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Part Three of workshop for Brant Early Years group. The sessions are three hours in duration and this session covers Social Platforms Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Marketing for success_p3

  1. 1. Marketing for Success Marketing your Centre in challenging times. Part 3 – Social Platforms Brant Early Years Centre Nov. 2013 Presented by: Gordon Diver, Diverse Achievements Gordon Diver - Diverse Achievements -
  2. 2. Agenda • Introductions • Week 2 Questions • Week 3 Objectives • Becoming a social business • Social Platforms: • Facebook • Pinterest • LinkedIn • Twitter Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  3. 3. Week 2 - Review Your Initial Blog Post • What was your experience? • What would you prevent you from doing this once a week? Position Statement: • Anyone willing to share Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  4. 4. Week 3 – Goals • Week three – Social Platforms: Investigate best practices for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest; How to manage each platform. How to construct a noticeable post, tweet; When to do your social sharing; Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  5. 5. Remember, it’s not about you. Marketing’s role is to reach customers and compel them to purchase, use and repurchase your service. Unfortunately, most customers don’t care about you or your company – they are interested in their wants and needs. What you want to avoid! Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements - Your challenge is to demonstrate that your service fulfills their needs and is in not only the parents but the children’s best interests.
  6. 6. Becoming a Social Business Before marketing became formal, it was about intimate customer connections. Moving away from the broadcast model, today, you have the opportunity of engaging in an intimate connection with your prospects and customers; 1 to 1. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  7. 7. Value proposition for being social Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  8. 8. Facebook Business Page Before you begin – What you need to know. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements - Your goals Your Audience Your Vanity URL Image Inventory Content Inventory Style and voice
  9. 9. Facebook Fan Page – Best Practices First – if you have a page that is a personal profile, you’ll want to convert it, for a number of reasons. You can do this easily. Facebook calls the process a “Profile to Business Page Migration” and you can do it by using this tool here. If you don’t have a page as yet, start here. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  10. 10. Fan Page Admin 1. Manage Page info, Edit Page settings and Admin rolls View Activity Log and Banned users Toggle account use 1 3 4 5 6 2 Invite your friends and contacts from your personal page 7 8 Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements - 2. Invite Friends, Share Page, Promote Page 3. Quick glance at post reach Options for reaching a larger audience 4. Respond and engage with followers via messages 5. Quick glance at Like count/new fans 6. Ad pages you want to follow. 7. Create Ads 8. Cover photo 9. Profile Picture 10. Give basic details and links for your company 11. Custom App thumbnails 12. Click to expand Custom Apps menu
  11. 11. Admin Functions Each role has different capabilities – only Managers have the ability to change each admin’s role. Facebook makes all admins managers by default. You can have as many admins on a Page as you want. To add an admin, go to “Edit Page” on your Timeline and then click “Admin roles.” Scroll down and select “Add another admin.” Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  12. 12. Admin Panel – Posting Voice 1 3 2 Know which voice you are in and how to change it. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  13. 13. Customize a Post To customize your posts you can: 1. Pin a post to the top: This will leave the post you pin at the top of your page for up to 7 days, unless you “unpin” it. If you have an event, deadline – a great way to ensure it’s seen. 2. Highlight a post: By clicking ‘Highlight”, you’ll enlarge your post across your entire timeline, as opposed to the one column. Effective for strong visual content. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  14. 14. Add a Location To add a location to your post, click on the small pin drop icon on the bottom of the status update box. Begin typing your location in the “Where are you?” section and Facebook will autogenerate relevant nearby locations. If your company is reporting about a live event, or hosting an event in a specific location, highlighting the location could be valuable but it’s not something that’s necessary for all posts. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  15. 15. Schedule your Posts You can schedule your posts for a time that might be suit your audience. If you don’t have time to update your Page’s Facebook status every day, consider using Facebook’s scheduling feature to schedule several posts over a few days or a week – planning ahead will make your life easier. It will also allow you to plan posts during the times that your users are the most engaged. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  16. 16. Adding / Changing your cover photo Use or design a cover photo with optimal dimensions (851 x 315 pixels). Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  17. 17. Timeline Posts • • Post the most interesting fact related to your content – and a link to the rest. Compelling updates make readers want more. • Engage – Respond to comments and answer questions; don’t ignore (or remove) negative feedback. • Stay Positive – Positive/Helpful Updates Inspire More Engagement Than Negative Ones. • Include images – Posts with images are more likely to be shared. • Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements - Share a tip – Start the update with “TIP” so it stands out in followers’ feeds. Make images mobile friendly – Since most users access Facebook via mobile, choose simple, clear images that are easy to see from a phone/tablet.
  18. 18. Updating Best Practices Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  19. 19. Tabs Your Tabs Customize your app thumbnail image: You can upload a photo to use as the image that appears with the thumbnail or you can use a free online tool such as one from to create a custom image. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  20. 20. Facebook Success Story Why a success: Engagement rate has increased by 50% check ins and between 5 – 10% engagement. Translated to 400% increase in volunteers year over year First surplus budget in 2012 achieved (only part can be contributed to increased revenue from social) Increase in other media coverage of events and independent projects. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  21. 21. Pinterest Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  22. 22. Two sides to Pinterest Business Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  23. 23. Why you might consider it. Pinterest drove 3.68% of traffic to publishers in September, the second highest of the social networks on the list and three times as much as Twitter, which ranked third. In fact, Pinterest's share of overall visits increased by 66% year-overyear, more than any other social network. Multiple studies have shown that the audience is approximately 80% female, distributed fairly evenly throughout the 25-54 age range and well educated. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  24. 24. Your Pinterest Hub – Boards. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  25. 25. What’s in a pin? Pinterest Like and Repin buttons. If you repin someone else’s post, it appears on your board. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  26. 26. Click on a Pin Pins offer a lot of opportunities: 1. A chance to get feedback and engage in conversations 2. New boards to follow to get other ideas or information 3. A direct link back to your web site or the originating source website 4. Social proof of your knowledge in a chosen field 5. Ability to provide your followers support at their convenience. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  27. 27. Getting Pinned Web site visitors are where the main benefits of Pinterest begin and end for marketers. Visitors Pin content giving a site exposure and hopefully generating new traffic. The marketer’s role is to optimize the Pinning process and to convert the incoming traffic. On your home page click +: • Choose to upload a pin • Add from a website • Or Create a new board. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  28. 28. Add your Comments and Pin It! Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  29. 29. What it will look like Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  30. 30. Advantages of Pinning Pinterest just took this natural activity and focused on providing an intuitive, streamlined platform for making it into a social activity. Benefits Include: 1. Pins last indefinitely 2. Pins are easy 3. Pins center around passions and interests, shared by your followers. 4. Images and video are very important in today’s content and search activity 5. Helps drive traffic back to your site Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  31. 31. LinkedIn Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  32. 32. Benefits of LinkedIn Great for business visibility. Build Your network, personally and professionally. Join groups and post YOUR info – create authority. Post about others and have others post about you. Start an industry-related group. Read updates and add value through comments. All activities show in the feed and in your Company page. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  33. 33. Professional Profile A powerful profile will help you show up in the search results, helping others find you and connect. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  34. 34. Using your real estate to it’s full advantage Build your network Claim your personal url. Use keywords to help you get found in your profile summary. As seen, your position title will be easily visible – use this space to make an impact and help get found in the LinkedIn searches Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  35. 35. Seeing results Track how often your profile is viewed and how often your profile appeared in search results. See who has looked at your profile. If I was on the paid version, would see all the views. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  36. 36. Capitalizing on Search & Social Prospecting A quick search identified 216 connections with and how I might know or get to introduced to someone. • Search criteria: • Early Childhood, • Located in Canada • Within 80kms of N4Z1B6 Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  37. 37. Linkedin Company Page Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  38. 38. Title To Create a LinkedIn Company Page you must meet these requirements:  Be an employee of the company  Your position is listed in your Experience section  You have a company email address  Your company email domain is unique to your business  Your profile strength must be intermediate  You have several connections already in place. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements - What you can do on your company page.
  39. 39. Products and Services Page 1. Go to main company page and choose “Products” 2. Click Edit Page and then choose “add a product or service” 3. After you fill it all out, click publish and your good to go. It may seem daunting, but it is really worth your time and effort Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  40. 40. Recommendations Shows your viewer, their contacts that have recommended you. From your product page, click “request recommendations”. The form is prefilled but you can and should personalize your request. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  41. 41. Showcase Pages A niche Company Page that your followers can opt in to learn more about a certain product or subbrand. You can create up to 10 showcase pages for your company. Great for brands with distinct customer personas. Ensures that your followers will get the relevant information that they want and need and you get more traffic and leads. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  42. 42. Twitter Twitter is a free social network service for friends, family, and coworkers to communicate and stay connected in real time through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. People write short updates, often called "Tweets" of 140 characters or fewer. These messages are posted to your profile, sent to your followers, and are searchable on Twitter search. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  43. 43. Twitter Bio So be sure to capture and brand your Twitter handle for yourself and your business as soon as possible. Even if you don’t plan on investing in your Twitter activity for a while, it won’t hurt to reserve your name before someone else does. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  44. 44. Twitter Lingo Hashtags # Are terms that categorize your tweets and help them go beyond your followers Retweet RT When some shares your tweet with their followers Trends: Hot topics on Twitter based on keywords and #hashtags Via: It usually means a link is from that user’s website or that user is the author. Mention: It means they have used your @username in a tweet. Direct Message: Twitter’s email Twitter List: Twitter allows you to create lists of up to 500 people Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  45. 45. Twitter Home Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  46. 46. Twitter Connect • • Just click on Interactions on the Connect page, and you’ll be able to see which of your Tweets have been favorited, plus the latest retweets (of your Tweets), Tweets directed to you (@replies and mentions), and your new followers. • Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements - This tab offers a simple way to see how others on Twitter are interacting with you. If you'd only like to see your @replies and mentions, click on the Mentions tab on the Connect page.
  47. 47. Getting started on Twitter Give yourself a little time to get your feet wet. Listen to others. Jump in when you feel comfortable. Start talking as you get your bearings. Start conversations and find folks you find interesting, helpful or entertaining. Then share their stuff. Photo credit: Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  48. 48. Types of Tweets 5 Types of Twitter Posts: 1. Tweet – A message you send out to everyone that follows you. 2. @Reply – A message you send to reply to someone in the stream (seen by both of your followers) 3. @Mention – A message you send that mentions another twitter user 4. Direct Message (DM) – A private twitter message 5. Retweet – Reposting a message that another twitter user has sent out, that you believe your followers will find of value. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  49. 49. Tweet Smarter To Tweet smarter, keep these in mind: • Give people information and answer their questions. • Being interesting and entertaining • Use visuals when you can • Drive traffic back to your website/blog to increase engagement • Connect your twitter with other online platforms, Web/Facebook/Blog – allow others to share your stuff. • Have fun Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  50. 50. Twitter Search – Advanced Search Twitter has a very strong search function and can be accessed in two ways: • • In the search bar with advanced search Use the Places feature to identify your location by city or zip code. Twitter displays a list of people who are tweeting near that location. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  51. 51. Example of Search Result Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  52. 52. Success Story Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  53. 53. Why I believe it’s an ongoing success You probably don't remember me but I took your workshop in Brantford and since then have tried to take your advice and start blogging for our website. I just wanted to say thank you. As a result of my blogging, we are receiving more hits to our website. Not only that, people are "talking" about us in the community. We have had an increase in enrolment and for the first time we have a lengthy waiting list for our infant program. My blogs have been shared and we have received recognition in our local newspaper when they published a story based on one of my blogs. Most recently, a professional in the field shared my blog at one of her workshops and encouraged the Early Childhood Educators in the training to read it. I have been slowly implementing your great advice on how to increase our online presence etc. I have a long way to go and certainly do not understand it all, but the small changes I have made seem to be making a difference. Thank you. Naomi, Director of Seaforth Co-operative Children's Centre. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  54. 54. Resources: To help you prepare: 1. Becoming a Social Buiness: IBM 2. Facebook’s: How to Create a Business Page 3. Pinterest for Business 4. Twitter for business – Best Practices 5. LinkedIn Best Practices: LinkedIn Content Marketing Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
  55. 55. Thank You Next week we focus on: • Video • Email • Analytics • Proposal Writing • And Wrap – up Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -