TABLE  OF CONTENTSHealthcare—the paradigm shift                                     4Check up: what HP can offer you      ...
HEALTHCARE                THE                    PARADIGM SHIFTPeople expect more fromhealthcare providersthan of any othe...
CHECK UP:               WHAT HP CAN OFFER YOU                            Optimize infrastructure                       Imp...
OPTIMIZE              YOUR                   INFRASTRUCTURE                           In many healthcare organizations, th...
MANAGE                   YOUR     ENVIRONMENT                            After optimization, the next step is          HP ...
IMPROVE                       YOUR                            WORKFLOWWith HP workflowsolutions, you canautomate many pape...
HP DIGITAL HEALTH                              THE                                  VISION                                ...
PRINT PATIENT IDENTIFICATION   WITH HP LASERJET                    PRINTERS AND MFPs                            Patient sa...
SECURE PRESCRIPTIONS WITH           HP SecureRx                       PRINTING SOLUTION                                   ...
IMPROVE OUTCOMES WITH            HP PATIENT                       COMMUNICATIONSHelp reduce hospitalre-admissions, improve...
CHILDREN’S solution that wasn’t a stop-gap approach, anddelivers                                “We wanted a              ...
SAN JUAN REGIONAL MEDICALcan print prescription                             “Physicians like the HP TROY solution because ...
HUMANA, Inc.                           Boosting member satisfaction while saving millions in                           cus...
WHY HP?A worldwide leader and trustedtechnology partner dedicated toimproving business and healthoutcomes, HP offers an ex...
To learn more,visit www.hp.com/go/healthcare© 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained her...
GDS International - Next - Generation - Healthcare - Summit - US - 5
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GDS International - Next - Generation - Healthcare - Summit - US - 5


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Healthcare Industry Brochure Sept 2011 4AA3-7122ENW

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Transcript of "GDS International - Next - Generation - Healthcare - Summit - US - 5"

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSHealthcare—the paradigm shift 4Check up: what HP can offer you 5Optimize your infrastructure 6Manage your environment 7Improve your workflow 8HP Digital Health—the vision 9HP devices: compatible with leading healthcareinformation system providers 10Print patient identification with HP LaserJet printers and MFPs 11Increase accuracy with HP Distributed Workflow Solutionsfor Healthcare 12Secure prescriptions with HP SecureRx Printing Solution 13Print from mobile devices with HP ePrint Enterprise forHealthcare Providers 14Improve outcomes with HP Patient Communications 15Case studies 16Why HP? 19 HP IMAGING AND PRINTING SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTHCARE
  3. 3. HEALTHCARE THE PARADIGM SHIFTPeople expect more fromhealthcare providersthan of any other typeof public institution. Asunderstandable as this is,it places hospitals undertremendous pressure.How can you meet yourtargets in a real world ofbudget constraints andstaff shortages? Today’s healthcare industry is on the the opportunity to achieve process brink of a major shift: the opportunity to efficiencies, tangible cost savings, and move from caring for sick patients on a improved patient outcomes. case-by-case basis to providing holistic, Of course, it is your clinical teams—the proactive, and personalized long-term doctors and nurses—who really determine accountable health management. Such the quality of patient outcomes. But like a dramatic change requires overcoming other professionals, their success depends a number of challenges: the need to partly upon having the right information alter workflow processes, adapt to new when they need it. And that is where workplace cultures, define processes for HP can help. handling reimbursements, and manage organizational change. In addition—and HP offers a wide range of imaging and perhaps the most technically daunting printing solutions specifically designed challenge of the evolving healthcare for healthcare providers. These can help model—is that it requires an end-to-end you get the most of your printing and digital health framework that enables copying infrastructure, manage your clients to coordinate care across the environment, and digitize and streamline extended healthcare ecosystem. your document-intensive processes, helping you to improve your workflows To help the industry realize the goal of in areas such as admissions, at the delivering collaborative care, HP has nursing station, and in the medical developed innovative solutions that give records department. healthcare providers around the world4
  4. 4. CHECK UP: WHAT HP CAN OFFER YOU Optimize infrastructure Improve workflowHP offers a wide range By consolidating many functions, such as Through the deployment of HP workflowof imaging and printing faxing, printing, scanning and copying into cost-efficient multifunction printers solutions and intelligent HP devices, our consultants can help you automate paper-solutions and services (MFPs), and making sure you have the intensive workflows. This doesn’t just help right mix of devices placed on the network reduce costs, it also reduces administrativefor healthcare providers. where they are most needed, you can burdens and, most importantly, improvesBroadly speaking, they reduce human error, cut costs, increase patient outcomes. user productivity, and increase your returnfall into three tiers on investment (ROI). HP works with each client to Manage environment produce a tailored package that matches the client’s goals and Working with HP, often as part of an HP Managed Print Services contract, needs. This could mean choosing the day-to-day running of your print solutions entirely from one of infrastructure can be continually the above tiers, or mixing and fine-tuned to help reduce cost and matching across all three tiers. It is maintain high levels of productivity. all about getting it right for you. HP security and “pull” printing solutions can help you reduce risk and aid with compliance mandates. 5
  5. 5. OPTIMIZE YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE In many healthcare organizations, the placed exactly where they are needed printing environment consists of an and will be most useful.With the right mix of assortment of devices of different ages By making sure you have the rightdevices, you can balance and from different vendors: some old and mix of devices and consolidating print, overworked, others state-of-the-art but,cost and productivity if they are not optimally placed on the fax, copy, and scan functions into cost-efficient multifunction devices, network, underutilized. you can not only improve clinical and When you work with HP, our consultants back office productivity, but also help use HP tools to gather details of the significantly reduce costs, too. printers on your network and produce HP has one of the broadest device detailed reports on users print behavior portfolios on the market: from and the way in which your print, fax, single-function HP LaserJet printers copy, and scan infrastructure is used. that fit on a desktop to departmental With this information, they can design multifunction devices. No matter what an environment that ensures you have the your requirements, you can be confident right mix of devices to meet the needs that HP has the mix of devices to match. of your users and that these devices are6
  6. 6. MANAGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT After optimization, the next step is HP Security Solutions to ensure that your infrastructure stays inWith HP remote print peak condition. There are a number of Compliance and patient data confidentiality are key concerns formanagement tools, you ways HP can help you achieve this goal. healthcare organizations. Usingcan easily support and Increasingly, many healthcare organizations HP “pull” printing solutions, documents are choosing to outsource some or all of are printed when an authorized usermaintain your printer, their day-to-day imaging and printing identifies themselves at the printer, usingscanner, and copier fleet management under an HP Managed Print Services contract. This is a flexible a PIN, swipe card or other means. So documents aren’t left lying at theat optimum efficiency contract that can be tailored to your printer for anyone to read. organization’s needs. By outsourcingfor your “always on” some or all of your print and copy Other security options include the encryption of data as it travels across theinfrastructure. provision to HP, you free your own support network and the use of secure, encrypted staff to concentrate on other tasks such as hard disks in your HP multifunction printers. EMR and/or CPOE implementation, and you can reduce ongoing imaging and Sensitive documents, such as prescriptions, printing costs. can be protected with printed security features that guard against unauthorized Alternatively, your IT support department copying and alteration. These solutions may choose to implement market-leading include: HP remote print management tools. These provide the tools you need to support and • Copy-evident pantograph: If a maintain your imaging and printing fleet prescription is copied, a special printed centrally at optimum efficiency. pattern reveals the word “COPY” repeated across the entire copy HP Web Jetadmin • Variable data watermark: Unique user-defined data is printed across the HP Web Jetadmin is a market-leading back or front of each document to protect remote print management program. against fraudulent alteration It can integrate closely with Microsoft Active Directory and allows IT support • MicroPrint optimized for laser printing: staff to remotely maintain and troubleshoot Reveals secondary authentication your entire fleet, simplifying and reducing and copy protection under simple the cost of day-to-day management. magnification And it is free to download; just go to: • Intelligent warning box: Allows first www.hp.com/go/webjetadmin line inspectors to easily verify document authenticity HP Universal Print Driver The HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) is a single driver that supports all HP business printers and multifunction devices. It offers a range of features comparable to those of the device’s own driver, while reducing the cost of driver certification and simplifying the printing experience of mobile users. Download the free HP UPD at: www.hp.com/go/upd 7
  7. 7. IMPROVE YOUR WORKFLOWWith HP workflowsolutions, you canautomate many paper-intensive workflowsThe smooth running of any healthcareorganization relies on the seamless flow ofcritical information, automatically routedto where it needs to be at any given point.With documents arriving at healthcareproviders from many different sources,sometimes in digital form, sometimes onpaper, information management can be Admissions/Clinical Workflows Pharmacy prescriptionsa labor- and paper-intensive job. HP Distributed Workflow Solutions for HP SecureRx Printing Solution: SaveWith HP workflow solutions, you can Healthcare: Easily scan patient records cost, improve efficiencies, and help meetautomate these paper-intensive workflows. at the point of origin, reducing costly prescription security regulations with theThis can mean lower costs, a reduced re-creation of lost documents. This also HP SecureRx Printing Solution.administrative burden, and less scope helps to speed the delivery of the rightfor human error. And because of close information to the right place at the right Mobile printingcollaboration with leading healthcare time in the right format—improving theapplication providers, you can be certain HP ePrint Enterprise for Healthcare value of physicians’ decision-making toolsHP workflow solutions integrate seamlessly at the point of care. Providers: Print wherever healthcarewith clinical healthcare systems. takes you right from your smartphone or tablet PC, and improve the productivityA good example of how this can work is Regulatory compliance of mobile care providers as well asin the Admissions and Medical Records HP Access Control: Help meet patient patient experience.(1)departments. Using HP multifunction privacy regulations by controlling andprinters (MFPs), you can scan documents,such as prescriptions and test results, managing access/output to MFPs Healthcare enterprise workflow and printers with authentication andstraight to a patient’s medical record at HP Forms Automation, LAN fax, and authorization, plus an audit log of who isthe touch of a button. Virtual Print Center: Convert all pre- faxing, scanning, copying, and printingYou can even print patient details and protected patient health information. printed paper forms to digital format,barcodes directly onto patient wristbands, access them through a Web portal,further facilitating the correct and timely add variable patient data, and print on Personalized patientflow of information. demand with standardized health system communications branding and messaging—all at the touchBut it is not always about hardware and HP Patient Communications: Create of a button. Meet government compliancesoftware. HP consulting and integration customized patient communications, regulations and save costs with a faxservices teams can analyze how you run explanation of benefit statements, server solution.your unit and recommend technology to personalized wellness educationimprove efficiency and reduce manual brochures, physician transition reports,steps in the process. and other high-quality color marketing (1) Requires an Internet connection to the printer. Feature works with any connected Internet- and e-mail-capable materials with HP Exstream, a market- device. Print times may vary. Some HP LaserJet printers leading customer communications may require a firmware upgrade. For a list of supported documents and image types, see management solution. www.hp.com/go/eprintcenter. And for additional solutions, see www.hp.com/go/mobile-printing-solutions8
  8. 8. HP DIGITAL HEALTH THE VISION Collaborative healthcare is a team effort, The HP Digital Health solution portfolio involving many professionals performing includes: in highly specialized roles. As care • HP Digital Hospital (DH) 2.0: coordination extends beyond the hospital HP Digital Hospital holistically and physician office setting to the home addresses the IT needs of the most and mobile environment, the efficient complex and critical elements of care management of information and care delivery in inpatient settings. Featuring is vital to achieving optimal outcomes. an expanded solution framework HP Digital Health solutions focus on and formal reference architectures, enabling real-time information sharing— HP Digital Hospital uses technology and provide a vision and blueprint for convergence to create a highly how health organizations can improve integrated, pervasive, real-time information environment. HP Information operational efficiencies, speed innovations Workflow Solutions provide the secure into practice, minimize risk, and deliver on- and off-ramp to this state-of-the- high quality care. art environment. • HP V-Health (Virtual Health)Real-world results in Norway(2) Management: This framework and solution set focuses on the outpatientOne of the more remarkable digital health success stories involves Akershus University and home environment, delivering toolsHospital (AHUS) in Norway, which opened in October 2008. The state-of-the-art that enable healthcare organizationshospital has a high performance digital network, security infrastructure, teleconference, to link care “teams” to monitor healthand video conference systems, as well as desktop and printing facilities supplied by and deliver care to patients whereverTelenor, HP, and a consortium of partner vendors. it is needed.Their digital hospital transformation has enabled real-time connectivity and greater HP Digital Health 2.0 and V-Health efficiency. Small robots deliver supplies, every physician and nurse carries a wireless solutions leverage hardware, software, IP phone and smart card to check in at one of the hospital’s 1,800 wireless access and services from across the entirepoints, and a digital surveillance system makes it possible for fewer employees to HP portfolio. Healthcare organizationsprovide better security. that rely on the HP solution suite are then able to efficiently connect differentSince AHUS opened, the hospital realized staggering improvements in efficiency facilities such as hospitals, ambulatoryand productivity: clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing• The average length of patient stay was reduced by 20 percent. homes, and physician offices to deliver integrated care. HP Patient• There was a 50 percent reduction in adverse events. Communications Solutions and HP ePrint• The facility was able to decrease the number of full-time positions from 4,800 to 4,600. Enterprise are critical components of the virtual health strategy.(2) HP Transforming Your Enterprise magazine, Winter 2010. When healthcare organizations realize the capabilities of the HP Digital Health solution framework, they’re better positioned to achieve basic operational efficiencies such as digitized patient records and images; to orchestrate collaborative care by sharing information among hospitals, clinics, laboratories, home health nurses, administrators, and consumers; and to gain access to meaningful analytics that lead to better decision-making and drive better outcomes. 9
  9. 9. HP DEVICES: COMPATIBLE WITH LEADING HEALTHCARE INFORMATION SYSTEM PROVIDERSHP works closely withclinical software experts tomake sure that its printers,scanners, and MFPs meetthe requirements set bythe healthcare applicationvendors Managing complexity in large healthcare It is relationships such as these that have organizations is already a demanding helped HP and its partners develop task: it doesn’t need to be any more secure, easy-to-deploy solutions for challenging. That is why HP works closely electronic health records. This has made with clinical software experts to ensure it easy to capture documents such as that its comprehensive range of printers, identification cards, patient data and scanners and multifunction products meet procedural consent forms, allowing them the requirements set by the healthcare to be easily and quickly accessed by key independent software vendors (ISVs). departments and electronic patient record systems. In particular, HP works closely with the Cerner Corporation to make sure that its Furthermore, because of close printers and MFPs integrate seamlessly collaborations with leading healthcare with Cerner solutions. A testimony to this software providers, HP machines are also close partnership is the fact that the server built with future Health Information System component of Cerner Millennium® runs on (HIS) and clinical software applications in an HP implementation of UNIX® running mind, thus minimizing the need for you to on HP Integrity servers. HP has a wide upgrade your hardware. This, of course, range of printers and MFPs that are fully represents another significant savings compatible with Cerner solutions. As well for you. as working closely with Cerner, HP also has close working relationships with other key providers of healthcare software, such as EPIC, EMIS, INPS, and iSOFT .10
  10. 10. PRINT PATIENT IDENTIFICATION WITH HP LASERJET PRINTERS AND MFPs Patient safety is one of the major issues And by helping to ensure legible patientLeverage your investment facing any healthcare organization. data, hospitals can always provide Handwritten, addressographed or the right care to the patient and avoidin HP technology, improve label-applied wristbands have proven adverse events. This will also help speedquality, and consolidate to be ineffective in this regard. Patients every year have been given the wrong up your admission processes as the wristband can be seamlessly generateddevice footprint with medical care because of confusion over straight out of the Hospital Information wristbands—often due to illegible or System and collated directly into thethe range of HP devices damaged handwriting. admission package for that patient withapproved for LaserBand Over the last few years, printed a one-step process.patient ID wristbands wristbands with patient data have been made mandatory to phase out Because LaserBand wristbands print on standard HP LaserJet devices, youand labels handwritten wristbands in many countries. can use many of the existing HP LaserJet HP is an approved laser and multifunction printers or MFPs you have to print printer manufacturer that has a range wristbands as well as all of your other of devices for LaserBand® laser-printed printed documents. patient identification wristbands. These Reading a barcode wristband using wristbands are highly effective in a portable barcode scanner, clinical combating the problem of inaccurate staff can instantly access a wealth data. As they are self-laminating, the of patient information, including information on the band is protected photographs, standard medical records, against fluids, scratching or other allergy warnings and so on. This can physical damage. greatly reduces the scope for error, helping to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes. 11
  11. 11. INCREASE ACCURACY WITH HP DISTRIBUTED WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTHCARE The HP Distributed Workflow Solutions The Medical Record Release ofGovernments around the for Healthcare are Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that Information module helps ensure that an organization’s record set is completeworld are recognizing the streamlines and automates paper-based and controlled. It aids in securing patient document processes. HP MFPs capture information, providing a central documentimportance of electronic and transform paper documents into repository for all electronic medicalhealth records as a means digital images that are routed to a secure and centrally managed repository. records, including data from other patient information systems. Disclosures areto reduce healthcare costs Software intelligently automates and captured in one secure system, identifying any information released, by whom, toand improve patient care optimizes the flow of the documents whom, and on whose authority. between people, applications, and devices. It works with virtually any clinicalThe HP solutions also benefit the electronic medical record (EMR) or Health Information Management (HIM) business workflow application, as well department by eliminating the need for as familiar software such as PeopleSoft, an analyst to manually collect documents Lawson, Microsoft Office and SharePoint such as radiology reports, lab reports, platforms. HP and HP partners like and operative reports from a variety of Hyland Software make it easy to different systems. With the HP Distributed improve business processes: Workflow Solutions for Healthcare, these documents are automatically collected in • Intuitively index and route documents a single location. Authorized personnel directly from MFP touchscreens can easily review them, and updates can • Integrate with any line of business be sent to the chart completion module application without custom coding within the HIS to track and report on medical record completion status. • Easily create sophisticated workflows from preconfigured rules and actions With HP Distributed Workflow Solutions for Healthcare, you can cut operating • Achieve results quickly, one costs, save time, and significantly cut department at a time, without losing clinical turnaround times. site of enterprise objectives HP Distributed Workflow Solutions for Healthcare 1 2 3 P atient transfers documents and signs consent Patient documents and forms are captured A dmissions workflow is automated. forms, including: physician’s notes, referrals, and routed. • Admissions packet and wristbands are printed. insurance, and I.D. cards. • Admissions folder/electronic medical record is updated, patient forms accessed, and metadata populated.12
  12. 12. SECURE PRESCRIPTIONS WITH HP SecureRx PRINTING SOLUTION What if you could… HP SecureRx Printing Solution has featuresHelp secure your • Realize a quick return on investment with that map to compliance requirements:prescriptions with an an easy-to-deploy plain-paper solution? • Printed copy-void pantograph: A special pattern is printed in the background of easy-to-deploy solution • Eliminate the expense and hassle of the prescription. When photocopied, this purchasing, tracking and taking pattern is clearly visible and reveals the inventory of pre-printed paper? word “COPY” repeated many times.Prescription fraud is costly on many fronts.Unfortunately, the solutions designed to • Simplify workflows by printing • Customizable micro-print font: A custom prevent this fraud can be costly too. Many prescriptions, referrals, and condition message printed on the prescription providers use pre-printed security pads information on the same printer? border in a 0.6 font. When copied,or dedicated printers and pre-printed • Reduce the number of calls between this becomes unreadable; something security paper. But these can be expensive pharmacy and care provider caused by that can be authenticated with a simple and create cumbersome workflows. A 5x loupe. illegible handwriting?less expensive, more practical solution isneeded to secure prescriptions. • Variable print: Visible with the naked HP SecureRx Printing Solution eye, this displays user-selected information (such as patient name, The HP SecureRx Printing Solution offers a drug, and dosage) in repeating diagonal practical, cost-conscious alternative to pre- patterns across the prescription. printed solutions. Powered by the reliable HP LaserJet P3005 and HP LaserJet P4015 • Security features description: The families of printers, it’s easy to deploy, anti-counterfeiting feature serves as a intuitive to use and can offer a rapid return warning box printed on the prescription on your investment. that describes the security features that should be present on a valid original. Of course, government compliance for tamper-resistant prescriptions is critical. • EMR System-generated features: Any special characters designed to help prevent erasure or modification are printed on the front of the prescription as well as in the variable print feature. On-demand prescription printing with the HP SecureRx Printing Solution 1 2 3 The physician enters the required The EMR System processes the The HP SecureRx Printing Solution reads prescription information and sends prescription, adding the prescription the incoming prescription data stream, the prescription to the HP printer. data to the patient’s information and applies the security features and prints the storing the updated file. government-compliant prescription. 13
  13. 13. PRINT FROM MOBILE DEVICES WITH HP ePRINT ENTERPRISE FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS Solution at a glance email-to-print capability, you can sendHP driverless print The HP ePrint Enterprise mobile printing a print job from a physician’s email address to network printers that have beensolutions can support solution makes it simple for you to access assigned an email address.(4) and print documents across the healthcareprinting where healthcare ecosystem while on the go. With HP ePrint Enterprise, a cloud-based service allows Optimized for the healthcaredelivery happens you to print lab results, reports, photos ecosystem and more from your smartphone or tablet to any registered printer on the network.(3) Work doesn’t stop when you’re on the go.The merger of mobile devices and cloud HP ePrint Enterprise gives you a mobileservices is one of the most significant printing solution that: A truly enterprise-level mobileenablers of business productivity and • Provides a driverless printing application innovation in the past decade. Now, print experience that integrates with your existing IT with HP ePrint Enterprise, a truly mobile The HP ePrint Enterprise mobile printing environment, is straightforward to print experience is available—helping solution unleashes the full potential of manage, and can scale to meet the healthcare organizations to drive clinical mobile devices. It allows you to print demands of your enterpriseand back-office productivity further, documents efficiently with enterprise-level • Maps and tags specific printers to a improve clinician-to-clinician collaboration security, sending print jobs from remote business directory so your cliniciansand clinician-to-patient communication. locations for printing on arrival. Now you and administrative employees can easily can convert mobile content into hard copy locate printers on a network without for easy reading, markup, and sharing needing to know model names or on the fly. With a smartphone-based network addresses solution, your data never leaves your secure enterprise network, and the ability • Provides your employees a simple and to integrate with pull- and PIN-printing intuitive way to print from the same solutions requiring user authentication can application on supported smartphones enhance the security of patient healthcare and tablets.(5) information even more. With our simple • Improves employee and patient experience. HP ePrint Enterprise provides an easy-to-use mobile printing solution with the security your organization requires. 1 2 3 4 Select the content you Select a printer. Hit print. Get confirmation. want to print. Find and choose a printer See a full description of A “Successful submission” From your smartphone, based on descriptive, the printer you selected, notification confirms the access the print function relevant qualities (similar review the document to be job was sent to the printer. and select the document to a simple web search). printed, and then hit print. you want to print.(3) HP ePrint Enterprise requires Internet- and email-capable BlackBerry® smartphone OS 4.5 or newer, iPhone® 3G or newer running iOS 4.2 or later, HP webOS-compatible device running webOS 1.45 or 2.0, or Android® device running version 1.4 or newer, with separately purchased wireless internet service, HP ePrint Enterprise server software and HP ePrint services app. Solution works with PCL5/6, PCL3, PCL3GUI printers (HP and non-HP). BlackBerry requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) deployment. HP webOS app available late Fall 201 1.(4) Email-to-print feature works with any internet- and email-capable device, from an enterprise email address, to networked printers, with the deployment of HP ePrint Enterprise.(5) Availability and cost of printing varies at mobile print locations.14
  14. 14. IMPROVE OUTCOMES WITH HP PATIENT COMMUNICATIONSHelp reduce hospitalre-admissions, improvepatient outcomes andpromote transition careIn order to increase clinical effectiveness,reduce re-hospitalization rates andreduce the number of readmissionswithin 30 days, hospitals are reviewingthe effectiveness of their dischargedocuments. Too often, patients receivegeneric communication. And currentsystems are unequal to the task ofeffectively communicating with patients,primary care trusts, doctors, and theextended care community. These documents can be automatically One solution for all communications populated with:HP Patient Communications Solutions In addition to helping you produce moreaddress these challenges by providing • Illustrated medication lists: These can effective discharge documents, the HPcomprehensive patient communication include instructions on what medication Patient Communications Solutions offermanagement. From a simple interface, to take, when and in what dosage. one platform for all communications.staff can quickly produce discharge And including images of the medicines Designed to fit most IT environments,documents that automatically compile all is a simple, effective aid to proper use. including service-oriented architecturesof the information necessary for a positive • What to expect: Help patients (SOA), it can access your existingtransition to life after discharge. understand how their healing process systems and data. That includes content will work, complications to look out from health information systems (HIS), for, the intensity and duration of pain electronic health records (EHR), patient to expect, possible side-effects to data and patient education content. medication, and so on. Personalized Care Plans can be completed • Contact details: Discharged patients during patient interactions and produced are often disoriented and may not immediately. Documents can be delivered remember who treated them. Helping in the patient’s preferred language to them contact the right people avoids virtually any media, including print and confusion and ensures they’ll receive themail, fax, web, email, and even SMS best response. and voice messages. And you can Detailed follow-up instructions: Help streamline high-volume processes and • patients to understand when they redesign statements and newsletters so should follow up and what they should that they’re more patient-friendly and expect or provide at each appointment. easier to understand. 15
  15. 15. CHILDREN’S solution that wasn’t a stop-gap approach, anddelivers “We wanted a HOSPITAL BOSTON wouldn’t change everyone’s workflow. The SecureRx solution one tha HP SecureRx Printing Solution adds drive up the cost of generating pres everything we need and doesn’t security without changing workflow the way other solutions do.” —Kevin Murray, technical services manager, Children’s Hospital Boston CASE STUDY HP customer Faced with the need to provide a mor case study: Faced with the need to provide a more secure way to print prescriptions, Children’s children’s H way to print prescriptions,Prescription printing Prescription printing Hospital in Boston didn’t like any of its options. They were expensive and, worse still, oBjectIve: would force clinicians to change the way they work. Boston didn’t like any of its options. t Provide enhanced security solution forsolution advances security solution advances prescription printing without changing expensive and, worse still, would forc security without Objective: Improvements: the way they work. to changewithout continuing costs, continuing costs, clinical workflows • Identification it found the qualified to then of clinicians HP troy securerx pprocess changes process changes Provide enhanced security solution for prescription printing without changing aPProacH: generate prescriptions wanted a solution that w solution. “We clinical workflows children’s Hospital Boston implemented stop-gap approach, and one that wou Industry: • Fast, reliable prescription printing the HP troy securerx solution, leveraging everyone’s workflow,” explains Kevin Health care Approach: printers existing HP Businesstechnical services manager for the ho benefits: “the securerx solution delivers every Children’s Hospital Boston implemented ImProvements: • Prescriptions can be printed on plainthe cost of need and doesn’t drive up the Identification Solution, leveraging • HP SecureRx of clinicians qualified paper, eliminating thethe way other solutions d prescriptions need for existing HP printers expensive, bonded paper created to generate prescriptions specifically for prescriptions • Fast, reliable prescription printing no clInIcal comPromIses • Continuation of existing clinical compr children’s Hospital Boston is a BusIness BeneFIts: workflowcenter for pediatric health care. as on • Prescriptions can be printed on plain largest pediatric medical centers in th paper, eliminating the need for states, children’s offers a complete ra expensive, bonded paper created health care services for children, reco specifically for prescriptions than 22,000 inpatient admissions and • continuation of existing clinical workflow visits annually. It is the primary pediat hospital of Harvard medical school. children’s is known for doing things th way. so when a change in the way p are generated was needed to improv the hospital’s technology staff wasn’t compromise operations. a common approach is to use expens prescription-watermarked paper in sp with reinforced, locked drawers. to m supply of special paper, staff would ha “We wanted a solution that wasn’t a stop-gap approach, and one to a secure locked machine, retrieve th that wouldn’t change everyone’s workflow. The SecureRx solution delivers everything we need and doesn’t drive up the cost of generating prescriptions the way other solutions do.” —Kevin Murray, technical services manager, Children’s Hospital Boston, Boston, Mass.16
  16. 16. SAN JUAN REGIONAL MEDICALcan print prescription “Physicians like the HP TROY solution because they CENTER of writing them out by hand. Our technology team likes it because it inte HP SecureRx Printing Solution speedsbecause it gets them out of the cl well with our EMR. And patients like it service without compromising security find a solution that satisfies everyone like this on sooner. You don’t often —Joe Dohle, technical services manager, San Juan Regional Medical Center, Farm CASE STUDY HP CuSTOMeR Like healthcare facilities everywhere, the San Juan Regional Medical Center in CASe STudY:HP printer solution HP printer solution ObJeCTive: N.M., faced a vexing challenge with prescription printing requirements Farmington, designed to improve prescription security and protect patient privacy. Find enhanced security solution foradvances security for advances security for prescription printing that integrates with prescription printingprescription printing Objective: Improvements: new electronic Medical Records system Find enhanced security solution for • Ability to deliver prescription printing iNduSTRY: APPROACH: printing that integrates with prescription without disrupting clinical workflow Health care San new Electronic Medical Records system. Juan Regional Medical Center is • Solution is fully compatible with deploying the HP TROY SecureRx solution EMR rollout Approach: throughout its outpatient clinics and in select hospital locations San Juan Regional Medical Center is Business benefits: deploying the HP SecureRx Printing • Prescriptions printed on inexpensive iMPROveMeNTS: Solution throughout its outpatient clinics plain paper instead of expensive, • Abilityin select hospital locations. and to deliver prescription printing watermarked prescription paper without disrupting clinical workflow • Solution is fully compatible with • Productivity of physicians improved compared to handwritten prescription eMR rollout workflow buSiNeSS beNeFiTS: • Clinics can use existing HP printers Like health-care facilities everywhere, th • Prescriptions printed on inexpensive in most cases Medical Center in Farmington Regional plain paper instead of expensive, faced a vexing challenge with prescript watermarked prescription paper requirements designed to improve pres • Productivity of physicians improved security and protect patient privacy. compared to handwritten prescription workflow To meet that challenge, San Juan Regio • Clinics can use existing HP printers the HP TROY SecureRx solution, which in most cases only a simple—and relatively inexpensi upgrade to standard, off-the-shelf HP La printers. And best of all, it actually help physician productivity. “Physicians like the HP TROY solution because they can print prescriptions instead of writing them out by hand. Our technology team likes it because it integrates well with our EMR. And patients like it because it gets them out of the clinic sooner. You don’t often find a solution that satisfies everyone like this one has.” —Joe Dohle, Technical services manager, San Juan Regional Medical Center, Farmington, N.M. 17
  17. 17. HUMANA, Inc. Boosting member satisfaction while saving millions in customer communication costs with HP Exstream CASE STUDY For Humana, Inc., a Louisville, Kentucky-based health benefits company that offersHP Exstream software health and specialty benefits to employer groups, government-sponsored plans and individuals, business success depends on good communications with customers.produces redesigned That’s why Humana has implemented HP Exstream software to cost-effectivelycustomer statements that automate the production of high volume, personalized documents for customers.help improve member Objective: Business benefits:satisfaction Enable the high-volume production of • Increased renewals: Customers that more customer friendly, informative and are 14% more likely to renew personalized documents that in turn Humana plan boost member satisfaction, retention rates and referral rates at the lowest possible • More referrals: Customers that are delivery cost. 7% more likely to recommend Humana • Shorter calls: Length of calls to Approach: customer service dropped about 15%, Implement HP Exstream software reducing demand on support center to redesign and produce improved administration documents and statements. • More efficient: Improved white space management and blank page reduction Improvements: saving $250K per month • Ability to automate production of high • Less mailings: Consolidating documents volume, customized documents enables savings in mailing costs • Ability to integrate data from customer • Increased personalization: Offering databases and other sources, into more actionable data-driven messaging documents • Consolidation of systems: Migration of • Easily include color charts, tables, several communications to one graphs, other design elements centralized composition platform • Flexibility allows software to be used for a wide variety of document types • Minimize white space, delivering valuable and relevant content “HP Exstream software enables Humana to meet a critical corporate goal: to more effectively communicate with our customers by using personalized, high-quality, highly-readable documents—at the lowest possible cost. The result is improved member satisfaction, leading to better customer retention.” —Christopher Nicholson, director of Strategic Communications, Humana, Inc.18
  18. 18. WHY HP?A worldwide leader and trustedtechnology partner dedicated toimproving business and healthoutcomes, HP offers an extensiveportfolio of products, solutions,services, and partnerships thatempowers health organizations toimprove operational efficiencies,speed innovations into practice,and deliver solutions that improvequality of care.For more than 50 years, HP hasbeen partnering with leadinghealthcare organizations, supplyingthe technical expertise andbusiness savvy required to positionthese companies at the forefrontof healthcare innovation. Today,print industry analysts rank HP asa leading provider of informationtechnology and services to thehealth and life sciences industry.In fact, 7 of the top 10 healthcarecompanies are HP solutionscustomers.(6)(6) Based on data from the 2010 “Fortune Global 500.” Data from 11/09 forward. 19
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