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Annabel Astbury: Music Makers And Dreamers Of Dreams: Making Change In Digital Education ...

Annabel Astbury: Music Makers And Dreamers Of Dreams: Making Change In Digital Education

The great challenge of digital education is meeting the needs of students who have grown up in the digital era, and the expectations of teachers and parents who haven't. In this session Annabel Astbury will talk about her experience with building an 'education portal' for the ABC and share her thoughts, observations and aspirations for the days ahead.

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  • Dealing with an audience that is so diverse. Content that is prescribed. Licensing issues
  • The primary stakeholdersThese are our key primary and secondary audiences.The views of education between the three do not always align.
  • Disjuncture between where students hang out digitally and where students are allowed to go or told to go in the classroom. Can talk for a few seconds on least familiar spaces. Note the weight towards the lower age groups.
  • So how do teachers use the digital space?Let’s look at the teacher as a subject expert. (This in itself will change in the next decade but for argument’s sake, let’s start here.) You could look at teacher as subject expert (disciplinary) and place them into four broad categories.Don;t want to focus on foibles of profession.
  • Connect with studentsWe can draw upon what ABC does most – News and make that usable in context of Australian Curriculum We can ( as part of Innovation) present exciting forward-thinking ideas to reach wider audiences who want to learn (students, teachers and families).
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  • 1. Annabel AstburyHead, Digital
  • 2. 2
  • 3. THESTORYSO FAR... p3
  • 4. Challenges p4
  • 5. Students | Teachers | Families p5
  • 6. Where students are hanging outWhere students are allowed to go p6
  • 7. 7
  • 8. 8
  • 10. What families care* about p10
  • 11. What wecan do
  • 12. 12
  • 13. 35
  • 14. 36
  • 15. 37
  • 16. 38
  • 17. Astbury Monique PottsHead, Digital Education Project Director, Digital