Global Experience Living in Australia Intro


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Global Experience Living in Australia Intro

  1. 1. HOMESTAY
  2. 2. Homestay Overview o Over the last 20 years its been a niche market o Over the last 12 months Homestay theres been a lot of discussion about it and what it should look like o Over the next 5 years I expect it to change again o Ideally Homestay creates memorable moments for students and families as they learn about each others culture
  3. 3. About GEo Established in 1999o Homestay is our core businesso Presence in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourneo Opening in Canberra 2011o Additional services: Airport Pick Up (APU)o Guardianshipo Student accommodation - working with Urban Nest 
  4. 4. About GE’s Culture o Homestay is all about cross cultural experiences  o People are individuals o Multi cultural staff, multiple languages in house o Important to do the work and have fun o Functioning business family o Host family teas and E-newsletter
  5. 5. About GE’s Standarso All families are interviewed by GE Homestay Co-ordinatoro All families have Working With Children Checks (WWCC)o All families are ensuredo 24 x 7 Emergency Service Numbers
  6. 6. HKABA NSW Chapter Business Award 2009GLOBAL EXPERIENCE Winner Export services
  7. 7. Typical Australian Family o De Facto o Single Mother o Single Father o Young married couple with or without children o Mixed Marriages between cultures o Older couples whose children have left home
  8. 8. Australian in Generalo 5 major cities on the countrys edge o Bus and train service varies from state to stateo This country is built on immigration, everyone comes from somewhere elseo Most commonly spoken 2nd languages - Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Hindi and Indonesiano Cultural norms 
  9. 9. Australian Foodo Typical breakfast and dinnero Lets talk about what that might look like
  10. 10. Internet and Phoneso Charges apply!o Internet - phone plans and things to noteo Phone - mobiles and landlines
  11. 11. Create a Memorable Experienceo When you arrive make sure you come with a positive attitudeo Bring an open mind to accept differenceso Be flexibility about this new culture, remember you can choose to take it as a learning experienceo Try new thingso Be tolerant of the things you might not agree witho Understand that Australia is a multicultural countryo Your host family may have come from another country themselves, many years ago, often this makes them great hosts as they know how challenging it can be to settle into a new country
  12. 12. Problems and Issueso When there are problems initially it is generally because of the change in cultureo If you find you are not comfortable with your Host Family please speak with GE or Denise at the college, so any issues can be resolvedo GE’s contact number is 61 2 9264 4022 and after hours emergency number is 61 430 008 448o GEs hours of operation • Mon - Fri 10:00 to 5:30  • Address – Level 1, 141 York St, Sydney