Augusta Area Job Listings


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Augusta Area Job Listing.

Go to: <http: />
Click on "JOB SEEKERS"
Click on "FIND A JOB"
Next, look at the bottom of the screen (JOB NUMBER SEARCH) Type the Job
Numbers only here. It will take you to the requirements of the job. If you
meet all the requirements write down the job numbers and come in and ask to
see an employment specialist.

You may also apply on line for a referral - create or use your PIN - then hit
the PROCEED TO REFERRAL button at the bottom of the page - in the SKILLS
block, tell us (the Dept. of Labor) how you meet the employer's MINIMUM
REQUIREMENTS (KISS - Keep It Short and Simple - If you do not show that you
meet the employer's MINIMUM SKILLS & EDUCATION requirements 100%, you will
not be given a referral, you will receive a reject email instead.) You will
receive an email back from the Dept. of Labor (
telling you either that you are qualified and how to contact the employer;
you're not qualified and the reason why or the vacancy has closed out

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Augusta Area Job Listings

  1. 1. Current Job Order O*NET Search ListingMonday October 01, 2012 at 07:55:23 ET.174 Job Orders foundClick on Order Number to receive additional information.Job Orders where Job Title is displayed with an aqua background refer to TrainingOpportunity Job Orders.Job Orders where Job Title is displayed with a yellow background refer to WIA/OJT JobOrders. Augusta Career Center Augusta, Georgia Order Order Employer Name Title Number Date American Heart Director of Development - CSRAGA8054282 09/26/2012 Association Heart WalGA8053411 09/21/2012 Angelo Group, Inc Staff Artist Asset ManagementGA8050440 09/07/2012 Civil Structural Design Engineer Analysis Grou Asset ManagementGA8054262 09/26/2012 General Clerk III Analysis Grou Asset ManagementGA8049358 08/31/2012 Mechanical/Process Engineer Analysis Grou Asset ManagementGA8054272 09/26/2012 Safety Engineer Analysis Grou Asset Management Structural Engineering FieldGA8049612 09/04/2012 Analysis Grou Supervisor Asset ManagementGA8054269 09/26/2012 Technical Procedure Writer Analysis Grou Asset ManagementGA8049347 08/31/2012 Technical Procedure Writer Analysis Grou Attaway Construction &GA8050932 09/10/2012 CONSTRUCTION SUPERINTENDENT AssociaGA8054184 09/26/2012 ABACUS STAFFING FORKLIFT OPERATORGA8054146 09/26/2012 ABACUS STAFFING Industrial Maintenance TechnicianGA8054600 09/28/2012 ACRUX LOGISTICS COORDINATOR-CSRGA8053267 09/21/2012 ADP Associate Commission Specialist JobGA8049755 09/05/2012 ADP Banking Representative Job
  2. 2. GA8049599 09/04/2012 ADP Billing Specialist JobGA8054451 09/27/2012 ADP Client Services Rep Job Client Support Specialist / SoutheastGA8054286 09/26/2012 ADP ReGA8052222 09/17/2012 ADP Director of Operations / Payroll Job HR and Benefits Client SupportGA8051099 09/11/2012 ADP SpecialisGA8051421 09/12/2012 ADP Implementation Specialist II Integration Specialist / CarrierGA8050913 09/10/2012 ADP ConnectGA8053161 09/20/2012 ADP Manager - Billing & Order Entry JobGA8054349 09/27/2012 ADP PMO Manager JobGA8053280 09/21/2012 ADP Sr Director - Billing & Order Entry Job Sr Director - Incentive compensationGA8053276 09/21/2012 ADP Adm CLERK INSTALLATION PROPERTYGA8048336 08/28/2012 AKIMA BOOKGA8050450 09/07/2012 AKIMA MAINTENANCE PLUMBER AUGUSTA COLLECTIONGA8048469 08/28/2012 Collector AGENCY, INC AUGUSTA STATEGA8050393 09/07/2012 ELECTRICIAN 1 UNIVERSITYGA8048300 08/28/2012 B & T CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION CARPENTERGA8050422 09/07/2012 Bancon Services Inc Field AgentGA8053105 09/20/2012 Betacom Incorporated Tower Climber & ForemanGA8054662 09/28/2012 Biotest Biomedical Technician Dining Hall Manager/CateringGA8053843 09/25/2012 Blackstone Consulting ManagerGA8054743 09/28/2012 Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC Commercial Construction Carpenter Commercial/Industrial ConstructionGA8050553 09/07/2012 Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC Labor Brockington and Archaeological Lab TechnicianGA8054258 09/26/2012 Associates, In Training fGA8048753 08/29/2012 BLAND FARMS FARM WORKERGA8050722 09/10/2012 Crown Castle USA Project Manager - 2473GA8045465 08/15/2012 CANNON FARMS Farm Labor Equipment Operator CAROL AND KISHAGA8053166 09/20/2012 SECURITY OFFICER ENTERPRISES CCA-JenkinsGA8051412 09/12/2012 Vocational Instructor (PLUMBER) Correctional Facil CCA-JENKINSGA8051990 09/14/2012 Academic Instructor CORRECTIONAL FACILGA8049962 09/05/2012 CKT PRODUCE, LLC FARMWORKER COBBS TAX &GA8051278 09/11/2012 TAX PREPARER FINANCIAL SERVICE
  3. 3. GA8052604 09/18/2012 Electrolux Customer Service ManagerGA8052595 09/18/2012 Electrolux Manager, Continuous ImprovementGA8052600 09/18/2012 Electrolux Team Lead ROTC Military Science InstructorGA8049179 08/30/2012 Engility Corporation (MSI) Engineering SolutionsGA8054015 09/25/2012 SATCOM ENGINEER and Prod SPECIAL EVENTSGA8050472 09/07/2012 EASTER SEALS EAST GA COORD/INFORMATION MANAGERGA8050800 09/10/2012 ELIAS FLORES Farm Worker PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE, LIGHTGA8052803 09/19/2012 EMPLOYMENT PLUS INDUSTRIALGA8051089 09/11/2012 ESi Acquisition, Inc. Customer Support SpecialistGA8048455 08/28/2012 ESi Acquisition, Inc. Field Service EngineerGA8051178 09/11/2012 ESi Acquisition, Inc. Quality Assurance SpecialistGA8048464 08/28/2012 ESi Acquisition, Inc. Quality Assurance Specialist (Co-Op)GA8054729 09/28/2012 EXEL FORKLIFT OPERATOR Family Dollar Stores of Store Manager Augusta GA -GA8052235 09/17/2012 Georgi STO258704 Family Dollar Stores of Store Manager Augusta Millen andGA8051407 09/12/2012 Georgi Waynesb First Equity Financial Telemarketing-setting appointmentsGA8051118 09/11/2012 Service for SGA8048178 08/27/2012 G & R Farms Farmworker & LaborerGA8052478 09/18/2012 Georgia Pacific Converting SupervisorGA8051144 09/11/2012 Georgia Pacific ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN - 011007GA8052853 09/19/2012 Georgia Pacific ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN - 011942 Sales Representative, CorrugatedGA8054694 09/28/2012 Georgia Pacific Packagi HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER -GA8051048 09/11/2012 Georgia-Pacific 009769GA8051176 09/11/2012 Grifols Inc Medical Supervisor - Plasma GREGORIO TLACUATL,GA8037810 07/11/2012 FARMWORKERS, FIELD CROP FARM LABORGA8050355 09/07/2012 H&R Block Tax Professional Higher Staffing &GA8052810 09/19/2012 Skilled Laborers Training House of HawkGA8053308 09/21/2012 OTR Team Driver TransportationGA8052210 09/17/2012 HukariAscendent, Inc. Civil Engineer Construction Monitoring ProgramGA8053125 09/20/2012 HukariAscendent, Inc. CoordinaGA8049830 09/05/2012 HukariAscendent, Inc. Master SchedulerGA8050405 09/07/2012 I.M. Systems Group, Inc. Customer Support Center ManagerGA8050395 09/07/2012 I.M. Systems Group, Inc. IT Service Management Specialist
  4. 4. GA8052819 09/19/2012 INTELLITREX COBRA FOCUSGA8052827 09/19/2012 INTELLITREX SIGINT ANALYST/REPORTERGA8052847 09/19/2012 INTELLITREX SIGINT Geolocation AnalystGA8036058 07/02/2012 J&R BAKER FARMS FARMWORKER DIVERSIFIEDGA8025953 05/17/2012 Joel Salgado Farmworker Diversified II JACKSON HEWITT TAXGA8054435 09/27/2012 INCOME TAX PREPARER SERVICE JANUS RESEARCHGA8054595 09/28/2012 Payroll Administrator GROUP INCGA8031815 06/14/2012 JASON G. HERNDON Farmworkers & LaborersGA8054586 09/28/2012 KELLY SERVICES Assembly WorkerGA8054055 09/25/2012 KELLY SERVICES Assembly Worker KEN CORBETT FARMS,GA8037091 07/09/2012 FARMERWORKER,DIVERSIFIED LLC L Walters Farms & SonsGA8043951 08/08/2012 Agricultural Equipment Operator #2 L.G. HERNDON JR.GA8049549 09/04/2012 Farm Worker Equipment Operator FARMS, INC. L.G. HERNDON JR.GA8045792 08/16/2012 Farm Worker Equipment Operator FARMS, INC. Labor Finders ofGA8053325 09/21/2012 FORM CARPENTER Augusta Labor Finders ofGA8051136 09/11/2012 Industrial Painter AugustaGA8054686 09/28/2012 Luke & Associates PharmacistGA8049535 09/04/2012 LUIS MARTINEZ Farm Worker and LaborerGA8041314 07/26/2012 LUIS MARTINEZ Farm Worker and Laborer M & G METALGA8051448 09/12/2012 Metal Wall Panel Installer CONTRACTORS INCGA8047894 08/27/2012 M.C. Dean, Inc. ELECTRICIANGA8051170 09/11/2012 Marc Younts Tire Pros Automotive Service Technician Martin MariettaGA8051969 09/14/2012 Heavy Equipment Operator Aggregates Martin MariettaGA8051877 09/14/2012 Maintenance Welder Aggregates Physician Internist (multipleGA8049285 08/31/2012 MedEx Associates, LLC positions)GA8049734 09/05/2012 MAA Area Lead Service TechnicianGA8049748 09/05/2012 MAA Service TechnicianGA8048625 08/29/2012 MCLAIN FARMS, INC Farm Workers MOORE S SEED & GRAINGA8014580 03/29/2012 FARM MACHINE OPERATOR FARMS, IN MORIJA CREW FARMGA8036643 07/05/2012 Farmworkers and Laborers PICKING INCGA8052907 09/19/2012 MOSELEY TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIONAL SYSTEMS
  5. 5. SERVICES, IN DESIGNER NEXUS RESOURCEGA8052069 09/14/2012 MAINTENANCE TECH GROUP ORNELAS HARVESTINGGA8048389 08/28/2012 Farm workers and Laborers INC Peak EmploymentGA8051098 09/11/2012 Marketing Trainees Solutions PATRICK FARMSGA8039706 07/19/2012 Farm Worker PARTNERSHIP PEAK EMPLOYMENTGA8053376 09/21/2012 GRINDER SOLUTIONS Quest Diagnostics Rep, Phlebotomy Service - in clientGA8054828 09/28/2012 Incorporated offi Quest DiagnosticsGA8054027 09/25/2012 Rep, Route Service IncorporatedGA8031564 06/13/2012 QUALITY PRODUCE, LLC Farmworker Vegetable I Republik Transportation Non Emergency MedicalGA8054035 09/25/2012 & Tran Transportation Dri RLM Communications,GA8050237 09/06/2012 Technology (IT) Specialist Inc.GA8053916 09/25/2012 RUDOLPH ROLLE Farm Worker Driver - Regional Truck Driver - ClassGA8051437 09/12/2012 Schneider National AGA8053046 09/20/2012 Sizemore Janitorial Day PorterGA8053051 09/20/2012 Sizemore Janitorial Floor TechnicianGA8053047 09/20/2012 Sizemore Janitorial Part-time custodianGA8050847 09/10/2012 Sizemore Staffing Furniture Rebuilder / RepairerGA8050851 09/10/2012 Sizemore Staffing Furniture RefinisherGA8049292 08/31/2012 Sizemore Staffing Sandblaster Furniture Refinishing / Restoration &GA8053400 09/21/2012 Sizemore, Inc. ReGA8053386 09/21/2012 Sizemore, Inc. Industrial PainterGA8053388 09/21/2012 Sizemore, Inc. Mig WelderGA8053395 09/21/2012 Sizemore, Inc. Welder/Fabricator Starbucks Coffee Assistant store manager- Evans, GA -GA8050206 09/06/2012 Company 000GA8053836 09/25/2012 SAM DONG, INC Machine Operator SHEPEARD COMMUNITYGA8052276 09/17/2012 PHLEBOTOMIST BLOOD CENTEGA8054807 09/28/2012 SOUTHERN PIK-A-PART LaborerGA8054267 09/26/2012 Textron Inc Design Engineer E-Z-GO - 208802GA8054196 09/26/2012 Textron Inc IT Developer/Analyst - 208251 Sales Development Program -GA8054186 09/26/2012 Textron Inc 208371GA8054208 09/26/2012 Textron Inc Test Technician 1 - 208909
  6. 6. GA8051845 09/13/2012 The Renaissance Group Licensed Professional CounselorGA8051837 09/13/2012 The Renaissance Group Supervised TherapistsGA8052565 09/18/2012 TCAS Mobile Apps Sales Representative TERRY & JOE BAKERGA8037278 07/09/2012 FARMWORKER FARMSGA8045027 08/13/2012 TYCOR FARMS, LLC Farm workers and Laborers Skilled Labor/Painters, Carpenters,GA8052508 09/18/2012 Unlimited Residential Roof Veteran Enterprise Military Budget Analyst - MIPRGA8048790 08/29/2012 Technology Experienc Weirich ConsultingGA8054279 09/26/2012 Civil Structural Design Engineer Services Weirich ConsultingGA8054022 09/25/2012 Clerk Services Weirich ConsultingGA8052860 09/19/2012 Electrical Engineer Services Weirich ConsultingGA8053850 09/25/2012 Fire Protection Engineer (FPE) Services Weirich ConsultingGA8053087 09/20/2012 Mechanical Engineer Services Weirich ConsultingGA8054290 09/26/2012 Senior Electrical Designer Services Weirich ConsultingGA8054670 09/28/2012 Sr. Electrical Engineer Services Weirich ConsultingGA8050443 09/07/2012 Civil Structural Design Engineer Services, I Weirich ConsultingGA8051892 09/14/2012 Construction Field Engineer 3 Services, I Weirich ConsultingGA8051917 09/14/2012 Construction Field Engineers (Civil) Services, I Weirich Consulting Emergency Planning HazardsGA8050805 09/10/2012 Services, I Assessment An Weirich ConsultingGA8054295 09/26/2012 Lead Technical Specialist D Services, I Weirich ConsultingGA8049350 08/31/2012 Mechanical/Process Engineer Services, I Weirich ConsultingGA8048487 08/28/2012 Occupational Health Coordinator Services, I Weirich ConsultingGA8051912 09/14/2012 Process Engineer Services, I Weirich Consulting Project Controls Engineer for ProposalGA8054284 09/26/2012 Services, I S Weirich Consulting Project Manager/ Project TaskGA8054270 09/26/2012 Services, I Manager Weirich ConsultingGA8054352 09/27/2012 Safety Engineer Services, I
  7. 7. Weirich ConsultingGA8051113 09/11/2012 Senior Nuclear Safety Engineer Services, I Weirich Consulting Structural Analysis Engineer/InterfaceGA8051903 09/14/2012 Services, I C Weirich ConsultingGA8049354 08/31/2012 Technical Procedure Writer Services, I Weirich Consulting Technical Welding Subject MatterGA8051925 09/14/2012 Services, I Expert Weirich ConsultingGA8049352 08/31/2012 Electrical Systems Engineer Services, IGA8051181 09/11/2012 WestCare Clinical Director WKZK & WAAU RADIO &GA8052108 09/14/2012 Outside & Inside Sales Staff TELEVISION Specialist, Training AdministrativeGA8050907 09/10/2012 WSI-SRS SuppGA8051935 09/14/2012 Yancey Bros. Company Heavy Duty Truck TechnicianGA8051130 09/11/2012 Yates Construction Fire Watch