Dance Till Your Dreams Come True!!!


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Dance Till Your Dreams Come True!!!

  1. 1. Dance Till Your DreamsCome True!!!
  2. 2. “What, are you serious, I have to playthe fairy?” asked Emily Baker, reallyexcited to be the lead role in her balletshow.“Yes, Emily, now that Lauren hashurt her ankle she can’t play Rose, thefairy, so you are going to take herplace, is that okay with you?” repliedMs Sarah, her ballet teacher.
  3. 3. “Of course, I will play the fairy and bethe best Rose you have ever seen,”replied Emily. Emily started gettingsecond thoughts about being the bestRose and about doing the dance. Emilyhad just started ballet a year ago andhad improved a lot. She has long curlyred hair and green eyes. She was askinny medium height girl. Now that herbest friend, Lauren, had hurt her ankleEmily had to be the lead role instead.
  4. 4. “Mum, Ms Sarah just called, she saidthat Lauren hurt her ankle and won’t beable to be Rose, she said that I have tobe it,” said Emily excitedly.“Good job,you must have been great in class thesepast few weeks,” exclaimed Emily’smum.“OMG, I don’t even know thesteps how am I able to learn them inone day, what if I forget the steps - I willruin the show, everyone will hate me,”said Emily sadly.
  5. 5. “You know you won’t forget the dancesteps, and Ms Sarah did say that youhave a great memory,” said Emily’smum.Emily still felt unsure aboutherself. She ran in to her room to watchthe video of the dance to learn thesteps.That night at dinner, Emily wasgetting more nerves and couldnt holdher question in any longer. “Mum, if Imess up with the dance will Ms Sarahbe disappointed in me,” asked Emily,terrified to hear the answer.“No Emily,you will not mess up with the dance atall,” replied Emily’s
  6. 6. mum. That night Emily had trouble sleeping,she was tossing and turning, dreaming aboutthe dance and was so nerves for tomorrow.Emily’s mum tried reassuring her but it stillwouldn’t help. “Mum I am so nervous andscared at the same time, I don’t want to do thedance,” confessed Emily, she was scared todeath.They were in the car on the way toCanadian International School of Hong Kong,the school where the dance was going to takeplace at.
  7. 7. “Don’t worry, everything’s going to befine, by the way I have your costumehere, look at how cute it is,” said hermum.“OMG, it’s awesome, my favoritecolors,”saidEmily.“Now are you havingsecond thoughts about the dance,” saidEmily’s mum.The costume was a silkypurple dress with little pink flowers hereand there. There were long purple glovesthat Emily would have to wear too.Theypulled the big brown car in to the carpark.
  8. 8. There was a big banner saying “the showRose will be held at the LLAC theatrefrom 1:00pm until 2:30pm.” “That is in 1hour, I am so late,” exclaimed Emily.“Youonly have to be there at 12:30pm,remember Rebecca will also be dancingin the same scene as you,” said her mum.Rebecca was another girl in Emily’s class.When she danced she was graceful andelegant. Emily ran out of the car andbackstage. She saw Ms Sarah helpinganother girl with her ballet pirouettes.
  9. 9. “Ms Sarah, I’m here, when you are donehelping Nicole with her pirouettes can youplease watch me do the dance and see if Ineed help with anything,” asked Emily.“Sure, I be ready in 5 minutes, I’ll meet younear Ms Jackie’s desk,” replied Ms Sarah. MsJackie was the lady who owned Point Toes,the studio where Emily was learning how todance, she was also a dancer herself and wasreally good too.
  10. 10. Even though she doesn’t teach grouplessons she sometimes has privatelessons late at night for adults. WhileEmily was walking over to Ms Jackie’sdesk she thought hard to herself. “I cando this, I can do to this.” Over and overagain. Ms Sarah came over and saidthat Emily was great and wouldn’thave any trouble at all. Emily stilldidn’t feel sure. The lights were shiningdown on Emily’s face.
  11. 11. She was nervous and she was scared,but at the same time she couldn’twait to show the audience what shereally was made of. She could see hermum in the front row cheering on forher. She could see the painted stage,pink and purple flowers. There wasgold trimming on the curtains.
  12. 12. Emily was looking through the curtainsready to go out on stage in just about 2minutes for the opening scene. Emilypushed open the curtains and ran onstage she was jumping and skipping anddoing the dance as perfect as any Rosecould do. The show was over, everyonewas cheering for her. She was handedroses, camera’s were snapping awayand Emily was smiling and posinghaving the time of her life. She haddone a outstanding job - everyonethought so. Especially Emily.