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Enterprise Information Management
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Enterprise Information Management


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OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) technologies and business solutions allow organizations to take full advantage of enterprise information to gain better business insight, capitalize on …

OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) technologies and business solutions allow organizations to take full advantage of enterprise information to gain better business insight, capitalize on opportunities to positively impact the business, improve process velocity, reduce risks related to information governance, and protect sensitive information and intellectual property from internal leaks and external threats.

With growing volumes and a host of formats to manage and leverage, organizations need to bring structure to the unstructured. By doing so, they will be unleashing the power of information to drive faster decision making, improved agility, strong security policies, and an increased ability to both exploit the opportunities and control the risks of enterprise information.

OpenText provides solutions across the entire range of core EIM capabilities – sophisticated, secure, high-value, and cost-effective – onsite, via mobile devices, private cloud, or in the cloud.

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  • 1. Enterprise InformationManagement (EIM)Unleashing the Power of Information
  • 2. CIOs are Under Siege Fragmented information & processes Compliance and litigation Security threats Demands for better business responsiveness Information overload High complexity Changes in work culture Need for multi-channel communication
  • 3. Gain Competitive AdvantageIf managed effectively,enterprise information holdstremendous transformativepowers
  • 4. Reduce Risks & CapitalizeThe key to reducing the risks andcapitalizing on the opportunitieslies in enterprise informationmanagement (EIM)
  • 5. EIMa comprehensive set of bestpractices and technologies thatgives people access to the rightinformation during decision-making, analysis, proceduredefinition, or process execution.
  • 6. EIM combines structured and unstructured information in a unified infrastructure Structured Unstructured Business Suites Information Suites Personal SuitesValue Extracted Untapped Value
  • 7. Why OpenText?OpenText is building on its strength andheritage in Enterprise Content Management(ECM) to expand its offerings into a largercategory of EIM.OpenText EIM is unleashing the power ofinformation to transform their businessesaccording to their strategic aspirations.On premise. Across mobile devices. In theCloud.
  • 8. Markets of EIMEnterprise content management (ECM),business process management (BPM),collaboration and social media(Information Exchange), customerexperience management (CEM), anddiscovery solutions are converging toform EIM.
  • 9. OpenText is Unleashing… ECM Governing the power of information: drive value from information without compromising your compliance and security needs
  • 10. OpenText is Unleashing… BPM Accelerating the power of information: empower your employees customers and partners to quickly and reliably deliver great results
  • 11. OpenText is Unleashing… CEM Experiencing the power of information: delight your customers by delivering meaningful, convenient experiences at every touch point
  • 12. OpenText is Unleashing…Information Extending the power of Exchange information: amplify business impact by securely delivering the right information to the right person
  • 13. OpenText is Unleashing…Discovery Discover the power of information: know what you need to know to make the decisions that drive innovation and agility
  • 14. Global SuccessOpenText is currently helping morethan 50 thousand global digitalenterprises succeed by unleashing thepower of information.
  • 15. Content is being classified as adirect result of users regularwork activity
  • 16. Communities ofPractice promote socialinteraction and collaboration for8700 global employees
  • 17. Secure, mobile, socialnetworking for World leaders
  • 18. Mobile access to securepatient data, medicalinformation and proceduralinformation (Tempo)
  • 19. Maintains brand consistencyacross a network of dealerWeb sites
  • 20. Join the discussion