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Wor dzportfolio rev13 2

  1. 1. PortfolioGeorgia Dzurica
  2. 2. Collateral/Trade Incentive Programsample pageKichler LightingCool BreezesWalk out into the world of Maui. Herethe air is cooled by rainbows. Yet itseldom rains. Here, rich, red soilstretches to meet green hillsides. Theluscious lavender of jacaranda treescolors the landscape. Sea cliffs towerabove the surf. And below the waves,you follow currents of parrotfish pastcoral canyons.
  3. 3. Collateral/BrochureTNT Movies remind us of the valueof dreams.Movies become our shared history, and atTNT, we are committed to making ourcontribution to it. As today’s moviemakers,we have a vision to make popular enter-tainment features with the passion ofcreative excellence and original expression.That’s our enduring promise to you—toprovide first-quality programming that youcan be proud to offer to your community.We know that the value you recognize inour programming is the very foundation ofTNT. TNT Original productions are moviesthat showcase the most acclaimed stars andillustrious directors, writers and craftsmenworking in Hollywood today.
  4. 4. Collateral/Brochureexcerpt
  5. 5. Collateral/Consumer BrochureexcerptEastman KodakWHY CHOOSE A PROFESSIONALPHOTOGRAPHER?You’ve just made one of the biggestdecisions of your life, and there are amyriad of details preliminary to yourwedding day that still require decisions.Who will you ask to capture yourmemories?Only professional photographers havethe experience and expertise to makeyour wedding memories all you wantthem to be. . . .
  6. 6. Collateral/Capital Campaign BrochureexcerptChattahoochee Nature CenterThe Creeks named the river: Chatto-hoche, river of painted rock. It rises outof the rocks in the blue RidgeMountains, trickles through forest as itflows southwest and south to mingle itswaters with the Flint, and rolls into thesea more than 500 miles from its birth.Centuries later as our population hasgrown, the Chattahoochee has becomethe most endangered natural resource inmetro Atlanta. More than four millionresidents drain 300 million gallons aday from it and discharge 200 milliongallons of wastewater. . . .
  7. 7. Collateral/Custom BookexcerptHartsfield Atlanta Inter-national AirportBurning Bright to welcome the World.This time the fire that lit Atlanta burned inthe Olympic cauldron. A torch against thesky.The city was aflame with the Olympicspirit when Atlanta hosted the CentennialGames in the summer of 1996. It was anopportunity to introduce Atlanta to theworld. More than 10,000 athletes from197 countries competed, following thedream of gold. Two million fans came tosee them win. Three-and-a-half billionpeople watched on television. . . .
  8. 8. Annual Report/nonprofitexcerptCARE USAQuestion 9: Isn’t there enough foodto feed everyone?“The simple answer is yes, theoretically,”says David Kauck, food policy analyst, “butit’s very unevenly distributed.”And distribution is just one reason thattoday, an estimated 900 million people arehungry, the vast majority being women andgirls. This number is growing by fourmillion a year.“The main reason for their worseningplight is the increase in commodity prices,”Kauck says. “And that’s partly related torising fuel prices worldwide. Another factoris the changing demand for food. And thereare two big drivers there. One is the use ofcorn, in particular, to produce biofuels . . . .
  9. 9. Feature Article/Custom PublicationexcerptNorthside HospitalBecoming a whole new person:You can change your life with bariatricsurgeryWe’ve all recovered from winter cabin feverand are looking forward to spending moretime outdoors. This is the time of year whenmany people take stock of their progress inkeeping New Year’s resolutions—especiallythe one about losing weight.For people who have been obese for years,it’s a perfect time to make the decision tochange their lives forever —the commit-ment to undergo bariatric surgery, otherwisecalled weight – loss surgery. . . .
  10. 10. FSIHeinz/Snausages,Pup-Peroni and JerkyTreats
  11. 11. Feature ArticleexcerptHouse & GardenSilk is a weave of sensual experiences. Sosoft, it floats. So supple, it flows. Itcrunches. It shines. It swirls like brandyin a glass. It rustles in anticipation. It hasbeen called “the queen of textiles.” Silk,Christopher Hyland, president ofChristopher Hyland Inc., says, “is part ofleading an engaged life.”“I don’t think there’s any other naturalmaterial quite like it,” says designerMonique Gibson, of Dilger Gibson inAtlanta. “It’s luxurious. It’s sexy. And theway it’s created is a small miracle.” . . .
  12. 12. Feature ArticleexcerptHouse & GardenPaul Stankard’s paperweights expressthe spirit of nature in the beauty ofglass.“Little flower—” wrote Tennyson of ablossom in a crannied wall, “But if I couldunderstand what you are … I should knowwhat God and man is.”In the woods near his home and studio inMantua, New Jersey, and in the gardens hecan see from his window as he works, PaulJ. Stankard searches for the same under-standing. Stankard is a master craftsman andglass artist who has become one of theworld’s foremost paperweight makers,creating individual native flowers, bouquetsand natural environments so real that manybeholders are startled to realize that they arelooking into glass. . . .
  13. 13. Feature ArticleexcerptInterior DesignHome of Dallas Austinthe starship serentityFloating in the pool at his friend LennyKravitz’s supercool house in Miami earlyone morning, music and film executiveDallas Austin mused out load about livingin a “spaceship” like Kravitz’s someday. Itwasn’t long before the rocker’s architect,Architropolis principal Michael Czysz, wason his way to Atlanta to help Austin lookfor a lot. . . .
  14. 14. Feature ArticleexcerptVerandaHome of Rutherford and Laura TurnerSeydelEcoManor: Sustainable StyleJust weeks after Laura Turner Seydel andher husband Rutherford bought the1920stwo-bedroom dwelling behind their hometo create a guest cottage, it was crushed bya giant oak tree. You might say nature gavethem a nudge. Soon afterward, the environ-mental activists and philanthropists—Laurais the daughter of CNN founder TedTurner, and Rutherford is an attorney—built EcoManor, now their home and anaward-wining showcase for the latest ingreen residential design.
  15. 15. :60 RadioexcerptKraft Foods/SweepstakesVO OVER PA: Code blue in aisle three!VO: Things are getting out of hand at FoodWorld and Bruno’s. Some folks have beenendangering other shoppers by practicing forone of the five $1000 shopping sprees theyhope to win in our Kraft “Celebrate theHoliday” Sweepstakes. They’ve toppledcantaloupes and knocked over salad dressing.That’s not necessary! If you’re a winner in theKraft “Celebrate the Holiday” Sweepstakes,you can shop at your own speed. It’s not atimed event!A couple of ladies came in with gloves andcoolers and drilled each other on moving icecream. One guy dropped a frozen turkey on hisfoot! . . .
  16. 16. :60 RadioexcerptWegmans/American Greetings,Something Else cardsMALE VO (40s GUMSHOE):I suppose you could say it was a prettyordinary day in Wegmans Card Shop—unless it was your birthday or something.I was making small talk with an envelopewhen he came in. He was – well, you knowthe type. A big guy who could hammernails with his bare hands. But there wassomething else about him . . . . You couldtell that on the inside, he was a soft touch.Probably kept a kitty at home.He knew what he wanted. Something else.None of your common greeting cards. Notfor him. . . .
  17. 17. Print Ad/B2BexcerptDurkanIt was a Durkan Monsanto Ultron®nylon printed carpet.When an official from the Inter-national Wool Bureau saw theinstallation, he couldn’t helpcomplimenting the designer. “Thisis the finest woolen Axminster I’veever seen!” he said.We certainly didn’t mean to pull thewool over his eyes. But we did.His was an understandable mistake.It’s just about impossible today totell the difference between anAxminster and our carpet when it’son the floor.
  18. 18. Print Ad/ B2BHoechst RousselThe old ways die hard. Some LCOs keepon doing the same old thing at thesame time, as though it were sacred.It’s the same thing season after season. Putdown a pre the month spring arrives.Run back in a couple of months andput down a second pre. Pray theweather holds. The only thing missingfrom this ritual is a some magic words.This season, break with tradition. Skip thefirst pre. Then use an early applicationof postemergence Acclaim® Herbicideplus a pre —such as Balan®, Pre-M®or others —at the same time crabgrassgerminates. That’s a control strategythat really works.
  19. 19. Print Ad/B2BexcerptBlastracStrip, clean, etch in one step withBlastrac® Portable Blast CleaningSystems.If you’re still using acid to profile floorsand other surfaces, your crew has to suit upas though they were headed for outerspace.But with a Blastrac® Portable BlastCleaning System, there’s no acid and noneed for bulky protective clothing. Airlesscentrifugal shot-blasting technologyeliminates the hazard of handling acid andthe problem of chemical waste disposal. Itleaves surfaces dry and dust-free and helpscoatings and toppings bond to the floor forlong life. . . .
  20. 20. Print Ad/B2CexcerptBluegreenCorporation/BrickshireWe’re just off I-64, only 20 minutes east ofdowntown Richmond. The hardest driveyou’ll have is on our Curtis Strange golfcourse —probably #5.But first, you get to decide which golf,water or wooded homesite you want.They start in the $50s, and you won’tbelieve how big they are!You decide when to build, too. When youare ready, choose from our team ofcustom builders to make your dreamhome a reality. Or opt for one of ourhomes —starting in the 300s. . . .
  21. 21. Corporate Communications/eNewsletterexcerptBayer HealthCareStep by step, Bayer HealthCare is movingtoward FDA licensure of a new commercialbiologics manufacturing facility in Lynn-wood, WA, just a few miles north of Seattle.This fully automated facility will producethe bulk drug Leukine (sargramostim). Thefirst phase of this construction at theNorthpointe site replaces the present leaseddowntown Seattle Bulk Drug Substancecommercial facility; the second build outphase will allow the consolidation of fourarea sites.In 1991, Leukine was the first biotechproduct to be approved in Washington’sbiotech community, . . .
  22. 22. Direct Response/Lift NoteexcerptPCS Coins & StampsBECAUSE THEY ARE NO LONGERBEING RELEASED TO THE GENERALPUBLICThat’s right. The U.S. governmentstopped releasing Kennedy Half-Dollarsto the general public in 2002. Mostpeople don’t even know that they are stillbeing minted, much less how to get theirhands on themBut don’t worry. As a select subscriber,you will be guaranteed to receive ourentire historic collection of uncirculated,regular-issue John F. Kennedy Half-Dollars, including the most recent coinsthat are not being released to the generalpublic.
  23. 23. Email CampaignexcerptAngelica(Company name) has been selected toreceive a FREE ON-SITE LINEN AUDIT fromthe country’s leading linen managementprovider. This audit is available to you atno cost and no obligation and could proveinvaluable to your practice.CONSIDER THESE IMPORTANTISSUES:Recent studies showed that 65% ofphysicians admit they haven’t washed theirlab coats in at least a week! Yet somegerms can live as long as 90 days on labcoats and uniforms.How often do you wash your lab coats?Your scrubs? . . .
  24. 24. Landing PageexcerptAngelicaFind out if you can save money whileenhancing the patient experience,promoting a professional image andensuring compliance with AAAHC regs.The nation’s leading linen managementand laundry service provider exclusivelyfor healthcare is a partner your clinic cantrust.For questions or to register, call 678-823-4100. . . .