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gbob world final presentation
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gbob world final presentation


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Published in: Marketing, Travel, Sports

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  • 1. Statements
  • 2. Statements GBOB WORLD FINAL In Chiang Mai, City of Music THAILAND Feb 6 – 10, 2014 Date of Concert: Feb 8 2014 In Cooperation With: Governor of Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Musicians, Singers, Artists Association (CMSAA) Chiang Mai Provincial Office of Tourism and Sport (TAT)
  • 3. Statements GBOB The world’s biggest music competition for bands playing their own songs, live. GBOB Bahamas Champion 2012 STINKIN WAYZ
  • 4. HISTORY: Statements Benefits of GBOB (Some Participating Countries)
  • 5. MORE PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES: Statements GBOB Malaysia TV Series 2010 GBOB Bahamas Festival 2012 GBOB Finland TV Series 2011 GBOB Netherlands Festival 2013
  • 6. GBOB StatementsFINAL WORLD A thrilling showdown of the BEST NEW BANDS from around the world. Every country sends their winning band to the GBOB World Final.* The World Final happens in a different country every year. * Regional Finals will launch in 2014. The Winning Band from each Regional Final (ie. Asia Final) will go forward to the World Final. GRAND PRIZE Band Development Package Recording contract. Recording in a top studio with a famous Producer. Music Video Production. International Promotion.
  • 7. Statements “My personal vision for what we are doing here (in Chiang Mai) and yes, it is ambitious - is to be the starting point for changing the entire music industry of Thailand.” – Bringkop, Lecturer at the Payap University, Chiang Mai
  • 8. Statements the WORLD FINAL Hosts during MICHELLE WAAGAARD | Host, Filmed Interviews SONIA “PIM” COULING | Host for Concert - Model Actress TV Host/Producer MTV Asia VJ - Teen 8 Grade A (band) JAMP (band) MTV VJ 88Wave FM DJ GBOB Finland TV Series 2012
  • 9. Statements Some Bands coming to the WORLD FINAL GBOB Finland TV Series 2012
  • 10. Some Bands Statementscoming to the WORLD FINAL COSMIC CARNIVAL | Netherlands GBOB Finland TV Series 2012
  • 11. Statements of Thailand TAT Tourist Authority Chiang Mai attracts nearly 2 million foreign tourists a year (Source: 10th Best City in the World (3rd in Asia) by Travel + Leisure Magazine for August 2013. (Bangkok ranked top 1 over Paris, London, New York.) 24 in TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Travelers' Choice World Destinations for July 2013. Trip Advisor : the world’s largest traveler site, and bases its decision on millions of reviews. (Source: TAT has included the GBOB World Final in their list of activities next year, guaranteeing nationwide promotion.
  • 12. Statements Media Partners RADIO 12 spots/day/station 2 months Cool FM Chiang Mai (87.5) Chic FM Chiang Mai (89.5) XFM Chiang Mai (99.25) Six hour live streaming of the whole event on YouTube Live - worldwide, prime time Asia and Europe. Multi camera production. LIVESTREAM NEWSPAPER 60 ads in 1 mth, two news papers MAGAZINE 1 column per magazine, 5 magazines 6 radio stations in Chiang Mai playing, total of 2,160 ad spots in two months. Pazzo Magazine Overdrive. By Prart Music Group, the biggest music magazine in Thailand. Thai News & Chiang Mai News. Local newspapers printed in the city. Citylife is the most popular English language magazine in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It has been published since 1992, online and in print. Hip is a monthly magazine focused on Thai News music events in Chiang Mai, matched with art, adventure, architecture. Compass Magazine is for tourism, while Chiang Mai Mag features youth fashion trends, gossip, others. Pazzo Magazine focuses on architecture and lifestyle.
  • 13. Statements Events Schedule of The GBOB WORLD FINAL is a free concert scheduled evening after the Flower Parade in Chiang Mai, as part of the day’s main itinerary courtesy of the Governor of Chiang Mai and Chiang Mai Provincial Office of Tourism and Sports. Various events will happen as soon as the bands and guests arrive in the city on Feb 6 2014, and depart on Feb 10 2014. Date Itinerary Feb 6 2014 Bands, GBOB Team, and Guests arrive in Chiang Mai Feb 7 2014 Tour / Interview / Filming of the Bands around Chiang Mai Feb 8 2014 GBOB WORLD FINAL (Morning) 4pm – 6pm 6pm – 10pm 11pm Press Conference with Guest Performer, Sonia “Pim” Couling, Michelle Waagaard, and GBOB Bands. Pre-Concert Activities CONCERT After Party Feb 9 2014 Various Conference Meetings Feb 10 2014 Departure from Chiang Mai
  • 14. Statements Final Word GBOB is a worldwide competition that is also local. A unique opportunity to join a winning project in its formative years. Local Bands GBOB is a chance to kick-start their music career internationally; an opportunity to be heard by a wider audience and a great way to connect with other musicians and fans worldwide. GBOB is a universal gathering of bands and music professionals around the world through positive live music events , as well as hub for musicians’ social and commercial activities online. Commercial Sponsors GBOB is an event that attracts thousands of young bands and musicians, and millions of music lovers around the world. Government Cultural & Tourism Efforts GBOB is a way to promote a country’s music in the international scene; it is also a way to promote tourism by promoting the country’s best tourist spots to GBOB’s prime audience and participators: the adventurous youth around the world. Tore Lande Founder and Managing Director GBOB WORLDWIDE LTD. Contact: Email: Thai mobile: +66 8386 52951
  • 15. Statements THANK YOU GBOB Norway Champion 2010 FLASHAM GBOB Giving music back to musicians!