China Media Monitor (Issue 8, July 2009)


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A fortnightly newsletter covering developments in the Chinese media industry. The newsletter is free and is also available for download at is a leading website providing information and analysis on the global media industry.

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China Media Monitor (Issue 8, July 2009)

  1. 1. China Media Monitor Monitoring industry and company developments in the Chinese media industry | Fortnightly newsletter | Issue No. 8, Published 24TH July 2009 | Published by Heernet Ventures Limited ( | Subscribe at | News Golden Harvest Entertainment changes name following completion of acquisition CCTV announces plan to broadcast animation programmes I-Cable Communications announces plan to launch HDTV service KyLinTV enters into partnership with Phoenix China News and Entertainment NetDragon Websoft enters into agreement with Electronic Arts launches online travel booking web portal China announces restrictions on exhibition of unauthorised online games officially launches social networking website Shanghai Handy TV launches data broadcasting service China Radio International launches CRImobile China Unicom launches 3G mobile music service Data Share Price Performance Deal Sheet Chinese media market coverage Heernet Ventures publishes this newsletter as part of its research coverage of the Chinese media industry. You can access more research on the Chinese media industry from our research website at If you are a media company or financial investor seeking growth opportunities in the Chinese media industry, we can assist you to ensure that you are successful in identifying and executing the best opportunities. With dedicated teams in both Europe and Asia, we are well placed to provide ‘on the ground’ assistance and support. We can help you understand the structure of the Chinese media industry and the key challenges that exist for foreign investors. We can also assist with deep analysis of key industry segments and assist you in both identifying and negotiating with suitable, local companies. For an initial discussion, contact Harjinder Singh-Heer on +44 (0) 208 180 7223 or by email on © Heernet Ventures Limited 2009
  2. 2. CHINA MEDIA MONITOR News Media North American sports events. Basic cable subscribers will be required to pay a monthly fee of US$50 for channels 201 and 202 and US$20 for ASN HD. I-Cable Communications Golden Harvest Entertainment changes name Ltd, based in Hong Kong, operates telecommunications following completion of acquisition networks and offers content development and pay-TV 22 July, 2009 services. Golden Harvest Entertainment has changed its name to Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment Holdings following the completion of its acquisition by Chengtian China Mass Media International Advertising Entertainment Group. According to the terms of the Corporation changes name acquisition, the company will produce 3 films a year on 20 July, 2009 average and will co-produce and co-finance other film China Mass Media International Advertising Corporation projects. Golden Harvest Entertainment operates in film has changed its name to China Mass Media Corporation. production, theatre management and exhibition organisation. The company offers integrated television advertising Chengtian Entertainment Group Holdings Ltd is a Beijing- services such as advertising agency services, special event based media company. It operates in film and TV drama services for China Central Television (CCTV), and production, artist management, music production, production and sponsorship services. It also designs, advertising and commercial promotion, online music portals produces and packages content for commercial and theatre development and musical production. advertisements. CCTV announces plan to broadcast animation KyLinTV enters into partnership with Phoenix programmes from August China News and Entertainment 22 July, 2009 15 July, 2009 China Central Television (CCTV) has announced that it KyLinTV has entered into a strategic partnership with plans to broadcast an animation programmes in China from Phoenix China News and Entertainment to broadcast August 2009. The programme will be jointly produced by Chinese television programmes in Europe. According to the Japanese and Chinese companies and will be the first Sino- agreement, KyLinTV will offer approximately 20 Chinese Japanese programme to be distributed worldwide. CCTV is TV channels from China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. a state-owned broadcaster and operates China’s largest The channels include Phoenix China News and national TV network. The company runs CCTV Entertainment (Phoenix CNE), Phoenix InfoNews, CCTV-9, International (CCTV-9) and online version for CCTV-E, CCTV-F, MASTV, Sun TV, PTS Dimo, Kunlun international markets. Drama, Children’s channel, Trading Day, Life channel, Variety and Oriental Education and Yangtze Drama. KyLinTV, based in New York, is a Chinese online TV I-Cable Communications announces plan to launch operator which offers approximately 60 Chinese channels HDTV service on 18 August and 30,000 hours of video-on-demand programming to 22 July, 2009 Chinese people in Europe. Phoenix CNE is a European I-Cable Communications Ltd. has announced its plan to subsidiary of Chinese television broadcaster Phoenix TV. launch HDTV services on 18 August through its Cable TV subsidiary. The service will include 3 channels: 201, 211 (ASN HD) and 202. The channels will mainly broadcast sports programmes: HD201 and HD202 will offer live UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, German Bundesliga and PGA golf tournaments and ASN will offer Internet © Heernet Ventures Limited. All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. CHINA MEDIA MONITOR 15 July, 2009 NetDragon Websoft enters into agreement with Inc. has officially launched social networking Electronic Arts website The website offers blogging, album 22 July, 2009 services and web games. Inc. is a Chinese online NetDragon Websoft Inc. has entered into a licensing media company which offers websites, search engines and agreement with Electronics Arts Inc whereby NetDragon community-based products. Websoft will develop a MMORPG based on Ultima Online in association with EA’s Mythic Entertainment. The company also holds a licence to operate the game in Hong Telecom Kong, China, Macau and India. NetDragon Websoft Inc. is a Chinese online game developer. Electronic Arts Inc., based in California, develops, publishes and distributes Shanghai Handy TV launches data broadcasting interactive software worldwide. service 20 July, 2009 Shanghai Handy TV Co. Ltd. has launched a free stock launches online travel booking web portal market data broadcasting service for CMMB mobile subscribers. Shanghai Handy TV Co. Ltd. operates China 22 July, 2009 Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting (CMMB) mobile TV in has launched an online travel booking web portal Shanghai. CMMB’s network is available in 180 cities that offers information on tourist routes, travel agencies and across China. national and international destinations. It also offers a price comparison application to compare agencies. Online payments for bookings can be made through Alipay. China Radio International launches CRImobile is operated by Kaleidoscope, an online travel 16 July, 2009 agency. China Radio International has launched CRImobile, a mobile service and multimedia English language website. China announces restrictions on exhibition of The service is designed for Motorola smartphones and unauthorised online games Apple’s iPhone. Users can access the service at the M.CRI.CN website and download news, business and travel 16 July, 2009 information, a Chinese language learning studio, and video The General Administration of Press and Publication of and audio content. China Radio International is a state- China (GAPP) has announced restrictions on the exhibition owned radio broadcaster in China and offers international of online games in China. According to GAPP, online music. games publishers and service operators should obtain direct authorisation from GAPP to operate in the market. The operator should also obtain an Internet publication service China Unicom launches 3G mobile music service certificate from GAPP. 10 July, 2009 China Unicom Ltd. has launched a 3G mobile music service which offers approximately 100,000 songs for free download. The service can be accessed through, China Unicom’s online music web portal, and is also available to China Unicom’s 2G subscribers. officially launches social networking website © Heernet Ventures Limited. All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. CHINA MEDIA MONITOR Share Price Performance Company name Reuters Bloomberg Currency Current % Change Code Code price 1 mth 6 mth 12 mth Diversified Media Sing Tao News Corporation Limited 1105.HK 1105:HK HK$ 0.5 33.33 63.64 -48.57 TOM Group 2383.HK 2383:HK HK$ 0.5 11.8 61.0 3.3 Broadcasting Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings 2008.HK 2008:HKG HK$ 1.2 18.1 74.6 11.7 Shaanxi Broadcast & TV Network 600831.SS 600831:SHH CNY 8.5 5.1 25.4 1.3 Publishing Ming Pao Enterprise Corp Ltd 0685.HK 685:HK HK$ 1.0 -12.1 -13.6 -46.9 Next Media Limited 0282.HK 282:HKG HK$ 1.2 9.5 30.7 -48.0 Internet Baidu BIDU.O BIDU:US US$ 332.6 21.9 195.6 15.2 Alibaba 1688.HK 1688:HK HK$ 16.3 25.1 190.9 66.4 i-Cable Communications 1097.HK 1097:HK HK$ 0.8 2.7 31.0 -30.9 Shanda Interactive Entertainment SNDA.O SNDA:US US$ 59.8 17.6 115.5 137.8 Sina Corporation SINA.O SINA:US US$ 34.0 16.9 65.1 -22.4 Inc. SOHU.O SOHU:US US$ 62.8 1.3 59.1 -23.8 Tencent Holdings Limited 0700.HK 700:HK HK$ 103.5 14.9 133.9 51.0 Online Gaming China Mass Media Corporation CMM.P CMM:US US$ 5.2 -10.5 168.9 -74.1 Giant Interactive group Inc GA.N GA:US US$ 8.0 -0.1 40.2 -25.3 Kingsoft Corporation Limited 3888.HK 3888:HK HK$ 7.2 39.5 164.6 100.3 NetDragon Websoft Inc. 0777.HK 777:HK HK$ 6.1 21.0 118.0 -36.5 Outdoor Advertising Clear Media 0100.HK 100:HK HK$ 3.2 7.0 123.8 -39.4 VisionChina Media VISN.O VISN:US US$ 6.7 21.9 2.3 -59.0 © Heernet Ventures Limited. All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. CHINA MEDIA MONITOR Deal Sheet A summary of key deals and joint ventures. Date Sector Investor Investee Terms Details July-09 Outdoor Fosun International Ltd Focus Media n.d Fosun International Ltd, a Chinese conglomerate, raised its Advertising Holding Ltd stake in Focus Media Holding Ltd from 26.14% to 30%. Focus Media Holding Ltd operates in outdoor advertising in China. Fosun International Ltd operates in pharmaceuticals, property development, steel, mining, retail, services and strategic investments. July-09 Television Qin Jia Yuan Media Triangle Marketing HK$6.2 million Qin Jia Yuan Media Services Company Ltd. acquired a 90% Broadcasting Services Company stake in Triangle Marketing. Qin Jia Yuan Media Services Ltd. Company Ltd operates in the concept development, production and distribution of programmes for prime time broadcasting. Triangle is a marketing services agency based in Hong Kong. June-09 Publishing Star Publications 701Sou Pte Ltd S$5.0million Star Publications, based in Malaysia, publishes, prints and distributes newspapers and magazines. 701Sou, launched in November 2008, provides online directory search services in China through its website. May-09 Online Media Home Inns & HK$50 million International, Ltd provides online travel services for International, Ltd Hotels (additional 9.52% accommodation, airline tickets and package tours in China. (China) Management Inc. stake) Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc. develops and manages (China) economy hotels in China under the Home Inn brand. April-09 Telecommunic China Mobile (China) Far EasTone HK$4.1 billion (12% China Mobile is a telecommunications operator that offers fixed, ations Telecommunicatio stake) wireless and broadband services in China. Far EasTone ns Telecommunications is a telecom operator based in Taiwan. April-09 Publishing Pearson PLC (United Wall Street US$145 million Pearson PLC, an international media company, engages in Kingdom) English (China) (100% stake) education, business and consumer publishing in the UK. Wall Street English is a Chinese subsidiary of Wall Street Institute and operates 39 English-language training centres in 7 Chinese cities. April-09 Broadband China Broadband, Inc. AdNet Media n.d China Broadband Ltd. provides cable broadband services and Technologies Co. publishes digital and analogue programme guides in the Ltd. Shangdong province of China. AdNet Media Technologies Co. Ltd. is a Beijing-based provider of media advertising content to Internet cafes. © Heernet Ventures Limited. All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. CHINA MEDIA MONITOR Published by: Heernet ventures limited London UK Tel: +44 (0) 208 180 7223 Fax: +44 (0) 870 762 3014 Web:, © Heernet ventures limited 2009. All Rights Reserved. All corporate logos, images and brands are copyright of the respective companies. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF USE Every attempt has been made to ensure that the information in this publication is correct at the time of publication. Heernet ventures limited and its directors do not accept any liability for any errors or omissions within this publication. Unless specified, the views expressed in this publication are purely those of the author. The content of this publication does not in anyway constitute investment advice or investment recommendations. Heernet Ventures limited does not provide investment advice or investment advisory services and is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK or any other financial services regulator in any other country. The content of this publication can not be reproduced without the written permission of the author. © Heernet Ventures Limited. All Rights Reserved