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ApplyCamp 12 Feb webinar

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Applycamp 12 feb 2013_final

  1. 1. G-Cloud iii Applycamp 12 February 2013
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction• Commercial Overview• Tender Process• A Buyer‟s View• Accreditation• Q&A 2
  3. 3. IntroductionG-Cloud Propagation Team 3
  4. 4. The G-Cloud vision:• Commodity solutions• Public Cloud First• Pay-as-you-go and friction free• Assure and accredit once, then reuse, reuse, reuse• Scale up, Scale down
  5. 5. The G-Cloud Programme• G-Cloud is the UK Government Programme to encourage the adoption of cloud-based services• G-Cloud covers the processes of buying, managing and using cloud services• We are about: – Creating a marketplace – Simplifying how we buy and deliver services – Encouraging innovation – access to a wider choice – Encouraging the shift from custom to commodity – Changing the culture across the Public Sector
  6. 6. Where we are now? We‟ve developed a Sales tocompetitive and transparent December 2012 marketplace for Cloud c £6.5 million commodity servicesG-Cloud Reality 41 IL2/3 Accredited (many more coming) 71 New PaaS 3200+ 292 New SaaS 2814 459 1189 New IaaSSuppliers New Services Total Services
  7. 7. Making it a reality How do we change the way we buy and use ICT? How do we encourage adoption of Cloud services? • No need to run OJEUs or long procurements Easy to buy • Compliant, self-service online CloudStore • Services, prices & commercial terms all online Transparency • Driving competition – open marketplace Significant • Elastic pay-as-you-go, up to 90% savings savings • No need to spend £m’s to keep the “lights on” Learn and • Champion, innovate experiment • Share, work out loud 7
  8. 8. G-Cloud Commercials 8
  9. 9. G-Cloud Frameworks OJEU Commencement CloseGi 18/10/11 14/02/12 13/11/12 – ClosedGii 23/05/12 26/10/12 27/10/13Giii 11/01/13 April 2013 April 20144 Lots: 1) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 2) Platform as a Service (PaaS) 3) Software as a Service (SaaS) 4) Specialist Cloud Services (SCS) 9
  10. 10. Key features of Giii• Giii features: – Total value of potential spend on the G-Cloud framework to £200m, up from £100m – Framework and Call-off lengths, and Lot structure from Gii (12 & 24 months & four Lots, respectively)• Revised Terms and Conditions:- – Delta of Gii to Giii – visit the G-Cloud blog – Standardised version, including improved wording in the Data Protection clauses
  11. 11. OJEU – open tender• Why a‘tender process’? – EU: • Procurement Directive 2004/1 • EU Remedies Directive 2007/66/EC – UK: • Public Contracts Regulations 2006• “Fair and open”• OJEU: Official Journal of the European Union 11
  12. 12. Legal Agreements GovernmentProcurement Service “The Authority” Guidance Framework Agreement Call-off “Contracting Body” Supplier contract Customer 12
  13. 13. Commercial structure Framework Agreement (excluding Framework Schedule 2)  Call-Off Agreement  Order Form  Supplier‟s terms and conditions (as set out in the Framework Schedule 1) 13
  14. 14. Giii procurement timetable Date Event11/1/13 Publication of the OJEU Contract Notice15/1/13 Release of the ITT to Potential Providers15/1/13 Clarification period starts15/1/13 e-Sourcing Portal opens11/2/13 Clarification period closes (“Tender Clarifications Deadline”)15/2/13 Deadline for the publication of responses to Tender Clarification questions25/2/13 Deadline for submission of Tenders to the Authority29/3/13 Intention to award notification issued to successful and unsuccessful Potential Providers.29/3 to 15/4 10 day standstill (in accordance with Regulation 32)Mid-April Expected “Commencement Date” for Framework Agreement(s) 14
  15. 15. Tender Process 15
  16. 16. Process overviewSteps Prepare Get Complete Submit Award • Review the OJEU • Ensure you have a GPS • Complete the Selection • Submit each service to • Intention to award instructions eSourcing login & and Award tender in the online notifications will be • Decide what services password questionnaires within Award Questionnaire issued to successful and you would like to bid • Send “Expression of the eSourcing portal • Ensure that you click on unsuccessful potential Interest” email to the • Obtain your login for the red buttons to providers • Register for the GPSActivity eSourcing portal if your address in the OJEU the new Service Data submit your online • 10 day standstill 29 /3 organisation isn‟t notice Collection Template tender submission till 15/4 already registered • Receive email (online Award within the GPS portal Questionnaire) • Commencement date notification of ITT • Submit your document mid April • Login to the eSourcing • Submit any clarification attachments in a zip file questions via the GPS (one for each service) • Sign and submit portal and accept ITT portal – responses via the GPS portal Framework Agreement for the event “RFx G- received via messages via GPS portal (scan Cloud iii” • DEADLINE 25 FEB within the portal and send attachment) by 15:00 • OJEU notice on TED • Invitation to Tender • GPS eSourcing portal • GPS eSourcing portal • GPS eSourcing portal • OJEU notice on documentation from • ITT document • Your Service Definition, • Framework Agreement, the eSourcing portal,Resources Contracts Finder instructions for Terms & Conditions signed and click on “view/submit • GPS eSourcing completing and and other countersigned RFx” registration guide submitting a tender documentation to help • Latest clarification • CloudStore buyers understand each • GPS eSourcing portal questions from the • Online Award offer eSourcing portal Questionnaire URL
  17. 17. Process: Prepare Find the OJEU Notice Register or login to the GPS eSourcing portal 17
  18. 18. Process: Get Send an email to: with the required details. You will receive an email inviting you to participate in RFP RM1557iii G-Cloud iii Login to the eSourcing Portal to respond and accept this invitation. Once accepted you will be able to access the ITT documentation set, which can be found by clicking on the “View/Respond RFx” button. The documents will be signified by a paperclip sign in the header area of the portal page Please note: this presentation and guidance is an overview of the process, please read and follow the detailed guidance on how to apply in the ITT guidance document before submitting your tenders 18
  19. 19. Process: Get Follow the instructions to login or register Existing suppliers should check that information is correct New suppliers should complete with your company details 19
  20. 20. Process: Complete Use the buttons on the My services page to add a service under the appropriate Lot Existing suppliers should check that any pre- populated services are correct or amend accordingly A reminder of the definition is included as hover textClick here for guidance on what Any questions on your bidthe Service Definition document should be raised via theshould include, as well as other G- GPS portal for clarificationCloud definitions 20
  21. 21. Process: Complete Complete all sections; after each section you can choose to “Save for later” Try to use meaningful names for each Service Complete these steps for EACH SERVICE you wish to bid as part of your online tender submission Existing services: you can leave services on Gii or decide to withdraw these if you are submitting an identical service under Giii 21
  22. 22. Process: Complete Once you have started to add a service, these can be saved and cloned, which may be useful if you wish to submit similar services For each service, make sure that you complete all the sections in order to submit your tender and for it to show as “complete” 22
  23. 23. Process: Submit Provide the name(s) of the documents you uploaded to the GPS portal. ATTENTION make sure the document names are IDENTICAL otherwise they will show up as a broken link in the CloudStore [NOTE: Service Definition & Terms & Conditions are mandatory] Click on “Submit this tender” for each service (if you want to change it before the submission deadline you still can) 23
  24. 24. Process: Submit Complete the remaining Selection and Award Questionnaires within the GPS portal and send all documents as a zipped attachment – remembering to use EXACTLY THE SAME NAME AS IN THE ONLINE FORM. To complete the online tender submission, you must press the ‘SUBMIT ALL DRAFT BIDS’ red button. 24
  25. 25. Process: Award Once the tender has closed for submissions, intention to award notifications will be issued to successful and unsuccessful potential providers 10 day standstill 29/3 till 15/4 Sign and submit Framework Agreement via GPS portal (scan and send attachment) Commencement date mid April 25
  26. 26. Process: Management On commencement, your services will be loaded to the CloudStore online catalogue and be assured New suppliers will receive their ProcServe login via the GPS portal Once loaded, you should check that all your services are optimised within the CloudStore and that all the links to the documents are active Visit the G-Cloud website for further guidance on how to manage your catalogue
  27. 27. A Buyer‟s viewG-Cloud Propagation team 27
  28. 28. Quality & Assurance• Ensure that key aspects of a service are defined clearly so customers know what they are buying/getting• The answers that suppliers give on the CloudStore are checked against the service definitions submitted for each service• The assurance process does not look at suitability of a service to be offered at various impact levels – this is carried out by the Accreditation process, and is entirely separate 28
  29. 29. Assurance ProcessWhen you submit a bid for a service:1. Our assurance team assures a core set of service features from the CloudStore against your service documentation2. If your service passes, its status will be updated on the CloudStore and you will be notified – We may highlight areas requiring attention on your CloudStore entry. If we do, they will be visible both to you and potential customers on the CloudStore.3. If your service requires amendments, we will notify you with detailsPrioritisation• We will assure services in the order they were submitted 29
  30. 30. Buying cycle Best fit to key requirements: Buy / Not- Key words, Buy, Notify, Search service Contract & description Order Award Add to Contract Long List Potential providers added to long list Engage / Add to Select Short List Evaluation, In depth Trials, PoCs, review of business engagement information provided
  31. 31. Buying Experience? • Do you appear in the list? Search • What do they see? Find & • Aligned to MEAT?Compare • “Wade through”? • Is everything there?Collecting • Can they copy it easily?
  32. 32. Considerations Easy Aligned CompetitiveFound Award Add value
  33. 33. AccreditationSecurity Workstream Lead G-Cloud Programme 33
  34. 34. Security Accreditation• The key aim of G-Cloud accreditation is to „do it once, do it well, and re- use.‟ For this reason it will be carried out by Pan Government Accreditors (PGA) through Public Sector Accreditation Board (PSAB) governance that supports the trust model as attended by risk managers across the public sector• Services for accreditation are managed within monthly capacity prioritised based on customer demand and other factors.• Please note – include any details of local accreditation your service holds in your ITT response• For detailed information about G-Cloud accreditation, please refer to our IA guidance: G-Cloud-Services-IA-Requirements-and-Guidance 34
  35. 35. IL0 Security Accreditation• No Pan-Government Accreditation requiredIL1/2 or BIL11x/22x• Based on good commercial standards, centred around an ISO27001 certificationIL3 or BIL33x and above• Based on HMG Information Standard 1 + 2. CLAS consultant recommended (not mandated)There is a review of the current Government ClassificationPolicy underway and this is to be published shortly 35
  36. 36. Security Accreditation ProcessThere is a clear need for suppliers to provide good quality ScopingStatements and evidence in order to facilitate the process andminimise the need for iteration or amendments 36
  37. 37. Accreditation• We are planning to run an Accreditcamp once the Giii framework is live, this will provide further in-depth technical information and answers to more detailed questions 37
  38. 38. Questions? 38
  39. 39. Thanks