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Global Process Model

Global Process Model

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  • 1. Business Process Outsourcing the way we see itAccelerated Finance &Accounting TransformationGlobal Process Model©F&A Transformation – in half the time
  • 2. Introduction What the finance operation of the future looks like is probably the subject of general agreement amongst CFOs; a world-class Finance & Accounting (F&A) operation is efficient, value adding and cost effective. What is perhaps more difficult to envisage though, is the change journey required to deliver this vision of F&A operations and how best to achieve this in a timeframe that renders the result relevant to today’s business needs. Outsourcing provides a compelling model for the delivery of transformed F&A operations and working in What if there was collaboration with an experienced provider, such as Capgemini, provides another way, a way ready access to many of the resources to accelerate F&A and tools necessary to reduce the inherent risk of change and complete transformation, to the transformational journey. achieve all of the However, conventional outsourcing cost and optimization models can often take too long benefits and achieve to yield the desired results. The lifting and shifting of current ways world class? of working followed by a period of improvement is effective but unnecessarily drawn out. As such, the What if a methodology results are often overtaken by other existed whereby these business requirements before they have even been completely realized. goals could be achieved in less than half the time, with seamless transfer of processes and with world-class F&A as the end result? 2 Accelerated Finance & Accounting Transformation
  • 3. Business Process Outsourcing the way we see itWelcome to the Global Process these. By reference to current clientModel© best practices, Capgemini-wideThe Global Process Model© (GPM) is experience, external benchmark dataCapgemini’s innovative new approach and market research, Capgemini hasto transforming F&A processes. Simply created a model to demonstrate whatput, it is a “Target Delivery Model” world class looks like in terms ofmade up of best practices and backed process excellence and governance,by a comprehensive database of measurements, and controls.defined world-class processes, controls, Importantly, its focus is not limitedand measures representing global and exclusively to just what is deliveredindustry best practice. from a BPO perspective, but also considers what is retained by the clientAs the world’s leading provider and what can be provided by a thirdof F&A BPO services, Capgemini party. The result is a unique “Targetbenefits from an intimate knowledge Delivery Model” for world-class bestof what comprises world-class practice in global F&A BPO.outcomes and what it takes to achieveGlobal Process Model© Tier 1 F&A provider with > 25 clients World-Class Capgemini Group Global Best Practice: Shared Services experience  F&A process transformation  Global standarization  Shorter transition lead times External Benchmarking  Reduced risk Data  Control  Speed to value External Market ResearchWhile the Global Process Model© approach has been designed to be implementedas standard across all clients, with variations generally only permitted based onregional regulatory requirements, this does not imply that Capgemini considerseach client to be the same – “one size does not fit all”. This understanding thateach enterprise is different and has its own specific drivers and requirementsmeans that every client benefits from its own unique Client GPM. 3
  • 4. What is new about this effectively and efficiently change approach? the way people work in the Capgemini’s approach is capable organization on a global basis. of delivering complete finance transformation in half the time Acutely aware that each client has normally required by traditional its own priorities and faces different approaches. Costly and lengthy challenges, the approach is flexible consultancy engagements become and can adapt to client requirements. a thing of the past and a standard For example, where global change ERP platform is rendered unnecessary is deemed inappropriate or specific due to Capgemini having developed problems in a particular region the processes to be independent from require that it be prioritized over the technology. This means that it others, a staged approach may be is possible for the GPM to work in preferable. Whether it be global or harmony with the client environment staged, regional change, the benefits and any configuration of ERP. of the GPM approach can be reaped, albeit within different timeframes. Furthermore, this provides the client with a unique opportunity to The Global Process Model© delivers world class faster than traditional methods How does it work in practice? The GPM also contains all of the The Capgemini Global Process Model© process documentation, training covers all aspects of Source to Pay, modules and documents necessary for Travel & Expenses, Order to Cash, alignment with a new client. Record to Report, and Master Data Management via a six-layer model Supporting the process documentation, that encompasses everything from the the Global Process Model© contains headline process, down through all the a complete control environment. Based subsets of each process stack, to the on Capgemini’s experience of delivering desktop procedures associated with service to global clients, this control the execution of environment will support even the a specific task. most demanding control requirements, including Sarbanes-Oxley. 4 Accelerated Finance & Accounting Transformation
  • 5. Business Process Outsourcing the way we see it3-Dimensional World-Class F&A Innovative TransitionPerformance Measurement MethodologyThe success of a transformation has Capgemini BPO has, in paralleltraditionally been measured from with the development of the GPM,a two-dimensional perspective; developed an innovative transitionthat is efficiency and effectiveness. approach to effectively deliver theCapgemini appreciates the importance implementation of GPM and completeof these dimensions, but believes the change management journey tothat a third dimension, that of value, make it necessary in order to effectivelyachieve world-class F&A. This 3D Capgemini believes that its Financeapproach requires that the enterprise Academy©, which has been designedbe viewed in its entirety and that F&A specifically to speed up the transitionbe aligned with corporate objectives. process and mitigate risks associatedOnly through a complete view of with transition, is the most effectiveend-to-end processes, such as that method of ensuring a smooth, rapidwhich is inherent to Capgemini’s transformation to world-class financeGPM, can this alignment be realized. processing standards. GPM Impact Training & Delivery Product Alignment Assessment Development Excellence Development Capgemini Capgemini Capgemini Capgemini Capgemini Client Client ClientThe Finance Academy© Transition Academy© approach representsmethod adopts a near-zero a significantly more efficientWork Shadow methodology that deployment of resources. The clientconsiderably changes the risk profile benefits from world-class transformedof the transition. This approach processes and not simply processesreduces risk in the knowledge- that have been “lifted and shifted”capture phase, reduces risk associated without change.with client staff attrition during thehandover process, and creates Should a client opt not to follow thea more efficient training and ramp-up Finance Academy© path, Capgeminiprocess when recruiting and building has a number of alternative tried-and-the new remote delivery team. From tested transition methodologies.both a financial and time perspective,adopting the GPM and Finance 5
  • 6. Transactional Pricing The Capgemini GPM provides: The Global Process Model© also creates the potential for transactional • Access to world-class best practice pricing from day one, thanks to the presence of all of the elements • A methodology for F&A process required to make this a reality. transformation These include: • Achievement of global standardization • A known target operating model • Shorter transition lead times • OAE (overall asset effectiveness) & • Reduced transition risk Delivery Excellence Program feeds target model • Enhanced control • Benchmarking the client • Speed to value environment is not required with • and the potential for transaction GPM pricing. • Direct linkage to workflow volumes – variable pricing What’s more, as the pool of GPM- transformed organizations grows, • Transparency to economies of scale a community of world-class F&A • Flexibility for non-compliant organizations is created, thus processing. expanding the opportunities for NB: this service will always be client continuous improvement and specific and not a commodity e.g. innovation. there will be language and location impacts. Simply put, the Conclusion – Accelerated F&A Capgemini GPM Transformation approach enables world- Capgemini’s innovations in the development of the Global Process class, transformed F&A Model© and the fast-track, low- risk transition methodology that is to be achieved in a inherent to the Finance Academy© much shorter timeframe will halve the timescale of a conventional transformation program. and with significantly Built on an offshore, high-quality reduced risk at a delivery model, transformation is achieved at reduced cost without comparable or lower quality or productivity being cost than traditional compromised. models. 6 Accelerated Finance & Accounting Transformation
  • 7. For more information please contact:Neil Shepherd ­­About CapgeminiGPM Solution Lead ® With around 115,000 multicultural organization, Capgemini people in 40 countries, has developed its own way of working, Capgemini is one of the world’s foremost the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM, providers of consulting, technology and and draws on Rightshore®, its worldwide outsourcing services. The Group reported delivery model. 2010 global revenues of EUR 8.7 billion. Learn more about us at Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business and technology solutions that fit their needs and drive the results they want. A deeply Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini. POV_UPDATE_201108_MCOS
  • 8.® is a registered trademark belonging to Capgemini. The information contained POV SB EDGE ST 05022009in this document is proprietary. Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.