Getting Mobile Right


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Getting Mobile Right

  1. 1. Ge#ng  Mobile  Right:     The  Hidden  Challenges  That  Make  the   Difference  Between  Pilot  and  Rollout       #Ge$ngMobileRight   Webinar  Sponsored  by  
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  5. 5. #Ge$ngMobileRight   Today’s  Panelists   Debbie Hauss Editor-In-Chief Retail TouchPoints MODERATOR Kathryn Murphy VP, Product Strategy Tomax Eric Olafson CEO Tomax
  6. 6. Getting Mobile RIGHT
  7. 7. WARNING: this presentation has been designed to educate while simultaneously exposing the viewer to commercial products and services. Names and places have not been changed to protect anyone.
  8. 8. TODAY •  Who is Tomax •  Why are retailers doing this anyway? •  Where is mobile today? •  What are the blockers? •  How to get mobile right?
  9. 9. Tomax and RETAIL.NET •  Boutique retail software developer based in Salt Lake City (200 people) •  First mover to the cloud, real-time transaction management platform •  Over 100 retailers representing over 25,000 stores •  Broad-based cloud solution for merchandising, instore operations, and customer management (integrated retail platform) •  Browser and Apple iOS mobility apps •  ‘Bolt-on’ solutions for POS and store operations
  10. 10. RETAILERS
  11. 11. SOLUTIONS
  12. 12. Happily there’s a really good reason why WE DO MOBILE
  13. 13. You had me at HELLO
  14. 14. Getting Mobile RIGHT: selling
  15. 15. Getting Mobile RIGHT: selling
  16. 16. Getting Mobile RIGHT: cool use case
  17. 17. Getting Mobile RIGHT: In the store
  18. 18. More than just GOOD LOOKING
  19. 19. So where is mobile REALLY AT?
  20. 20. What are the BLOCKERS? •  Back end API and data and network infrastructure •  PCI mobile transaction security •  Apps and integration capabilities
  21. 21. THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM other
  22. 22. THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM other
  23. 23. Guess which one represents DATA SECURITY? •  POS has for a long time been driven by LP •  How to prevent, stop, contain •  Now comes ‘the Apple effect’, marketing enters the room •  Cool use case coming
  24. 24. Getting Mobile RIGHT •  Target your use cases, what moves the needle •  Architecture and Apps strategy/plan •  Build out your data and infrastructure to support •  Manage data and transaction security problems aggressively
  25. 25. Getting Mobile RIGHT: target uses cases •  Start with the customer experience •  Mobile POS •  Then think about the rest of the store •  Mobile Store
  26. 26. Getting Mobile RIGHT: architecture
  27. 27. Getting Mobile RIGHT: integration
  28. 28. Getting Mobile RIGHT: platform Data/Systems A B C DRetailer Systems Cloud App/ API Cloud App Other Data Other Apps
  29. 29. Thank YOU! Eric Olafson, CEO Kathryn Murphy, VP Platform/App Solutions
  30. 30. #Ge$ngMobileRight   Q&A    //    Panelists   Debbie Hauss Editor-In-Chief Retail TouchPoints MODERATOR Kathryn Murphy VP, Product Strategy Tomax Eric Olafson CEO Tomax
  31. 31. #Ge$ngMobileRight   Thank  You  For  Joining  Us!   Download  the  slides  from  this  presentaBon:   hEp://