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SATMAP: Personality Matching White Paper

SATMAP: Personality Matching White Paper



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    GDS International - Next - Generation - Customer - Experience - Summit - US - 1 - 6 GDS International - Next - Generation - Customer - Experience - Summit - US - 1 - 6 Document Transcript

    • White Paper Personality Matching in Contact Centers The Role of Personality Matching in Optimizing Contact Centers Executive Summary The value of having high quality interactions between customers and contact center agents is universally accepted. Leading organizations have spent decades trying to optimize contact center performance by focusing on traditional strategies such as recruitment and training, messaging, and IT cost reduction. The best managers also coach for empathy, recognizing that strength of rapport makes a large difference in the outcome of a call. With SATMAP companies can now take advantage of the diversity of personalities that exist between callers and agents and further optimize empathy in interactions. SATMAPs impact on contact center performance is transparent and precisely measurable which is the reason enterprise customers cite it as the technology with the single highest return on investment in their customer management operations.
    • White Paper Personality Matching in Contact Centers The Importance of Personality Fit in Call Interactions The best contact center executives know that every call outcome is the result of a conversation between two people. SATMAP gets to the heart of how we communicate. When personaliƟes are compaƟble, people establish rapport and build empathy. In a SATMAP contact center, callers and agents interact beƩer, conversaƟons get to the point faster, and understanding improves. This ulƟmately drives call success. The importance of having a personal connecƟon in human interacƟons is both intuiƟve and supported by customer research. Customer studies find that “liking the sales person” is the leading reason behind why customers that start with purchase intent make an eventual purchase. A criƟcal enabler of this outcome involves the building of trust which occurs naturally when two individuals relate to one another and build empathy. The contact center becomes a criƟcal link in the customer acquisiƟon chain because it represents the final human interacƟon customers have before making a purchase. SATMAP ensures that the opportunity to close this prospecƟve sale is opƟmized by pairing customers and agents that have a strong personality match and therefore the highest probability of having a successful call outcome. SATMAP is not a replacement for skills-based rouƟng, cloud rouƟng or other incumbent call processing tools. Instead, SATMAP extends the reach of these technologies by providing an addiƟonal layer of personality-based call matching intelligence. SATMAP technology was built on cuƫng-edge arƟficial intelligence and signal processing techniques refined over the last decade with a team of soŌware engineers, staƟsƟcians, arƟficial intelligence scien- Ɵsts and quanƟtaƟve analysts. SATMAP has developed mulƟple patents and IP claims around intelligent call map- ping and personality-based call pairing. With almost half a billion successful call pairings and broad- spread enterprise deployments, SATMAP helps contact cen- ters worldwide create great combinaƟons to reap the bene- fits of higher quality interacƟons: improved revenue, enhanced customer experience and lower enterprise costs.
    • White Paper Personality Matching in Contact Centers Delivers Precisely Measurable Results Returns on contact center technology investments have tradiƟonally been problemaƟc to measure. If performance improves aŌer a new technology is introduced, was the improvement due to the technology or to other ambient factors such as economic environment, compeƟƟve landscape, or agent training? SATMAPs impact is precisely measurable. In standard implementaƟons, SATMAP is alternated on and off at fiŌeen minute intervals. This cycling allows contact center managers to measure the impact of SATMAP while it is running compared to when it is not. Managers know precisely the performance improvement that SATMAP delivers with confidence that no other factor is influencing the measurement. Enhances Existing Technologies Over the past decade contact centers have deployed a myriad of technologies: skills-based rouƟng, IVR, call recording, workforce management and other infrastructure soluƟons. Successful managers have learned how to opƟmize performance within their exisƟng component suite. SATMAP further enhances and builds on these investments. Tightly integrated with the majority of incum- bent technologies, SATMAP raises contact center performance without changing exisƟng infrastructure or operaƟonal processes.
    • White Paper Personality Matching in Contact Centers SATMAP Improves Operations A stable and moƟvated workforce helps drive contact center efficiency. SATMAP helps moƟvate and retain contact center agents by raising the quality of their interacƟons and enhancing their performance. Job saƟsfacƟon improves and incenƟve oppor- tuniƟes increase. Contact centers save on recruitment, onboarding and training costs, and producƟvity rises as agents become more tenured. With the benefits of SATMAP, managers can increase focus on development acƟviƟes such as coaching, mentoring and per- formance calibraƟon. Effective in Inbound and Outbound Optimizations Examples of Inbound optimizations Examples of Outbound optimizations > Improve customer saƟsfacƟon > Boost sales conversions > OpƟmize up-sell / cross-sell > OpƟmize up-sell / cross-sell > Enhance retenƟon > Improve RGU yield > Reduce handle Ɵme > Maximize ARPU > Reduce truck rolls > Increase RevPAR > Improve first call resoluƟon > Improve collecƟons > Minimize escalaƟons > Lower subscriber acquisiƟon cost
    • White Paper Personality Matching in Contact Centers The SATMAP Artificial Intelligence Engine SATMAP works with existing contact center technologies such as skills-based routing, IVR, call recording, workforce management and cloud routing to further enhance contact center performance without disrupting existing infrastructure or operational processes. 1. When SATMAP is first deployed, over a hundred agent personality aƩributes are captured through a web-based survey. The survey takes about 15 minutes to finish and in typical deployments, 99% of agents voluntarily complete this survey within one month. 2. SATMAP captures millions of customer demographic and psychographic aƩributes from publicly available commercial databases, social media catalogs and census archives that are indexed by caller ID. Thanks to advances in today’s technology, it is possible for SATMAP to store and analyze this vast amount of raw data. However, the real strength of SATMAP’s technology is the ability to analyze millions of records to create a personality profile without relying on sensiƟve or proprietary customer informaƟon. 3. When a call arrives, SATMAP retrieves rich caller and agent data and evaluates which of the potenƟally hundreds of pairings is opƟmal. The final selecƟon is made aŌer analyzing tens of thousands of previous call outcomes to idenƟfy the personality combinaƟons that will result in the highest probability of call success. This decision is made in milliseconds and the call pairing instrucƟons are communicated to the host PBX. 4. SATMAP has a built-in feedback mechanism that conƟnually improves call pairings over Ɵme. This feed- back system learns by examining daily call staƟsƟcs and call outcomes to idenƟfy personality markers that work well together. SATMAPs arƟficial intelligence engine analyzes successful call interacƟons from these daily feeds to reveal call pairing paƩerns that can be used to improve future call results.
    • White Paper Personality Matching in Contact Centers About SATMAP SATMAP is the first major break-through technology to improve contact center performance in over 20 years. Our innovaƟve soluƟon gets to the heart of how people communicate and allows contact centers to reap the benefits of higher quality interacƟons: improved revenue, enhanced customer experience and lower enterprise costs. Contact Us 1 877 721 9158 Suite 560 | 1700 Pennsylvania Ave NW | Washington, DC 20006