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Google AdWords Workshop by GBG Mumbai


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Presentation from Google AdWords Workshop conducted by GBG Mumbai on January 11th at Mumbai. …

Presentation from Google AdWords Workshop conducted by GBG Mumbai on January 11th at Mumbai.

Sreeraman Thiagarajan, Chapter Manager, Google Business Group, Mumbai

Sandiip Porwal, CEO, Virtual Snipers

Vibhas Sen, Head of Search, Virtual Snipers

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  • 1. Knowledge Series - 2 Workshop on Google AdWords Jan 11th 2014
  • 2. What’s GBG? Visit to know more
  • 3. SEO VS SEM SEO •  Organic •  Long overhaul •  Content is a key driver •  Limited optimisation for competition and category search •  Have limited control over what can be optimised SEM •  Paid •  Instant Results •  Content independent •  Bid for brand, category, context, misspellings competition and industry, etc., •  Complete control over budgets, LP, goals. etc But What’s common? Both are triggered by a Search Query
  • 4. Why AdWords Workshop? We want you to know how to make most out of AdWords and less of a bad experiments
  • 5. Why AdWords Workshop? With AdWords, you target brand, category, industry and competitive keywords
  • 6. Why Google AdWords? •  Reach people at the precise moment they’re searching for what you offer •  You can choose where your ad appears •  Control your budget •  See exactly what's working in your ad, and build on it •  Measure Value
  • 7. Why Google AdWords? Whatever is your Business Goal, AdWords will help you achieve it and, Measure it! •  Online sales •  Phone calls •  Website visits •  In-store visits •  Online leads
  • 8. Knowledge Series Google AdWords Presented by : Sandiip Porwal Vibhas Sen
  • 9. Agenda - Morning • Introduction • Intro to PPC – AdWords • Beginning Optimization • Optimizing to: • Creating Your AdWords Account • Increase conversions • Adwords Account structure • Increase traffic • Managing Your Account • Developing Quality Keyword Lists • Improving Quality Score • Tracking ad performance • Using the Keyword Tool • Quality Score • Creating Compelling Ad Text • Google Display Network • Using the Google Network • Remarketing • Ad types (Image Ads, Local • Billing & Reports Business Ads, Mobile Ad, Click- • Best Practices to-Play Video Ads • Open Q&A
  • 10. Adwords aka PPC aka SEM
  • 11. What is PPC? Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model in which advertisers pay / get charged only when their advert is clicked.
  • 12. PPC History • October 2000 – Google introduces Adwords to the WORLD ! – Cost Per Impression Model • February 2002 – Google introduces Pay Per Click Model • January 2005 - Google Advertising Professional (GAP) launched to certify individuals & companies • August 2005 – Quality score is introduced • November 2005 – Content Network bidding launched • March 2006 – Local Business Ads introduced • June 2006 – Ad Scheduling introduced • November 2009 - Google acquires Admob ( market leader in mobile display & advertising ) • October 2011 – Google+ launched with Adwords integration • 2013 – Enhanced campaign migration
  • 13. Xcited!!! Lets Begin
  • 14. Where does it all begin? The consumer A product / service need A product / service need Options calling for research And a search engine called…..
  • 15. Google Search Results Search Query: ‘buy flowers online’ THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE Google Adwords *   Google Search Results
  • 16. Be found on Google search Control and convey your brand message the instant users are looking for you on Google or our search partners. benefits • control your budget • innovative ad units • time & place targeting • pay for performance • adjust on the fly pricing • pay per click (cpc) • smart pricing format customizable • ad title, text and url • coupon ads • product extensions • local extensions placement • Google search result pages • millions of partner sites
  • 17. Setting PPC Objectives •  Critical to decide clear cut-off points before starting •  Objective •  Min / max conversion afordability •  Geo-targeting •  Language targeting
  • 18. PPC Overview •  Unique Bid Platform •  Greater competition = greater cost •  No charge if user sees your ad •  Only pay if user clicks on your ad •  Simple way to test if your website can work for you •  Requires lots of OPTIMISATION to maximise ROI
  • 19. Opening an Adwords Account
  • 20. Creating Your AdWords Account
  • 21. Creating Your Campaign • Complete Keyword Research • Decide on your campaign structure • Does your campaign reflect your business/website? • Develop your campaign BEFORE going to AdWords
  • 22. Keyword Research • Foundation of your online marketing campaign (for both SEO and PPC) • Example “buy digital camera” vs “digital camera review” • Draw up your Keyword List • Study your web stats program • Brainstorm • Competitors web sites • Use Online Tools to check frequency of use • • Google Keyword Tool
  • 23. Google Keyword Tool
  • 24. Choosing the Right Keywords Selling Dogfood buy  cheap  dog  food  online  now   pets   pedigree  dog   food   buy  dog  food   dog  food  recipes   dogs   vet   *   canned  dog  meals  
  • 25. Keyword Types
  • 26. Structuring
  • 27. Google AdWords Account Structure • Account Level • Campaign Level • Adgroup Level • Keywords • Adverts • Structure your campaign to mirror your website • Create separate campaigns for multi-region advertising • Use AdWords Editor to manage your campaign
  • 28. Google AdWords Account Structure (Example) • Account Level • Travel Company ( India ) • Campaign Level • Flight • Train • Bus • Adgroup Level (North India) • J & K • Keywords • Adverts
  • 29. Create Compelling Ad Text • Be Concise, To the Point • Support claims on landing page • Relevant, accurate text • No superlatives/hyperbole allowed • Targets specific keywords • No inappropriate language • Clear & Accurate display URL • Use direct calls to action • Working destination URL • No pop-ups on landing page • Use Proper Grammar • Capitalise First letter of words Follow  the  Search  User’s  Thought  Process!  
  • 30. Include Multiple Ads Titl e Benefi t Featur e *  
  • 31. Include a Call to Action Examples: get info, research here, download free white paper, order   our catalog, buy now, save money       Avoid meaningless slogans and gimmicky language Click  Here   *   Visit  Us  
  • 32. Differentiate Products or Services Send  Chocolate  Gi:s   Save  10%  on  all  chocolate  orders.   Free  shipping  over  $50.   • Save 50% • $10 Off • Seasonal Sales *   • Free Shipping • Free White Paper
  • 33. Keywords in Ad Text Catch  your  customer’s  eye  by  making  sure  your  headlines   match  the  keywords.   figurines   Collector  Dolls  40%  Off   The  Anastasia  CollecIon  -­‐   Porcelain  Dolls,  Doll  Stands,  &  More   Discount  Figurines   Unique  CollecIbles,  Gi:  Ideas,   Figurines  &  Miniatures.  Buy  Online!   Matching  terms  show  up  in  bold   text  on  the  Google  results  page.   *  
  • 34. That’s it! You are almost there Lets go live with your campaign.
  • 35. Regional and Local Targeting • You  can  target  ads  so  they  appear  only  in  locaIons  of   interest  to  you  –  your  neighborhood,  your  service  areas,   your  city  or  your  state.   Select  from  pre-­‐defined   geographies   OR   Countries         Within  a  defined  radius   Regions   CiIes   *   Define  the  area,  customize   the  targeIng   Within  defined  borders  
  • 36. Ad Scheduling • Campaign/Se_ngs/Advanced   Slide  ▪  *   Slide  !  *  
  • 37. AdWords is Accountable Monitor Your AdWords Performance The AdWords interface lets you monitor the performance of each ad that you are running, as well as your overall performance With AdWords, you always know how your ads—and marketing budget—are performing *  
  • 38. Conversion Tracking
  • 39. Quality Score
  • 40. Why Quality Score • Advertisers want to show relevant ads so that users will click on their USER ads and land on their site • Users want to see relevant ads so they can easily find what they're looking for in the shortest amount of time. ADVERTISER GOOGL E • Google wants the best experience for both advertisers and users so that advertisers continue to use the AdWords program and so users continue to use Google
  • 41. Quality Score Google WANT you to have high QS and will tell you when you do not have this
  • 42. Google Network • Text Ads • Images Ads • Mobile Ads • Video Ads
  • 43. Reports
  • 44. Billing & Invoicing Options Post Pay (CC or Invoicing) Pre Pay (Top up option)
  • 45. Google Display Network Google Worldwide • #1 global Internet property with 1 billion searches every day • 1B unique visitors globally per month to Google Sites • #1 in search globally •  955M unique visitors a month on the Google Ad Network and 76.8% reach worldwide • #1 video site YouTube with 2 billion views a day • The largest global ad network, thousands of sites across a diverse set of inventory
  • 46. Google Display Ads Engage with Internet users through millions of sites using text, rich media, image and video advertising. benefits pricing format placement • millions of sites • pay per click (cpc) • text • you choose sites • placement targeting • pay per impressions (cpm) •  image • google chooses sites: • flash (contextual targeting) • contextual targeting • remarketing • multiplier effect on search • video
  • 47. Best in Class Targeting where they are who they are contextual targeting by keywords | by categories by keywords on YouTube interest and demographiccategory marketing placement targeting remarketing filters to focus your brand presence above the fold targeting, AdPlanner 1000 add: demographic bids, geographic and time filtering exclude: undesired sites, keywords, categories
  • 48. Remarketing WHY REMARKETING Re-engage with visitors after they’ve left your website Bring back unconverted visitors and improve ROI
  • 49. More about Remarketing…
  • 50. Ads Preview Tool
  • 51. AdWords Editor
  • 52. Good Landing Pages
  • 53. Best Practices • Organise by Theme/Product/Service • Keywords Research • Include Keywords in Advert • Use Correct Landing Pages • Enable Tracking/Conversion
  • 54. Best AdWords Help Page!
  • 55. Google Certification
  • 56. Join Us Join GBG Mumbai (Free) Connect with us GBG Mumbai | Twitter | Facebook | Google+