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  • There are a number of reasons why Cloud is appealing and why G-Cloud in particular came aboutCuts in spending & budgetsThe value being achieved through large contracts and the inability to change easilyMissing out on the skills and offerings from a huge section of the ICT landscapeMultiple organisations undertaking the same activities – wasted resourceNot focusing on the core businessCompetition lacking; and not being treated as a single customer
  • We needed to find a better wayG-Cloud – started by visionaries – Chris Chant, Tim Hanley, Denise McDonagh…We are doing out best to make this a successThis is not just about transitioning IT; it’s about transitioning the way you think and the way you run your organisation to meet the challenges for increased mobility, reduced budgets, etc
  • Driving the shift from “custom” to “commodity”Working to create a competitive marketplace for commodity servicesPropagation: nurturing the buyer community to move to buying services, through G-CloudBuilding Peer Communities to support and drive this shiftBeing transparent: open, honest and iterative approach, using webinars, blogging and Twitter to get the message out
  • No software – licenses or client/server softwareNo hardware – unless as part of a commodity service – i.e. encryption service that includes a tokenFixed at Tender – service, price model, Ts&CsSuppliers can lower their price on the CloudStore but it must be for all Buyers – no price negotiation
  • Precedence, negotiating terms and conditions
  • Pan government accreditation has goal of accredit once and re-use;Will cover roughly 80% of what needs to be done – still your responsibility to check the scope of the accreditation; You must cover with your security, information risk officers & management that the risk appetite is satisfied for the service you purchaseYou can find the badges in the store – there are actually 14 services accredited to date with about 100 currently in the pipeline.
  • Governance – Multiple governance touchpoints within your organisation – what are they, who with, do they need to change for G-Cloud practices? Assure each party that you are aligning with them, not bypassingLoss of Control – People buying without talking to IT/IA, or procurement; or even Prj&Prgs; Changes to apps/solutions outside of your control – what does it mean to you? How to you mitigate it? Policy, communications, processes?Legal – do you have the skills / knowledge to evaluate Ts&Cs – how important is it for the different types of projects (big medium, small)? When do you need to evaluate them? (Functionality first then Ts&Cs – my opinion)Processes – influence existing, develop new, remove un-neededContract Mgmt & Service Mgmt – do you have the expertise & know how to manage effectively; what changes are you going to make to align with future strategy? Will you need to replace your helpdesk system with one that is easily interfaced through open standards?Responsibility – Who is assigned responsibility for making sure the governance is adhered to, the service mgmt is considered, the contracts are managed effectively, the G-Cloud is continually providing new services so who keeps the procurement notes and retests the market frequently?Skills – You may need to check the capabilities & skills of the people doing the procurement; & running/managing Cloud services;
  • Cross-team alignment – synchronise your processes & activities – ensure a common understanding – Information Assurance (IA); Information Technology (IT) & Architecture (Arch);Processes – they may need tweaking or new ones addedGovernance – ensure your processes meet the governance needs of all partiesCommunications – you will have to get the message out to all the specialities and to the business if you are embracing more innovative, agile & responsive procurement practicesSearching – you may need a team of people from the the different specialties to make the long listing and short listing easier
  • Buycamp london 12th april - PPTX

    1. 1. G-Cloud BuyCampLondon 12th April 2013Peter Middleton, Dave DentonUNCLASSIFIED
    2. 2. Agenda• Introduction & background• G-Cloud overview• How to buy - key stages• Buying from G-Cloud – OrganisationalChange• Q&A2
    3. 3. Where were [are] we?• Tough economic landscape• Stuck in large contracts 80% of Central GovICT controlled by 6 companies• High system and running costs• Difficult to iterate / reuse• Lack of real competitiondeliveringbetter publicservices forless costreducingwaste andproject failure,andstimulatingeconomicgrowthcreating acommon ICTinfrastructureusing ICT toenable anddeliver changestrengthenedgovernance3
    4. 4. G-Cloud vision• Public Cloud First• Commodity solutions• Pay-as-you-go andfriction free – easy inand easy out ofcontracts• Scale up, Scale down• Change the way we useITin order to movegovernment moretowards commoditybuying, a policy such asPublic Cloud First is anessential tool to makethat happen“” Denise McDonaghG-Cloud Director4
    5. 5. £11m+ toend of FebG-Cloud Programme: where arewe? Phase 1 complete: 1st anniversary;open and competitive marketplace460 suppliers and 3,200+ servicesprovide access to a much widerchoiceWe‟ve made it a lot easier for buyersWe‟ve made it a lot easier forsuppliers; we‟re levelling the playingfield for SMEsWe‟re getting the message out;we‟re changing the market for publicsector ITGiii – expect to see many moreOur aim is to encouragethe adoption of cloud-based services across thePublic SectorSalesSMEVolSMESales80% volof orders70% ofspend
    6. 6. G-Cloud:the benefits• No OJEUs or long procurements necessary• Compliant, self-service online CloudStoreEasy to buy• Services, prices & commercial terms all online• Driving competition – open marketplaceTransparency• Elastic pay-as-you-go, up to 90% savings• No need to spend £m‟s to keep the “lights on”Significantsavings• Reducing deployment time• Ability to meet changing user needsAgile &Responsive 6
    7. 7. CloudStore:a few principles• Online Catalogue• Cloud based services only– Either: Cloud service– Or: Cloud supporting service• Commodity only• Services fixed at the point of tender• Non-negotiable terms and contract• No prime contracting between G-Cloud7
    8. 8. G-Cloud FrameworksG-Cloud framework OJEU Commencement CloseGi 18/10/11 14/02/12 13/11/12 – ClosedGii 23/05/12 26/10/12 27/10/13Giii 11/01/13 April 2013 April 20148Service across 4 Lots:Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)123Platform as a Service (PaaS)Software as a Service (SaaS)Specialist Cloud Services (SCS)4Gii Features:• Framework 12 months• Framework value up to£100m• Call offs up to 24 months
    9. 9. Contractual Precedence - layer cakeBetweensupplier& GPSBetweensupplier& buyer G-Cloud Framework – Schedule 1 Call-Off Agreement – Schedule 2 Order Form Supplier‟s Terms andConditionsAs set out in the Framework Schedule 19
    10. 10. Legal AgreementsGovernmentProcurement Service“The Authority”Supplier“Contracting Body”CustomerFrameworkAgreementCall-offcontractGuidance10
    11. 11. • Internal resources andprocedures• High level requirements• Business Case• G-Cloud website• GPS website• Search criteria• Evaluation model• G-Cloud website• GPS website• G-Cloud website• GPS website• Call off agreement andselection guidance• Service documentation• G-Cloud website• GPS website• Framework Agreement• Order Form• Funds• Review procurementapproaches• Identify high levelrequirements• Review general marketto help with searchterms or potentialcompanies• Check against yourexisting processes –make procurementaware!• Use search box• Cast search wide thenrefine based on return• Try multiple words orphrases & useadvanced search to cutdown list• Collaborate with others– IT, Procurement, IA,Projects & Programmes• Add services thatwarrant detailed review• Build/review selectioncriteria• Review the description• Review the ServiceDefinition;Ts&Cs, additionaldocuments; web sitematerials• Comparing againstrequirements & againstselection criteria• Develop evaluationmodel• Weighting & scoring• Additional information &price confirmations• Presentations;Workshops• Trial products• Reference sites• Company checks• Accreditation validation• Either Price or MEAT• G-Cloud website• GPS website• Evaluation model• Service documentation• Notify Buy or Not Buy• Provide reasons for NotBuy• Prepare Call offF/W Agreement – infoCall-Off ContractOrder formSupplier Ts&Cs/ServiceDefinition• Voluntary notification(MEAT)StepsActivityResourcesBuying: process overviewPrepareSearch &Long ListShort List Select Award11
    12. 12. Process:12G-Cloud is part of a new way of how wecommission and use ITIt might mean a radical new way of thinkingabout your requirementsYou need to focus on the key features of yourservice and user needsOBJECTIVEThink Cloud from the outset!Understand your essential minimumservice needs and featuresHOW?• Develop high-level requirementsand understand the type of serviceyou need• Work with commercial to developprocurement approach• Follow your procedures andprocesses to obtain approvals• Determine your budget!• Find out what else the marketmight be able to offerPrepare
    13. 13. Process:13Use the CloudStore to searchSearch &Long ListOBJECTIVEBuild a Long List by searching forcandidate services that could providea best-fit to your essential minimumrequirements – not a 100% fitHOW?Define a list of key search terms thatcorrespond with yourrequirements, e.g.“hosting”, “compute”, “CRM”Use the Advanced Search to trydifferent combinations of searchterms to narrow down the list, makinga note of the candidates that warranta more detailed reviewCollaborate with others –IT, Procurement, IA, Project &Recap:1. Search for candidate services2. Looking for a “best-fit” to minimumrequirements3. Keep an audit trail4. Involve all stakeholders in the process5. Don‟t be afraid to ask for help!
    14. 14. Process:14Review each service and documentationOBJECTIVEDefine a Short List of candidateservices that could provide a best-fitfor your essential minimumrequirements, within the availablebudgetHOW?Review the services in detail,including:• Service Definitions;• T&Cs, additional documents;• Website materialsCompare the details againstrequirements & your high levelselection criteriaShort List
    15. 15. Process:15Congratulations you have found aservice that will best meet yourrequirements at the best value.If you want to buy it (you don‟t haveto of course), you now have to dotwo things:- buy the service and;- „not buy‟ the rest of the Short ListOBJECTIVEFollow the selection process to find abest-fit candidate, against bothfunctional, non-functional, commercialand budget profilesHOW?• Evaluation process: define criteriaand scoring (keep an audit trail)• Presentations• Workshops• Clarification on information & price• Check reference sites, customers• Try-before-you-buy• Company checks• Either Price or MEATSelectMEAT• Whole life cost, cost effectiveness• Technical merit & functional fit• After sales service management• Non-functional characteristics
    16. 16. Process:16OBJECTIVEComplete your purchase!HOW?• Notify Buy or Not Buy - letter• Provide reasons for Not Buy (ifusing MEAT)• Prepare Call-off• Framework Agreement – for info• Order form• Call-off Agreement• Agree on length of Call-off• Supplier T&Cs/Service Definition• Voluntary notification periodAward16GovernmentProcurementService“The Authority”Supplier “ContractingBody” CustomerFrameworkAgreementCall-offcontractGuidance
    17. 17. Pan-Government Accreditation• Achievement Badges• Check CloudStore site to confirm• Check CESG issued certificate17
    18. 18. Security Accreditation18• The key aim of G-Cloud accreditation is to „do it once, do itwell, and re-use.‟ For this reason it will be carried out by PanGovernment Accreditors (PGA) through Public SectorAccreditation Board (PSAB) governance that supports thetrust model as attended by risk managers across the publicsector• Services for accreditation are managed within monthlycapacity prioritised based on customer demand and otherfactors.• For detailed information about G-Cloud accreditation, pleaserefer to our IA guidance: G-Cloud-Services-IA-Requirements-
    19. 19. Security Accreditation19IL1/2 or BIL11x/22xIL3 or BIL33x and above• No Pan-Government Accreditation required• Based on good commercial standards, centred around anISO27001 certification• Based on HMG Information Standard 1 + 2. CLAS consultantrecommended (not mandated)IL0There is a review of the current Government Classification Policyunderway and this is to be published shortly
    20. 20. Organisational ChallengesGovernanceContractMgmtLegalProcessesLoss ofControlServiceMgmtSkillsResponsibility20
    21. 21. Organisational CollaborationProjects&ProgrammesIAProcurementIT/ArchBusinessOrg21
    22. 22. We need to achieve more…Raise awareness• Champion the Cloud, obtain commitment from top-down, hand-hold• Provide tools and guidance for business users, benchmark benefitsDeliver new CloudStore• Improve the quality of information, search, usability• Need to make it real, more case studies, knowledge baseChallenge local issues“red tape” and skills gap• Internal processes cited as common barriers• Lack of appropriate in-house skills, i.e. ICT or Service IntegrationAddress security andmanagement concerns• Build confidence in public cloud services• More complex management – address concerns and provide modelsClarity on policy andstandards• Make Public Cloud First central, to drive a change in thinking• Drive open standards, ensure these enable, not undermine take-upImprove our riskmanagement skills• Develop in-house skills and embrace more direct control as positive• Take a pragmatic approach: what are the changes in risk profiles?22
    23. 23. WhatNext?Get themessageoutSetpolicyAct onfeedbackImproveGuidanceIterate&ImproveNewStoreReal lifestudiesImmediate focusNew CloudStore123Make it realAddress barriersImprove guidance423
    24. 24. Contacts