Why Acidophilus Pills Need Prebiotics To Benefit Your Digestion

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Visit http://www.onlyatgbg.com/Default.aspx?ID=GBGVitamin10in1/ for more info

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  • 1. Acidophilus pills have been on the market for many years to help people rebalance their digestion. To understand how they work you need to understand how your digestion works.
  • 2. How Your Digestion System Works
  • 3. Our digestion tract is an amazing piece of equipment. Did you that if your stretched it out fully it would cover a whole football field. The digestive tract is also known as our internal skin and it is our bodys first line of defencefrom the outside world. It is responsible for the essentialfunctions of digestion, absorption and elimination. These functions nourish us, feed our cells, give us energy to function and basically - keep us alive.
  • 4. Friendly Bacteria And Unfriendly Bacteria
  • 5. This unique and complex operation is pulled together by billions of bacteria that live in your digestive tract. These bacteria are living organisms, meaning they grow within your intestinal walls. There are good bacteria and there are bad bacteria. It is important for digestive health andyour overall wellbeing that you ensure your good bacteriaare looked after. If the bad bacteria are allowed to overrun your digestive system, you will leave yourself exposed to digestive disorders and intestinal infections.
  • 6. The balance of good and bad bacteria is a fragile one. When we are healthy, eating a good diet, taking regularexercise and avoiding stress our good bacteria will thrive. However, eating high fat and processed foods, smoking, alcohol and taking antibiotics can destroy these good bacteria, leaving the door open for disease-causing pathogenic microbes to take over.
  • 7. Replenishing Your Friendly Bacteria
  • 8. One way to replenish your good bacteria is to takeacidophilus pills. I know, acidophilus is a bit of a mouthful however, the word stands for a specific strain of good bacteria or probiotic. L. Acidophilus is also known as a resident strain because it remains in the digestive tract.However, there are strains of probiotics that pass through your system such as lactobacillus casei, which is derived from cheese. The resident strains of good bacteria are more effective at fighting intestinal infections, because they remain and grow inside your intestinal walls.
  • 9. The only problem with taking acidophilus pills is that youhave no idea if these probiotics are actually reaching yourgut. In order to reach your small intestine they need to get through the highly acidic environment of your stomach. Another problem is if your digestive tract is alreadyoverrun with bad bacteria most of the acidophilus bacteria will not survive.
  • 10. Creating The Right Environment For Your Digestive Health
  • 11. For this reason you need to create the right environmentin your gut before you can benefit from acidophilus pills. To create the right environment for the good bacteria to thrive you need to have prebiotics. This amazingsubstance is a form of dietary fibre that is found naturally in fruit and vegetables. Prebiotics have many digestive health qualities that include cleansing your intestines of toxic bacteria and providing food for your probiotics to survive. So, if your want the good guys to survive and thrive make sure you get enough prebiotics first.
  • 12. http://www.onlyatgbg.com/Default.aspx?ID=GBGVitamin 10in1/