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Triton Federal Reduces Energy, Costs and Carbon With the JouleX Energy Manager

Triton Federal Reduces Energy, Costs and Carbon With the JouleX Energy Manager

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  • 1. Triton Reduces Data Center Energy, Costs, andCarbon Using the JouleX Energy Manager
  • 2. Triton Reduces Data Center Energy Usage, Costs, and Carbon Emissions with JouleX Energy ManagerChallengeTriton Federal Solutions is a Project Performance Corporation (PPC) that consults with commercial and federalorganizations like the U.S. Department of Energy, to reduce their negative economic, environmental and socialimpact. Triton needed to visualize and understand energy consumption across its four data centers in order toachieve cost savings and reduce carbon emissions.EnvironmentTriton’s data centers host business-critical applications for sensitive and classified Federal customers, along withinternal systems for international operations. As a result, Triton must maintain high availability to support“around the clock” customer requests and productivity for international employees.Located in the U.S. and U.K., Triton’s four data centers occupy a total of 12,200 square feet. They house 152physical servers, 1,320 devices and support approximately 9,500 end users. Each data center environmentcontains enterprise-class servers, video teleconferencing equipment, UPSs, PDUs, network devices, CRACs,CRAHs, air handlers, chillers and other standard data center equipment.SolutionIn its search for an enterprise energy management solution, Triton prioritized a fast, efficient deployment andquick time-to-benefit. The company selected the JouleX Energy Manager (JEM), an agentless solution thatmonitors, analyzes and controls data center energy usage at a granular level.JEM immediately provided Triton with unprecedented visibility into energy utilization. Because it’s agentless,JEM was installed in each of Triton’s data centers and collecting energy information within one hour—asopposed to weeks or months for other solutions. With JEM, Triton did not have to spend productive time oninstallation and management of software agents for each of its data center devices. And JEM’s agentlessadvantage eliminates disruptive quality assurance cycles for patches or new operating system changes.Triton initially used JEM to monitor IT equipment like servers, desktops, monitors and printers. Then thecompany expanded JEM’s scope to include all data center devices and facilities systems, including the elevatorsystem and the plug load of an entire five-story building.ResultsThe JouleX Energy Manager helped Triton save energy costs within one day of installation. JEM providesunprecedented visibility into real-time energy consumption and utilization of Triton’s IT environment. Thecompany is harnessing this information for more efficient data center capacity planning, and projects energysavings of more than US$320,000, a reduction of energy consumption by 725 MWh, and a reduction in carbonemissions of 335 tons of CO2 over five years. Triton recently discovered some IT security benefits of using JEM aswell. With the ability to power down devices not in use, Triton can reduce its attack surface. And when energyusage spikes on a particular device, JEM sends an alert which Triton can use to investigate and mitigate potentialattacks and service failures. Page 2
  • 3. Triton Reduces Data Center Energy Usage, Costs, and Carbon Emissions with JouleX Energy ManagerBenefitsUnprecedented visibilityFor the first time, Triton has visibility into the actual energy consumption and utilization of each of its IP-connected devices. Armed with real energy consumption data, Triton can perform capacity planning moreaccurately and extend the life of its data centers from an energy capacity standpoint.Quick time-to-benefitTriton deployed JouleX Energy Manager in under one hour and was able to identify savings opportunities almostimmediately, by analyzing energy consumption against utilization. After the first day of using JEM, Triton learnedthat a video teleconferencing system running overnight (during non-business hours) consumed an entire floor’sworth of energy. In response, Triton used JEM to create a time-based policy that automatically powers thissystem down when not in use. JEM also identified a rack-and-a-half of physical servers to be retired, since theywere not being utilized, but still consuming energy 24/7. Energy visibility and utilization data from JEM alsoenabled Triton to renegotiate its data center housing contract for increased power savings (the company wascontracted for much more power than needed).Cost savings and carbon reductionTriton projects savings of $320,000, a reduction of energy consumption by 725 MWh, and a reduction of carbonemissions by 335 tons over five years. Page 3
  • 4. Triton Reduces Data Center Energy Usage, Costs, and Carbon Emissions with JouleX Energy ManagerAdded securityEven idle machines are potential security targets. JEM’s automated policies power down devices when not inuse, helping to reduce vulnerabilities across the enterprise. JEM also helps Triton identify attacks on itsinfrastructure. If JEM sees a device that normally uses 100 watts suddenly spike to 500 watts, it generates analert. Triton can then investigate the issue, which could signify an attack. In one example, Triton startedreceiving alerts from JEM about energy spikes of 14 to 60 percent for a number of devices Triton managed for itscustomer. Instant notification from JEM about the increased energy usage enabled Triton to immediatelyinvestigate and address what turned out to be a security incident—before it caused a service failure.About JouleXJouleX is a leading innovator in sustainable energy management systems for the enterprise. Its flagship solution,the JouleX Energy Manager (JEM), provides the Global 2000 and government agencies with the ability tomonitor, analyze and control energy usage for all network-connected devices and systems across the enterprise,including in distributed offices, data centers and facilities. Importantly, JEM is the first network-based energymanagement system that works without the use of software agents, dramatically reducing installation time andremoving the maintenance burden associated with similar technologies. JEM decreases energy costs by up to 60percent while ensuring availability and provides robust reporting that enables compliance with emerging carbonmonitoring requirements.JouleX was founded in 2009 and since has been distinguished with recent awards and accoladesincluding Gartner Cool Vendor in Green IT and Sustainability, Computerworld Honors Laureate, GEEcomagination Award, BT Green Economy Success for Future Award and Clean Tech Media Award. Thecompany is headquartered in Atlanta with worldwide offices located in Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris, Munich andKassel, Germany, and throughout the United States. For more information, please visit, call +1-404-567-4445 or send an email to© 2012 JouleX is a registered trademark of JouleX, Inc. JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) and Load Adaptive are trademarks ofJouleX, Inc. All other brands and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holder. Page 4