Is your enterprise giving you more pain or gain 3 chapters


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Is your enterprise giving you more pain or gain 3 chapters

  1. 1. Is Your Enterprise Giving You More Pain Than Gain? Find out how much “pain” you should really be handling in your small business. by GBD Marketing (
  2. 2. NoticesAll Care And Responsibility is Yours:This pre-publication is intended for educational purposes only and the reader agrees to take all responsibility for using the information containedwithin it. You must take action and ultimately be responsible for everything that happens to you. You must get professional financial and legaladvice prior to attempting to start any business. The author or publishers expressly do not guarantee any results or income you may or may notget by using the information contained herein.Copyright Notices:All rights reserved.No part of this pre-publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, mechanical or electronic, including photocopying and recording,or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. Requests for permission for furtherinformation should be addressed to or 02 4276 4542.Legal Notices:While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this pre-publication, neither the author nor the publisher assumes anyresponsibility for errors, omissions, lack of care, default, negligence or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein.This pre-publication is not intended for use as a source of legal or accounting advice. The Publisher wants to stress that the information containedherein may be subject to varying state and/or local laws or regulation. All users are advised to retain competent counsel to determine what stateand/or local laws and regulations may apply to the user’s particular business applications of this material.The purchaser or reader of this pre-publication assumes sole responsibility for the use of these materials and information. Adherence to allapplicable laws and regulations, both federal and state and local, governing professional licensing, business practices, advertising and all otheraspects of doing business in Australia or any other jurisdiction is the sole responsibility of the purchaser or reader. The author, publisher and alldistributors of this pre-publication assume no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage of any kind whatever arising as a result of anypurchaser or reader of these materials acting on the opinions, advice and recommendation expressly or implicitly published here. We expressly donot guarantee any results you may or may not get as a result of following our recommendations. You must test everything for yourself.Any perceived slights of specific people or organizations are unintentional. For information about special discounts for bulk purchases, please contact GBD Marketing at 02 4276 4542 or Printed and bound in Australia by GBD Marketing. Copyright © 2011 by GBD Marketing. BOOK FREE BUSINESS SESSION WORTH $995 Find out for yourself how you can generate an extra 35% revenue in the next 12 months with Client Management Movement © If you have been in business for at least 12 months, and really want to improve your situation once and for all, secure your free spot NOW by calling GBD Marketing on 02 4276 4542 or use our online Contact Form on facebook. Promotion valid until 30th Sep, 2011. The first 7 bookings will also get my this FREE booklet. Conds apply. What are you waiting for? You have everything to gain, nothing to lose! Is Your Pain Giving You The Gains You Want And Deserve?, by GBD Marketing i
  3. 3. Table of ContentsNotices...........................................................................................................................iTable of Contents..........................................................................................................iiPersonal Message From The Author...............................................................................iPreface: No Pain, No Gain.............................................................................................iiChapter 1: Seven Simple Ways Minimize Pain In Small Business.................................1Chapter 2: Five Main Reasons For Pain In Small Business............................................2Chapter 3: What Pain In Small Business?.....................................................................3 Is Your Pain Giving You The Gains You Want And Deserve?, by GBD Marketing ii
  4. 4. Personal Message From The AuthorWithout a shadow of doubt there is absolutely nobody who likes the idea of having to endure any sort of pain,regardless of how little it might be. The reality is that, as humans, we are programmed to enjoy pleasurableexperiences and avoid, at all costs, any association with pain or discomfort.Nevertheless our physical world is filled with all sorts of contradictions to our understanding. We all perceivesimilar experiences or set of events differently and, as a result, some of us experience some degree ofassociated pain, while others do not. It does seem rather unfair, does it not?When dealing with challenging issues some of us have the innate ability to outline in a straight line a viablesolution, a green light, whereas others struggle all the way and the end seems to be farther away.From my personal experience I too have endured different levels of pain over the years. The unforgiving pain,for me, is intellectual pain. Not only does it make me feel inadequate, as it diminishes my focus what liesahead of me. I feel forced to make an extra effort to regain my strength back and think of the best course ofaction to take in the shortest period of time possible. It takes discipline, focus and determination. Whether Iget it right on the first attempt or not, I know that I have something on the inside nobody else has:determination, objectivity and can-do attitude. In the face of “pain” or discomfort these elements are my trueallies I can count on to move forward and progress in life.The purpose of this book is to shed some light to small business owners out there who feel they are constantlyfighting a lost battle in their enterprise, or who feel they are swimming against the current, and are being leftout of the rewards they know they deserve to get, as well.The ideas contained herein, in my personal view, will assist you to understand and overcome your pain in theright time. You too can and should turn what is negative into something worth of YOU and your time!I am adamant your business life can improve beyond your most inner beliefs. All you need to do is take thefirst step towards your goals in a well-defined, planned fashion, and using the right vehicle, in the right way,to get to your destination. By giving yourself a chance your restless self will gain more tranquility and peace.Your results will be proof of this temporary period of change.There has never been a better time to pull your sleeves up. Now is the time to re-think your business goalsand your life expectations. Small Business Sufferer: How much is your life worth after all? Is Your Pain Giving You The Gains You Want And Deserve?, by GBD Marketing i
  5. 5. Preface: No Pain, No GainThe well-known expression “no pain, no gain” is widely familiar to us all. In simpler terms is means thatwithout perseverance there will be no rewards to be gained at the end.How many times have we heard this saying, understand it, and yet forget to live by its principles? By doing so,it might be safe to point out that many opportunities are overseen or even lost along the way...The reality of having pain in our lives imposes a much deeper analysis from our end: What can we learnfrom pain? Are we given an opportunity to stretch into another level of awareness, by living anexperience that will test our abilities on physical, intellectual, and emotional levels? How many small business owners have tried countless times the same old tricks to retain customers, attract more customers or even sell more products or services, but with poor results? How many business owners keep trying the same tactics as the rest, knowing their efforts will either take a long time to generate decent results, or will simply not generate any results at all?Answering these questions may be quite confronting to many owners out there who are doing it tough.It is sad to say that not many people have the ability to see beyond the uncertainty, the smoky air, theturbulence of the present moment.The fact is that it is up to each and every one of us to learn to deal with pain in a more productive fashion. Byfacing FACTS in a SWOT 1 analysis, for example, there is a clearer perspective of a much brighter futureahead. How many business owners use this tool and if so how effectively?Pain does not have to be in vane if you, small business owner, are determined to turn your life’s eventsaround the smart way. You must accept there are things you can control (marketing skills, determination,can-do attitude, planning), as opposed things that are out of your control (local competitors, expensive adsfrom big companies, or the evolution of the Economy).On one hand, there is bad news you should prepare yourself for: there will always be some degree of pain toendure. It is a fact of life. There is nothing you can do to change it. Ditto!On the other hand, there is fantastic news: you can and should minimize the amount of pain and its effects onyour enterprise, by learning how to become a savvy business owner. You should improve on your strengthsand take advantage of the opportunities presented to you. These are the two cards you have up your sleeve.Use them wisely.1 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats Analysis. Is Your Pain Giving You The Gains You Want And Deserve?, by GBD Marketing ii
  6. 6. Chapter 1: Seven Simple Ways Minimize Pain In Small BusinessAs mentioned before when results take longer to show up or simply are non-existent, a whole deal of pain isinstantly created. It is the discomfort feeling, the uncertainty, the insecurity that causes negative, irrationalthinking. But there is a better way to deal with discomfort and uncertainty.I like to start each calendar year, on the 1st January, by creating my Vision Board in detail. It is a tool I turn towhen the going gets tough later down the track. I know for a fact that life will through at me many obstacles.I can either look at them as pebbles along my path or insurmountable mountains. Either way will determinemy own personal experience. By remaining focused on my goals and objectives I define how I wish to moveforward. This alone helps me greatly in dealing with associated pain in my daily, business journey.Another tool I find very useful is a Bucket List. It is an extension of my Vision Board, where I list all the thingsI want to achieve over the course of a pre-defined period of time (12 months). I only list what I am hungryfor, and I know I deserve to achieve. It helps me stay focused and propels me forward. Another amazing toolto help minimize the effects of pain in my journey of life.I could not go any further without sharing the Business Plan. It is mandatory! This tool contains the mainsteps to reaching pre-defined goals and objectives. It is like a road map where the destination (goal) is theonly thing that should be the main focus. This tool is undoubtedly the most important tool in business.Within the Business Plan other tools are extensively used: Prospecting and Follow Up Plans. I would becompletely lost and off track without these. Not only do they contain specifics of what “vehicles” to use andthe best way to use them, as they also provide a crystal clear insight on the results I can expect. It allows meto compare different strategies over time, and conclude which strategy brings the best results, with the leasteffort. These are my day-to-day tools I use and keep accurate, written records of.In addition, I have developed a Leverage Plan. It is what I call make the most of what I have with less effort.In each and every situation I experience in business, I know how to make more with less, because I haveexplored in detail ways to maximize each and every opportunity. This tool is a lot of fun!Last but not least I have outlined an Expansion Plan. It translates where I want to be in 5 years from now. Itis working my way backwards, so I know where I am heading for along the way.All the above tools cost me zero to create and implement. I dare you, small business owner, to do the same asI have done. It reduces significantly the amount of pain in running my business. Guaranteed.You too can and should expect the best, particularly when you put your best efforts to ensure the besthappens for you. What else can you do to get better results from this point forward? Is Your Pain Giving You The Gains You Want And Deserve?, by GBD Marketing 1
  7. 7. Chapter 2: Five Main Reasons For Pain In Small BusinessA vibrant balloon is filled with air, floating in the air. Over time it loses its shape, leaks air and starts to losealtitude.With small businesses the same occurs. They all start fired up. As time goes by that initial enthusiasm seemsto lose its power by the minute. Some businesses even reach a point where it is no longer feasible to continueas they have lost complete control. Frustration and immense deal of pain settle rapidly, unless some sort of“comeback plan” is put into action. How can small businesses regain their former glory?Whilst working with clients I have found there are 5 recurring sources that explain why pain is a constant: 1. External factors (economic fluctuation; fierce competition); 2. Internal factor (poor Marketing skills); 3. Excuses, excuses and more excuses; 4. The “blame game”; 5. Complete and utter denial.Irrespective of the source of pain, the truth is that results speak for itself. There is no such thing as failure orsuccess. Only results will teach you, small business owner, what works and why, as opposed to what does not.As outlined in the previous chapter, there is a simpler way in dealing with pain. However, in order to put thewheels into motion, you must do some framework first as follows:Step 1: Acknowledge that you have an issue needing a viable solution. You must understand you cannotchange what you do not acknowledge. Denial is a weed you want out of your rose garden;Step 2: Assess your precarious situation carefully. Gather as much information you can that will substantiate achange in direction. Remember, time is money! The longer you take to act, the more money you loose;Step 3: Be the hero of your own story. Take ownership and live up to your responsibilities as the businessowner. Become accountable for what you are accountable for. Set a standard for yourself and your staff;Step 4: Decide on a “Plan Of Attack”. Act accordingly. Remain focused and determined to reach each andevery milestone. Every attempt to move forward will get you closer to your ultimate goals;Step 5: Re-assess your activity. Check your performance as you progress along the way. Keep written records.Learn to interpret the results for improvement. If you do not test and measure your results, you will have ahard time to know when, where and how to improve;Step 6: Learn to deal with obstacles (pain). You must anticipate them, to break through the barrier of pain, asobstacles are part of the dynamics in Communication. Is Your Pain Giving You The Gains You Want And Deserve?, by GBD Marketing 2
  8. 8. Chapter 3: What Pain In Small Business?As much as we all dread the notion of pain or having to deal with a painful situation, the reality is that it is anecessary element that can and should be harvested to our own advantage.From my own personal experience I see pain (or discomfort) as a way to tune in with a much better lifestyle Iknow I want and deserve.It represents an opportunity for small, incremental change, avoiding a great deal of increased pain (torture) totake place, and make matters even worse.To me it is a feedback mechanism letting me know that things are out of line, and therefore I must takenecessary action to improve my situation. By improvement what I really mean is a change of direction. With afresh start in mind, I have the ability to start over. It all comes down to choice: shall I become my best friendand try again, or shall I live in denial, with all sorts of unjustifiable excuses, and blame others for mycomplacency? Shall I embrace it or resist it?I have pain as an ally I can count on, because I know it will help me create conscious decisions for re-evaluating situations and events in my favour.Although I might become more vulnerable to take steps to realign things, it will allow me to do better andcome out stronger at the other end.The true essence of pain is only perceived by the beholder, as we all see and feel pain differently. The more Ideal with uncomfortable situations, the more I grow in awareness. We expand our minds and become betterequipped for what lies ahead in the future.Pain plays an important role in the way I feel and see the world. It gives me clues as to what I haveoverlooked before and should have taken into account in the first place. It is like a constant reminder that Ican go back and reinforce my strategy of attack, despite my mind telling me it might be too late…It is the card up my sleeve. My intuition will let me know whether I am in sync with my goals, or whether Ihave deviated from my goals.The pain I feel on the inside dominates my thoughts in a constructive fashion. I know I will have to come upwith better ideas to solve a certain problem, re-evaluate a certain situation in a completely different light, orovercome an obstacle that is now easier to handle.Pain is really what you choose it to be. Embrace it and make it your ally. Resist it and get more of it racing intoyour direction, even faster than before. How will you deal with the pain (discomfort) from now on? Is Your Pain Giving You The Gains You Want And Deserve?, by GBD Marketing 3