Business process excellence     Changing the world—one process at a time.                                                 ...
the power of PROCESS    We make organizations operate better—and faster.    Processes are at the core of almost every busi...
Invest in a leader:                                                                                   Software AGWho is So...
What to Look For before you invest    Before you invest in another piece of software, ask yourself these questions:    Doe...
How to Achieve Business Process Excellence            You can’t have a successful strategy if you                The ARIS ...
get there faster    Three solution areas. Endless possibilities.    Our three solution areas enable you to Improve, Adapt ...
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Global Presence                                                           About Software AG                               ...
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Business Process Excellence

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GDS International - CIO - Summit - Africa - 1

  1. 1. Business process excellence Changing the world—one process at a time. Read about our customer successes 1
  2. 2. the power of PROCESS We make organizations operate better—and faster. Processes are at the core of almost every business function, • Discover, analyze and improve your processes with process whether you are managing customer calls, shipping packages, intelligence solutions that support the entire BPE lifecycle building applications or creating sales campaigns. “Process” • Integrate your silos of information for improved visibility is not just a technical term. It is a simple way to define and • Govern and SOA-enable your architecture to build new organize the core activities that enable your organization to applications faster function. • Leverage your mainframe data and applications across the enterprise Our end-to-end Business Process Excellence helps transform your business in even more strategic ways—and closely aligns If you’re like most of our customers, globalization, intense both business and IT departments around common, achievable competition and the commoditization of products are forcing business goals. We help you improve your process in virtually you to re-evaluate how you manage your organization. unlimited ways so you can: Expectations are higher and budgets are tighter. You are asked to do more with less. Exploit opportunities. Be strategic. • Establish efficient processes that align business and IT around organizational goals If your organization is feeling these pressures, Business • Define role-based workflows to address who will do Process Excellence provides the solutions to help both your what and when business and IT staff lead their organization to enviable levels • Implement new processes within your enterprise, or of achievement—faster. across specific environments such as SAP 45 seconds an order Cox Communications can process an order in 45 seconds via the Web, 24/7—without error, thanks to webMethods.2
  3. 3. Invest in a leader: Software AGWho is Software AG?For over 40 years, we’ve been inventing new andbetter ways to help organizations achieve businessresults faster. Placed in the Leader‘s QuadrantwebMethods - The world’s leading integrated SOA and • Gartner Inc.’s Magic Quadrant* for Shared SOA InteroperabilityBPM suite Infrastructure Projects, 2010ARIS - Integrated software for continuous processtransformation and improvement • Gartner Inc.’s Magic Quadrant* for Business Process Management Suites, 2010CentraSite - The first standards-based SOA registry/repository • Gartner Inc.’s Magic Quadrant* for Application Infrastructure for Systematic Application Integration Projects, 2010Adabas - The world’s most comprehensive datamanagement system • Gartner Inc.’s Magic Quadrant* for Enterprise ArchitectureNatural - Highly productive application development Tools, 2010and deployment environmentCONSULTING & SERVICES - Unparalleled industry and SAPexpertise along with services to accelerate your businessperformanceTERRACOTTA - Improving application performance andscalability Leader in • The Forrester Wave™: Elastic Caching Platforms, Q2 2010Why Software AG? (Terracotta Inc.)PLATFORM INDEPENDENT – Our vendor-neutral platform • The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Service Bus, Q2 2011helps you leverage your current software investments—and empower them to deliver the results you always • The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Architecture Managementwanted. Suites, Q2 2011 • The Forrester Wave™: Comprehensive Integration Solutions,FAST RESULTS – Out-of-the-box functionality and open, Q4 2010standards-based solutions help you achieve ROI monthsand even years ahead of the industry average. Read • The Forrester Wave™: Business Process Management Suites,more about our customer successes at Q3 *The Gartner Magic Quadrants are copyrighted 2009 - 2010 by Gartner, Inc., and are reused with permission.AS GLOBAL AS YOUR BUSINESS – We have 10,000 The Magic Quadrant is a graphical representation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period. It depicts Gartner’s analysis of how certain vendors measure against criteria for that marketplace, as defined by Gartner. Gartner does notcustomers in 70 countries and are one of the 25 largest endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in the Magic Quadrant, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors placed in the “Leaders” quadrant. The Magic Quadrant is intended solely as a research tool, and is not meant toenterprise software vendors in the world. be a specific guide to action. Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Magic Quadrant for Shared SOA Interoperability Infrastructure Projects, Massimo Pezzini, Yefim V. Natis, Daniel Sholler, Jess Thompson, Kimihiko Iijima, Benoit J. Lheureux, Paolo Malinverno, 21 October 2010, Magic Quadrant for Business Process Management Suites, Jim Sinur, Janelle B. Hill, 18 October 2010, MagicSTABILITY – Our revenue growth and profitability are Quadrant for Application Infrastructure for Systematic Application Integration Projects, Jess Thompson, Benoit J. Lheureux, Paolo Malinverno, Massimo Pezzini, Daniel Sholler, Yefim V. Natis, Kimihiko Iijima, 18 October 2010, Magic Quadrant forenviable within our industry—Software AG surpassed its Enterprise Architecture Tools, Chris Wilson, Julie Short, 28 October 2010. Reprints available upon request.€1 billion revenue target in 2010. The Forrester Wave is copyrighted by Forrester Research, Inc. Forrester and Forrester Wave are trademarks of Forrester Research, Inc. The Forrester Wave is a graphical representation of Forrester’s call on a market and is plotted using a detailed spreadsheet with exposed scores, weightings, and comments. Forrester does not endorse any vendor, product, or service depicted in the Forrester Wave. Information is based on best available resources. Opinions reflect judgment at the time and are subject to change. 3
  4. 4. What to Look For before you invest Before you invest in another piece of software, ask yourself these questions: Does it support your vision? Are the individual components Is it complete? truly integrated? Can you implement individual We offer the only end-to-end, technologies, in any order, and gain Many vendors use the term ‘integrated’ integrated solution for process strategy, greater value as you add additional to describe their platform, but is it design, integration, monitoring and components? For example, use BPM really? And to what degree? What is control. No other vendor compares to improve your processes, then when your total cost of ownership? We take to our comprehensive offering. ready use our Enterprise Service Bus great pride in continually building to establish an SOA. Or measure your synergies between products so you current processes to plan a targeted build applications faster and manage strategy for incremental improvements? them easier. Complete without compromise Our ability to deliver end-to-end Business B2B Gateway Process Excellence transcends the Back-end Application Integration capabilities of any other organization—of BPMS (Human-centric) any size, anywhere. BPMS (Integration-centric) Business Process Analysis Composite Application Framework Elastic Caching Platforms Enterprise Architecture Tools Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Mobile Application Development Process Intelligence SOA Governance SOA Service Lifecycle Managment 500% multi-million ROI long-term savings Cargolux relies on ARIS to help its goals take Staples uses webMethods Integration Server and B2B gateway off by analyzing logistics, staff utilization and to sync up orders across multiple transportation networks,4 data workflows. helping to deliver next-day orders and long-term savings.
  5. 5. How to Achieve Business Process Excellence You can’t have a successful strategy if you The ARIS Design Platform aligns can’t define it and align it across business your business process with customer and IT. The ARIS Strategy Platform allows a requirements. Role-based workflows corporate strategy to be translated into business address who does what, in which order, processes featuring balanced scorecards. This what is achieved and what software creates transparency on what is expected, when systems are deployed. Workflow problems and by whom and measures goal achievement are resolved to streamline your operations. every step of the way. Tight integration with the webMethods suite enables your process design to be quickly implemented in your BPMS, with the option to use the ARIS Implementation Platform to Design rapidly transfer processes to specific Strategize environments for execution, such as SAP. Your projects are both business- driven and IT-enabled … faster. Business Monitor Operational Implementation Implement IT ion tat en emDeep insight into current and past plperformance is essential to guide Improcess improvements. Our Process IT Execute ComposeIntelligence solutions support the entirelifecycle—at decision time and run-time.Analyze past history and monitor theexecution of processes in real-time.Discover and resolve the root causeof problems instantly. You can evenpredict problems before they have an New processes must be executable acrossimpact. And by measuring your KPIs Deployment of new processes and applications must be rapid and cost-effective. With a long multiple departments, applications,at the start of a project, you can focus people and external organizations—with ayour initiatives on the issues that matter history of supporting mission-critical, high- volume infrastructure solutions in some of single point of change. The webMethods the world’s most complex organizations, we BPMS, SOA, Integration and Data are well positioned to support your enterprise Management solutions enable you to needs whatever their scale, 24/7. quickly compose new process applications by leveraging your existing IT investments. 30% savings AB Volvo uses a process-driven SAP management approach from ARIS, creating a space where employees can meet and collaborate efficiently. 5
  6. 6. get there faster Three solution areas. Endless possibilities. Our three solution areas enable you to Improve, Adapt and Operate your business like never before. Build and Govern business processes. Integrate and deliver business solutions. Operate mission-critical applications. Our product platform delivers it all—faster. Enterprise BPM Solutions IMPROVE Description What’s Included What It’s Used For Enterprise BPM Solutions enable you to • Business Process Analysis • Process Strategy & Design transform and evolve your processes in both • Business Process Management • Process Automation & Improvement automated and non-automated ways. With these solutions you can standardize, improve, • Business Rules Management • Process Intelligence & Monitoring measure and govern your business process. • Business Activity Monitoring Because Enterprise BPM includes capabilities • Business Service Repository • Automated Process Discovery for all stages of your project lifecycle and • Enterprise Architecture collaboration among all process participants, • Performance Management & Benchmarking business and IT work together in new and • Governance Risk & Compliance • Process Transformation & Governance powerful ways to drive process solutions. The • Process-Driven SAP • Governance, Risk & Compliance flexibility offered by Enterprise BPM enables you to react quickly to changing market • SAP Implementations, Upgrades & dynamics and new business needs. By Operations offering pre-packaged frameworks spanning horizontal and vertical requirements, Software AG’s Enterprise BPM solutions ensure you are inspired to deliver the best for your business while enabling you to conform with industry best practices. € 3 million yearly savings Landesbank Berlin put its company policies and procedures on an intranet using ARIS, saving 3 million euros a year in operating costs alone compared to the updating effort associated with the paper-based system.6
  7. 7. Business Infrastructure Solutions ADAPTDescription What’s Included What It’s Used ForBusiness Infrastructure Solutions (BIS) from • Enterprise Service Bus • Enterprise IntegrationSoftware AG help you optimize your IT • Business-to-Business Integration • Partner Integration & Managementinfrastructure to support business processexcellence. Using a service-oriented approach • Mainframe Integration • Master Data Managementto maximizing re-use and interoperability, • SOA Enablementthese solutions let you integrate, build • Complex Event Processing • Service Governance & Policy Enforcementand deliver business solutions faster. You • Application Adapterscan react quickly to business demands • Enterprise Architecture Managementwhile following industry best practices • Industry-Standard Frameworksand reducing the total cost of the solution • SOA Governancein the long run. By offering pre-packagedframeworks spanning horizontal and verticalrequirements, Software AG’s BIS ensuresyou are inspired to deliver the best for yourbusiness with fast ROI and maximization ofyour existing IT investments.Enterprise Data Solutions OPERATEDescription What’s Included What It’s Used ForEnterprise Data Solutions (EDS) enable • High-Performance Transactional Database • Development & operation of large-scaleyou to create, manage and operate databases • Application Developmenthighly customized and scalable business • Development of business applicationsapplications. With these technologies you • IT Operations, Job Scheduling • Integrating mainframe & legacy systemscan deliver reliable, highly available, high-performance solutions for your most pressing • Application Performance Monitoring • SOA enablement of applicationsbusiness needs. Because these technologies • Discovery of processes & businessare comprehensive, mature, easy to use transactionsand proven, your business will never be let • Monitoring infrastructure & applicationdown. Supported on all major platforms performance(mainframe, LUW), and complemented by anarray of add-on options, these tools ensure • Data center automation (job scheduling)you can quickly and reliably deliver thebest solution for your business. Use of theEnterprise Data Solutions, including our bestpractices and consulting services, allows youto ensure the core parts of your business runcontinuously and without fail, 24/7. 30% 25-year reduced costs investment preserved Aleris confirms orders twice as fast, reduced costs Massdiscounters builds on 25-year and has achieved rapid ROI since project cost is investment in Adabas and Natural to create just 36 percent of annual savings delivered. a highly flexible SOA using webMethods. 7
  8. 8. Global Presence About Software AG Software AG is the global leader in Business Process Excellence.Argentina Netherlands Our 40 years of innovation include the invention of the first high-Australia Nicaragua performance transactional database, Adabas; the first businessAustria Norway process analysis platform, ARIS; and the first B2B server and SOA-Bahrain   Oman based integration platform, webMethods.Belarus  PanamaBelgium Peru We offer our customers end-to-end Business Process ManagementBelize  Philippines (BPM) solutions delivering low Total-Cost-of-Ownership and highBrazil Poland ease of use. Our industry-leading brands, ARIS, webMethods, Adabas,Bulgaria PortugalCambodia Puerto Rico Natural, CentraSite, Terracotta and IDS Scheer Consulting, represent aCanada Qatar unique portfolio encompassing: process strategy, design, integrationChile  Romania and control; SOA-based integration and data management; process-China Russia driven SAP implementation; and strategic process consulting andColombia  Saudi Arabia services.Costa Rica SingaporeCroatia Slovakia  Software AG - Get There FasterCzech Republic SloveniaDenmark South AfricaDominican Republic South KoreaEcuador SpainEgypt SwedenEl Salvador SwitzerlandEstonia TaiwanFinland ThailandFrance TurkeyGermany UkraineGreece United Arab EmiratesGuatemala United Kingdom          Honduras USAHong Kong Venezuela            HungaryIcelandIreland To find the Software AGIndia office nearest you, pleaseIndonesia  visit www.softwareag.comIsrael AS GLOBAL AS YOUR BUSINESS:Italy Two out of every three of the world’s largestJapan corporations rely on a Software AG productJordan to run their business.KuwaitLatviaLithuaniaLuxembourgMalaysia  Mexico SAG_ BPE_BRO_Oct11© 2011 Software AG. All rights reserved. Software AG and all Software AG products are either trademarks or registered trademarks ofSoftware AG. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.