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From Whiteboard To Conversion [Webinar]
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From Whiteboard To Conversion [Webinar]


Published on

A Content4Demand production.

A Content4Demand production.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. #Concept2Close From  White  Board   To  Conversion   Well-Planned Content is Now the Critical Path to Successful Marketing #Concept2Close
  • 2. #Concept2Close Type  ques7on  here   Welcome  Webinar  A<endees  
  • 3. #Concept2Close Follow  This  Webinar  On  Twi<er   #Concept2Close
  • 4. #Concept2Close Today’s  Panelists   Dave  Bruno   Director,  Product  Marke0ng   JDA  So6ware Andrew  Gaffney   Editor  and  Publisher   Content4Demand  
  • 5. #Concept2Close Agenda   •  Content  Crea0on  Challenges   •  Campaign  Fuel  Stops   •  Growing  Role  of  Idea0on   •  Planning  Before  Publishing   •  Mapping  Content  to  Personas   •  Case  Study  
  • 6. #Concept2Close Top  Challenges  In  Crea7ng  Content  
  • 7. #Concept2Close Of  “best-­‐in-­‐class”  marketers   said  producing  enough  content   to  feed  their  campaigns  is  a   major  challenge.   Source:  BtoB  Magazine  
  • 8. #Concept2Close Idea7on  Process  
  • 9. #Concept2Close From  Concept  to  Campaign  
  • 10. #Concept2Close Driving  Mul7  Touch,  Mul7  Format   E-book Infographic Webinar Video White Paper
  • 11. #Concept2Close Planning  Before   Publishing   The Most Important Element of a Successful Content Program
  • 12. #Concept2Close Content  Marke7ng…   circa  2010  
  • 13. #Concept2Close Nice!   Product  Management  just   created  this  new  eBook!   Hmmm…   I  wonder  where  I  should   publish  it?  
  • 14. #Concept2Close Content  Marke7ng…circa  2012   Create  and  Publish   Content  to  Fulfill  the   Needs  of  an  Integrated   Campaign  Plan  
  • 15. #Concept2Close Step  1:  Define  the  Campaign   What are the objectives for the campaign (e.g. how will it be measured)? Which target markets will the campaign attempt to influence?
  • 16. #Concept2Close Step  2:  Describe  the  Target  Personas   Specifically identify the different personas that influence the purchase decision that this campaign will target Thoroughly investigate and document the objectives and pains that will motivate each target’s investment in your product or service Dig a little deeper to identify themes that are top of mind with each persona to help inform both content and promotions Warning:     This  is  the  hard  part!   Without  comple0ng  this  part   of  the  process,  it  was  like   marke0ng  in  the  dark…  
  • 17. #Concept2Close Step  3:  Map  Content  to  Personas   Map specific content assets to each persona’s questions (both existing assets and those that need to be created) Identify the types of content that will help answer each persona’s questions during every phase of the buying cycle For assets that need to be created, assign owners and due dates to ensure your campaign will have the content required to answer each persona’s questions
  • 18. #Concept2Close Step  4:  Plan  the  Campaign  
  • 19. #Concept2Close Case  Study:   The  Rise  of  the  SoMoLo   Shopper   Building Awareness, Brand Equity, and Demand via Research-based Content Marketing
  • 20. #Concept2Close The  Back  Story:  Commerce  in  Mo7on   Primary Objectives: Build brand Reputation as Thought Leader/Visionary Generate Awareness Drive Engagement
  • 21. #Concept2Close The  Back  Story:  Commerce  in  Mo7on   943  Downloads  
  • 22. #Concept2Close The  Campaign  Plan  
  • 23. #Concept2Close Priority  One:  Execute  the  Research  
  • 24. #Concept2Close Next:  Develop  Assets  According  to  Plan   eBooks  
  • 25. #Concept2Close Infographics  
  • 26. #Concept2Close Web   Events  
  • 27. #Concept2Close Live  Events  
  • 28. #Concept2Close Blog   Posts  
  • 29. #Concept2Close Reuse  and  Repurpose  Wherever   Possible  to  Fill  Content  Gaps  
  • 30. #Concept2Close Well  Planned  Content  Led  to  An   Overwhelmingly  Successful  Program   Ini0al  Survey  Responses   282   eBook  Downloads   943   Infographic  Views   3,315   Infographic  Poster  Requests   ~100   Webinar  Registra0ons   752   Video  Views   1,136   Prezi  Views   1,678   SlideShare  Views   9,580   Live  Event  A`endees   ~400   Qualified  Leads  Added  to  Pipeline   30   Total  Es0mated  Cost   $30,000  
  • 31. #Concept2Close Type  ques7on  here   Q&A    //    Submit  Ques7ons  
  • 32. #Concept2Close Q&A    //    Panelists   Dave  Bruno   Director,  Product  Marke0ng   JDA  So6ware Andrew  Gaffney   Editor  and  Publisher   Content4Demand  
  • 33. #Concept2Close Thank  you  for  a<ending  today’s  webinar!   Take  the  two  minute  content   checkup  assessment: