Mobilizing The Store: Game-Changing Trends for 2012


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This webinar previews exclusive new data gathered from a Retail TouchPoints survey of retail executives, which focused on the current status of mobile deployments supporting both e-commerce and in-store initiatives, as well as plans for future roll-outs. The survey results will reveal how cutting edge retailers are using mobile for scanning, digital receipts, cross channel transactions, self-checkout, price look ups and deal of the day offers.

This new data provides insights into:

The current functionality retailers are offering on mobile apps
Plans for integrating mobile apps to improve the in-store shopping experience
The percentage of retailers enabling store associates with tablet devices
Projections on the number of retailers planning to deploy mPOS with tablets and smartphones

Join Retail TouchPoints and AisleBuyer, the leader of in-store mobile solutions, for an advanced look at the data gathered from this survey. This webinar provides "behind-the-scenes" perspective on what leading retailers have learned during the early stages of mobile adoption and the best practices that should be followed to ensure the success of mobile strategies.

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Mobilizing The Store: Game-Changing Trends for 2012

  1. 1. #mCommShop December 15, 2011 Mobilizing The StoreGame-Changing Trends For 2012 #mCommShop
  2. 2. Welcome to the WebinarYour GoToWebinar Attendee Viewer is made of 2 parts: 1. Viewer Window 2. Control Panel Type your question here #mCommShop
  3. 3. Follow this Webinar on Twitter #mCommShop hashtag. #mCommShop
  4. 4. About Retail TouchPoints  Launched in 2007  Over 20,000 subscribers  To provide executives with relevant, insightful content across a variety of digital mediumFree subscription to our weekly #mCommShop
  5. 5. PanelistsScott Todaro Andrew GaffneyVP, Marketing PublisherAisleBuyer Retail TouchPoints #mCommShop
  6. 6. POLL Do you have a mobile appthat connects consumers to your e-Commerce site? #mCommShop
  7. 7. Do you have a mobile app that connects consumersto your e-Commerce site? Yes   No   19%   81%   #mCommShop
  8. 8. Do you have a mobile app that connects consumersto your e-Commerce site? Revenue of $100 Million plus Revenue of $500 Million plus #mCommShop
  9. 9. If "yes," what type of e-Commerce functionality doyou offer in your app? (Check all that apply) Store  locator     87%   Browse  catalog     74%   Promo>ons  and  coupons     68%   Check  prices     68%   Buy  online/ship  to  store  or  home     55%   Search     55%   Set  up  an  account     52%   Product  ra>ngs  and  reviews     48%   Deal  of  the  day   45%   Other     26%   #mCommShop
  10. 10. POLLDo you have an app that is intended for in-store use? #mCommShop
  11. 11. Do you have an app that is intended for in-store use? Yes   No   14%   86%   #mCommShop
  12. 12. Do you have an app that is intended for in-store use? Revenue of $100 Million plus Revenue of $500 Million plus #mCommShop
  13. 13. What functionality does your mobile app currentlyoffer for use in your retail store? (Check all that apply) #mCommShop
  14. 14. Do you plan to introduce a mobile app for use in yourretail store? (Check all that apply) Yes,  within  12-­‐24  months     30%   Yes,  within  6-­‐12  months     23%   Yes,  within  3-­‐6  months     20%   Have  no  plans  to  introduce  a  mobile  app     16%  Have  built  a  mobile-­‐enabled  web  site  instead  of  an   6%   app     Yes,  within  the  next  3  months     6%   #mCommShop
  15. 15. What mobile functionality are you looking to offercustomers for use in your retail stores? (Check all that apply) Promo>ons     54%   Barcode  scanning     51%   QR  code  scanning     47%   Store  locator     43%   Deal  of  the  day     39%   Digital  receipts     39%   Browse  catalog     34%   GPS  for  store  loca>ons     30%   Price  look-­‐up     30%   Search     29%   Digital  circular  or  catalog     27%   Self-­‐checkout     24%   Ra>ngs  and  review     24%   Buy  in-­‐store  ship  to  home     19%   Near  Field  Communica>on  (NFC)     17%   #mCommShop
  16. 16. Which of these technologies is most important to theway you interact with customers? 11%   mPOS  with  an  iPod  Touch     14%   40%   mPOS  with  a  tablet     Mobile  self-­‐checkout  with  a  smartphone     Mobile  store  associate  with  a  tablet     35%   * mPOS: Mobile Point of Sale #mCommShop
  17. 17. Which of the following mobile customer transaction touch points haveyou implemented, or considered implementing, in your stores? Planning to On radar Already pilot in the for the next No plans to Piloting deployed next 12 12-24 implement months months Mobile store associate with 5.6% 18.1% 23.6% 26.4% 26.4% a tablet mPOS with a table 0.0% 9.7% 25.0% 27.8% 37.5% mPOS with an iPod Touch 2.8% 9.7% 18.1% 27.8% 41.7% Mobile self- checkout with 2.8% 5.6% 20.8% 37.5% 33.3% a smartphone #mCommShop
  18. 18. Agenda" Quick Introduction Industry Examples Building Your StrategyConfidential - Do Not Distribute"
  19. 19. AisleBuyer: Mobilizing the Store" Combines the best of e-Commerce, mCommerce & in-store into one solution AB Mobile Solution Offers:! • e-Commerce, kiosk, & POS functionality delivered through mobile devices" • A mobile commerce platform that unifies apps and data for true multi-channel retailing" • The ultimate line busting technology with customer self – checkout and store associate checkout anywhere in the store"Confidential - Do Not Distribute"
  20. 20. Brick & Mortar Mobile Examples!Confidential - Do Not Distribute"
  21. 21. Consumer Value Proposition" Mobile supports consumers throughout the shopping journey •  Branding •  Consumer reviews •  Registrations •  Coupons/promotions •  Sweepstakes •  Nearest dealer/retailer •  Tools (e.g., product selection) •  Location-based •  Video (demonstrations) marketing “Discovery” “Influence” •  Price comparisons •  Product comparisons •  Product information What to buy Where to buy •  Ratings •  Store inventory “Repeat Purchase” •  Lists /registries Revenue “Sale” Repeat Post-purchase Purchase Interaction •  Accessories •  Lead generation •  Maintenance •  Rebate reminders •  Sales •  New products •  Community •  Receipts (Paper/ •  Promotions •  Customer service Digital) •  Replenishment •  Ownership guides •  Services (e.g., Nike)Confidential - Do Not Distribute" 21
  22. 22. Mass Merchant Retail Example" Mobile phones can be used from check-in to check-out In-Store Check-out Pre-Store •  Directions to the •  Shopping list with •  Check out while store, store hours suggested route shopping or with a •  Check in for points map or item location phone and offers •  Scans items for •  Apply all coupons •  Text to store pickup more information •  Apply a gift card or that she’s here including price or other stored value •  See average wait product safety card time at checkout, or information •  Get receipt emailed even which of her •  Special offers to go friends has shopped to other parts of the recently store •  Refills a pharmacy order •  Displays bar code to pick up order •  Decides to print out some photos on her phoneConfidential - Do Not Distribute"
  23. 23. Quick-Service Restaurant Example" Quick Service restaurants are all about convenience 1.  Store location and times 2.  Menu lookup and pre-order 3.  Check in to receive extra points 4.  Average store wait time 5.  Saved orders for re-ordering 6.  Text sent that the order is completed 7.  Emailed receiptConfidential - Do Not Distribute"
  24. 24. “The Apple Effect”" “When Apple — arguably one of the most successful retailers in the last decade — says that mobile self-checkout is ready for use today, others might very well want to have a look. And quickly.” - Glenbrooks Russ Jones Then Now •  2009: Apple releases store •  2011: Apple announces associate checkout system mobile self-checkout using iPod with Infinite Peripheral sled 2010 / 2011 2012 / 2013 ???Confidential - Do Not Distribute" 24
  25. 25. Best Practice Implementations" Self-Checkout Stored value and walletConfidential - Do Not Distribute"
  26. 26. Building Your Mobile Strategy!Confidential - Do Not Distribute"
  27. 27. Build A Mobile Strategy Now" The benefits for retailers are numerous and growing • New revenue • Better in-store and • Your competitors opportunities inside online shopping are investing in the store with experience to meet mobile commerce digital cross-sells, consumer today offers and coupons expectations Customers Revenue Competition SatisfactionConfidential - Do Not Distribute"
  28. 28. Are Apps Essential?" Consumers prefer the experience of apps to mobile web Target’s mobile optimized site Target’s iPhone app 1.  Richer user interface 2.  Ability to leverage features like cameras or barcode scanners 3.  Ability to leverage an offline experience without a need for “a fat pipe” 4.  Ability to experiment; test and learnConfidential - Do Not Distribute"
  29. 29. Getting Started" 5 key steps toward building a strategy for success Know thy customers Set realistic goals Technology & business process Implement in phases Test and measure successConfidential - Do Not Distribute"
  30. 30. Conclusions" Mobile commerce is emerging with significant promise in physical stores The store experience, particularly for retailers and restaurants, will likely be significantly transformed mobile solutions The benefits of these solutions include incremental customer value, increased customer loyalty and cost savings for the merchant Apps are an imperative for many of these in-store solutions; partnering with third-parties will accelerate time to market Tablets have promise in stores as well, and can be exciting and viable kiosk substitutes in relevant categoriesConfidential - Do Not Distribute"
  31. 31. Q&A SessionYour GoToWebinar Attendee Viewer is made of 2 parts: 1. Viewer Window 2. Control Panel Type your question here #mCommShop
  32. 32. Q&A // PanelistsScott Todaro Andrew GaffneyVP, Marketing PublisherAisleBuyer Retail TouchPoints #mCommShop
  33. 33. Thanks for attending!You can download thispresentation here: #mCommShop
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