Content Optimization: How To Integrate Search, Social And Inbound To Drive Demand


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Join author and consultant Lee Odden as he explains how to optimize inbound marketing campaign investments for better performance. Through an Attract, Engage, and Convert framework Lee will share case studies that illustrate how leading marketers are reaping rewards from integrating content marketing, social media and SEO.

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Content Optimization: How To Integrate Search, Social And Inbound To Drive Demand

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY#B2BContentEvent  Content  Op.miza.on:    How  To  Integrate  Search,  Social  And  Inbound  To  Drive  Demand    @LeeOdden    -­‐  CEO,  
  2. 2. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  About  Lee:    CEO,  Consultant  Speaker,  Blogger  Traveler,  Foodie  @LeeOdden    Content  -­‐  Social  -­‐  SEO  
  3. 3. B2B  Marketers  Increase  Content  MarkeDng  Spending  54%Source:  CMI  2012  Content Marketing #1
  4. 4. 100 BILLIONGoogle  Search  Queries  Per  Month  Source:  Search  Engine  Land  16%Of  daily  queries  on  Google  have  never  been  seen  before    Source:  Google  Internal  Data,  2011  81%Of  B2B  buyers  start  with  search  engines    Source:  DemandGen  Report  May  2012  
  5. 5. Source:  MarkeDngProfs  Content  MarkeDng  InsDtute  87%B2B Marketers Use Social Media TacticsMarketers  have  adopted  inbound    60%HubSpot  2013  State  of  Inbound  MarkeDng  Report  
  6. 6. Brand  USP  (Topic  -­‐  Keyword)  Blog  Posts  Industry  Media  Coverage  Press  Releases  Contributed  ArDcles  Guest  Posts  Topical  Survey  “2013  Topic  XYZ  Survey”  Tips  &  Examples  eBook  Guide  to  B2B  Social  Co-­‐Created  Visual  eBook  with  Conference  Topical  Resource  Lists  Off  Site  CommenDng  Speaking  at    Conferences  Prospect  Brand  Networking  Social  Networking  Community  SEO  Website  Category  Email  Newslecers  
  7. 7. Optimized marketingmeans your brand isthe best answer when & wherebuyers need it.
  8. 8. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  Persona:  “Admin  Jane”  Influences  CEO    Values:  =  Fast  =  Save  $  =  Service  Fast  Save  $  Service  Blog  awareness consideration purchase retention advocacyinterestFacebook  Byline   PPC  Email  Offer  Locator  Tips  ArDcles  Newslecer  Blog  Soc  Net  Ads  Press    Blog  Reviews  PPC  Discount  Loyalty  Community  VIP  Referral  ArDcle  Media  Reviews  Blog  Display  Offers  Network  Thank  You  Referral  Rewards  Content:  =  Topics  =  Keywords  =  Media  &  Channel  OpDmize  Across  the  Lifecycle  
  9. 9. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  Content  MarkeDng  TacDcs  •  Ar.cle    •  Advertorial    •  Blogging    •  Case  Studies  •  Crowdsource    •  Curate    •  Digital  NewsleJers  •  eBooks    •  Email    •  Games  •  Images  &  Infographics  •  Tools  •  Microsites  •  Mobile  Applica.ons    •  Mobile  Content    •  News  Release  •  Online  Magazines  &  Apps  •  Podcasts  •  Print  Magazines    •  Print  NewsleJers    •  Real-­‐World  Events    •  Research  &  Surveys    •  Social  Content    •  Teleclass  &  Telecasts    •  Tradi.onal  Media    •  Videos    •  Virtual  Conferences    •  Webinars    •  Wikis    •  White  Papers    
  10. 10. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  BUT…  Are  They  Integrated?  Image  Source:  Shucerstock  
  11. 11. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  Are  They  OpDmized?  Image  Source:  Shucerstock  
  12. 12. Customer  Goals    +  Business  Value  =  Content  StrategyMeet  Customer  Needs    =  Achieve  Business            Outcomes  Alignment  =  Powerful  Image  Source:  Shucerstock  
  13. 13. Stalking  Dead  Infographic  Novel  hcp://­‐videos/stalking-­‐dead.html  
  14. 14. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  What’s  Missing?  How  will  it  be  promoted?  Can  you  really  count  on  “Going  Viral”?  Repurpose?  Reimagine?  Needs  Promo.on:    Publicized  on  blogs  &  media  OpDmized  for  social,  search  “stalking  dead”  “infographic  novel”  Hub  &  Spoke      
  15. 15. Great content isn’t really greatuntil it gets found,consumed, & shared.
  16. 16. “What’s  a  good  framework  for  content  that’s  op.mized  and    socialized?”  
  17. 17. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  Discover  Consume  Act  Buyer  InformaDon  Preferences  Search  Keywords  Social  Topics  AdverDsing  PublicaDons  Events  Word  of  Mouth    Text,  Images,  Audio,  Video  Mobile,  Tablet,  Computer  Formal,  Funny,  Long,  Short  Social  Share  Engage  (comment)  Subscriber  Register  Inquire  Buy  
  18. 18. OpDmized  Content  CreaDve  AJract  Engage  Op.mize  360  Convert  
  19. 19. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  OperaDonalize  OpDmizaDon  PreferencesPain PointsBehaviorsSearch &Social DataSourcesEditorialCalendar,RepurposeSocial & SEONetworking,PR, LinkingWho  are  you  wriDng  for?  What  do  they  care  about?  What  stories  will  connect  you?  Make  it  easy  to  find  &  share  awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy
  20. 20. Content  Plan  &  Keyword  Glossary  Download  Template:  hcp://  
  21. 21. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  Master  SEO  Basics  Topical  Focus  Author  Rel  Keywords  Social  Topics  Brand    Customer  Keyword  Glossary  Category  Keywords  Keywords  Keywords  Category  Keywords  Keywords  Keywords  Keywords    BlogsTech  SEO  Audit  AnalyDcs   Monitoring   Conversions  
  22. 22. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  Hub  &  Spoke  PromoDon,  Networking  
  23. 23. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  ²   Audience?  ²   Goals?  ²   Search?  ²   Social?  ²   Influences?  Customer  Prospect   Journalist  “Real  influence  isn’t  huge  fan  &  follower  counts,  it’s  niche  communiDes  that  take  acDon”    1 Content  &  Media  Discovery  
  24. 24. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  Engagement:  F100  Technology  SMB  Community  •  Target audience seeks a “safe”environment to be educated ontechnology topics•  Content Strategy aligns customertech needs with editorial plan•  Audit 100’s of existing content &media assets for repurposing•  Develop new content, co-createcontent with partners•  Content attracts & engages –gives more data for future content
  25. 25. Co-­‐Created  eBook  119,000  Views  Slideshare  Next  Most  Pop:  6,473  Views  
  26. 26. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  What’s  the  narraDve?  How  will  your  content  persuade?  •  Formats,  Devices  •  Search  keywords,  social  topics  •  Editorial  calendar    Content  &  Media  Consump.on  2“To  stand  out,  your  content  should  stand  for  something:  unique  &  specific.”    
  27. 27. Content  Types  For  Brand  Storytelling  BrandStoriesRepurposedCuratedAmplificationSocialSyndicationOff Site PostsOptimizedEvergreenCo-Created
  28. 28. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  ConsumpDon:  F50  B2B  Re-­‐Purosed  Video  Content    •  Target audience engaged by videoweb analytics, social shares,competitor analysis•  No new budget to create video•  100’s of offline videos•  Audit offline videos into themesthat align with editorial plan•  Apply SEO & Social best practices•  Create channels by segment•  Schedule uploads & shares•  Drives awareness, engagement,education
  29. 29. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  What  kind  of  engagement  do  your  customers  expect?  What  topics  will  inspire  acDon  along  the  customer  lifecycle?   Prospect   Customer  “Your  community  will  be  as  interested  in  your  content  as  the  interest  you  show  in  the  community.”    3 Content  &  Media  Ac.on  
  30. 30. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  
  31. 31. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  Measuring  Business  Value  •  25k+ BlogSubscribers•  62k FacebookFans•  56k Twitter Follows•  5,000+ LinkedInGroup Members•  100’s top 10Google positions•  2,000+ customers, 4+years•  700% revenue growth in2 years*•  Fastest growing SaaSafter Miller, VP Marketing)•  SEO & Blogs mosteffective lead gen source(Jon Miller, VP Marketing)Social SEO KPI’s Business Outcomes*MarkeDngSherpa  Case  Study  2011  
  32. 32. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  •  Fans  •  Friends  •  Followers  •  Comments  •  Likes  •  Google  Plusses  •  Links  •  SERPs  •  Search  Traffic  Search  &  Social  KPIs  
  33. 33. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  Business  Outcomes  •  Shorter  Sales  Cycles  •  Increased  Order  QuanDty  •  More  Referrals  •  Lower  MarkeDng  Costs  •  Grow  Revenue  •  Improve  Profits  •  RetenDon  •  Share  of  Voice  •  Improve  Service    
  34. 34. It  All  Sounds  Good,  But…  Can  I  Really  Do  This?  
  35. 35. Yes  You  Can  You  Can  Do  Anything  
  36. 36. With  the  Right  Plan  
  37. 37. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  OpDmized  Planning:  WHAT  &  WHY  1.  View  Search,  Social  &  Content  from  360  Degrees  -­‐-­‐  HolisDcally  2.  OpDmize  Everywhere:    MarkeDng  &  PR,  B2B  or  B2C,  SME  or  LE  3.  Research,  Audit  &  Listen  4.  Set  Goals,  Create  a  Roadmap  
  38. 38. #B2BContentEvent      -­‐    @LeeOdden  Measure  &  Refine  Promo.on  Social  Networking  Content  Op.miza.on  Crea.on  &  Cura.on  Content  Plan  Keyword  &  Topic  Research  Audience  &  Personas  OpDmized  ImplementaDon:  HOW    
  39. 39. Thank  You!    @LeeOdden  Download:  hcp://