Law Enforcement - Overview


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A brief overview of how our tools benefit the Law Enforcement community.

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  • Our clients rely on timely intelligence. Not having access to it when they need it endangers lives, missions and can result in significant operational inefficiencies. With tightening budgets, these are no longer acceptable to many forces.
  • Analysts we have spoken with tell us regularly that they are challenged to meet the tasks presented to them in a timely manner. Much of their day is spent looking at data with precious few hours left to work on the intelligence the data presents. As a result, there is a significant effort required to create an intelligence product from tracks of data. With higher priority items always being dumped on them, the delay in getting intelligence to those who request it is even longer.
  • Their challenge is to quickly convert thousands of lines of location-based surveillance into….
  • ….Actionable Intelligence.

    Seen here is a Pattern of Life from a 51 day track we imported into our tool. You can interrogate the data with a visual context to quickly with either a temporal or spatial focus.
  • Because of the significant amount of effort involved and the lag that occurs, we also hear that much of the analysis on location-based surveillance is limited to “where was he a few hours ago” or “where is he right now”. Because investigators who rely on the intelligence are not aware they could get more from the data, valuable intelligence is simply left locked inside the data.
  • Digesting volumes of data on a single target can challenge any analyst. The prospect of trying to overlap data for multiple targets to identify meetings, locations of interest, potential dead-drop location and other important intelligence is simply daunting; if not impossible.
  • By comparison, our Advanced Multi-Target tool does just that in a matter of moments. Being able to quickly identify meetings, locations of interest and such, while also being able to drill into each, offers the analyst and those in the field with an array of possibilities.
  • A second opportunity that we are told that is being missed is due to those in the field not having access to the intelligence contained in data already provided to the Analysts. By not getting an intelligence product back to the operatives in the field quickly, not only are suspects not acquired, but data collectors must re-do their efforts and supply new data to the Analysts thereby creating an repeating loop of inefficiency.
  • Aside from being able to very quickly being able to get intelligence back into the field, an example of the value within the data can be shown with our Predictions feature. By compiling a pattern of life of a target over a period of time, our Predictions engine can equip an Analyst with the ability to predict not only a target’s location with a weighed value, it can also provide customers of the intelligence product with routes of travel to and from those locations, time at/away from a location, etc. Whether it is to intercept a target, or simply to change batteries in the tracker, knowing the safest time to engage is of vital importance.
  • High level benefits of our suite
  • Law Enforcement - Overview

    1. 1. The Art of Where The Art of Where
    2. 2. The Art of Where For our Customers Timely access to critical intelligence can save lives, improve mission planning, and significantly reduce operational costs.
    3. 3. The Art of Where The Challenge? • Quickly converting hundreds of thousands of lines of location data from GPS devices, call details, pings, financial, social, etc., into….
    4. 4. The Art of Where …into Actionable Intelligence – Pattern of Life The Itinerary A color coded-coded visual representation of 51 days of GPS tracking data (80,000 fixes) in less than 2 minutes!
    5. 5. The Art of Where Call Detail Analysis View telephone events and their details on the map. Interrogate the details by specific time, or by specific towers.
    6. 6. The Art of Where Compare Entities Show different data for the same target on the same map. Add other suspects to view how multiple targets with multiple data-sets interact. Tracker data, call-details, and Twitter data for the same target over a 3 hour period.
    7. 7. The Art of Where Missed Opportunities? Because of the effort and lag, analysis often focuses on “recent” locations; leaving valuable intelligence locked inside the data.
    8. 8. The Art of Where Manually identifying networks, meetings, locations of interest, potential dead-drops, and other organized crime activity through multiple tracks is almost impossible.
    9. 9. The Art of Where Multi-Target Analysis Multi-Target Analysis shows interactions of targets at shared locations. It can also identify potential dead-drop locations.
    10. 10. The Art of Where Missed Opportunities? If you were able to predict target whereabouts based on collected data could your Police Department optimize mission planning?
    11. 11. The Art of Where Predictions Our Predictions module summarizes a targets Pattern-of- Life to provide an investigator with the ability to plan missions (battery calculations, installations, apprehension) and coordinate surveillance team activity for maximum efficacy.
    12. 12. The Art of Where G2 Research – Key Benefits • Force Multiplier • Faster Access to Intelligence • Increased Value of Surveillance Investment • Increased Safety for Agents in the Field We enable Efficiency and Effectiveness
    13. 13. The Art of Where POWERED BY For more information please reach out to us! 1 (888) 744-3191