GDS International- Diamond KPIs


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GDS International- Diamond KPIs

  1. 1. Business Process Outsourcing the way we do itCan you perfect future outcomes? What matters to the CFO.
  2. 2. Move beyond monitoring efficiency and effectiveness... Capgemini’s well-balanced set of performance metrics — Diamond KPIs — are the perfect tool for business to predict future outcomes and assure the desired success. Efficiency Effectiveness Efficiency is the most basic of measures; it Effectiveness measures both accuracy looks at time and cost. To generate relevant and timeliness. It boils down simply to information, we measure efficiency the question of whether we are doing consistently across many engagements things right in terms of both quality to pinpoint areas of high and (as % measure) and time (to low performance, to learn verify whether the task is from the best and address performed within the under-performance via allowed time). root-cause analysis and best-practice sharing. Control Value Control activities are The value axis policies and procedures measures the following established and implemented business benefits: Corporate to help ensure effective response Alignment (to ensure finance is to risk. Controls can be manual or driven operationally in line with automated, preventive or detective. Our corporate values and objectives), Market approach is to maximize the preventive Position (to ensure finance operations function of controls. Their frequency contribute to areas that leverage market depends on the volume of transactions positioning), and Value Creation (finding processed, and the risk level leverage in finance operations to influence associated with a given top-line growth) in order to navigate the finance process. department’s performance so that it is aligned with corporate aspirations, objectives and values.2
  3. 3. perfect control through innovative solutions... Our approach to control. Management Assurance Services A dedicated team of more than 150 SOX experts and Chartered Accountants whose key areas of focus are concurrent audit; SOX compliance assessment and audits; ethical fraud prevention; controls remediation. Control Maturity Model Our structured and consistent framework for periodic assessment of effectiveness and efficiency of controls used to compare the key controls among engagements in order to drive continuous improvement, look to prevent rather than detect or remedy problems, and to operate the controls framework at the lowest possible cost. Global Process Model© Our unique and innovative approach to transforming Finance & Accounting processes, made up of best practices backed by a complex database of over 700 defined, world-class processes representing global and industry best practice, including controls. Command Center Our proven “fast track” to transparency, consistency, and improved control in managing geographically dispersed delivery centers. predict future outcomes and prevent failures...3
  4. 4. Capgemini’s balanced Diamond KPIs help business to achieve world-class operational performance. Effectiveness KPIs ƒƒ Credit: % credit applications processed accurately ƒƒ Master Data: % changes processed accurately Value ƒƒ Collection: % overdue receivables ƒƒ Cash: % lines matched accurately ƒƒ Query: % queries over 10 days old ƒƒ Reporting: % reports issued on time Effectiveness Control Value KPIs ƒƒ Credit: % bad-debt write-off ƒƒ Master Data: % compliance ƒƒ Collection: % Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) ƒƒ Cash: % cash unallocated ƒƒ Query: % change current to previous month queries to invoices ratio ƒƒ Reporting: % of ad-hoc reports Efficiency Control KPIs ƒƒ Master Data: % detected segregation of duties exceptions ƒƒ Pre-process: % prevented duplications / incorrect scanning of documents ...for rock solid performance ƒƒ Capture: % prevented incorrect / incomplete transfers from procurement system ƒƒ Authorize: % prevented duplicated / fraudulent and value. invoices processed ƒƒ Query: % detected unauthorized requests ƒƒ Payment: % detected segregation of duties exceptions4
  5. 5. A global community of F&A experts... Magdalena Ravi Shankar Andrzej Hutniczak Christopher Skibinska Head of Management Engagement Executive, Stancombe Delivery Excellence Assurance Services & Head of Delivery Vice President, Manager, Benchmarking Controls Excellence Head of F&A Outsourcing A Certified Accountant, With 17 years of A Fellow of the A Fellow of the as Delivery Excellence experience in Finance, Association of Chartered Association of Chartered Manager, Magdalena Supply Chain, Certified Accountants Accountants of England supports our clients Projects and General with over 12 years of and Wales with over 20 in their drive to Management, Ravi is industry experience, years of experience in excellence by leading currently the Head of Andrzej is a Vice F&A, Christopher has the process of diamond Management Assurance President, Engagement worked within BPO for cross-engagement Services and runs the Executive and Head over 7 years. He joined KPI benchmarking SOX / Management of Delivery Excellence Capgemini as Head & reporting for Assurance Business for setting the direction of Global Solutions. BPO Europe. She Capgemini globally. for Capgemini’s BPO He is now Head of manages various He is involved in Delivery Excellence Finance & Accounting Delivery Excellence shaping our market and supporting client Outsourcing in Global industrialization projects proposition as well as in engagements in BPO where he oversees and is a Global Process its day-to-day delivery to delivering excellence to Sales, Engagements and Model© Order-to-Cash our clients. our clients. Operations. expert. ...ready to deliver business value to you5
  6. 6. Innovative solutions for perfect control and value Global BPO Rightshore® Network Toronto Katowice Montreal Kraków Dallas, TX ™ pen BPOpen™ Casablanca BPO Hong Kong Mumbai Kolkata Guangzhou Guatemala Chennai Bangalore Legend: Hub Sao Paulo Satellite Santiago de Chile Adelaide ­­About Capgemini ® With around 115,000 multicultural organization, Capgemini people in 40 countries, has developed its own way of working, Capgemini is one of the world’s foremost the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM, providers of consulting, technology and and draws on Rightshore®, its worldwide outsourcing services. The Group reported delivery model. 2010 global revenues of EUR 8.7 billion. Learn more about us at Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business and technology solutions that fit their needs and drive the results they want. A deeply Rightshore is a trademark belonging to Capgemini. ® Rightshore® is a registered trademark belonging to Capgemini. The information contained in this document is proprietary. Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.6