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Stephane Zerbib G4C ANZ Presentation
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Stephane Zerbib G4C ANZ Presentation


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Stephane Zerbib: Master Of The Mall, An RPG For The Classroom …

Stephane Zerbib: Master Of The Mall, An RPG For The Classroom

Computer games seem to motivate young people in a way that formal education doesn't. It is repeatedly pointed out that young people of their own volition choose to spend many hours playing complex computer games outside school. Games, it seems, 'have something', they seem to have a way of engaging and interesting young people. The desire to harness this motivational power to encourage young people to want to learn is the main driver behind an interest in computer games for learning.

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  • 1. An RPG for the Classroom Stephane
  • 2. Who is WASABI?
  • 3. Video intro
  • 4. What is Master of the Mall?•Online RPG game •played in the classroom •And as homework•12 month in production
  • 5. Context•Commissioned by Office of Fair Trading•Players: 12-15 y.o. Students•Teach young people : •their rights and responsibilities •as shoppers •and workers•Best manage the transition from school to work•Empowering young consumers and workers
  • 6. Learnings for Studentsrefunds Phone coverage gift certificatewarranties Ringtones hairdressercredit notes applying for Credit card Minimum hourscomparison buying online Sick leave and penalty rates for WE hoursdual pricing online scam Breaks at workBait and switch bogus work from home scheme holiday pay for casualLay-bys credit contract unpaid trial workMisleading advertising computerised scanning employee responsibilityPhone Contracts bag search till shortages
  • 7. Our Concepts•4 months in concept development iterations•“Hunt’m Down” •Catch rogue vampires •Play pirates •Hunt Aliens•Trivial Pursuit•Online board game•Virtual theme park
  • 8. RPG for the classroom!•Settled on game mechanics first•Isometric virtual mall world•Quest based•Avatar based•Narrative based•Quiz/brain training mechanics•Micro-games relevant to learnings
  • 9. Narrative•Game starts like a late night TVC•Spruiker, our shifty Master of the Mall invitesplayers join a competition to promote his newventure.•The prize? Anything and everything in the mall isthere for the winner’s taking!
  • 10. Narrative•Our Biggest challenge: achieve simplicity•So much content, had to create flexible narrativestructure that made sense•Overarching narrative guides the player through: •Minigames •Transactions •Mission mechanics and Q rewards
  • 11. Process•after 4 months in concept dev worried aboutlooming delivery dates•Agreed on the core game mechanics•started dev while ironing details •That were more than details•the RPG format being extremely well defined thishelped•while the bulk of the creative work then becamescripts development and mini-games
  • 12. Art•important but not 1st priority•build the whole game with temp art•when mechanics working then move toe acualdesign•created early design to satisfy the client curiosity•educated client in not getting attached to art andfocus on outcome
  • 13. Microgames
  • 14. A Balancing Act•A balance of learning and fun for young peoplethrough: •mission-based story telling, •quizzes •And mini-games.•Injects fun and humour into the learningexperience.
  • 15. Where to from here?•Deployed in NSW, licensed to other state agencies•Localised for other states needs•Information-heavy concepts can be successfullyblended with a fun game format•Detached the content from the gameplay•Ready to apply the game model and our learningto future game projects
  • 16. user: wasaprev password: w4s4prev