Gds International - Leading the Mobile Retail Revolution


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Mobile technology offers a huge opportunity to leverage efficiency whilst
improving customer service by bringing all the functionality and information
needed to where and when it is of value.

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Gds International - Leading the Mobile Retail Revolution

  1. 1. designed and developed byexperienced retail professionalsMobile Retail ªSuiteleading the Mobile Retail Revolution software for a fitter retail
  2. 2. Tlantic Mobile Retail Suiteª Award winning software: European Retail Awards, CIO Innovation Best In-Store Solution, EHI Retail Awards - IDC Institute, Euroshop DŸsseldorfTlantic Mobile Retail Suiteª is fully interoperable,thus leveraging all existing IT investments. It addressesthe most stringent challenges related with mobilityplatforms, security, connectivity, performance andsoftware upgrades.MRS is adaptable to multiple integration models,allowing for on-premise hosting or in the cloud. It isbased on a very robust and flexible SOA platformenabling business processes to perform acrossmultiple data sources.ÒWith Tlantic we have developed several innovativeretail initiatives. We were successful in extendingthe e-commerce customer experience into thearea of mobility, with a first experience of Customerinteraction in m-commerce. At P‹o de A•ucar weare committed to mobility as a facilitator to sustainoperational excellence.Ó Ð Ney Santos, CIO P‹o deA•œcar GroupÒThis was a multi-faceted solution, involving a cross-functional team. Given the complexity of thesolution, the 90 day roll-out was a remarkableachievement. (...) The project is on-target to delivera full ROI within 10 months of the Ôgo liveÕ date.Importantly, we have also achieved our goal of afuture-proof, enterprise-wide mobility platform. Theproject represents a huge step change in our supplychain optimisation and provides many opportunitiesfor further improvements.Ó Ð Stephen Bennett, SupplyChain Systems Manager of Musgrave."SonaeÕs implementation of Mobile Retail Suite haslifted operations to a new level. Information is nowavailable where and when needed so we can useour time far more efficiently. Our mobile portal isnow an integral tool in the operation of our stores."Ð Jo‹o Amaral, Director of Innovation at Sonae
  3. 3. Tlantic Mobile Retail Suiteª Leading the Mobile Retail Revolution The only purpose-built enterprise platform for retail mobility Mobile technology offers a huge opportunity to leverage efficiency whilst improving customer service by bringing all the functionality and information needed to where and when it is of value. Designed and developed by experienced retail professionals, Tlantic Mobile Retail Suiteª In-Store (MRS) is the only enterprise-grade mobile platform designed specifically to mobilize retail operations, from the distribution centre, to the Retail Su shop floor and the customerÕs smartphone: le i Manage- te i Sales ¥ mobilizes information from multiple sources ntic Mob ª ment DW ERP to diverse users and devices Platfor ¥ realizes the full value of real-time data to POS WMS improve management and logistics and la m T mobile customer interactions ¥ pre-packaged set of application templates Logistics Customer easily integrated with front and back office systems ¥ retailers can use existing templates, or easily add new functionalities ¥ accelerates significantly a retailerÕs mobile strategy and leverages existing IT investments Customer In-Store Management Logistics Supplier T l a n t i c Mobile R etail Suiteª P l a t f o r m DW ERP WMS POS DW ERP WMS POS DW ERP WMS
  4. 4. Task Alert Item Label Price Manager Manager File Printing Audit Stock Stockout Exp. Date Planogram Planogram Count & Audit and Recorder Audit Adjustments Markdown Promotio- Item Goods Stock Stock nal Space Returns Receiving Transfer Finder Audit In-Store Shrinkage Item Checklist QueueMRS In-Store Replenish- Report Reservation Tasks Buster mentAn award-winning mobileapplication for in-store managementthat uses real-time information todrive retail operations efficiently:¥ intelligence and information to operate a store and interact with customers at the shop floor: + Productivity + Motivation + Satisfaction!¥ more time left for customer service; more dynamic and effective promotions and effective implementation of every task at the shop floor¥ less Shrinkage and Out of Stocks, No price discrepancies, No expiry date violation¥ mobile picking solution that delivers significant cost savings and efficiencies throughout the MRS Sales e-fulfilment process Provides store assistants with all the information to¥ the only mobile tool combining all sell on the spot: the relevant sources of data, from ¥ item catalog every Front-and Back-Office databases ¥ extensive Pre-sales support ¥ integration with CRM: loyalty schemes and customer information (when applicable) ¥ search engine ¥ product reservation ¥ cross-selling: items and services ¥ ubiquitous usage and access: within the store and in the field
  5. 5. MRS Logistics MRS Management The power of mobility to optimize the flow Smartphone tools that replace of merchandise and logistic assets in back-office tasks, without transit from the warehouse to the store: paperwork, providing real time ¥ real time management and control of information via alerts and all kinds of logistic assets dashboards with core KPIs to allow mobile decisions and ¥ improves route planning, and real time action taking. monitoring of truck location ¥ maximizes efficiency of reverse logistics ¥ integrates with any host system or operates in stand-alone mode MRS Customer MRS Customer enables interaction via smartphones, tablets and kiosks. By allowing the customer to access relevant information while in the store or to interact with retailers wherever he needs, the shopping experience and M-commerce will improve. decide Ð go Ð buy Ð store Ð useCustomer T l a n t i c Mob i l e Re tail Suiteª P l a t f o r mWMS DW ERP WMS POS DW ERP WMS POS DW ERP WMS
  6. 6. About TlanticTlantic helps leading retailers to create business value throughtechnology and business innovation. It develops and deliverspowerful, scalable and customizable software solutions thatautomate retail business processes to streamline operations,empower the workforce and enhance the customer experience.The company has headquarters in Europe, with a main softwaredevelopment center in Brazil and an extensive internationalpresence with customers such as Botic‡rio, Carrefour, Continente,MassMart, Modalfa, Musgrave, Officer, P‹o de A•ucar, SportZone,Worten, ZY. For more information please visit Tlantic LATAM general contact:Ê +55 51 3320 1600 Tlantic EMEAScan contact general contact: +351 220 161 100details of our info@tlantic.comSales Manager