GDS International - CFO - Summit - US - 2


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Outcome Based Finance & Accounting

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GDS International - CFO - Summit - US - 2

  1. 1. Business Process Outsourcing the way we do itWorld-Class Outcome-BasedFinance & AccountingWhat matters to the CFO.
  2. 2. Cultivating relationships with our clientsUnderstanding clients’ needs together with our deep industry knowledge and client intimacyare the corner stone of our approach to delivering World-Class Outcome-Based Finance &Accounting. Intimacy Industry In every client we see a comprehension long-term partner, thus we We have helped to deliver make every effort to truly end-to-end F&A services to understand his business many clients; we have been specificity and work with through over 1,000 successful him to optimize the potential transitions; our industry experts of the available tools and know what is critical in each processes to drive outcomes client’s business context. most important to him. OTACE (On Time and Above Client’s Expectations) Our measure for understanding what is important and for a point of reference for going beyond our clients’ expectations.We are successfully helpingmany clients use outsourcingto achieve their goals ƒƒ 70% of the largest diversified manufacturers ƒƒ 90% of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in the high-tech industry ƒƒ 13 of the largest tier-one automotive suppliers ƒƒ 8 of the largest networking and telecom equipment manufacturers ƒƒ 8 of the top 10 consumer electronics manufacturers ƒƒ 7 of the top 10 aviation, aerospace and defense companies
  3. 3. Nourishing process excellence Capgemini has developed world-class methodologies for transitioning and transforming Finance & Accounting operations into value adding business: People Our approach to world-class F&A is cultivated by our people, whose passion to perform is channeled through objectives linked to client business outcomes. They are our foundation for the collaborative, flexible and Management effective working relationships Lean Assurance between Capgemini and We have strong Services our clients. improvement methodologies Our dedicated team of more and tools which enable fair than 150 SOX experts and assessment, implementation and Chartered Accountants whose key monitoring, including Lean which areas of focus are concurrent audit; zooms in on what our clients value SOX compliance assessment by eliminating waste, value and audits; ethical fraud mapping, and streamlining prevention; controls towards process remediation. perfection. Global Process Command Model© Center Our unique and innovative Our innovative approach approach to transforming in managing geographically Finance & Accounting processes, dispersed delivery centers assures made up of best practices backed by consistency, perfect transparency a complex database of over 700 and improved control of the defined, world-class processes service irrespective of representing global and Finance delivery location. industry best practice. Academy© Innovative transition approach represents the most efficient and industrialized way for knowledge capture and best-practice sharing; allows Capgemini to transform then shift work with minimal business impact.3
  4. 4. Using innovative solutions we are delivering measurable outcomes and enabling tangible value: Working capital improvements — collections ƒƒ Output-based collections: payment contingent upon delivery of defined results ƒƒ Pro-active collections for better cash flow Working capital improvements — compliance ƒƒ Standardization of payment terms ƒƒ Standardization of payment rhythm Treasury ƒƒ Accurate cash flow forecasting ƒƒ Insightful information to manage cash and optimize cash flows Business Insight ƒƒ Business analysis and intelligence for predicting customers’ behaviors ƒƒ Stratification and alignment of payment terms to maximize cash flow harvest world-class business outcomes.4
  5. 5. A global community of F&A experts... Joanna Pyc Thierry Frechet Andrzej Hutniczak Christopher Engagement Manager Delivery Excellence Engagement Executive, Stancombe Former Financial Manager Head of Delivery Vice President, Controller Controls Excellence Head of F&A Outsourcing Former Financial Auditor Former Financial Auditor Former CFO With experience in Thierry has significant A Fellow of the A Fellow of the Financial Audit and experience in Statutory Association of Chartered Association of Chartered Finance Management and Group Reporting Certified Accountants Accountants of England and Controlling, audits having worked with over 12 years of and Wales with over 20 Joanna manages a team as a Financial Auditor industry experience, years of experience in delivering F&A services with one of the Big 4 including 8 years spent F&A, Christopher has from multiple delivery firms for more than 12 in BPO on various worked within BPO for locations. Since joining years. He is a registered delivery, transition and over 7 years. He joined Capgemini 4 years ago, Fellow of the Association account management Capgemini as Head Joanna has participated of Chartered Certified roles. Currently, Andrzej of Global Solutions. and overseen numerous Accountants. Thierry is a Vice President, He is now Head of transitions, in various is specialized in the Engagement Executive Finance & Accounting areas (S2P, O2C, R2R) audit of internal control within the Global Outsourcing in Global in multiple countries in procedures related to BPO unit overseeing BPO where he oversees Europe, Asia and North financial reporting under complex delivery of Sales, Engagements and America to multiple the Sarbanes-Oxley Act the end-to-end F&A Operations. delivery locations. and PCAOB standards processes delivered from as well as audits under multiple delivery centers US GAAP, UK GAAP, and across the globe. IFRS. ...ready to deliver business value to you5
  6. 6. Innovative solutions for Word-Class Finance & Accounting Global BPO Rightshore® Network Toronto Katowice Montreal Kraków Dallas, TX ™ pen BPOpen™ Casablanca BPO Hong Kong Mumbai Kolkata Guangzhou Guatemala Chennai Bangalore Legend: Hub Sao Paulo Satellite Santiago de Chile Adelaide ­­About Capgemini ® With around 115,000 multicultural organization, Capgemini people in 40 countries, has developed its own way of working, Capgemini is one of the world’s foremost the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM, providers of consulting, technology and and draws on Rightshore®, its worldwide outsourcing services. The Group reported delivery model. 2010 global revenues of EUR 8.7 billion. Learn more about us at Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business and technology solutions that fit their needs and drive the results they want. A deeply Rightshore is a trademark belonging to Capgemini. ® Rightshore® is a registered trademark belonging to Capgemini. The information contained in this document is proprietary. Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.6