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Roadmap To Mobile Commerce - Webinar

Roadmap To Mobile Commerce - Webinar



Today’s shoppers expect retailers to have the same or better information available whenever they interact with the brand — online, in-store or via a mobile device. In addition to product ...

Today’s shoppers expect retailers to have the same or better information available whenever they interact with the brand — online, in-store or via a mobile device. In addition to product information, retailers are wise to have all relevant cross-channel customer information available and accessible. The truth is that 40% to 70% of shoppers already have researched their desired products online before going to the store. And, of the consumers who enter the store knowing what they want to buy, 50% leave empty-handed because they can’t find what they are looking for.
But when store associates are armed with mobile devices, they can personalize their interaction with customers by suggesting upsells and cross-sells; accessing product ratings and reviews; providing comparisons with other products, looking up inventory; and finally completing the transaction on-the-spot using mobile payment or processing a return.
Industry-leading retailers realize the importance of implementing mobile commerce. Starmount’s Mobile Selling Assistant, called Engage, currently is deployed in all Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People stores; and the device is also being piloted by several other nationally recognized retailers.
This webinar will provide answers to key questions on retailers’ minds as they plan to integrate mobile commerce in-store. A selection of those questions include:
How will mobile commerce affect store operations?
What infrastructure must be in place?
Will the mobile commerce system be secure?
What is the best way to communicate with customers going forward?

To learn more about the best strategies to implement mobile commerce, and hear real-world retailer success stories, click here to register for the upcoming webinar titled “The Roadmap To In-Store Mobile Commerce.”



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    Roadmap To Mobile Commerce - Webinar Roadmap To Mobile Commerce - Webinar Presentation Transcript

    • #MobileRoadmap December 1, 2011 Roadmap To In-StoreMobile Commerce #MobileRoadmap
    • Welcome to the WebinarYour GoToWebinar Attendee Viewer is made of 2 parts: 1. Viewer Window 2. Control Panel Type your question here #MobileRoadmap
    • Follow this Webinar on Twitter#MobileRoadmap hashtag. #MobileRoadmap
    • About Retail TouchPoints  Launched in 2007  Over 20,000 subscribers  To provide executives with relevant, insightful content across a variety of digital mediumFree subscription to our weekly newsletter:www.retailtouchpoints.com/signup #MobileRoadmap
    • PanelistsSteve Rowen Jerry RightmerManaging Partner PresidentRSR Research Starmount Systems Moderator Debbie Hauss Editor-in-Chief Retail TouchPoints #MobileRoadmap
    • Retailers’ Roadmap to In-Store Mobile Commerce ST E VE R O WE N MANAG ING PARTNE R , R SR R E SE AR CH DE C E MBE R 1, 2011
    • Our MissionTo provide the best research in retail built on:•  Expertise gained through real world practitioner experience•  Objective views•  Unique, high value products & services•  Perspective: industry view from consumer to source•  Focus on customer experienceBecause RSR is built entirely of retail veterans, we are the only analyst firm that can truly provide:•  Genuine insight into business and technology challenges facing the extended retail industry•  Thought leadership and advice on navigating these challenges for specific companies and the industry at large 7
    • Mobility in Stores•  RSR’s 5th Annual Store Benchmark – 85 Retailers, Spring 2011 •  Every year, we look at “the state of the store” •  Retailers always understand the importance of creating a better in-store shopping experience. •  However, in 2010 it became clear that armed with more technology than most store employees and managers, the consumer was crafting her own experience – much of it outside the boundaries of the store’s four walls •  Our Goal in 2011: As this evolution and proliferation of consumer-held technologies has brought stores to their Rubicon, we sought to understand how retailers are adapting their in-store strategies and systems •  Our Top line Findings: •  The Store has to evolve – retailers have no choice •  Customers demand a more relevant experience •  A differentiated experience must involve educated employees •  Technology, training, and productivity are all required to facilitate the necessary change •  Inaugural Mobility Report – 83 Retailers, Summer 2011 8
    • Better-Educated Employees a Must Top Three (3) Uses of In-store Technologies 2011 2010 69% Maintain and/or improve the customer experience 67% 51% Make our employees “smarter” and better informed 35% 39% Increase revenue while holding down operational costs 57% 32% Put actionable information into the hands of managers 36% Help the company win new customers and retain current 29% customers 37%Create competitive advantage and new sources of revenue 26% generation 30% 26% React quickly to changes in the business environment 22% Help us keep up with the competition (avoid competitive 20% disadvantage) 11% Source: RSR Research, June 2011 9
    • Technology the Key to Education How long has your company been actively involved in adding technology-enabled touch-points for employees in your stores? 2011 2010 70% Longer than 1 year 49% 8% Less than 1 year 18% 3% Budgeted project 8% 14%Project planned, not yet budgeted 8% 5% No plans 11% Source: RSR Research, June 2011 10
    • Winners Already Seeing MoreSales What percent of your annual sales come from the mobile channel? More than 5% 3-5% Less than 2% None Don’t knowWinners 10% 17% 24% 41% 7% Others 5% 5% 27% 55% 9% Source: RSR Research, September 2011 11
    • Getting the Store Manager Backon the Selling Floor How long have you been actively involved in adding Mobile technology-enabled touchpoints for Store Managers within your store? 2011 2010 2009 25% Longer than 1 year 14% 12% 28% Less than 1 year 23% 22% 3% Budgeted project 9% 7% 22%Project planned, not yet budgeted 14% 15% 22% No plans 32% 36% Source: RSR Research, June 2011 12
    • Business ChallengesA BUMPY ROAD AHEAD 13
    • Skating Towards the Puck Top 3 Mobile Business Challenges Winners OthersConsumers are using mobile as part of their shopping experience 92% and we need to be there 81% Were seeing significant online traffic from mobile sources and 42% need to respond 29% 38% Mobile technology is moving too quickly; we cant keep up 48% 38% Store sales are getting cannibalized; mobile can help 33% 31% Our competitors dont have a mobile strategy 24% 23%Our competitors have a mobile strategy and we need to respond 33% 4% Mobile price comparison at the shelf is hurting our business 24% Source: RSR Research, September 2011 14
    • Consumers Moving Too Quickly Mobile Philosophy - Statement Agreement Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagreeThe customer has evolved so rapidly that we are forced to have 35% 43% 13% 6% 3% a mobile presence Mobiles impact/best uses are not yet fleshed out 24% 57% 9% 9% 1% We have completely different goals for mobile shoppers than 9% 37% 35% 16% 3% eCommerce shoppers Source: RSR Research, September 2011 15
    • OpportunitiesNO SHORTAGE OF WAYS TO IMPROVE 16
    • Opportunity to Differentiate Mobile Opportunities Very valuable Somewhat valuable Not valuable Deeper customer engagement to build loyalty through mobile 73% 25% 2% channelsIdentify innovative mobile use cases that no one else is doing yet 61% 27% 11% Deeper customer engagement to drive sales through 61% 27% 11% personalized offersDeeper insights into shopper behavior through mobile site or app 59% 34% 7% insights Empower store employees through mobile site or app access in 41% 41% 18% stores Mobile "save the sale" at the shelf 40% 42% 18% Stop the decline in store sales 30% 36% 34% Mobile in-store concierge to alleviate some of the sales burden 27% 44% 29% from store staff Disrupt other retailers by providing a mobile experience that 27% 48% 25% encourages the use of my app/site at their shelf Discourage the use of price comparison by offering another 16% 41% 43% mobile option Source: RSR Research, September 2011 17
    • The Case for a Mobile Compass… Smartphones Value in Driving Traffic TO the Store Lot of Value Some Value No Value2011 31% 56% 13%2010 20% 45% 35% Source: RSR Research, June 2011 18
    • Only More Powerful Once In-store Smartphones Value Once Customer is WITHIN the Store Lot of Value Some Value No Value2011 41% 26% 33%2010 11% 41% 48% Source: RSR Research, June 2011 19
    • What’s Not a High Priority? Mobile Capabilities Rated "Not Important" Purchase gift cards 22% View weekly ad 18% Check loyalty status 16%Use barcodes to check price or availability 16% Register/redeem gift cards 16% Source: RSR Research, September 2011 20
    • Organizational InhibitorsFRUSTRATION IN THE WORKS 21
    • Stuck in the Mud Please identify the top three (3) organizational inhibitors standing in the way of taking advantage of these opportunities: ROI is hard to quantify 60% Budgeting - there is little capital investment available 51%We dont have enough eCommerce/Mobile resources to manage all the 40% available opportunities Difficulty getting IT resources for eCommerce/Mobile projects 37% Mobile technology changes too quickly for us to be able to make solid 28% investments Stores dont understand the mobile, social, or cross-channel 19% opportunities Stores are a higher technology investment priority 19% Our executive team doesnt understand the mobile opportunity 16% We don’t know how to turn data gained from mobile channels into 16% actionable business intelligence The marketing organization does not understand the digital strategies 9% we need to support eCommerce/Mobile Source: RSR Research, September 2011 22
    • Less Budget, but Better Projects Persistent Economic Uncertainty Taking its Toll Top Three (3) Organizational Inhibitors 2011 2010 Overall Capital Requirements – we never even get to 61% the subject of ROI 40% 54% Hard to quantify technology return on investment 66%The existing technology/infrastructure is preventing us 49% from moving forward with new solutions 50%We generally don’t want to be an early adopter of new 39% technologies 43% The TCO of in-store technologies makes it hard to 32% justify many of the newer technologies 28% Management believes stores should be able to just 22% “do what we tell them” 12% We are trying to simplify our in-store technology, not 15% Positive Sign make it more complex 32% Source: RSR Research, June 2011 23
    • Mobile Opportunities Cannot BeRealized without a MobileInfrastructure Which of the following statements best describes the technology your company uses to support wireless networking in the store? 2011 2010 Wireless available only for receiving and other 30% inventory control related tasks 25% 30% No wireless network available in store 38% Wireless available throughout the store for 27%performance management, POS and product related tasks 30% 12% Wireless available for customers 8% Source: RSR Research, June 2011 24Persistent lack of investment – cost likely trumps fear as an issue
    • Technology EnablersVARIED VISIONS, LOTS OF PRIORITIES 25
    • Massive Shifts in Perception 2010: The Year of Omni-channel and Mobility Potentially Very Valuable Technologies to Support Opportunities 2011 2010 Cross-channel customer and inventory synchronization 70% through real time updates 50% Deliver information to customer-owned cell phones and 62% PDA’s 30% Deliver information to store-owned cell phones and PDA’s 57% 21% Employee selling tools on the sales floor 55% 43% Modern POS Hardware and Software 52% 52%Personal scanners, self-service scales, product information 43% kiosks, employee product information training 25% In-store rewards and/or coupons 43% 42% Distributed Order Management (buy in one store, fulfill in 43% another) 26% KPI’s and alerts to store managers on mobile devices 38% 25% Source: RSR Research, June 2011 26
    • Wireless Value DrasticallyOutweighs Adoption Which of the following best describes your stance on retailer-provided Wi-Fi in stores? It adds some value 32% It is a must 30% It adds minimal value 16%Its a PCI/data security risk 9% We don’t have stores 7% It adds no value at all 7% Source: RSR Research, September 2011 27
    • Early Days How long has your company been actively involved in the following technology- enabled processes in attempting to improve your Mobile presence? More than 1 year Less than 1 year Budgeted Project Planned, not Budgeted No plans An ecommerce site that can extend to mobile 10% 36% 18% 23% 13% Public WiFi in stores 8% 18% 13% 5% 56% A mobile-specific development provider 8% 21% 18% 21% 33% Downloadable shopping app 5% 26% 5% 31% 33% Mobile-capable content management 5% 33% 18% 33% 10%Device/OS management and maintenance services (to keep up with 3% 15% 18% 21% 44% changing devices) Mobile capabilities delivered via the cloud/SaaS 3% 10% 21% 23% 44% Downloadable branded apps (games, lookbooks, etc) 3% 16% 8% 26% 47% Write once/deploy many mobile development platform 3% 23% 23% 23% 28% Mobile PCI certification 15% 18% 18% 49% An advertising agency with mobile experience 23% 15% 21% 41% Source: RSR Research, September 2011 28
    • RetailerRecommendations 29
    • What Does Mobility Mean forRetailers?•  The Store Has to Evolve – Retailers Have No Choice•  Dont Let Speed of Change Frighten You•  Use Consumers to Help Shape your Strategy•  Carefully Consider/Approach a Customer Experience Officer•  Strategize Across Platform•  Make a Wireless Decision Now•  Don’t Make Promises your Employees Can’t Keep 30
    • Roadmap  to  In-­‐Store  Mobile  Commerce  Jerry  Rightmer,  Starmount   ©2011  Starmount  Confiden9al  
    • The  Connected  Shopper  The  ul9mate  shopping  companion?   Or  a  compe99ve  threat?  
    • Just  yesterday  we  were  asking  ourselves  how  to  make  our  websites  as  good  as  our  stores,  and  now  we’re  working  hard  to  get  parts  of  our  stores’  experience  as  good  as  our  website.   Glen  Senk,  CEO,  Urban  Ou1i3ers  
    • Enhance  the  Shopping  Experience   Enable  Your  Associates  with  Mobile   •  Personalize  sales  interacAon  anywhere  on  the  store  floor   •  Access  deeper  product  and  customer  informaAon   •  Simplify  up-­‐sell  and  cross-­‐sell   •  Drive  efficiency  on  the  sales  floor   •  Deliver  more  customer  inAmacy   •  Achieve  a  higher  close  rate  
    • Who’s  Doing  It?   The  Pioneer!   Fully  deployed  in  Urban  OuKiLers,     Anthropologie,  and  Free  People  stores   Pilo9ng  now   Pilo9ng  now  
    • The  Big  QuesAons  •  What  will  this  do  to  my  store  opera9ons?  •  What  infrastructure  will  I  need?  •  What  devices  can/should  I  use?  •  How  will  I  manage     my  mobile  devices/apps?  •  Is  this  secure?  •  How  do  I  integrate  mobile  solu9ons  in  my  enterprise?  •  How  does  this  change  my  customer  engagement  model?  •  What  doors  does  this  open?  
    • Store  OperaAons  Common  Concerns:  •  Merchandise  handling   –  Security  tags   –  Bagging  •  Tender  handling  •  Customer  egress  model  •  Floor  layout  •  Device  management  
    • Wireless  Infrastructure  Common  Concerns:  •  Coverage  •  Security  •  Up-­‐Time  
    • Devices  •  Consumer  grade  versus  commercial?  •  iOS,  Android,  Windows  7,  HTML5?  •  Handheld  or  tablet?  •  Mobile  peripherals     –  Scanner,  magstripe,  NFC,  EMV,  printers  
    • Mobile  Device  Management  •  Security  •  Loss  preven9on  •  Power  •  Provisioning  
    • Security   •  Wireless   •  Data   •  Device   •  Architecture  
    • IntegraAon   CRM   Product   Sugges9ons   Loca9on   Master   POS   Ra9ngs  and   Controller   Reviews   Perpetual   Inventory   Product   Master   Digital   Content   Online   Ordering  
    • Customer  CommunicaAons  •  Print  vs.  email  •  E-­‐signature  •  Languages  •  Engagement  model  
    • OpportuniAes   Product  Search   Product   Product  Details   Cross-­‐channel  and  …   Comparison   w/  RaAngs  &   Inventory  •  Clientelling   Reviews   Lookup  •  Up/cross  selling  •  Endless  aisle,  save-­‐the-­‐sale  •  Associate  educaAon  •  Customer  returns  
    • Closing  Thoughts  In-­‐Store  Mobile  Selling:  1.  Your  Customers  Expect  It  2.  Your  Compe9tors  Are  Doing  It  3.  You  Can  Profit  From  It  
    • Q&A SessionYour GoToWebinar Attendee Viewer is made of 2 parts: 1. Viewer Window 2. Control Panel Type your question here #MobileRoadmap
    • Q&A • PanelistsSteve Rowen Jerry RightmerManaging Partner PresidentRSR Research Starmount Systems Moderator Debbie Hauss Editor-in-Chief Retail TouchPoints #MobileRoadmap
    • Thanks for attending!You can download thispresentation here: http://rtou.ch/mobile-roadmap #MobileRoadmap
    • Contact The Panelistssdrowen@rsrresearch.com jrightmer@starmountsystems.com #MobileRoadmap