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GDS International - Next - Generation - Telecommunications - Summit - Africa - 3
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GDS International - Next - Generation - Telecommunications - Summit - Africa - 3


Mass scale location-based intelligence solution

Mass scale location-based intelligence solution

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. aINTERSEC White PaperA Mass Scale Location-BasedIntelligence SolutionAdvancing Mobile Location Technologyfor Intelligence and Law EnforcementAgenciesINTERSEC – SA à directoire et conseil de surveillance au capital de 1 488 554,80€ - RCS Nanterre B 479 898 561
  • 2. INTRODUCTIONGovernments all over the world are aware of the potential of mobile technologies andLocation-based Intelligence for security and alerting purposes. Intelligence and lawenforcement agencies (LEAs) are adapting legacy surveillance systems with the latesttechnology to their evolving needs.Location-based Intelligence and how it can notably deliver on Government needs regardingSecurity is tightly linked to the concept of Situation Awareness. Situation Awareness can beseen as a shorthand description for "keeping track of what is going on around you in acomplex, dynamic environment" and "what you need to know not to be surprised" (Jeannot,Kelly, & Thompson, 2003)In this document, we will first assess what the needs of Intelligence and LEAs are regardingmobile location information and what the key attributes of an adequate solution could be.Then, we will expose an overview of a Mass Intercept Location Solution technicalproposition and how it can optimally fit the market needs. THE NEEDS FOR LOCATION-BASED INTELLIGENCELocation-based Intelligence is the ability to use data and information about spatiotemporalrelationships between and among people, places, and objects to understand actions andevents that have occurred or are occurring.By combining location data with other types of data, such as mobile events captured fromwireless networks; organizations are looking to gain new and incremental insights intosituations, predictive behavior, and in identifying patterns.Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies will typically need to:  Utilize subscribers’ location information for investigation purposes,  Track persons of interest in real-time, including pursuit,  Provide historical mass positioning data from all operators’ subscribers for analysis,  Locate mobile emergency calls, A Mass Scale Location-Based Intelligence Solution 2
  • 3.  Identify threats and security breaches – people entering predefined areas (geo- fence).Location-based Intelligence needs to tackle a myriad of use cases.Here are just a few examples:  During abduction investigations law enforcement agencies need to be able to precisely track the suspect or victim’s handset location.  Intelligence and national security agents must be able to access and track all cell phone data within a particular area. This could be from a timely analysis around an event (for example mapping wireless activities before and after a terrorist attack) or a real-time detection of intrusion in sensitive area. In such case, detecting intrusion and security breaches and providing additional technological support for entrance control is critical.  Pattern and behavior detection of a suspect group, allowing real-time proximity detection of several targets.What needs to be highlighted here in term of context is obviously the ability to deal with amass scale approach as mobility is now part of everyone’s day life and mobile penetrationexceeds 100% in most developed markets, resulting in millions to hundreds of millions oftargets to be considered. ATTRIBUTES FOR A MASS-SCALE LOCATION-BASED INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONLocation based Intelligence needs to be thought on a mass-scale basis due to the de-factomobile ecosystem we are living in.Beyond that prerequisite, we have seen that the following is key for Location-BasedIntelligence solution  Consolidation of all subscribers’ historical mass positioning data for observational studies and criminal investigations,  Real-time tracking with adequate accuracy of targets, A Mass Scale Location-Based Intelligence Solution 3
  • 4.  Real-time notification to the LEA of when specific relevant circumstances occur, including threat identification amongst the overall mobile elements of the ecosystem.Detailed below are some identified requirements or attributes for an efficient mass-scalelocation-based intelligence solution. Attributes DescriptionReliable accuracy and freshness Automatic location data updates enabling reliable and real-time tracking. Ensuring accuracy for location request meets expectation.Compatibility to all handsets and high Hundreds of millions of citizens to be potentiallyperformance on a mass-scale basis tracked at several thousand events per second, enabling optimal mass analysis.Data historization of all mass Identification of potential threats, of the last location ofpositioning and cell phone activities a turned-off handset… Observation and analysis of mass and target movement patterns.Operational and future-proof 2G & 3G ready, and compatible with WiFi, Wimax andtechnology LTE technology.Indoor and outdoor geolocation Compliance with set-top boxes for Wi-Fi connection and femtocells.Geo-scalability enabling the creation Geofences allowing the identification of targetsof pre-defined areas entering, remaining or leaving a precise area.Advanced Geofencing for security Must provide efficient “in area” and “boundary transition” detection without sacrificing the location accuracy critical for public safety.Location of emergency calls Increase efficiency for public services with valuable time-savings, providing location and time data from the caller.Proximity detection Observe and gather evidence of association between suspects.SIM and device swap detection Multi-SIM behavior does not interfere during the tracking of an individual as the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) is saved. The technology must identify and notify the IMEI from a single target device and if a single target uses different handsets.Interface to Operators & to Control The solution needs to offer comprehensive interfaceCentre (eg Governments Agencies) decoupling the control and operating layer that is to be A Mass Scale Location-Based Intelligence Solution 4
  • 5. centralized from the active/technical layer interacting with mobile operator core network.Quick and easy access though intuitive Government institutions need to quickly accessand secure web-interface historical mapping of one or several individuals.Adaptable time period for data Data must be stored (for example one year by default),historization according to target not excluding the possibility of data historization for apriority level longer time period for low-priority targets and even indefinitely for high-priority targetsVoluntary target exclusion via the Eliminate false leads during criminal investigations.creation of a blacklistThe location capability In addition to compatibility to any handset, the solutioncannot be disabled by the mobile should ensure that the ability to locate cannot bephone user in any way disabled by the mobile user. MASS SCALE MOBILE LOCATION INTELLIGENCE SOLUTION: A TECHNICAL PROPOSALFor many years, several different location techniques in wireless networks have beendefined, notably thanks to GSM and 3GPP/3GPP2 standardization bodies for 2G and 3Gnetworks.These “active-location” techniques based on GMLC/SMLC have proven to be valuable andeffective in order to enable the on-demand precise location of a user or group of users.While this certainly answers important key market requirements around real-timeinformation gathering and accurate precision for tracking purpose, this is not enough toenable a proper intelligent and pro-active solution, notably on the following aspects: - Consolidating of location information of all users at all-time to enable historical analysis, - Consolidating of location information of all users at all-time to enable real-time or quasi real-time detection such as intrusion, geofencing and real-time pattern detection where such events can be notified to the relevant entity. A Mass Scale Location-Based Intelligence Solution 5
  • 6. Key approach for such pro-active solution is to monitor/receive in real-time ALL networksevents from the network and ALL users where location information is relevant – we enterhere the mass-scale attribute of a target solution: mass interception is the focus.While pro-active solution augments very significantly what standard-based active-solutioncan deliver today thanks to overview of everyone at any time, it is to be limited to either: - What is technically available at integration level within the core network as standardized location accuracy information – typically Cell ID or Enhanced Cell ID in some networks. - What the integration point with the network can provide in term of freshness of location information.These are de-facto tradeoffs on the pro-active solution side to enable a Mass Interceptionproposition.The proposed way forward for an adequate proposition is the hybrid solution, bringingtogether the best of both worlds – the standard-based active and high accuracy solutionwith the mass scale pro-active element.The mass-scale pro-active element is the foundation for data analysis and data historization.It also has to ensure the relevant logic orchestration, complementing network originatedinformation analysis with the on-demand precision within active requests. Architecture for Mass-Scale Location-Based Intelligence A Mass Scale Location-Based Intelligence Solution 6
  • 7. It is to be noted that such Mass Interception Location solution can provide more intelligencethan just Location Intelligence.Indeed beyond locating population, the solution aggregates rich information in real-timesuch as handset and subscriber distribution and other (network) information related tomobile users – this is really about knowledge enrichment related to mobile users.This high-value information is key to support operator strategy to monetize theirfundamental asset – the knowledge of their customersCONCLUSIONIn a world characterized by increased mobility and the diversification of potential threats,new security needs require technological adaptation and greater demand for Intelligence.A Mass Intercept Solution for Mobile-Location Intelligence as defined in this paper candeliver effectively on government agencies’ current surveillance as well as security needs.As positioned, the combination and synergy between mass-scale pro-active and activegeolocation elements enable the technical realization of a pertinent proposition for MobileLocation, plus can provide additional value for Mobile Operator regarding the knowledge oftheir customers.Intersec GeoLocator (IGLOO) is a recognized market leading solution for mass-scale pro-active solution managing real-time location activity for 100s of millions subscriberssimultaneously – delivering effectively the next generation solution for Location BasedIntelligence. A Mass Scale Location-Based Intelligence Solution 7