Membership,	    Engagement	  And	  The	     Metrics	  That	  Ma5er                          	                        #Soci...
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About	  Demand	  Gen	  Report	  •    Launched	  in	  2007	  to	  track	  best	       prac:ces	  in	  lead	  genera:on	  • ...
Panelists	                  John	  Clese	                  Director	  of	  Product	                  Marke:ng	            ...
Membership,	  Engagement	  and	  the	  Metrics	  that	  Ma?er	  	  John	  Clese	  Director	  Of	  Marke:ng,	  Not-­‐For-­‐...
 	  What	  is	  Engagement?	  
Engagement	  is	  just	  a	  bullshit	  term	  made	  up	  to	  apply	  to	  making	  people	  do	  something	  in	  the	 ...
MYTH:	  	  	  Measuring	  	  Engagement	  isn’t	  Important	  
REALITY:	  	  It	  is	  important.	  Measuring	  engagement	  tells	  us	  how	  valuable	  our	  customers	  are.	  	  	 ...
MYTH:	  	  Successful	  engagement	  metrics	  are	  the	  same	  for	  everyone.	  	  	  	  
REALITY:	  	  Not	  True.	  Successful	  metrics	  depends	  on	  your	  goals	  for	  engagement.	  	  	  	  
Successful	  Engagement:	  	  Return	  on	  Engagement	  (RoE)	  	  Did	  you	  get	  something	  from	  your	  audience	 ...
While	  revenue	  numbers	  tell	  us	  about	  the	  health	  of	  our	  business	  today;	  	  the	  VALUE	  of	  our	  ...
Measure	  what	  ma?ers,	  keep	  it	  simple…	  	  	  The	  end	  result	  is	  to	  increase	  loyalty	  and	  profitabil...
More	  Meaningful	  Metrics	  Than	  Just	  Fans	  and	  Followers	  Top	  3	  	  increasing	  	  measurements	  to	  eval...
Engagement	  Scoring	  	  Transac<onal	  –	  something	  given	  or	  taken	  in	  return	  for	  something	  else	  (quid...
You	  Need	  A	  Social	  CRM	  To:	  	  Integrate	  social	  commentary,	  ac:on	  and	  feedback	  received	  from	  web...
Engagement,	  and	  measuring	  its	  effec<veness	  against	  business	  objec<ves,	  is	  the	  key	  founda<on	  to	  in...
A	  Case	  Study	  in	  Scoring	  
What	  is	  the	  A-­‐	  Score™	  •  A	  numeric	  engagement	  score	  from	  1-­‐100.	  •  Individuals	  and	  organiza:...
What	  Do	  You	  Do	  With	  the	  	   A-­‐Score™	  and	  Engagement	  Scoring?	  •  Size	  up	  a	  customer	  at	  a	  ...
Case	  Study:	  ACEC	  •  American	  Council	  of	  Engineering	  Companies	           –  Membership	  is	  primarily	  or...
The	  Game	  Plan	  1.  Discovery	  sessions	  with	  ACEC	  to	  discuss	      possible	  ac:ons	  to	  score.	  	  	  2....
Discovery	  Sessions	  •  Ini:al	  sessions	  included	  only	  DSK	  &	  Nina	     Goldman	  (Director	  of	  Sales	  &	 ...
Metrics	  That	  Ma5er	  for	      Organiza<ons	                                 #AUDC12
Top	  10	  Ac:ons	  for	  Individuals	  •    Individual	  membership.	  •    Representa:ve	  of	  coali:on	  membership.	 ...
Top	  10	  Ac:ons	  for	  Organiza:ons	  •    Coali:on	  Membership	  •    Regular	  Membership	  •    PAC	  Dona:on	  •  ...
Proof	  of	  Concept	  –	  Tes:ng	  •  Once	  setup	  was	  complete,	  tes:ng	  to	  ensure	  that	  ac:ons	  were	  crea...
Proof	  of	  Concept	  –	  Final	  Results	                                                 Individual	  Ac:ons	          ...
Proof	  of	  Concept	  –	  Final	  Results	                                                  Organiza:on	  Ac:ons	        ...
Lessons	  Learned	  •  Start	  small	  –	  can	  always	  add/tweak	  rules	  later.	  •  Backfill	  takes	  a	  long	  :me...
Thoughts	  from	  ACEC	         	  “With	  the	  assistance	  of	  DSK	  staff,	  a	  fairly	  complicated	  set-­‐up	  has...
Final	  Thoughts	         	  Develop	  an	  engagement	  strategy.	                                       	         	  Defi...
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Q&A	  	  //	  	  Panelists	                          John	  Clese	                          Director	  of	  Product	      ...
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Membership, Engagement and the Metrics that Matter


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In a world where Facebook boasts over one billion members and hundreds of millions of people use Twitter and LinkedIn, association executives must address the changing dynamics of member relationships. More than a technology, Social CRM is a philosophy and business strategy that helps associations work smarter. Social CRM is about getting the entire organization on board with the idea and practice of collecting, analyzing and using social data to engage its members. And more engaged members means a more successful association.

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Membership, Engagement and the Metrics that Matter

  1. 1. Membership,   Engagement  And  The   Metrics  That  Ma5er   #SocialCRMPresented  by   Sponsored  by  
  2. 2. Welcome  Webinar  A5endees   Type  ques<on  here  
  3. 3. Follow  this  webinar  on  Twi5er   #SocialCRM  
  4. 4. About  Demand  Gen  Report  •  Launched  in  2007  to  track  best   prac:ces  in  lead  genera:on  •  Newsle?er  has  grown  to  more   than  26,000  readers  •  We  also  offer  a  menu  of  research   and  best  prac:ces  reports    •  New  audio/video  podcasts  at      @DG_Report
  5. 5. Panelists   John  Clese   Director  of  Product   Marke:ng   Avectra   Ma?hew  McKenzie   Senior  Editor   Sarah  Palma:er   Demand  Gen  Report   Senior  Business  Analyst   DSK  Solu<ons,  Inc.  
  6. 6. Membership,  Engagement  and  the  Metrics  that  Ma?er    John  Clese  Director  Of  Marke:ng,  Not-­‐For-­‐Profit  Avectra      Sarah  Palma:er  Senior  Business  Analyst  DSK  Solu:ons,  Inc.      
  7. 7.    What  is  Engagement?  
  8. 8. Engagement  is  just  a  bullshit  term  made  up  to  apply  to  making  people  do  something  in  the  online  (or  offline)  space.        Sixty  years  ago  engaging  a  customer  meant  you  said,  “Hi.  Wanna  buy  some  stuff?”  They  said,  “Sure,  Whatya  got?”      Then  they  bought  something…successful  engagement!      Jason  Falls,  Founder  &  CEO  of  Social  Media  Explorer  
  9. 9. MYTH:      Measuring    Engagement  isn’t  Important  
  10. 10. REALITY:    It  is  important.  Measuring  engagement  tells  us  how  valuable  our  customers  are.        
  11. 11. MYTH:    Successful  engagement  metrics  are  the  same  for  everyone.        
  12. 12. REALITY:    Not  True.  Successful  metrics  depends  on  your  goals  for  engagement.        
  13. 13. Successful  Engagement:    Return  on  Engagement  (RoE)    Did  you  get  something  from  your  audience  that  can  make  your  business  be5er?    •  Profits.  You  sold  stuff  =  successful  engagement.  •  Ideas.  You  got  feedback  on  your  product  or  service  you  can  use   =  successful  engagement.  •  Referrals  and  Recommenda<ons.  You  got  customers  to  tell   other  people  you’re  cool  =  successful  engagement.  •  Digital  Merit  Badges.  You  got  people  to  link  to  you,  follow  you,   Like  you,  re-­‐Tweet  you  =  successful  engagement.  •  New  Members  /Donors  or  Be5er  Reten<on  Rates.  You  got   prospec:ve  cons:tuents  to  join  or  exi:ng  members  to  stay  =   successful  engagement.     Jason  Falls,  Founder  &  CEO  of  Social  Media  Explorer    
  14. 14. While  revenue  numbers  tell  us  about  the  health  of  our  business  today;    the  VALUE  of  our  customers  tells  us  about  the  health  of  their  business  tomorrow.    -­‐Rajat  Paharia,  Founder  and  Chief  Product  Officer  of  Bunchball  
  15. 15. Measure  what  ma?ers,  keep  it  simple…      The  end  result  is  to  increase  loyalty  and  profitability  of  your  brand.          Bob  Konsewicz,  Strategic  Consultant,  Maritz  Loyalty    
  16. 16. More  Meaningful  Metrics  Than  Just  Fans  and  Followers  Top  3    increasing    measurements  to  evaluate  a  brand’s  effec:veness  on  Social  Media    Social  Presence:  number  of  Followers  and  Fans  -­‐96%  Traffic  To  Website  –  89%      Social  Men<ons  across  PlaWorms  –  84%    Share  of  Social  Conversa<on  –  66%    Social  Influence  –  63%     The  State  of  Social  Media  MarkeMng  Report    Sept.  2012  Awareness  Inc.  
  17. 17. Engagement  Scoring    Transac<onal  –  something  given  or  taken  in  return  for  something  else  (quid  pro  quo).    Behavioral  –  response  to  a  par:cular  situa:on  or  s:mulus  (social  ac:ons).    Implicit-­‐  implied  rather  than  expressly  stated.      Explicit  –  fully  and  clearly  expressed  or  demonstrated;  leaving  nothing  merely  implied.    
  18. 18. You  Need  A  Social  CRM  To:    Integrate  social  commentary,  ac:on  and  feedback  received  from  websites  &  social  networking  sites  with  hard  (tradi:onal)  data.    Have  a  more  holis:c  rela:onship  with  your  cons:tuents  and  enhance  your  understanding  of  them.    
  19. 19. Engagement,  and  measuring  its  effec<veness  against  business  objec<ves,  is  the  key  founda<on  to  increasing  membership,  building  loyalty  and  driving  revenue.    
  20. 20. A  Case  Study  in  Scoring  
  21. 21. What  is  the  A-­‐  Score™  •  A  numeric  engagement  score  from  1-­‐100.  •  Individuals  and  organiza:ons.  •  Each  associa:on  can  set  it  up  and  score  ac:vi:es  their  own  way.  •  Comprised  of  composite  scales  (e.g.  Events,  Membership,   Community,  Fundraising,  etc.).     #AUDC12
  22. 22. What  Do  You  Do  With  the     A-­‐Score™  and  Engagement  Scoring?  •  Size  up  a  customer  at  a  glance  with  one  number.  •  Iden:fy  up-­‐and-­‐coming  members  and  volunteer  leaders.  •  Intervene  with  declining  members  before  they  leave.  •  Grassroots  –  iden:fy  influen:al  people  with  high  scores  in  a  Congressional   district  to  lobby  an  undecided  Member  of  Congress  on  your  issue.  •  Examine  contrasts  as  opportuni:es:   –  People  who  shop  but  don’t  join   –  People  who  a?end  events  but  aren’t  on  commi?ees   –  People  who  are  social  but  don’t  donate.  •  Pricing  incen:ves  for  high  scorers.     #AUDC12
  23. 23. Case  Study:  ACEC  •  American  Council  of  Engineering  Companies   –  Membership  is  primarily  organiza:on  based.   –  Upgrading  to  netFORUM  2011  in  order  to  take  advantage  of  A-­‐Score™   func:onality.      “The  main  benefit  for  ACEC  comes  in  the  differen:a:on  between  individuals  and   organiza:ons.    As  a  trade  associa:on,  organiza:on  scoring  and  data  is  a  great   tool  to  evaluate  high-­‐level  efforts,  but  products  and  services  are  sold  to   individuals.    By  allowing  us  to  structure  the  scoring  for  both  categories,  we  get   the  more  sophis:cated  company  insights,  which  we  can  apply  to  the  on-­‐the-­‐ ground  marke:ng  efforts,  bolstering  individual  par:cipa:on  with  us.    A-­‐Score™   also  represents  a  huge  <me  savings  for  me,  as  I  no  longer  have  to  run  4-­‐6   different  queries  and  reports  to  get  a  full  picture  of  our  members  par<cipa<on   over  <me.”        -­‐  Nina  Goldman,  Director  of  Sales  &  Member  Organiza:on  Services,  ACEC     #AUDC12
  24. 24. The  Game  Plan  1.  Discovery  sessions  with  ACEC  to  discuss   possible  ac:ons  to  score.      2.  Proof  of  concept  –  create  ac:ons  on  DSK   site.  3.  Complete  setup  on  upgraded  ACEC  test  site.  4.  Run  backfill  process  on  ACEC  test  site.  5.  Review  ini:al  results  with  ACEC.  6.  Adjust  scoring  weights  as  needed.   #AUDC12
  25. 25. Discovery  Sessions  •  Ini:al  sessions  included  only  DSK  &  Nina   Goldman  (Director  of  Sales  &  Member   Organiza:on  Services  at  ACEC).  •  Outcome:  Top  10  list  of  ac:ons  for  both   Individuals  and  Organiza:ons.   #AUDC12
  26. 26. Metrics  That  Ma5er  for   Organiza<ons   #AUDC12
  27. 27. Top  10  Ac:ons  for  Individuals  •  Individual  membership.  •  Representa:ve  of  coali:on  membership.  •  PAC  dona:on.  •  Bookstore  purchase  (merchandise,  subscrip:ons,  publica:ons).  •  Event  registra:on.  •  Commi?ee  par:cipa:on.  •  Award  entry  primary  contact.  •  Speaker  at  an  event.  •  Customer  inquiries  (contact  requests).  •  Update  of  profile  online.   #AUDC12
  28. 28. Top  10  Ac:ons  for  Organiza:ons  •  Coali:on  Membership  •  Regular  Membership  •  PAC  Dona:on  •  Bookstore  Purchase  (merchandise,  subscrip:ons,  publica:ons)  •  Award  Candidate  •  Customer  Inquiries  (Contact  Requests  “on  behalf  of”)  •  Exhibit  Booth  Purchase  •  Adver:sement  •  Online  “Cer:fica:on”  (specific  Organiza:on  data  fields  updated  annually)  •  Any  Update  of  the  Organiza:on’s  Profile  Online   #AUDC12
  29. 29. Proof  of  Concept  –  Tes:ng  •  Once  setup  was  complete,  tes:ng  to  ensure  that  ac:ons  were  created  and   scores  awarded  was  carried  out.   #AUDC12
  30. 30. Proof  of  Concept  –  Final  Results   Individual  Ac:ons      "   Individual  Membership  –  30  points   "   Commi?ee  Par:cipa:on  "   Representa:ve  of  Coali:on   "   Chairman  –  15  points     Membership   "   All  other  Posi:ons  –  10  points  "   PAC  Dona:on  –  10  points   "   Award  Entry  Primary  Contact  –  5  "   Bookstore  Purchase     points   "   Merchandise  –  2  points   "   Speaker  at  an  Event   "   Subscrip:ons  –  5  points   "   Event  Level  –  10  points   "   Publica:ons  –  3  points   "   Session  Level  –  5  points    "   Event  Registra:on   "   Customer  Inquiries  (Contact   "   Annual  Conven:on  –  10  points   Requests)  –  5  points   "   Other  Event  Types  –  8  points     "   Update  of  Profile  Online     #AUDC12
  31. 31. Proof  of  Concept  –  Final  Results   Organiza:on  Ac:ons      "   Coali:on  Membership  –  30  points   "   Customer  Inquiries  (Contact  "   Regular  Membership  –  30  points   Requests  “on  behalf  of”)  –  5  points  "   PAC  Dona:on  –  10  points   "   Exhibit  Booth  Purchase  –  20  points  "   Bookstore  Purchase   "   Adver:sement  –  15  points   "   Merchandise  –  2  points   "   Online  “Cer:fica:on”  (specific   "   Subscrip:ons  –  5  points   Organiza:on  data  fields  updated   "   Publica:ons  –  3  points   annually)  "   Award  Candidate  –  15  points   "   Any  Update  of  the  Organiza:on’s   Profile  Online     #AUDC12
  32. 32. Lessons  Learned  •  Start  small  –  can  always  add/tweak  rules  later.  •  Backfill  takes  a  long  :me!    ACEC’s  backfill  took  2  days  to  run.   –  Plan  to  monitor  backfill,  can  restart  if  it  stops  for  any  reason.  •  Tes:ng  can  be  a  challenge   –  Membership  is  not  real  :me;  updated  by  task  only.   –  Ac:on  dates  are  very  important!       –  Don’t  put  all  of  your  tests  on  one  record…  recommend  crea:ng  one   record  for  each  rule  you’re  tes:ng.   –  If  ac:ons  are  appearing  but  scores  are  not,  run  your  qualifying  query  to   see  if  the  ac:on  crea:ng  records  are  selected.   #AUDC12
  33. 33. Thoughts  from  ACEC    “With  the  assistance  of  DSK  staff,  a  fairly  complicated  set-­‐up  has  been   thoroughly  explained  and  then  brainstormed  and  worked  through  in  a   systema:c  way.    Having  the  guidance  in  place  to  drive  the  conversa:on   with  me,  as  well  as  to  ask  tough  ques:ons,  has  been  invaluable.    So  overall,   the  process  for  me  has  been  pre?y  painless  thus  far.        What  it  has  done  is  make  us  think  strategically   about  our  programs  and  ac<vi<es  and  what  they   mean  to  our  membership  ac<va<on.        As  a  work  in  progress,  I  expect  that  some  adjustments  will  be  made  to  the   scoring  criteria  as  we  move  forward,  but  puxng  the  :me  and  effort  in  right   now  will  pay  great  dividends  to  us  in  the  way  of  useful  business   intelligence.”        -­‐  Nina  Goldman,  Director  of  Sales  &  Member  Organiza:on  Services,  ACEC       #AUDC12
  34. 34. Final  Thoughts    Develop  an  engagement  strategy.      Define  and  align  your  goals    with  your    business  objec:ves.        Start  small.      Ac:vely  measure.      Don’t  be  afraid  to  adjust.    
  35. 35. Q&A    //    Submit  Your  Ques<ons   Type  ques<on  here  
  36. 36. Q&A    //    Panelists   John  Clese   Director  of  Product   Marke:ng   Avectra   Ma?hew  McKenzie   Senior  Editor   Sarah  Palma:er   Demand  Gen  Report   Senior  Business  Analyst   DSK  Solu<ons,  Inc.  
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