Webinar: Beyond KPIs: The People And Process Drivers In Location Analytics


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Location analytics is not just about visualizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or linking charts to maps.

In fact, business analytics that focuses on people, processes and places can deliver almost 3x the ROI of IT-focused investments, according to Ventana Research.

Wendy's has extracted real business value from many areas of improvement, including: creating new ways for managers and analysts to work, delivering new information products, empowering people in their roles, and delivering new business insights.

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Webinar: Beyond KPIs: The People And Process Drivers In Location Analytics

  1. 1. Beyond  KPIs:     The  People  &  Process  Drivers   In  Loca9on  Analy9cs   Webinar  Sponsored  by   #LocAnaly*cs  
  2. 2. Welcome  Webinar  A6endees   #LocAnaly*cs  
  3. 3. Follow  This  Webinar  On  Twi6er   #LocAnalytics #LocAnaly*cs  
  4. 4. About  Retail  TouchPoints   ü  Launched in 2007 ü  Over 26,000 subscribers ü  To provide executives with relevant, insightful content across a variety of digital medium Free subscription to our weekly newsletter: WWW.RETAILTOUCHPOINTS.COM/SIGNUP #LocAnaly*cs  
  5. 5. Panelists   John Crouse   Director Real Estate Services Wendy’s Simon Thompson Director Commercial Solutions   Esri MODERATOR #LocAnaly*cs   Debbie Hauss Editor-in-Chief Retail TouchPoints
  6. 6. Beyond KPIs, the People and Process Drivers in Location Analytics John Crouse, Director, Real Estate Services, The Wendy’s Company Simon Thompson, Director, Commercial Solutions, Esri
  7. 7. Vision Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, Any Way, Any Device
  8. 8. Apply Geographic Understanding Analyze Design Evaluate Prepare Decide Predict Plan Act Manage Measure Spatial Insight Changes How We Think and Act
  9. 9. Revenue   Forecast   Simulation/     Evaluation   Comparative     Performance   Demographic   Data   Consumer   Behavior   Predictive     Model   Neighborhood   Customer  &  Mkt   Potential  Profile   Segmentation   Social  Media   Interactions   Customer     Preferences   Site  &  Market     Quality  (KPIs)   Performance   and  Sales  Data   Competitor   Data   Transform Data to Action and Knowledge
  10. 10. Predictive Quantitative Qualative Comparative Descriptive Transform Data to Action and Knowledge
  11. 11. Action Knowledge Context Decision Gain Insight then Act On It Know By Trying Leverage Understanding Democratize Decision Making Turn Data into Outcomes
  12. 12. Baseline Compare Quantify Prioritize Action Find Measures and Metrics Identify Patterns and Trends Rank and Categorize Target with Specific Action
  13. 13. Tacit Heuristic Guess Context Knowledge Use Your Head and Gut Apply Experience or Intuition Intelligently Guess and Test Correlation and Perspective
  14. 14. Facts Reasoning Solutions Explanation Context Evidence and Proof Logical Interpretation Answers to Needs Rational Justification
  15. 15. Self-Serve Democratize Respond Evaluation Decision Empower and Enable Engage Everyone Dynamic and Real-time Test for Success
  16. 16. “To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle requires a creative imagination” Albert Einstein Imagination
  17. 17. About Wendy’s -  Founded -  Based in 1969 by Dave Thomas in Dublin, Ohio -  Ranked #4 in total sales in QSR (#2 in Burger category)* -  Ranked #7 in total restaurants in QSR (#3 in Burger category)* *Source: QSR Magazine, 2012 QSR Top 50 Report
  18. 18. Business Needs Consistent, repeatable process for spatial analysis: - Visualization of spatial information - Generation of strategic reports - Objective process for real estate evaluation - Better understanding of Wendy’s consumer behavior - Insights into evolving Wendy’s brand transformation
  19. 19. Internal Clients/Partners Real Estate Development Finance Marketing Strategic Planning International Engineering Human Resources Government Relations IT
  20. 20. Sales Forecasting Models Regression Analog Data Wendy’s Site Characteristics Esri Demographics InfoUSA Business Data Competitor Data (Restaurant Trends)
  21. 21. Urbanicity Differentiation of areas based on density and concentrations of population and employment Data U.S. Block Groups U.S. Urban Boundaries Esri Demographics InfoUSA Business Data
  22. 22. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Los Angeles, CA Chicago, IL
  23. 23. Product Performance, by Urbanicity
  24. 24. Customer Data Data Visualization Trade Areas Sales Allocation Day Part Demand Potential Customer Analysis Trade Area Development Brand Changes
  25. 25. Customer Data – Wendy’s Syndicated Profile
  26. 26. Market Demand Potential
  27. 27. Other/Future Uses Models/Analytics More Customer Data Trade Area Model Disaggregate Sales Forecasting Impact Analysis/Models Engineering (Kitchen Model) Methodology Retail Positioning Competitor Positioning Strategy Market Optimization Image Activation Consumer Product Analysis
  28. 28. Methodology - Retail Positioning Retail Epicenter Retail Fringe Retail Transition Retail Core
  29. 29. Methodology - Competitive Positioning Best Position Worst Position
  30. 30. Strategy- Image Activation
  31. 31. Strategy- Product Mix
  32. 32. Other/Future Uses Canada Additional Internal Reporting Automation Content Sharing
  33. 33. Benefits to Wendy’s Objective Viewpoint Better Informed Decisions Repeatability Consistency Efficiency
  34. 34. Q  &  A  //  Panelists   John Crouse   Director Real Estate Services Wendy’s Simon Thompson Director Commercial Solutions   Esri MODERATOR #LocAnaly*cs   Debbie Hauss Editor-in-Chief Retail TouchPoints
  35. 35. Thanks  for  a6ending!   JOIN  US  FOR  TOMORROW’S  WEBINAR  TITLED:     Know  Where,  Why,  What:  Big  Data’s  Role   In  Predic9ve  And  Loca9on  Analy9cs     Tomorrow  at  1  PM  ET    /    10  AM  PT   h6p://rtou.ch/planaly9cs   #LocAnaly*cs