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Mobile has found its way into the workplace, and increasingly it is via employee-owned devices. Bring Your Own Device or BYOD is quickly becoming the dominant IT paradigm in industry, with survey after survey finding that most organizations allow personal devices on their networks to some extent and that the majority of employed adults at least occasionally access workplace networks and data on their own smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops. Government is also rapidly warming to the potential efficiency, morale, and cost benefits of BYOD, with only a handful of agencies not yet developing plans or pilot programs to eventually let employees utilize their own devices.

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GDS International - BYOD and fixmo

  1. 1. CTOlabs.comWhite Paper:BYOD and FixmoJuly 2012A White Paper providing context and guidance you can use Inside: • Context on BYOD • Key Fixmo Capabilities • Lessons to learn for your enterprise deployment
  2. 2. Fixmo and the Current State of BYOD Mobile has found its way into the workplace, and increasingly it is via employee-owned devices. Bring Your Own Device or BYOD is quickly becoming the dominant IT paradigm in industry, with survey after survey finding that most organizations allow personal devices on their networks to some extent and that the majority of employed adults at least occasionally access workplace networks and data on their own smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops. Government is also rapidly warming to the potential efficiency, morale, and cost benefits of BYOD, with only a handful of agencies not yet developing plans or pilot programs to eventually let employees utilize their own devices. The Policy and Security Challenge From BYOD The BYOD boom has outpaced security policy and solutions. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, mobile devices are rapidly becoming a favorite target of hackers. Combined with immature security ecosystems for mobile operating systems and the heightened risk of loss or theft, employee mobile devices have become a leading source of leaks and breaches. In their rush to benefit from BYOD, organizations have implemented employee device policies without first setting up the appropriate security infrastructure. Too many enterprises are not aware of the devices on their networks, have not come up with regulations for the entire lifecycle of employee devices, and have not successfully put the policies they have into practice across the full spectrum of devices, operating systems, and services that their employees use. As a result, organizations cannot derive the full benefits of BYOD, losing money on costly information leaks and multiple partial, insufficient management solutions, stifling employee creativity and flexibility through restrictive security policies, or banning personal devices entirely. What Fixmo Brings Fixmo, a mobile security and risk management company, offers a unique approach to managing personal mobile devices to overcome these obstacles and enable your organization to get all of the benefits of BYOD without all of the risks. Fixmo focuses on mobile security and risk management as opposed to a more traditional and restrictive risk avoidance approach. Before BYOD, IT departments1
  3. 3. A White Paper for the Government IT Communitywould control company or agency mobile devices and greatly limit their use. Mobile risk managementaims to balance freedom with mitigation so that users can still take advantage of the overwhelmingproductivity and convenience benefits of BYOD while decreasing the inherent threat and focusingon compliance assurance. Fixmo accomplishes this through a layered security approach thatencrypts and protects corporate data, monitors system integrity to detect and prevent breaches andexploits, and enables dynamic policy controls for both the device itself and the corporate data andapplications. Putting these technologies together enablesstrong protection of the corporate side of the device Fixmo Use In Industry Todaywithout impacting the user experience of the personal side. This month, SC Magazine examined leadingAdditionally, Fixmo allows you to track compliance as well as mobile device security providers, includingdevice and data integrity so organizations can manage their Fixmo, AirWatch, Good Technology, Sophos,risks effectively. and KoolSpan. Their conclusion? Fixmo SafeZone is the Best Buy.Fixmo’s solutions cover the spectrum of mobile device SafeZone was the only product to getrisks across multiple platforms. Fixmo Sentinel can provide a perfect 5 star rating for each categorycontinuous device integrity monitoring and compliance (Features, Ease of Use, Performance,reporting for BlackBerry, iOS, and Android devices, so it Documentation, Support, and Value). SCcan protect virtually any mobile device that an employee Magazine’s favorite aspect of SafeZone waschooses. First, Fixmo’s unique Sentinel Device Integrity “full management of an encrypted containertechnology creates a digital fingerprint of a “known trusted without completely locking down a user’sstate” on the device then periodically scans the operating device” and reviewers were not able to findsystem for deviations. These can be a sign of malicious any points against it. The documentation andactivity or unauthorized changes to the configuration. support made SafeZone easy to set up, pricingAside from detecting unwanted changes, Sentinel provides was “fair and flexible,” and the product was “ana compliance record for reporting and auditing as well as excellent value for the money.” Their overallforensics. verdict was that Fixmo SafeZone was a “solid approach, especially for BYOD environments where users are fearful of losing their personalFixmo Sentinel Server Compliance Check performs data if the IT shop needs to do a remote wipe.”automated audits, corrections, and compliance confirmationfor mobile infrastructure, making it easy to ensure the management infrastructure is configuredcorrectly and is in compliance with regulations. Fixmo SafeZone delivers secure email as well as“containerization” of business data and applications for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. Enterpriseinformation is encrypted and contained in a secure mobile workspace with strong encryption,full IT policy control and integrity monitoring that ensures corporate data can be locked down or 2
  4. 4. removed from a device in response to detected threats or vulnerabilities. This is especially crucial for government implementations, as numerous agencies say that they will only accept BYOD if data is containerized and if they can validate and monitor the integrity of the OS. Fixmo For Government Missions While Fixmo has been proven to protect all types of Government Leading The Way organizations and manage their mobile devices, it is Fixmo Sentinel is used across the DoD to especially well suited to government. Federal interest monitor the state of their mobile devices in in BYOD is high due to stagnant or declining IT budgets the field and to provide forensics reporting for paired with expectations of better customer service. If compliance and audit. IT admins and security implemented properly, BYOD can dramatically improve professionals scan devices periodically employee effectiveness at the same or lower price, but to confirm they are properly configured, many agencies are understandably hesitant due to sensitive have the correct policies applied, and that information, strict regulatory requirements, and the risk of unverified or disallowed applications have losing money on a poorly thought-out transition from current not found their way onto the devices. When infrastructure. Fixmo is prepared to meet the most stringent a device is found to have been tampered government because of their Co-operative Research and with or to be out of compliance, immediate Development Agreement (CRADA) with the NSA, with Fixmo’s action is taken to lock or wipe that device, core mobile risk management technology coming out of the or to update the policies to get it back into National Security Agency’s Technology Transfer Program. compliance. Fixmo Sentinel is included as Fixmo can enforce, monitor, and report on regulatory part of the Security Technical Implementation compliance, making it easy to stay within legislative Guidelines (STIG) for BlackBerry and Android guidelines. Containerization and encryption of data also deployments as specified by the Defense meets other legal or policy requirements in the public sector. Information Systems Agency (DISA) and has Lastly, by providing a secure and unified solution, Fixmo recently introduced support for iPhone and helps prevent costly blunders when transitioning to BYOD. iPad as well. As part of Fixmo’s CRADA with the NSA, it will provide government and defense agencies with a no- charge version of the secure browser and the SafeZone SDK or Software Development Kit, on top of its3
  5. 5. A White Paper For The Federal IT Communityexisting free for government offerings including Fixmo Sentinel Desktop for BlackBerry and Android aswell as Fixmo Sentinel Server Compliance Check for BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Anyone with a .govor .mil email address can sign up to download the SafeZone secure browser for iOS or Android, whichis a completely contained HTML-5 web browser kept separate from the personal browser. SafeZone’sbrowser is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption in line with the Federal Information ProcessingStandard (FIPS) Publication 140-2. The SDK is also available for free download by government clientsand allows agencies to automatically add access controls and encryption to their custom applications.Agencies can then decide to stay with these tools free of charge or to purchase the full FixmoSafeZone with additional features such as secure email and Personal Information Manager to manageall of their mobile enterprise applications together.Concluding ThoughtsThough Bring Your Own Device shows great promise, its explosion in the private sector and expansioninto government has been at times haphazard. With the high cost of breaches and the increased threatof theft, loss, or malware from employee devices, mobile risk management is a crucial though oftenunderutilized part of implementing BYOD.Fixmo provides a host of solutions well suited for the diverse platforms and risks associated withemployee owned devices, which can not only help make BYOD more successful but also help hesitantgovernment agencies benefit from this revolution in IT.Government agencies seeking more information on Fixmo can find it multiple places. Successfuldeployments in government makes it easy to pick up a phone and find out from government programmanagers how Fixmo capabilities are serving mission needs today. Market research in industry canbegin with reviews from independent technical reviews like those from SC Magazine, which putmultiple capabilities through the paces and concluded that only Fixmo was a “Best Buy” as tops in allcategories. 4
  6. 6. Why Fixmo The many capabilities of Fixmo are backed up with a world-class engineering team which has built solutions that can scale to the size of the global hand-held device market. Key components of their suite of solutions were initially developed by the US government and under terms of the government’s agreement with Fixmo these components are free for government use. Here is more on Fixmo’s key capabilities for government use: Fixmo Sentinel Desktop - No Charge to Government: Fixmo Sentinel Desktop is the commercial alternative for AutoBerry, a mobile device security and tamper detection solution that was initially developed by the U.S. National Security Agency. Fixmo Sentinel SCC - No Charge to Government: Fixmo Sentinel Server Compliance Check (SCC) is the commercial alternative for AutoBES, a solution for automatically scanning BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Good Mobile Messaging Server to ensure proper configuration and STIG compliance. Fixmo MRM: Learn more about the Fixmo MRM platform which brings Fixmo Sentinel together with the Fixmo SafeZone Secure Container to provide a holistic mobile risk management platform for protecting devices, protecting corporate data and proving regulatory compliance. Fixmo Solutions for Government: Visit the Fixmo Government Solutions page at to learn more about mobile security, compliance and risk management solutions for Government agencies. More Reading For more federal technology and policy issues visit: • A blog for enterprise technologists with a special focus on Big Data. • - A reference for research and reporting on all IT issues. • - Sign up for the Government Technology Newsletters. • - Learn more about Fixmo today.5
  7. 7. A White Paper For The Federal IT CommunityAbout the Author Alexander Olesker is a technology research analyst at Crucial Point LLC, focusing on disruptive technologies of interest to enterprise technologists. He writes at Alex is a graduate of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University with a degree in Science, Technology, and International Affairs. He researches and writes on developments in technology and government best practices for and CTOlabs. com, and has written numerous whitepapers on these subjects. Contact Alex at 6
  8. 8. For More InformationIf you have questions or would like to discuss this report, please contact me. As an advocate for betterIT in government, I am committed to keeping the dialogue open on technologies, processes and bestpractices that will keep us moving forward.Contact:Bob Gourleybob@crucialpointllc.com703-994-0549All information/data ©2012