Marke&ng’s	  Missing	  Links:                                 	      Calcula3ng	  the	  Cost	  and	  Benefits	  of	  Integr...
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About	  Demand	  Gen	  Report	  •    Launched	  in	  2007	  to	  track	  best	       prac3ces	  in	  lead	  genera3on	  • ...
Panelists	            Janelle	  Johnson	           Andrew	  Gaffney	          Director,	  Demand	  Gen	          Editor	   ...
Marke&ng’s	  Missing	  Links:	  Calcula3ng	  the	  Cost	  and	  Benefits	  of	  Integra3ng	  Channels,	  Campaigns	  &	  Re...
 65%	  of	  best-­‐in-­‐class	  B2B	  marketers	      	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  integrate	  their	  email	  and	  soci...
What	  B2B	  Marketers	  are	  doing	  today	  •  Invest	  in	  campaign	  tools	  •  Use	  cuVng-­‐edge	  technology	  • ...
The	  Real	  Magic:	  What	  they	  need	  to	  do	  •  Implement	  holis3c	  marke3ng	  campaigns	  and	  solu3ons	  •  S...
7	  Key	  Areas	  	  of	  Integrated	  Marke&ng	  Tac&cs	           www.act-­‐	  |	  	  @ActOnSoHware	  	  |	  	  #A...
Key	  #1	  -­‐	  Email	  Challenge	  Marketers	  con3nue	  to	  struggle	  with:	  •  Reaching	  the	  right	  audience	  ...
Key	  #1	  -­‐	  Email	  Solu&on:	  	  Social	  Sharing	  Op&ons	  Higher	  share	  rates	  of	  Emails	  with	  social	  ...
Key	  #2	  –	  Social	  Media	          Challenge	          Social	  media	  is	  a	  peripheral	  player*	          •  7%...
Key	  #2	  –	  Social	  Media	  Solu&on:	  Social	  Media’s	  	  Strength	  Amplify	  marke3ng	  through	  SM	  •  “Share”...
Key	  #3	  –	  Online	  Events	  Challenge	  Genera3ng	  buzz	  for	  webinars	  and	  webcasts	  •  Most	  effec3ve	  mark...
Key	  #3	  –	  Online	  Events	  Solu&on:	  GiH	  that	  keeps	  giving	  Make	  webinars	  •  A	  source	  of	  useful	  ...
Key	  #4	  –	  Blogs	  Challenge	  Blogging	  efforts	  seem	  uncoordinated	  •  Marke3ng	  campaigns	  are	  disconnected...
Key	  #4	  –	  Blogs	  Solu&on:	  Relevant	  blog	  content	  Blogging	  is	  a	  strong	  SEO	  tool	  	  •  Update	  blo...
Key	  #5	  –	  Landing	  Pages	  Challenge	  Generic	  web	  pages	  are	  not	  effec3ve	  •  Leads	  go	  to	  wrong	  co...
Key	  #5	  –	  Landing	  Pages	  Solu&on:	  Dedicated	  landing	  page	  Send	  prospects	  to	  campaign	  dedicated	  pa...
Key	  #6	  –	  Web	  Site	  Intelligence	  Challenge	  Web	  visitors	  are	  anonymous	  •  Unable	  to	  3e	  to	  a	  s...
Key	  #6	  –	  Web	  Site	  Intelligence	   Solu&on:	  Track	  incoming	  visitors	   Correlate	  traffic	  to	  marke3ng	  ...
Key	  #7	  –	  Integrated	  Analy&cs	  Challenge	  Web	  intelligence	  tools	  are	  incomplete	  •  Channel	  strength?	...
Key	  #7	  –	  Integrated	  Analy&cs	  Solu&on:	  Use	  the	  right	  analy&cs	  Understand	  your	  marke3ng	  campaigns:...
Integra&ng	  your	  marke&ng	  efforts	  gives	  you	  a	  range	  of	  tools	  and	  tac&cs	  that	  work	         togethe...
Ready	  to	  Learn	  More?	  •  Sign	  up	  for	  a	  demo	         	     	  act-­‐	         	     	  blog.act-­‐on....
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Q&A	  	  //	  	  Panelists	               Janelle	  Johnson	           Andrew	  Gaffney	             Director,	  Demand	  G...
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Marketing's Missing Links - Webinar


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Using disparate systems for email campaigns, online events, social media and web tracking only takes sales and marketing part of way towards engaging prospects. Many progressive teams are realizing they need holistic tools and tactics to see the full picture on buyer behavior.

During this webcast, we’ll hear case study examples from Andrew Gaffney, Editor of Demand Gen Report, and Janelle Johnson, Director of Demand Gen of Act-On Software as they discuss 7 key areas where sales & marketing teams are missing out on engagement opportunities with prospects by failing to connect the dots on behavior between core channels.

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Transcript of "Marketing's Missing Links - Webinar"

  1. 1. Marke&ng’s  Missing  Links:   Calcula3ng  the  Cost  and  Benefits  of  Integra3ng   Channels,  Campaigns  &  Repor3ng   #ActOnSWPresented  by   Sponsored  by  
  2. 2. Welcome  Webinar  A6endees   Type  ques&on  here  
  3. 3. Follow  this  webinar  on  Twi6er   #ActOnSW  
  4. 4. About  Demand  Gen  Report  •  Launched  in  2007  to  track  best   prac3ces  in  lead  genera3on  •  NewsleHer  has  grown  to  more   than  26,000  readers  •  We  also  offer  a  menu  of  research   and  best  prac3ces  reports    •  New  audio/video  podcasts  at      @DG_Report
  5. 5. Panelists   Janelle  Johnson   Andrew  Gaffney   Director,  Demand  Gen   Editor   Act-­‐On  SoHware   Demand  Gen  Report  
  6. 6. Marke&ng’s  Missing  Links:  Calcula3ng  the  Cost  and  Benefits  of  Integra3ng  Channels,  Campaigns  &  Repor3ng   Join  the  @ActOnSo.ware  conversa4on  on  Twi6er   and  discover  what  others  are  saying  about  us:   #ActOnSW     www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  7. 7.  65%  of  best-­‐in-­‐class  B2B  marketers                      integrate  their  email  and  social  media  campaigns,  compared  to  an  industry   51%  average  of  just                              .     -­‐  Aberdeen  Research   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  8. 8. What  B2B  Marketers  are  doing  today  •  Invest  in  campaign  tools  •  Use  cuVng-­‐edge  technology  •  Gather  data  about  their  products  •  Create  libraries  of  marke3ng  content   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  9. 9. The  Real  Magic:  What  they  need  to  do  •  Implement  holis3c  marke3ng  campaigns  and  solu3ons  •  Synchronize  methodologies  and  tac3cs  •  Link  marke3ng  components  seamlessly  •  Ensure  elements  compliment  one  another   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  10. 10. 7  Key  Areas    of  Integrated  Marke&ng  Tac&cs   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  11. 11. Key  #1  -­‐  Email  Challenge  Marketers  con3nue  to  struggle  with:  •  Reaching  the  right  audience  •  Crea3ng  compelling  content     www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  12. 12. Key  #1  -­‐  Email  Solu&on:    Social  Sharing  Op&ons  Higher  share  rates  of  Emails  with  social  media  links  vs.  those  without:  •  370%  higher  with  LinkedIn  •  190%  higher  with  TwiHer     Pro  Tip:  Include  social  network  buHons  in  your  marke3ng  email.   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  13. 13. Key  #2  –  Social  Media   Challenge   Social  media  is  a  peripheral  player*   •  7%    think  it  is  mature   •  89%  think  it  is  not  a  major  lead  source  *  2012  eMarketer   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  14. 14. Key  #2  –  Social  Media  Solu&on:  Social  Media’s    Strength  Amplify  marke3ng  through  SM  •  “Share”  and  “Like”  •  Live  event  hashtags  (#)  •  Monitor  conversa3ons  •  Nurture  rela3onships   Pro  Tip:  Keep  social  media  posts  “fresh”  and  “relevant”  with  choice  bits  of  content.   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  15. 15. Key  #3  –  Online  Events  Challenge  Genera3ng  buzz  for  webinars  and  webcasts  •  Most  effec3ve  marke3ng  resource  •  Valuable  source  of  informa3on   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  16. 16. Key  #3  –  Online  Events  Solu&on:  GiH  that  keeps  giving  Make  webinars  •  A  source  of  useful  content  •  Augment  marke3ng  campaigns  •  Fodder  for  blogs  and  social  media  •  Compliment    white  papers  •  Available  24/7   Pro  Tip:  Use  an  online  event  management  tool  that  provides  detailed  analy3cs     on  registra3ons,  aHendance  and  par3cipa3on.   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  17. 17. Key  #4  –  Blogs  Challenge  Blogging  efforts  seem  uncoordinated  •  Marke3ng  campaigns  are  disconnected  •  Posts  are  random  and  ineffec3ve   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  18. 18. Key  #4  –  Blogs  Solu&on:  Relevant  blog  content  Blogging  is  a  strong  SEO  tool    •  Update  blog  posts  regularly  •  Reference  integrated  campaign   content  •  Include  a  call  to  ac3on   Pro  Tip:  Create  an  editorial  calendar  and  coordinate  blogging  with  campaign  efforts.   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  19. 19. Key  #5  –  Landing  Pages  Challenge  Generic  web  pages  are  not  effec3ve  •  Leads  go  to  wrong  content  •  Prospects  get  lost  or  bored  •  Opportuni3es  leave   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  20. 20. Key  #5  –  Landing  Pages  Solu&on:  Dedicated  landing  page  Send  prospects  to  campaign  dedicated  pages  •  Test  and  tune  to  boost  conversion  •  Provide  a  specific  offer  •  Create  a  call  to  ac3on  •  Tie  campaign  elements  together   Pro  Tip:  Use  a  tool  that  creates  track-­‐able,  unique  URLs  to  3e  landing  pages  to  specific   campaigns  or  content.   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  21. 21. Key  #6  –  Web  Site  Intelligence  Challenge  Web  visitors  are  anonymous  •  Unable  to  3e  to  a  specific  campaign  •  Unknown  which  search  term  was  used  •  Unclear  how  they  found  company   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  22. 22. Key  #6  –  Web  Site  Intelligence   Solu&on:  Track  incoming  visitors   Correlate  traffic  to  marke3ng  campaigns   •  Unique  URLs  for  email/social  media   •  Enable  cookies   •  Track  referring  URLs  Pro  Tip:  Use  web  site  intelligence  and  analy3cs  to  iden3fy  individual  leads  and  site  ac3vity.   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  23. 23. Key  #7  –  Integrated  Analy&cs  Challenge  Web  intelligence  tools  are  incomplete  •  Channel  strength?  •  Channel  effec3veness?  •  Prospect  to  qualified  lead  ra3o?   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  24. 24. Key  #7  –  Integrated  Analy&cs  Solu&on:  Use  the  right  analy&cs  Understand  your  marke3ng  campaigns:  •  Content  you  intend  to  use  •  Channels  and  planorms  you  will   employ  •  Results  you  want  to  get   Pro  Tip:  Know  what  you  want  to  measure  in  your  campaigns  before  finding  a  solu3on.   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  25. 25. Integra&ng  your  marke&ng  efforts  gives  you  a  range  of  tools  and  tac&cs  that  work   together  to  amplify  your  results.     www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  26. 26. Ready  to  Learn  More?  •  Sign  up  for  a  demo      act-­‐      blog.act-­‐    •  Need  it  sooner      Call  us:  1  (877)530-­‐1555      Email  us:  sales@act-­‐   www.act-­‐  |    @ActOnSoHware    |    #ActOnSW  
  27. 27. Q&A    //    Submit  Your  Ques&ons   Type  ques&on  here  
  28. 28. Q&A    //    Panelists   Janelle  Johnson   Andrew  Gaffney   Director,  Demand  Gen   Editor   Act-­‐On  SoHware   Demand  Gen  Report  
  29. 29. Thank  You  For  A6ending  This  Webinar   You can download this presentation at:
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