Moving The Needle With Content Marketing

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Moving The Needle With Content Marketing






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Moving The Needle With Content Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • 1. PRESENTED BY! #C2C14! Moving the Needle with Content! Ardath Albee, Marketing Interactions !
  • 2. #C2C14! We Bought Into the Dream! @ardath421  
  • 3. #C2C14! §  93% of us Use Content Marketing! §  73% have Someone in Charge! §  B2B Marketers, on average, use:! §  13 tactics! §  6 social media platforms! §  73% ARE CREATING MORE CONTENT! §  Bigger Budget Allocation! Here’s how far IN we are…! @ardath421   2014 B2B Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends Study – CMI, Marketing Profs!
  • 4. #C2C14! But…Nothing is Happening! @ardath421   Only 9%!
  • 5. #C2C14! Marketing Content is Stuck! @ardath421   We  keep  digging   ourselves  a  deeper  hole  
  • 6. #C2C14! §  What if we can’t reach our customers?! §  66% convinced there’s no success without a digital strategy! Why It Matters! @ardath421   Adobe  Digital  Distress  Report  
  • 7. #C2C14! Let’s Fix It! @ardath421  
  • 8. #C2C14! Change Must Happen! §  Buyer’s Want…! ! Relevance & Value! ! New Ideas & Expertise! ! Insight to Solving Problems! ! Less vendor bias! ! No pitches! §  Marketers Still…! Talk About Products! ! Say the Same Old Stuff! ! Elaborate About Features! ! Promote themselves endlessly! ! Pass Contacts off as Leads! @ardath421  
  • 9. #C2C14! How Are YOU Different?! @ardath421   Company Strength! CustomerNeeds! Distinct Value! The inflection point where what you sell intersects with what your customers care about.!
  • 10. #C2C14! Corporate Speak is Not It! About page: (What they do)! …world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management! ! But what their homepage says is: (What you get)! How can Xerox simplify your business in ways you might not expect?! @ardath421  
  • 11. #C2C14! Corporate message: (What they do)! Teradata is the world’s leading provider of data warehousing, big data analytics and marketing solutions. !   Distinct Value Represented: (What Customers Get)! @ardath421  
  • 12. #C2C14! Personas Are Active Tools! A composite sketch of a target market based on commonalities relevant to what they care about that you can act upon.! ! Personas must focus on insights that can:! •  Inform messaging! •  Architect stories! •  Prolong engagement! •  Build credibility! •  Accelerate momentum! @ardath421  
  • 13. #C2C14! First  Person   Scenarios   ObjecAves   OrientaAon   Obstacles   Problem   PresentaAon   QuesAons   Engagement   Scenarios   Elements of Active Personas! @ardath421  
  • 14. #C2C14! Product Manager - Pete! ObjecAves   • Sell-­‐through   • AdopAon   • RetenAon   • ConAnuous   Improvement   OrientaAon   • Heavy   Influencer   • Not  a  risk  taker   • Social  Lurker   • 10  yrs  in  career   Obstacles   • Must  convince   others   • Boss  can  say  no   • Must  steal   budget   Problems   • Churn  for  X   • Customers   aren’t  fully   adopAng  X   • Issues  with  X   As  the  product  manager  of  a  mature  category,  I  struggle  with   how  to  keep  buyers  using  X  with  so  much  compeAAon.  Product   lifecycles  have  become  shorter  and  it’s  making  forecasts   challenging.  Harry,  over  in  department  A  has  a  cool  new   product  and  gets  more  budget  than  me.  But  I  believe  in  this   product  and  know  our  customers  used  to.  What  I  need  is  to   figure  out  how  to  increase  renewals  and  what  will  make  the   value  a  must-­‐have  for  our  customers.   @ardath421  
  • 15. #C2C14! Using Questions Effectively! @ardath421   Product Manager has a BIG question:! How do I increase renewals for X?! ! Small Q&A:! How can I get customers to keep using X?! What product improvements will help?! How can I improve cross-sell with shorter lifecycles?! !
  • 16. #C2C14! Create the Dialogue! @ardath421   How  can  I  get   customers  to  keep  using   X?   How  adapAve  guidance   can  help  increase   customer  retenAon  by  X %  and  amplify  customer   saAsfacAon   That  sounds  promising,   but  I  need  to  know  how   to  improve  the   product…   Gain  insights  from   customer  feedback  to   improve  product  design   and  increase  customer   lifeAme   CompeAtors  are   launching  products  so   fast  that  it’s  hard  to   meet  sell-­‐through   forecasts   How  customer  service   contributes  to  customer   retenAon  –  even  with   shorter  product   lifecycles  
  • 17. #C2C14! Let’s Get Clear About Story! @ardath421  
  • 18. #C2C14! Stories Create Momentum! @ardath421   Hero  (Buyer)     Has  Problem   (Big  QuesAon)   Seeks  SoluAon   (Decides  to   Take  AcAon)   Lacks  ExperAse   (Small   QuesAons)   Encounters   Obstacles       (What  if…?)   Learns  from   Mentor  (You)   Gains   Consensus   (Climax)   Achieves   ResoluAon  
  • 19. #C2C14! Moving the Needle! @ardath421   How do your buyers get to the Cheese?!
  • 20. #C2C14! Metrics Must Show Movement! • Time  spent  on  content   • Viewing  “see  also”  content   • Frequency   • Self-­‐propelled  vs.  click  driven   Engagement   • Replies  to  messaging   • Posts  comments  or  quesAons   • Shares  your  content  with  peers   • Invites  conversaAons   Response   • Shows  concentraAon  on  a  specific  problem  or  objecAve   • Makes  progress  from  stage  to  stage   • Pace  of  progress  increases   • Agrees  to,  or  iniAates,  sales  conversaAon   Intent   @ardath421  
  • 21. #C2C14! Ex 1: Unexpected Outcomes! •  Helped to grow database! •  Provided suggestions for content! •  Thank you replies serve as conversation starters! •  Initiated sales meetings! •  Forward from boss! •  Based on ideas in content! ! Nurture Program based on monthly touches across 4 personas with an extremely long sales cycle for a purchase in the 10s of millions.! @ardath421  
  • 22. #C2C14! Ex 2: Re-Start a Mid-Funnel Stall! @ardath421   Consistency and continuity makes a difference.! ! If buyers stall, pick up where you left off when they were active.! ! Connect the dots to create MOVEMENT!!
  • 23. #C2C14! §  Figure out Your Company’s Distinct Value! §  Review your personas as “active” tools! §  Isolate the BIG questions for each persona! §  Are you answering the small questions that lead to the BIG one?! §  Convert One-off Campaigns into Stories for the Longer Term! §  Identify Metrics that Show Movement! What You Do Next!
  • 24. #C2C14! Thank you!! @ardath421   Ardath Albee, CEO & B2B Marketing Strategist! ! Consultant, Storyteller, Author, Speaker! !! ! @ardath421 on Twitter! ! ! !