Embracing The Social Shopper


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Male and female, young and old, a fast-growing number of today's shoppers are tapping into social media to find product information, get deals, read reviews and share opinions on purchases. In order to meet the needs of these social shoppers, retail organization must join the social media fray. But to be successful in the social realm, merchants must carefully plan and execute a strategy that will appeal to their particular target audience. This session will provide top tips and tactics for retailers wanting to get up-to-speed on the latest and greatest social strategies.

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Embracing The Social Shopper

  1. 1. Embracing The Social ShopperPresented by
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  6. 6. Today’s Panelists MODERATOR Christina Heggie Alicia Fiorletta Senior Analyst Associate Editor A.T. Kearney Retail TouchPoints#CCSeries12
  7. 7. A.T. Kearney & Retail TouchPointsThe Social ShopperJune 2012Presenter:Christina Heggie
  8. 8. Presentation Outline■ Converging Trends – Consumers, Companies, & Technology■ A.T. Kearney Annual Study – Company & Consumer Interactions on Facebook■ Tips & Tactics – Managing the Social Shopper■ Summary A.T. Kearney 8
  9. 9. Presentation Outline■ Converging Trends – Consumers, Companies, & Technology■ A.T. Kearney Annual Study – Company & Consumer Interactions on Facebook■ Tips & Tactics – Managing the Social Shopper■ Summary A.T. Kearney 9
  10. 10. Although eCommerce has yet to fully integrate with social media, three majortrends indicate that the question is only when and—more importantly—how Consumers Consumers engage with brands and other consumers through digital channels throughout the purchase cycle, and purchases are increasingly made online globally Technologies Companies Key technology trends—such as Companies across industries are mobile proliferation and social platform entering the ecommerce space, and enhancements—are a key enabler in some are venturing into social the growth of social commerce platforms with mixed success A.T. Kearney 10
  11. 11. Consumers interact with the product, the brand, and other shoppersthroughout the purchase cycleDigital Engagement in the Purchase Cycle Aware Consider Inquire Purchase Advocate purchasing the for the product / of the product about the product the product product brand•Nearly 50% of search •77% of online shoppers •Over 50% of consumers •Consumers age 24-35 do •Over half of consumers alsomarketers use social use reviews to make a who follow retailers have 25% of shopping online state likeliness tonetworking sites to share purchase decision used the platform to obtain recommend a company orproduct content to build product info product after followingconsumer awareness5 •―Product Ratings & •38% of tablet owners use online1 Reviews‖ & ―Sharing via •Consumers ranked the device to make retail Social Networking‖ were friends/family recom- purchases •81% of consumers both seen as very mendations highest in receive advice from valuable in a recent retail ―most trusted‖ info3 •Nearly 50% of shoppers friends and family about study2 have made a purchase product information •Review sites enable •Consumers now seek out decision based on a consumer-to-consumer ~ 7 pieces of info in the recommendation through a reviews—epinions, purchase cycle – vs. 2-3 in social network Amazon, Buzzillions, etc 20024 Broader Context 79% of Americans use the Internet $30B projected size of social commerce in 2015 59% of Internet users engage on social media 67% spend more online after recommendations 52% of Facebook users log into the site each day1) Pew Internet & American Life Study2) eTailing marketing study3) Global: Internet Statistics Compendium, eConsultancy4) The Holmes Report5) iProspect, Social Networking Sites – Venues for the Brand Ambassadors of the Future?Source: The Economist, comScore, eTailing, Pew, DigitalBuzzBlog, Mashable, TabJuice A.T. Kearney 11
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