Augusta Area Job Listing for April 3, 2013


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Augusta Area Job Listing.

Go to:
Click on "JOB SEEKERS"
Click on "FIND A JOB"
Next, look at the bottom of the screen (JOB NUMBER SEARCH) Type the Job Numbers only here. It will take you to the requirements of the job. If you meet all the requirements write down the job numbers and come in and ask to see an employment specialist.
You may also apply on line for a referral - create or use your PIN - then hit the PROCEED TO REFERRAL button at the bottom of the page - in the SKILLS block, tell us (the Dept. of Labor) how you meet the employer's MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (KISS - Keep It Short and Simple - If you do not show that you meet the employer's MINIMUM SKILLS & EDUCATION requirements 100%, you will not be given a referral, you will receive a reject email instead.) You will receive an email back from the Dept. of Labor ( telling you either that you are qualified and how to contact the employer; you're not qualified and the reason why or the vacancy has closed out.

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Augusta Area Job Listing for April 3, 2013

  1. 1. Current Job Order O*NET Search ListingWednesday April 03, 2013 at 14:54:42 ET.189 Job Orders foundClick on Order Number to receive additional information.Job Orders where Job Title is displayed with an aqua background refer to TrainingOpportunity Job Orders.Job Orders where Job Title is displayed with a yellow background refer to WIA/OJT JobOrders. Order Order Employer Name Title Number DateGA8085342 03/20/2013 Airgas Inc Branch Manager - Augusta Asset Management Lotus Notes/Domino SystemsGA8087919 04/03/2013 Analysis Grou Engineer Asset Management Perimeter Security SystemsGA8087835 04/03/2013 Analysis Grou Engineer Asset ManagementGA8087928 04/03/2013 Principal Project Control Specialist Analysis Grou Asset ManagementGA8084201 03/15/2013 Project Controls Engineer Analysis Grou Asset ManagementGA8085537 03/21/2013 Senior Contract Administrator Analysis Grou Asset ManagementGA8087860 04/03/2013 Technical Trainer Analysis Grou Augusta Temporaries dbaGA8087211 03/29/2013 Maintenance Mechanic (Millwright) ManpowGA8085550 03/21/2013 Averitt Express, Inc. Regional Truck Driver Trainee - AUG Food Service Foreman H-005729-GA8086593 03/27/2013 AAFES 2013 FOOD SERVICE WORKER (CM-POP)GA8086691 03/27/2013 AAFES H-005773-20GA8083113 03/11/2013 ACCORD SERVICES LLC Licensed Practical NurseGA8084932 03/19/2013 ADECCO Forklift operator Director of Operations /GA8086098 03/25/2013 ADP Garnishments Jo Human Resources Manager-GA8082591 03/07/2013 ADP Business Partne
  2. 2. HR and Benefits Client SupportGA8084104 03/14/2013 ADP SpecialisGA8087813 04/03/2013 ADP HR Practice Consultant JobGA8087824 04/03/2013 ADP HRIS Business Analyst JobGA8084108 03/14/2013 ADP Payroll Consultant Comp Svcs JobGA8086070 03/25/2013 ADP RUN Client Services Job Rep.GA8086393 03/26/2013 AKIMA ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN IIIGA8086046 03/25/2013 AKIMA License Examiner Personal Banker - Waltons CornerGA8083036 03/11/2013 Bank Of America Banking Teller- Waltons Corner BankingGA8083045 03/11/2013 Bank Of America CenterGA8084435 03/15/2013 Bartolo L Hernandez FARMWORKERS Billeter Professional SmartPlan Foundation ApplicationGA8082285 03/06/2013 Solution Develop Billeter ProfessionalGA8082790 03/08/2013 Optician Solution BlueCross BlueShield ofGA8087611 04/02/2013 Recruiter SouthGA8082142 03/06/2013 Border Equipment MechanicGA8087196 03/29/2013 Brick Mountain Billing Certified Coder/Experienced BillerGA8076650 02/06/2013 BCRS Investments, LLC FARMWORKER FRUIT BILLETER PROFESSIONALGA8086067 03/25/2013 Principal Training Specialist SOLUTION BLAND FARMS ProductionGA8074818 01/28/2013 FARM WORKER and Pac Center for MedicalGA8087650 04/02/2013 Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) Resources IGA8087655 04/02/2013 CASTRO HARVESTING HARVEST CONTRACTORGA8074179 01/24/2013 CASTRO HARVESTING HARVEST CONTRACTORGA8075247 01/30/2013 CATARINA GARCIA, FLC HARVEST WORKER, FRUITGA8076091 02/04/2013 CHRISTOPHER MARTIN FIELD CROP WORKERGA8076303 02/05/2013 CISCO PRODUCE FARMWORKER, VEGETABLE IIGA8078924 02/18/2013 CKT PRODUCE, LLC FARMWORKERGA8085796 03/22/2013 CLEANING FORCE Floor TechnicianGA8085803 03/22/2013 CONTRACT CALLERS INC Collection SpecialistGA8078927 02/18/2013 COPPER STATION FARMS FARMWORKER, FRUIT I FARMWORKER DIVERSIFIED CROPSGA8077910 02/13/2013 COURSON Family Farms IIGA8076087 02/04/2013 David Martinez HARVEST WORKER, FRUITGA8086164 03/25/2013 Davids Automotive MechanicGA8077015 02/07/2013 DELIA ROJAS Farm WorkerGA8075581 01/31/2013 DICKEY FARMS,INC FARMWORKER, FRUIT IGA8062403 11/06/2012 DICKEY FARMS,INC FARMWORKER, FRUIT I
  3. 3. GA8075653 01/31/2013 DONNA M. HERNANDEZ Blueberry HarvesterGA8075912 02/04/2013 DRY BRANCH, INC FARMWORKERGA8075822 02/01/2013 DRY BRANCH, INC FARMWORKERGA8067864 12/11/2012 Eduardo Garcia Ruiz Farm Worker Electrolux HomeGA8085527 03/21/2013 Manager, Continuous Improvement Products, Inc. Electrolux HomeGA8085507 03/21/2013 Warranty Claims Assistant Products, Inc. Electrolux HomeGA8085500 03/21/2013 Warranty Team Lead Products, Inc.GA8086836 03/28/2013 Emcee Driver Personnel Dedicated truck driver off weekendsGA8085536 03/21/2013 Emilia Alvarez FARMWORKERS Supervisor Dock / Pickup andGA8086089 03/25/2013 Estes Express Lines DeliveryGA8086075 03/25/2013 Estes Express Lines Utility DriverGA8075220 01/30/2013 ELIAS FLORES Farm Worker ENTERTAINMENT RESORTGA8085743 03/22/2013 Sales Manager PROPERTIEGA8077596 02/11/2013 EVANS FARMS G.P FARMWORKER, FRUIT II E2 Consulting Engineers,GA8085178 03/20/2013 Nuclear System Engineer (UK-1144) Inc.GA8086482 03/26/2013 Ferrellgas DriverGA8086354 03/26/2013 Fresenius Medical Care Operations ManagerGA8086346 03/26/2013 Fresenius Medical Care Registered Nurse Team LeaderGA8075658 01/31/2013 G & R Farms Farmworker & LaborerGA8086104 03/25/2013 G.A. Food Service, Inc. Field Service Representative Garcia and SonsGA8080617 02/26/2013 FARMWORKERS Harvesting, InGA8084180 03/15/2013 Genesis HealthCare RN Supervisor - Weekend RELIABILITY MANAGER - BOXGA8083988 03/14/2013 Georgia Pacific PLANT - 012964GA8082647 03/08/2013 Guaranteed Auto Sales Office manager GEORGIA BANK AND Cash Management Product SpecialistGA8087009 03/29/2013 TRUST I GEORGIA BANK ANDGA8082751 03/08/2013 Network Administrator II TRUST COMPANY GOSPEL SONGS ANDGA8086821 03/28/2013 Chauffeur/Courier GOSPEL MINIST GOSPEL SONGS ANDGA8084862 03/19/2013 Lawn Maintenance GOSPEL MINIST GOSPEL SONGS ANDGA8084813 03/19/2013 SECRETARY GOSPEL MINIST GOSPEL SONGS ANDGA8084828 03/19/2013 TRANSCRIBER GOSPEL MINISTGA8083439 03/12/2013 GOSPEL WATER BRANCH Manager/Administrator-Elderly Care
  4. 4. ELDERLY FacilGA8075788 02/01/2013 GRANADOS HARVESTING Farmworker Landscaping and GroundskeepersGA8086841 03/28/2013 GREEN-TEE GOLF, INC Worker I GREGORIO TLACUATL,GA8074687 01/28/2013 FARMWORKER FLCGA8084173 03/15/2013 Hill Country Staffing CDL Driver Hoyt Altman Blueberry FARMWORKER DIVERSIFIELDGA8080109 02/22/2013 Farm, LL CROPS II Construction Site Safety SpecialistsGA8081800 03/05/2013 HukariAscendent, Inc. 201 NDE Inspector 2013-071b-HAINC-GA8085332 03/20/2013 HukariAscendent, Inc. CF Welding Engineer/Inspector 2013-GA8085309 03/20/2013 HukariAscendent, Inc. 071a-HAI HAMILTON GROWERS,GA8082253 03/06/2013 Farm worker and Laborers INC HAMILTON GROWERS,GA8074274 01/24/2013 Farmworker and Laborers INC HAMILTON GROWERS,GA8076591 02/06/2013 Farmworkers and Laborers INC HILLCREST ORCHARDS FARMWORKERS, FARM AND RANCHGA8073655 01/22/2013 LLC ANIMALS Integrated MedicalGA8085338 03/20/2013 Sterile Processing Technician Systems IntGA8084632 03/18/2013 IH SERVICES INC. ACCOUNT MANAGERGA8080542 02/26/2013 J&R BAKER FARMS FARMWORKER DIVERSIFIEDGA8075987 02/04/2013 Joel Salgado Farmworker Diversified II JANUS RESEARCH GROUP SENIOR DATABASEGA8082768 03/08/2013 INC ADMINISTRATOR JANUS RESEARCHGA8085776 03/22/2013 Satellite Communications Engineer GROUP, INC.GA8086111 03/25/2013 KaMin LLC Production Operator KEN CORBETT FARMS,GA8081423 03/01/2013 FARMERWORKER,DIVERSIFIED LLCGA8083397 03/12/2013 Leticia Perez Quintino FARMWORKERSGA8062128 11/05/2012 LANE PACKING, LLC FARMWORKER FRUIT IGA8075513 01/31/2013 LESLIE RENEE DREW, FLC HARVEST WORKER, FRUIT LG HERNDON JR FARMS,GA8077566 02/11/2013 FARMWORKER, VEGETABLE INC. LG HERNDON JR FARMS,GA8076307 02/05/2013 FARMWORKER, VEGETABLE INC.GA8074463 01/25/2013 LUIS MARTINEZ Farm worker and LaborerGA8086130 03/25/2013 LUIS MARTINEZ Farmworker and Laborer, CropsGA8086397 03/26/2013 Martin Marietta Materials Loadout Operator
  5. 5. Michael Howard AttorneyGA8086370 03/26/2013 Secretary at LawGA8083762 03/13/2013 Mike and Travis Farms FARM LABOR CONTRACTORGA8086119 03/25/2013 Mobility Transit REPAIR TECHNICIAN Morningside of EvansGA8081843 03/05/2013 Dietary Cook AssistedGA8075520 01/31/2013 MARIA OLIVIA SERRATO HARVEST WORKER, FRUITGA8075748 02/01/2013 MASON PECANS FARMWORKER MCCORKLE NURSERIESGA8072562 01/15/2013 Nursery Worker INCGA8073903 01/23/2013 MCLAIN FARMS, INC FARMWORKER VEGETABLE MCNEILL LABORGA8084356 03/15/2013 FARMWORKER, VEGETABLE MANAGEMENT,Inc.GA8087713 04/02/2013 MTI Manufacturing WelderGA8086357 03/26/2013 MTI Manufacturing Welder/LaborerGA8082211 03/06/2013 OFFICE TEAM Call Center RepresentativeGA8082223 03/06/2013 OFFICE TEAM Human Resources Director ORNELAS HARVESTINGGA8086573 03/27/2013 Farm Workers and Laborers INC ORNELAS HARVESTING,GA8076264 02/05/2013 Farm workers and Laborers INC Chief Medical Officer-AnticipatedGA8087885 04/03/2013 Palmetto GBA OpeninGA8087640 04/02/2013 Palmetto GBA HCPCS Coding Specialist Orthotist/Prosthetist-AnticipatedGA8087911 04/03/2013 Palmetto GBA Openin Peoplelink StaffingGA8084188 03/15/2013 Canvasser Solutions Peoplelink StaffingGA8084195 03/15/2013 Structural Steel Fabricator Solutions Peoplelink StaffingGA8084148 03/15/2013 Telemarketer SolutionsGA8086984 03/28/2013 ProConcessions Trailers Sales AssistantGA8086954 03/28/2013 ProConcessions Trailers Sales RepresentativeGA8065287 11/27/2012 PEARSON FARM FARM WORKER FRUITGA8082586 03/07/2013 PINEVIEW GARDENS CAREGIVER / CNA PREMIER MEDGA8082091 03/06/2013 MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN SUPPLY,INC Quest DiagnosticsGA8087203 03/29/2013 Assistant Pathologist IncorporatedGA8083780 03/13/2013 QUALITY PRODUCE, LLC Farmworker Vegetable IGA8081827 03/05/2013 Radiance Technologies Constant Hawk Imagery AnalystGA8082108 03/06/2013 Radiance Technologies LiDAR Analyst Rainbow Play Systems ofGA8087704 04/02/2013 Installers & General Help Georgi
  6. 6. Redline Auto Restyling &GA8082135 03/06/2013 Auto Re-Styling/Graphics Installer Signs Richmond County HealthGA8082268 03/06/2013 Licensed Practical Nurse Departm Richmond County HealthGA8087635 04/02/2013 PH Nurse, Supervisor DepartmGA8065567 11/28/2012 RAMBO NURSERY LLC NURSERY WORKERSGA8083941 03/14/2013 RENTOWN PART-TIME PRODUCT TECH RODRIGUEZ Harvesting,GA8080474 02/26/2013 Farmworkers LLC RODRIGUEZ Harvesting,GA8078625 02/15/2013 Farmworkers LLCGA8066528 12/04/2012 Sharon Mathis, FLC FARMWORKER, VEGETABLE IIGA8086169 03/25/2013 Sizemore Janitorial CustodianGA8083011 03/11/2013 Sizemore Janitorial Janitorial Area SupervisorGA8084156 03/15/2013 Sizemore Staffing CDL Driver/WarehouseGA8086177 03/25/2013 Sizemore Staffing Overhead Crane OperatorGA8084021 03/14/2013 Sizemore Staffing Shipping & Receiving/Logistics Clerk SouthStar AmbulanceGA8082512 03/07/2013 Collections Specialist Service SouthStar AmbulanceGA8082467 03/07/2013 Driver ServiceGA8083209 03/12/2013 SAM DONG, INC Certified Electrician SECURITAS SECURITYGA8085862 03/22/2013 SECURITY GUARD SERVICES USGA8074379 01/25/2013 SELIA ORTIZ FARMWORKER, FRUIT II SHEPEARD COMMUNITY Marketing & Public RelationsGA8087875 04/03/2013 BLOOD CENTE ManagerGA8086040 03/25/2013 SHERWIN WILLIAMS Sales AssociateGA8086567 03/27/2013 SHERWIN WILLIAMS Warehouse Worker SPHERION STAFFINGGA8082446 03/07/2013 Die Cast Process Engineer AGENCY SPHERION STAFFINGGA8082399 03/07/2013 Mechanic, General Maintenance AGENCY SPHERION STAFFINGGA8082472 03/07/2013 Reliability Engineer AGENCY SPHERION STAFFINGGA8082486 03/07/2013 Seamstress AGENCY SPRING HILL PRODUCE,GA8062786 11/08/2012 FARMWORKER DIVERSIFIED LLCGA8087080 03/29/2013 STARBUCKS COFFEE Automation SpecialistGA8087085 03/29/2013 STARBUCKS COFFEE Engineering ManagerGA8087089 03/29/2013 STARBUCKS COFFEE Maintenance BuyerGA8087095 03/29/2013 STARBUCKS COFFEE Maintenance PlannerGA8087099 03/29/2013 STARBUCKS COFFEE Maintenance Supervisor
  7. 7. GA8087103 03/29/2013 STARBUCKS COFFEE Senior Controls EngineerGA8087107 03/29/2013 STARBUCKS COFFEE Senior Quality Assurance Manager The Rock Ranch, LLC dbaGA8073945 01/23/2013 FARMWORKER The Ro Three Sisterms FarmGA8086782 03/28/2013 FARMWORKERS ServicesGA8087591 04/02/2013 Triple C Carrier,LLC OTR Truck DriverGA8062107 11/05/2012 TAYLOR ORCHARDS FARMWORKER FRUITGA8086748 03/28/2013 TELEPERFORMANCE, USA Customer Service RepresentativeGA8082691 03/08/2013 TURNERS KEYBOARDS DELIVERY DRIVERGA8086854 03/28/2013 TWI Counseling Licensed Professional CounselorGA8081565 03/04/2013 TYCOR FARMS, LLC Farmworkers and Laborers Universal Child Care & Toddler Teacher / After SchoolGA8087057 03/29/2013 Learnin Teacher Maintenance Mechanic Manager-GA8083963 03/14/2013 Veolia Transportation Inc TransitGA8085293 03/20/2013 Verizon Wireless Rep-Retail SalesGA8083978 03/14/2013 Verizon Wireless Retail Customer Support Rep Westinghouse ElectricGA8086158 03/25/2013 Quality Engineer- Vogtle Site CompanyGA8086871 03/28/2013 Woodcrest Apartments Groundskeeper WILBANKS APIARIES,GA8066235 12/03/2012 BEE KEEPER INC.GA8078116 02/13/2013 YESENIA MERINO, FLC FARM LABOR CONTRACTORGA8077746 02/12/2013 YESENIA MERINO, FLC FARM LABOR CONTRACTOR