Creating Your Own Blog Using Wordpress
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  • 1. Apple's face recognition software works on cats (from The Times Online) Stop press! The new iPhoto face recognition software that comes in the new iLife package for Mac computers (out this week) is designed to make tagging photos in your library much quicker. You tell it who a person is and it automatically goes and finds the same faces in other pics and tags them with that name. Useful if you have a big selection of digital photos. Now Webomatica has found that it works on cats. I bet Apple was not counting on a revenue stream for iLife from cat lovers. Does it work on dogs, goldfish, hamsters... I wonder. . ICEBREAKER
  • 2. Creating Your Own Blog Using Wordpress Your Presence on the Web
  • 3. The Evolution of the Internet
    • Web 1.0
      • Static web sites (hard to make, hard to keep up)
      • Centralized information
      • A “Spectator” web
    • Web 2.0
      • Dynamic web sites (easy to make and change)
      • Decentralized information
      • A “Participator” web
  • 4. Web 1.0 The Cookie
  • 5. Web 2.0
  • 6. Weblog
    • Information and News
    • Comment and Opinion
    • Pictures and Video
    • Links to Other Sites
    • Reader Comments
    • The “Hive Mind”
  • 7. STOP!!! A Quick Word about Teacher Blogs
    • A Blog is PUBLIC SPACE Do not put anything up that you would not want a student, parent, or me to see
    • Take responsibility for the comments on your site
    • Do not talk about individual students or groups of students
    • Do not communicate with students on an independent blog site
    Don’t Be Stupid!
  • 8. Creating a Personal Blog
    • Create a free account at
    • Create a unique name for your new blog your blog will be name.
    • Select a Theme for your blog
    • Add Widgets
    • Start publishing!
  • 9. Popular Widgets
    • Calendar
    • List of Recent Entries
    • Blogroll (Other sites you like)
    • Blog Stats
    • Search
    • RSS to other feeds
  • 10. How Do I get Other People to My Blog?