:Types of Consultant TA /DA (on tour) EntitlementCategory – A TA – Reimbursement of Second AC Train Fare DA - Reimbursement for Hotel accommodation of upto Rs. 500/- per day; reimbursement of travel charges of upto Rs. 100/- per day for travel within the city and reimbursement of food bills not exceeding Rs. 200/- per day (vi) Though the headquarters of Consultants will be at Delhi, he/she may be liable to do the assigned work anywhere in India. (vii) The services of the Consultant shall be liable to be terminated at any time by giving 15 days notice in writing by the MoPR without assigning any reasons.