The Mobile Transition


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Inside Self Storage World Expo
March 14, 2011

The Mobile Transition

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The Mobile Transition

  1. 1. Education program co-sponsored by
  2. 2. Agenda: Why it’s on fire Effective Digital Presence Making the Mobile Transition Local Search Key Take-Aways
  3. 3. Effective Digital Presence
  4. 4. Identify your Best Customers
  5. 5. Be Available, Be Functional Is your Website the digital storefront of your business?
  6. 6. Website Visitors have an Agenda What are Features that Matter?
  7. 7. Integrate & Target MarketingBe Righteous  Time  Channel  Audience/Person  Content
  8. 8. Effective Web = Mobile
  9. 9. 18 years after Apple’s 1st effort… “We’re at the beginning of the beginning of a new era of computing.” Vic Gundotra - VP Google Engineering
  10. 10. Why now & why not Newton? Connectivity Compatibility Capability Power Supply Impracticality Positioned as alternatives to PCs, but users thought they were “over-priced accessories.”
  11. 11. iPhone/Smartphones are Catalysts Today’s What does it cost mobile technology people to adopt a allows users new technology? to do more with less. What do they get in return?
  12. 12. Your Web Visitors are On The Move Mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access devices worldwide by 2013. – Gartner
  13. 13. Q4 2010: Smartphone+Tablet > PC
  14. 14. Mobile Adoption – User Options
  15. 15. Mobile Changes Shopping BehaviorLocation Price Discounts, Offers Instant Aware Comparison & Coupons Transaction
  16. 16. Why Mobile – Local SEM Mobile Local Search MarketingRevenues to Reach $3B in 2014 – The Kelsey Group (BIA)
  17. 17. Mobile Ads Outperform other Channels Jan. 2011
  18. 18. Why Mobile: Your Competition
  19. 19. G5 Mobile Stats: Storage Industry Q1 ‘10: Mobile is 2% of unique visitors Currently: approaching 10%  400% < 1 year!
  20. 20. Why Invest in Mobile Web Now? Mobile devices dominate PC sales People are using mobile web Online user behavior is evolving Your competition is on mobile Mobile is new opportunity Google and everyone else is doing it googlebot by rustybrick, on Flickr
  21. 21. Making the Mobile Transition
  22. 22. When to go Mobile: Strong Drivers Traffic 2011 Demand Just do it! Need Business Objectives  Broaden digital presence  Exhibit sophistication and/or leadership  Recognize the Mobile Trend and get ahead of curve
  23. 23. How to go Mobile: Set Objectives Think Mobile
  24. 24. Think Mobile–Website Considerations Platform Publishing Display Interaction Native Functions User Context & Intent
  25. 25. Think Mobile: User-Centricity Identity Intent Context
  26. 26. Mobile Web – A Few Best Practices  Design for mobile use cases  Redirect mobile requests  SPEED is critical  Links to Full site  Avoid Widgets  Validate & Test  Mobile Sitemaps  Analytics
  27. 27. Mobile Web Pitfalls Bloat Too many Images External assets javascript Flash Lack of Context
  28. 28. How to Capture the Mobile User Optimized Content Calls to Action Integrated Communication Mobile Marketing  PPC  Display  SMS
  29. 29. $100 Apple Gift Card Drawing SMS text “G5” to 20123
  30. 30. Let’s Get Back to Getting Found  Paid Advertising:  Context is Critical  Mobile is Personal  But what about SEO?  Mobile SERP Factors  Future Requirements  Mobile is Local (& Social)
  31. 31. Local Search4 key emerging trends of how consumers are using mobile*:  Entertainment  For immediate answers  For localqueries  Mobile is the ultimate shopping companion *Jason Spero – ThinkMobile conference 2/10/11
  32. 32. Local Search
  33. 33. Can You Believe…  2-3 years ago – Yellow Pages shifting to Online
  34. 34. Today…Online to Mobile Shift
  35. 35. Mobile is LocalSource: Mary Meeker - ThinkMobile 2/10/11
  36. 36. What is Search Engine Optimization - SEO ? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Wikipedia definition: the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search and industry-specific vertical search engines. This gives a website web presence.
  37. 37. Why Do I Need a Mobile Optimized Site - SEO ? Google is returning optimized mobile web sites ahead of desktop results for certain mobile queries Speed - i.e. page load time Early stages for mobile, very dynamic
  38. 38. Why Do I Need a Mobile Search Optimized Site – SEO/Maps ?  Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) change – social/mobile/directory intent  Driving traffic to Place Pages – also referred to as Google Maps
  39. 39. Why do I need a Mobile Search Optimized Site – MAPS? Provide local info, maps Geo-targeting, Geo-fencing
  40. 40. How Do I Get a Mobile Search Optimized Website? Develop internally: Follow general local search (SEO) and mobile best practices as discussed earlier, including:  Website recognizable by a mobile device  Core relevant content – Name, Address, Phone Number  Speed, Consistency, no widgets or Flash  Simplified (but still prominent) calls to action  Page coding, Mobile sitemap, same platform as website Claim Google Places (Maps) account  Populate listing to 100% completion, including NAP, logo, photos
  41. 41. What is Pay Per Click Advertising? Wikipedia definition: Pay per click (PPC) is an internet advertising model used on websites, where advertisers pay their host only when the ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. It’s not “paperclip”
  42. 42. Why Do I Need Mobile Paid Advertising - PPC? Visibility and branding – smaller screen reduces real estate Landing pages - control over which page you send the visitor
  43. 43. Why Do I Need Mobile Paid Advertising - PPC? Why do I need Mobile Paid advertising?  Google’s feature expansion  Click tocall  Text ads  Links to App downloads  Ads with offers  Location extensions
  44. 44. How Do I Get Mobile Search Paid Advertising? Develop Internally:  Dedicated resource with expertise  Ongoing campaign management – watch for ineffective spending  Expand existing PPC campaigns in Google adwords to include mobile targeting  Connect to Google Places accounts, integrate click to call 
  45. 45. How Do I Get Mobile Search Optimization? Don’t want to do it all in-house? Hire a firm that:  Specializes in optimization for local search  Manages Google Places (Maps) accounts  Has PPC expertise including Certified Google Adwords Professionals  Integrates solutions across all 3 areas of SERP  Can integrate a mobile solution  Tracks and reports on ROI
  46. 46. Future Search: Autonomous Alerts? “Autonomous Search”  Behavior-based  GPS powered  Hyper local results  Pro-active alerts
  47. 47. Key Take Aways
  48. 48. Make the Mobile Transition Think Mobile NOW – Adoption is Accelerating  Website User Behavior is Changing  Design for Context & Intent; Identity Where Possible  Consider Platform & Maintenance Requirements Mobile Lead Capture: Similar but Different Local Search is Increasingly Complex & Integrated  SEO, Maps, PPC, Social Interaction, Mobile
  49. 49. Questions? Buy at $179
  50. 50. Contact Information Booth #201 1.800.554.1965R. Aaron WarnockAaron.warnock@g5platform.comKim
  51. 51. Education program co-sponsored by